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The SEO Sydney Experts

If you want to work with a boutique SEO agency that cares about the success of your business, then we are the right fit.

No fees, no hidden surprises just online ranking that will impress.

Are you searching for an SEO Company in Sydney that can perform and deliver you the kind of results you’ve always wanted from Google? Finding an ethical, trustworthy, and hands-on digital marketing agency in Sydney is not as easy as it would seem. It can be hard work fining the ‘diamond in the rough.’ There are lots of businesses claiming to be SEO Specialists who promise fast SEO rankings & ‘first page Google results.’ In an industry dominated by people all claiming to be SEO professionals and able to deliver sensational results, how do you trust anyone, especially when there are so many SEO sharks out there online and so many horror stories?

At SEO Sydney Experts SEO Agency, we have been working on Sydney’s businesses search engine optimisation for will over fifteen years across all industries & company sizes to help with their organic rankings. If you’re looking for a cheap n cheerful company that can offer you amazing deals on your monthly SEO, or 90-day ranking guarantees, you’ve come to the wrong place.

What the team at SEO Sydney Experts can offer you are SEO rankings that will last, great advice on your digital marketing, and where best to spend your online marketing dollar. SEO, Adwords, Content Marketing, Blogging & Social Media Marketing; we do the lot. But if we have to brag, we’d say our expertise lies in getting your website to page 1 of Google. After all, that should be on the top of your marketing bucket list.

We live and breathe SEO, and this shows when you first meet us. As industry veterans and search engine optimisation experts, we have seen just about every Google algorithmic change over the last decade. There are well over 220 different ranking signals Google is looking for, and we are on top of most of these. There are so many small factors to take into account when ranking a website, so luckily, we have the sophisticated tools and expertise to know roughly 90% of these. With so many options and ranking factors to stay on top of it makes perfect sense to choose an SEO agency that has a thorough grounding in these.

Our SEO services in Sydney are all geared towards delivering your business the best ROI possible. The beauty of working with us is that we have an in-house team of creative web designers and developers who can make any changes to your website if we feel they can improve conversion rates inquiries and sales. As part of your SEO campaign, we are always on the look-out to improve your website’s performance, consumer engagement, and user experience. After all, getting to page 1 of Google is half the challenge; the other is getting the customer to buy from you.

We honestly feel that we provide SEO services that are backed up by best SEO & online digital practices. That will increase your traffic, rankings to relevant keyword searches, and creative graphics that will give your business the design edge.

Why Choose SEO Sydney Experts for Your SEO?

SEO Sydney Experts is an SEO Agency in Sydney that takes a very hands-on and proactive approach to your business and the type of success you are hoping to achieve online.

There are so many SEO agencies that over promise and under deliver, leaving Sydney businesses floundering with poor Google rankings and almost zero traffic to their website.

We don’t work like this.

Our core strength focuses on three factors; high SEO rankings, compelling content, and catchy graphics. If appropriately combined will bring in sales leads, customers, and ultimately more revenue for your business to grow.

As small business owners, we’re super enthusiastic Sydney SEO Consultants who thrive on proving to new clients what’s feasible and possible online. The internet is teeming with golden opportunities, especially if you’ve got stable Google rankings that sit comfortably on page 1.

The best thing about trusting us with your SEO is that you get to deal with the owners of the business ( Steven & Jo ). We don’t hide behind glossy suits or account managers. We are on the front line and are there working on your website and internet marketing. We only take on clients we believe we can help and never make over the top promises distorted promises of rankings but take a conservative, pragmatic, and rational approach to all our work.

By working with SEO Sydney Experts, you get all of the benefits of having your own in-house SEO professional team without the headaches or stress or employing your team. We are right there for you in our Surry Hills, Sydney studio, just a call or email away.


