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We make SEO easy!

With over 15 years of experience, SEO Sydney Experts offers a no nonsense, affordable, easy to understand approach to SEO.

Our SEO services are by far the best in Sydney with 100’s of happy clients seeing the immediate benefits of working with us & letting us handle their SEO & digital marketing.

Put simply, we make SEO really easy & extremely affordable. No other SEO agency offers what we do! All you need to do is to try us out for 3 months and you’ll see the difference. No hassle, no hard sales, no contracts, NO BS, just fabulous rankings!

Our SEO service is for you if you:

  •  don’t know where to start and find the whole SEO process too confusing
  • sick & tired of hearing the same BS on the phone that your rankings will improve and you just have to give it more time
  • stuck in an SEO contract where you can’t escape
  •  have used another SEO agency and haven’t been pleased with their results – basically you’ve gone no where online
  •  want better SEO results
  •  are sick of wasting hours and getting nowhere
  •  have a business in Sydney and want local SEO help
  • want proper monthly SEO reports
  • fed up with using dodgy over priced SEO agencies
  • paying too much for your SEO and getting nothing in return
  • sick of poor communication & lack of customer service
  • SEO used to work really well – but your getting better results with social media
  • your ranking but your not getting any inquiries

This is where we come in! Often, our clients see the same results that multinational companies with large budgets are seeing, all within months.

The secret is in our thorough approach, from various angles, without losing sight of your business’s mission and goals.

Some of our clients have even seen a 250 per cent traffic increase within only a few months!

With us, your never treated like just a number.

You’ll deal directly with me, the owner the business (Steven – you can see my video on the about us page) who will take a personal interest in seeing that you start seeing immediate results from your SEO campaign.

Ethical & proper SEO services will:

  •   increase your website traffic
  •   blow your mind away with Google rankings you’ve only dreamed about
  •   make your competitors jealous
  •   your finally see a boost in real qualified leads
  •   set the way to reap the right results
  •   grow your business, like you have never experienced before
  •   hit those business objectives you want
  •   the phone is finally ringing – this is something that hasn’t happened in months!!

Why use our SEO services

  • No lock-in contracts
  • Monthly reporting
  • No exit or cancellation fees
  • 100% GOOGLE compliant
  • Best value SEO in Sydney

Some of our SEO clients


“We’ve been with SEO Sydney Experts since 2012, when they created our website and designed our SEO campaign. I’m very happy as I’ve watched our results go from strength to strength. The results are clearly evident in our increased calls and sales”

Alison, Universal Mobile Tower Hire

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“SEO Sydney Experts have made our rankings increase in four months to places we haven’t been before. Highly recommended!!Attentive, responsive and a great team of industry experts”

Vic, NSW Compensation Lawyers

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‘Within six weeks SEO Sydney Experts got us back to where we used to be in the top five from a dismal thirty five for the main keywords! No black hat methods, just good service. They are always available and fast to respond. Doing business with them has been a total pleasure”

Chris, Curtis Associates

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Sydney based machinery hire business, UMTH, approached us after continually dropping in rankings with their old SEO company. They understood the growing importance of search and wanted to use search engine optimisation to grow their business.


The strategic ‘on-site’ SEO plan of action needed to be consistent with the overall marketing strategy of driving as much quality traffic to the website as possible through an organic SEO ranking.

The goal of the website itself was to convert these site visitors into loyal, repeat clients. This meant also building a site with a cleaner user interface and clearly highlighting best conversion products.


Within 3 months of the new website being launched, our SEO team had achieved some excellent results. UMTH ranked number one on Google for eight of their most highly searched converting keywords, such as ‘boom truck hire Sydney’ and ‘cherry picker hire’. As a result of the SEO strategies, traffic jumped more than 250% in 3 months.

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Bali Villa Escapes is an online accommodation booking business in an extremely competitive niche with lots of well-known, established brands. They approached us to design and build a new conversion-focused website that was SEO friendly to capture a percentage of the highly lucrative Asia travel market.


We realised that exceptional, relevant content and website structure would be crucial to optimising the website using SEO strategies for a high position on Google search and then converting traffic once they reached the pages. As part of the design we did extensive keyword research and analysis to find the words and phrases that would generate the highest amount of good lead traffic. Our copywriters created valuable content around these terms.The blend of user-friendly content and web graphics gave the client a best opportunity of boosting their rankings and sales.


Bali Villa Escapes has enjoyed enormous growth since working with our team. Their website now featuring on page 1 of Google search results for 16 of the 20 keywords targeted, including highly lucrative and the most searched keyword in this niche Seminyak Villas. Getting this keyword to page 1 was of paramount importance as this is where all the quality Australian traffic comes from. There are a lot of other money KW’s but this was the most favoured. For almost 40% of these terms, their pages sit in position one, two or three. Today, our SEO campaign is delivering over 6000 unique visitors per month making the site one of Australia’s busiest villa booking websites in just over 15 months.