Why use our SEO services

  • No lock-in contracts
  • Monthly reporting
  • No exit or cancellation fees
  • 100% GOOGLE compliant
  • Best value SEO in Sydney

Some of our SEO clients


“We’ve been with SEO Sydney Experts since 2012, when they created our website and designed our SEO campaign. I’m very happy as I’ve watched our results go from strength to strength. The results are clearly evident in our increased calls and sales”

Alison, Universal Mobile Tower Hire

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“SEO Sydney Experts have made our rankings increase in four months to places we haven’t been before. Highly recommended!!Attentive, responsive and a great team of industry experts”

Vic, NSW Compensation Lawyers

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‘Within six weeks SEO Sydney Experts got us back to where we used to be in the top five from a dismal thirty five for the main keywords! No black hat methods, just good service. They are always available and fast to respond. Doing business with them has been a total pleasure”

Chris, Curtis Associates

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Sydney based machinery hire business, UMTH, approached us after continually dropping in rankings with their old SEO company. They understood the growing importance of search and wanted to use search engine optimisation to grow their business.


The strategic ‘on-site’ SEO plan of action needed to be consistent with the overall marketing strategy of driving as much quality traffic to the website as possible through an organic SEO ranking.

The goal of the website itself was to convert these site visitors into loyal, repeat clients. This meant also building a site with a cleaner user interface and clearly highlighting best conversion products.


Within 3 months of the new website being launched, our SEO team had achieved some excellent results. UMTH ranked number one on Google for eight of their most highly searched converting keywords, such as ‘boom truck hire Sydney’ and ‘cherry picker hire’. As a result of the SEO strategies, traffic jumped more than 250% in 3 months.

View more fantastic case studies – click here


Bali Villa Escapes is an online accommodation booking business in an extremely competitive niche with lots of well-known, established brands. They approached us to design and build a new conversion-focused website that was SEO friendly to capture a percentage of the highly lucrative Asia travel market.


We realised that exceptional, relevant content and website structure would be crucial to optimising the website using SEO strategies for a high position on Google search and then converting traffic once they reached the pages. As part of the design we did extensive keyword research and analysis to find the words and phrases that would generate the highest amount of good lead traffic. Our copywriters created valuable content around these terms.The blend of user-friendly content and web graphics gave the client a best opportunity of boosting their rankings and sales.

Fantastic Results!

Bali Villa Escapes has enjoyed enormous growth since working with our team. Their website now featuring on page 1 of Google search results for 16 of the 20 keywords targeted, including highly lucrative and the most searched keyword in this niche Seminyak Villas. Getting this keyword to page 1 was of paramount importance as this is where all the quality Australian traffic comes from. There are a lot of other money KW’s but this was the most favoured. For almost 40% of these terms, their pages sit in position one, two or three. Today, our SEO campaign is delivering over 6000 unique visitors per month making the site one of Australia’s busiest villa booking websites in just over 15 months.


No lock in contracts

We don’t require long-term commitments because we are confident in our service and in your success. We want to earn your business and this is why you pay as you go with our SEO.

Professional SEO Sydney Expert

You will be working with me Steven, who has had over 15 years working with businesses and start-up to get better Google rankings. The best part is you’re working with the owner of the business & not an account manager. I’m contactable;e all the time.

Accountable reporting

We provide monthly reports that detail all the work we have done in detail. You get to see your rankings, traffic numbers and links we have built. Not many other agencies provide this type of in depth reporting. A lot of agencies will never disclose the work they do – but we do and we’re proud of it!

SEO Sydney Results

You will start to see results from day 1. As soon as we commence your SEO campaign you can rest easy knowing that your in capable hands. In fact, you will notice a significant difference in your rankings by the end of the first month.

Our SEO Sydney Strategy

Proven SEO strategies backed up by over a decade of experience.

Initial Website Audit

Your SEO campaign will commence with a thorough and in-depth review of your website, content, internal links, site speed, site architecture, mobile compatibility, and graphics.

Keyword Research

We have research tools that can assess the best keywords for your business that drive the most relevant traffic. We can even identify keywords that you never thought would bring in any business and target these.

Competitor Analysis

We take a look at what your competition is up to online and see why they are ranking above you. We never mimic or copy other strategies but look at smart SEO options to outperform them.

Content Creation

Once we have identified all your main core keywords and services, we look at writing compelling and informative website copy that Google will love. Having great content is one of the most strategic foundations of your SEO campaign.

On-Page Optimisation

Roughly 30% of the success of your SEO campaign is determined by your On-Page Optimisation. We take a holistic look at you’re website and check for any non-compliant Google issues such as titles, descriptions, site download times, and the architecture of the site.

Link Building

We’ll take a close look at your current links and make any necessary modifications. This includes removing or disavow toxic links while stating our own link building campaign with high DA links. Our link building efforts are designed to achieve fast and sustainable Google rankings that last year after year.

On-going Content Creation

Keeping your website updated is paramount to the success of your SEO. We’ll refresh old web pages and refine them with current, informative content. This is carried out continually and forms one of the most important pillars of your SEO.

Monthly Reporting

What’s been happening over the past month, and what work’s been carried out on your site? This is clearly detailed in our end-of-month reports where you get to see you’re: keyword rankings, online visibility, site visitors, and overall ranking score.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Sydney

How SEO works

If you have found this page chances are you’re looking for a Sydney SEO Agency or some SEO help for your business. You can now see the fantastic power of Google and search engine optimisation. You’re here because we have utilised the potential of SEO to drive traffic to this page.

You have probably been searching online for SEO Sydney Agencies or looking for SEO Companies on Google and gathering as much information as possible. The issue is that everyone seems to say the same thing, and it’s hard to decipher one SEO company from the next. Add to that the reviews and stories you hear about some agencies that don’t deliver or perform. It can all be confusing, overwhelming and mind-boggling.

The only thing you need to know about SEO and how it works is a simple formula. You need excellent web copy, a Google compliant website combined with high DA backlinks will result in better rankings. Simple as that! But here’s the catch: not everyone can do this effectively, and this is why you need a well-rounded digital agency working for you for SEO to be effective.

Google uses well over 250 ranking signals to determine the value of a website and where it will sit in the ranking results. It’s our job as SEO Sydney Experts to understand these and implement them across your site and throughout your entire SEO strategy. This process is not a quick fix but takes time, energy and a systematic approach which is why your SEO is a medium to long term campaign. This is the only way we approach SEO, and it’s the best way to beat your competition.

SEO is simply not only about rankings, but it’s also what type of return you’re getting for the investment. This is where we step in and make sure that the kind of inquiries you are getting are targeted quality leads that are the right fit for your business. This is the goal of SEO, and this is what we are passionate about.

SEO Sydney for Targeted Website Traffic

SEO is an extremely potent marketing discipline and one of the best ways you can increase revenue for your business. SEO is unlike any other marketing medium as it targets people who are actively looking for your product or service. TV, magazines, adverts in papers are all passive marketing and take a scatter-gun approach to deliver your message. Whereas SEO is completely in-bound marketing that strategically targets only those potential customers who are ready to buy and buy now!

SEO is very passive form of marketing, as you are not being intrusive such as spam emails, cold calling, frustrating pop-up ads on other websites. You are right there in front of people when they are actively ready to make that purchasing decision. Ideally, this is where you want your business to be. So, instead of reaching out to people who are not ready to buy, SEO addresses customers purchasing decision for that moment when they are browsing Google’s search results. SEO gives people what they want, with one click of a button.

Why SEO Matters

Advertising, whether on Google or other mediums is super expensive. Let’s take a look at Adwords, which are the ads that appear on the first four search results on Google. These ads account for up to 80% of Google’s revenue, and while they are powerful, they are also costly. They can chew up your marketing budget in no time and can leave you out of pocket without much to show for it except a few sales leads. Plus, add in the click fraud component (when competitors or time wasters click on your AdWords), and you’re looking at lots of wasted money. Worst of all, Adwords is becoming more and more expensive. For most small businesses, this cost is a considerable barrier to advertising. The best alternative for most Sydney businesses is search engine optimisation.

The trick here is how to convert your current website, so it’s search engine friendly. It’s a massive balancing act as you ave to make your website graphically appealing while at the same time complying with Google’s guidelines. When you finally realise that SEO matters and is critical, it’s time to approach an agency like our’s that can walk this fine line between design and technical SEO.

Benefits of SEO

When you partner with SEO Sydney Experts, you are working with an agency that’s primary focus is ROI or your return on investment. We all know that massive benefits of SEO and the ways it can increase eyeballs and visitors to your website. But, our primary objective is targeting primary keywords that bring in customers who are at the point of buying or making an inquiry. For example, have a look at these two phrases: ‘ Mazda Cars’ and ‘ Red Colour SUV Mazda Cars’. Ranking for the first phrase may look great on paper and on your monthly report. But, ranking for the second more targeted phrase is better as these types of searches are the ones that generally result in the inquiry. This is one of the most important benefits of SEO. Being able to understand your business, what customers are searching for online and then target these words aggressively through content, catchy graphics and ‘white-hat’ link building.

Why Content Matters for better Google rankings

Google is always changing its algorithm, but one thing that remains constant. It must be informative, current, trustworthy and written with authority. According to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, there has to be a focus on the content of your website, which is unique, powerful and quality. It addresses questions like:

  • Does the content provide original information, reporting, research or analysis?
  • Does the content provide insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond obvious?
  • Does the content provide substantial value when compared to other pages in search results?
  • Is the content free from easily-verified factual errors?

The above four points were taken from Google’s Webmaster Central Blog.

Above anything else, if your content satisfies Googles quality guidelines, your pages would rank well even though most of Googles core updates. So the takeaway here is if you want your SEO to work effectively you should place a heavy emphasis on the content of your website. Also, keyword usage is essential for SEO. You need to understand ‘on-page’ elements like keyword trends, keyword intent and keyword difficulty scores if your copy is to rank well in the SERP’s.

The advantage of working with SEO Sydney Experts is that part of our service offering includes a complete web audit of your content. We can then use our copywriting skills to enhance your content so that it becomes more informative, fresh and gives answers to what users are searching for.

SEO delivers traffic for the long term

Unlike other marketing mediums like Adwords, SEO delivers sustainable long term traffic to your website. While Adwords may provide quick results, they are unsustainable due to the prohibitive costs. SEO keeps on giving month after month, and the only expense is the cost you pay for the SEO. If you compare it to other forms of marketing (including Adwords), SEO works out to be much cheaper and delivers a far better ROI. Plus, your investing money in your most potent digital online asset; you’re website. The trust and authority we can add to your website through our proven SEO strategies will last for years. In this way, you can think of SEO as an investment in your businesses future, rather than an expense.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO can vary and ask how much SEO costs me is an open-ended question. There are far too many variables involved which will affect you’re monthly SEO fee. Search Engine Optimisation costs will depend on the amount of work required, the effort needed & the number of necessary resources. Now, we understand that as a business owner, you probably want an SEO price list, but we don’t work like that. Our SEO pricing is bespoke, customised and based on the effort needed to achieve the best ROI for your business.

Some of the tangible factors that will influence the cost of your SEO include:

  • the age of your website and how much SEO work has been carried out in the past
    your current backlink profile
  • the areas you’re trying to target
  • your industry or niche. The more competitive the slot, the more resources are needed
  • what keywords are you trying to target – some industries are super popular and competing in this space will require loads more effort, link building, content creation and on-page optimisation.
  • your goals and business objectives
  • Remember fast SEO results do not happen – you can’t expect to pay more and get faster rankings. Managing these expectations is critical.

We know that there are some cheaper SEO agencies online offering packages with unlimited keyword optimisation and ranking guarantees. Still, this approach to SEO is not necessarily the best and businesses end up spending thousands of wasted dollars on SEO with no leads, sales or rankings. Barriers to entry in the SEO industry are shallow, and this has opened up the playing field to agencies with no experience except in sales. The take away here is SEO costs money like any other form of marketing, and the more you are prepared to invest, the better the results.

If you are interested in finding out how much your SEO campaign will cost, organise a free SEO consultation. We will tell you if we are the right fit and if not, we are happy to refer you on. Our SEO prices are not the cheapest, but there are good reasons for this. You’ll soon see why once you engage our services.

Which industries do you work across?

SEO is essential for all businesses that rely on Google for their online inquiries, business growth and lead generation. Therefore we work across all industries and niches. Our SEO approach is different between sectors, but one thing that remains a constant is our dedication to Google’s best practices.

Our hands-on approach to SEO

We have been in the SEO industry for over a decade, and over this period, we have seen most Google updates. We understand that Google is always shifting the goalposts, so are dynamic in our approach to SEO. We like to keep our clients on their toes with the latest Google changes. We have the tools and knowledge to detect these changes and are quick to respond to any significant fluctuations in your rankings. It’s this hand-on proactive approach to SEO that sets us apart from other agencies that take a more cookie-cutter approach. Many Sydney SEO agencies will simply act as a mouthpiece or sales agent for an overseas SEO company where all the work is done. You have to be aware of this as SEO requires fast reaction times, excellent local knowledge of your market and locally written content. At SEO Sydney Experts, we are specialists in this area, and it shows in our client retention and excellent reviews.

Let’s start the conversation about your SEO campaign!

If you want to take the plunge and you’re ready to commence your SEO campaign), please give us a call on 02 9360 8514 and ask for Steven. This will be your best marketing decision for 2020!

We will treat every aspect of your business as if it was our own.

Our SEO strategy for better business growth

Today in 2021, search engine optimisation would have to be the best way to drive sustainable, long term traffic to your website. It’s by far the most popular marketing channel for Sydney businesses as nearly 93% of all online searches on Google ( and there’s a vast amount ) are looking for a product or service. Our goal is to position your business at the top of these search results and keep you up there.

If you’re on the SEO Sydney Experts website and are reading this page, then you’ve probably typed the words: ‘ SEO Sydney’ into Google. This is no accident. We have planned for this and designed our website specifically for this purpose; to generate leads from people looking for SEO agencies in Sydney. By optimising all our sites ‘on-page’ copy, titles, keywords and images we have put SEO Sydney Experts on page one of Google for probably one of the most competitive keywords online. If we can do this for our website, just imagine the possibilities for your site.

There are lots of companies all claiming to be so-called ‘SEO specialists ‘, but one important question you need to ask is: ‘are they ranking their own website?” If not, why would you bother using them? If they could rank their website on Google for critical core keywords, they definitely would. Instead, many of these agencies have paid to be on Google using Adwords. This is the exact opposite of what SEO agencies should be doing. It’s not luck that we can rank our business on Google. It takes time, loads of effort and technical know-how.

We walk the walk and talk the talk. The reality is that to put your business on Google is a fine art and takes many man-hours and dedication. Without this, your site will never achieve the kind of rankings you need to be competitive. We are a boutique team of SEO specialists that take on only projects and clients that are the right fit for us that we believe we can help.

SEO is super competitive, and it’s only becoming harder to rank as Google tightens it’s ranking criteria. They are continually rolling out changes to the ranking profile, which causes many sites to fluctuate wildly. At SEO Sydney Experts, we know that getting you the best Google rankings are not that difficult. It just takes a lot of work and a willing client who is prepared to listen to what you’ve got to say and be ready to invest in their SEO for the long term. The processes that we have used to rank our own site is what we’ll implement for your website. It’s not rocket science. It’s applying the same methodical and systematic strategy we use for all our clients who are already seeing the fruits of our hard work.

Google is always aiming to provide the best user experience for its client base; the public. Google will prioritise websites that can provide the very best user experience, no matter the age of the website. So, it’s our immediate goal to ensure all your main landing pages offer web browsers the absolute best experience. This means all your content has to be audited along with your website graphics, buying pathways, layout, mobile compatibility, and speed.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in: travel, professional, e-Commerce or trades. The site has to be better, brighter and more informative than any of your competitors. While we are doing this, we also build more trust and authority to the site through our proven backlinking efforts.

If your goal is to harness the power of Google and rank on the most powerful search engine in the world, then you need to be dealing with a team of SEO professionals.

If you’re spending excessive amounts of money on Adwords or Facebook ads, you can look at reducing your reliance on these platforms once your Google rankings start climbing. SEO will continue to provide a far better ROI than any other marketing. You will be absolutely blown away by what we can do and the results you’re going to get. Plus, the beauty is, we will build so much trust to your website that your Google rankings will remain rock-solid for years to come.

Our SEO Sydney Game Plan

Do you want to what our SEO secret is? We are happy to tell you how we’ve managed to stay on page 1 of Google for so many years while other agencies have come and gone. Our consistency is in our strategy, which we implement each and every time for all our Sydney clients. This is why we have such a visible online profile. We have repeatedly stated that SEO is not rocket science. But a systematic approach; smart content, keyword analysis, link building, understanding your competition, and on-page optimisation. Do these right, and you’ll win online. These are the basic fundamentals of SEO, but the following will explain what we do in greater detail.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO or On-site SEO is the process of auditing all your web pages and making sure they are Google compliant. These pages must be designed and coded in a way that allows Google’s search robots to quickly scan the site and rank it. At SEO Sydney Experts, it’s our job to look at all your on-page elements such as; titles, descriptions, images, content, speed, graphics and user experience. In addition to this, if we feel that your content is lacking, we will engage our content marketing team. They will write creative copy that your audience wants to read. There’s absolutely no point in writing copy strictly for the search engines that no one finds helpful.

Once we are satisfied that we have ticked all the boxes for your on-page SEO, we submit the site to Google to re-index.

Page Titles

Page titles tell Google the nature and intent of the web page. When Google first scans your site, the first thing that’s indexed is the page title; hence it’s importance. The page title is also what browsers see, so it has to be precise and succinct. Generally, Google allows up-to 12 words in the Page Title, which means it has to clearly communicate it’s offering. If the page is about ‘ getting divorce help in Sydney’, then the Page Title should have the words: ‘ family lawyers Sydney’ at the beginning. At SEO Sydney Experts, we will conduct a full audit of all your page titles to make sure they clearly communicate the intent of the page.

Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions appear under the page title in the search results and can be up to 160 characters. Each page will have its own unique meta description and can influence whether or not the customer clicks on your website. This length allows you to be slightly creative where you can sell your product, service or unique selling point.

Internal Page Linking

We have all heard about the power of high DA backlinks to your site, but your internal linking structure can affect your rankings. Internal links play a vital part in how Google’s search robots crawl your website and determine the relationship between pages. We make sure that the most critical pages appear at the top of your navigation and all related pages have internal links to this. Called Siloing, this has a massive impact on the user experience and also allows Google to clearly navigate the sites structure.

Website Content

Content is king when it comes to the position of your website on Google. Studies have shown that the average page 1 position has over 1750 words. Just imagine having to write all those words for all pages and blogs of your site. It may seem like an impossible task, but it’s what Google needs. The page content requirements may vary between industry niches. But, overall, the better the quality of the content and its information, the better the rankings. As part of our SEO service, we can engage SEO copywriters to address any of your websites content issues. We can also look at transferable pages that can be replicated across the site without any damage to your SEO through duplicate copy. This is very handy when it comes to ranking in multiple suburbs across Sydney. This sustainable SEO strategy can be employed as your business grows into the future.

Local SEO Campaigns

Local SEO is the same as SEO except your optimising the site for your local customers in your area. For example, if you’re a plumber in Bondi you don’t want an SEO campaign targeting the whole of Sydney, you’d only want to target customers in Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs. By creating additional suburban pages, we can focus on looking for local customers. Local SEO is perfect for all trades, retail and professional services. In 2020 up to 85% of all Google searches contained a local keyword in the search. So, if your website is not optimised for local search, you’re going to be missing out on a whole lot of potential business.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to external ranking factors that can affect your search engine rankings on Google. There are hundreds of external ranking signals Google is looking for, and establishing a solid Off-Page SEO profile is critical. Building the trust and authority of your website by blogger outreach and relevant local directory submissions is the best Off-Page SEO strategy. Think of Off-Page SEO as a popularity contest, and it’s our job to make sure you win this in you’re niche. A point to note here is the approach to link building. This has to be acquired in a slow, methodical way as building trust doesn’t just happen overnight.

Guest Posting

We work with bloggers, writers and other industry-specific websites where we promote your website b=y adding high-quality guest posts. This is a powerful SEO technique, and we take care of everything. Content writing, citations back to your website and any edits. We will show you these posts in our end of month reports. Note: we only post to high DA sites which is the best way to turbocharge your Google rankings.

Google My Business

Often overlooked by businesses, creating and continuing to update your Google My Business profile with articles will help create a strong local presence for your business. Having your local Sydney address and phone number can be very enticing to customers looking locally. GMB also trawls reviews from other review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp so it can be a powerful tool to harness reviews; whether positive or negative.

Get your SEO started with a free consultation.

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