No lock in contracts

We don’t require long-term commitments because we are confident in our service and in your success.

Professional team

You will be working with industry veterans; people that have well over a decades experience in SEO. We are accountable, contactable and professional. We are not a bunch of amateurs.

Accountable reporting

We provide monthly reports that detail all the work we have done in detail. You get to see your rankings, traffic numbers and links we have built. Not many other agencies provide this type of in depth reporting.


You will start to see results from day 1. As soon as we commence your SEO campaign you can rest easy knowing that your in capable hands. In fact, you will notice a significant difference in your rankings by the end of the first month

Do you want more traffic to your website?

Not only do we get people to visit your website but we keep them there and turn them into paying customers once they have landed. A big part of SEO and conversion success comes down to the right website look, navigation & user experience.

A poor customer journey and website that offers users a negative experience will definitely harm your Google rankings through higher bounce rates.

Simply put, if your website sucks, Google will notice this and your going to struggle to beat your competition. This is why a fabulous looking website is so vital.

Furthermore, we offer exceptional web design so your SEO efforts don’t go to waste. Our in house creative department works closely with our SEO staff and your project is handled by a skilled and connected team. The whole team— from web & user experience designers and copywriters— are all on the same creative and clever page when it comes to creating high performing content for your website.

Understanding websites, the customer’s journey, online sales process & Google’s strict ranking policies means we:

  •  provide answers where others fail
  •  make web changes that have long lasting benefits
  •  implement improvements quickly ( as we do everything in-house)
  •  address potential SEO issues before they arise
  •  design pages for maximum customer conversions.
  •  once they’ve landed on your website, the website will take care of the rest and convert them into actual sales or leads.

Optimising for SEO local search

70 per cent of people online are shopping for products and services from businesses in and around their own suburb. If it’s part of your strategy to dominate your SEO local search and capture that lucrative market, we will:

  •  develop an SEO local search strategy plan targeting specific regional or neighbourhood areas
  •  manage Google products such as Maps
  •  create, manage and maintain Google My Business and other listings.
  •  make data driven SEO recommendations and changes.

To ensure you get the most from our many years of experience and knowledge we’ll share lots of advice, thoughts and little known tactics along the way, in alignment with our transparency and client first values.

Our final recommendations are always based on:

  •  Google Analytics and Search Console data
  •  third party, industry leading SEO tools such as Semrush, Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz and more
  •  agreed KPIs and goals
  •  ongoing testing, fine tuning and implementation.

You need to run your business

Keeping across SEO standards and best practices is an overwhelming and all encompassing responsibility which can take you away from the most important job you do: running your business. Outsourcing your SEO needs is a cost effective, efficient and expert way to ensure you get results without the stress and demand of spending hours online.

Not enough time in your day?

Do you find SEO overwhelming and time consuming? That’s because it is! It’s more than a full time role for a highly experienced SEO professional. Hiring a leading digital marketing agency like SEO Sydney Experts will show you the kind of return on investment that you’ve only dreamed of.

Now you can free up more of your time to work on your business while we handle all of your SEO and digital marketing. Plus, we are affordable!!

Personalised SEO

It’s a really personalised SEO service and we get to know you, your business and everything that drives it, so we can assuredly deliver the best service that leaves you smiling.

You can see from our range of client success that we genuinely love what we do.

We work with a range of Sydney clients, big and small, across a variety of industries. Don’t feel like you’re not ready for us— you probably need us more than you think!

Although we cater to Sydney clients, we definitely aren’t bound by the Sydney suburbs. Our clients have seen SEO success Australia wide. We unlock the way to reaching more and more people everyday.

Creative in house website designers

Our skills and expertise doesn’t just end at our remarkable technical knowledge. SEO Sydney Experts are also wickedly creative when it comes to design and developing the ultimate website. With an unbeatable user experience and design flow, you’re going to see people spend longer on your website and click the purchase or inquire button more. This also contributes to better search ranking!

10 reasons why we do SEO better than anyone else

  1. we have been in the SEO business for over a decade which is a lifetime when it comes to SEO. We have seen so many other agencies come and go but we are still here. Reason being; we continually perform well for ourselves and our clients. Longevity in the SEO business is hard, but we always outshine and outperform the competition, this is why we are still here and ranking really well!
  2. you get to deal with he owner of the business, not a suit or an account manager. I am here and will pick up the phone and answer your call. I take this very seriously and will invest all my efforts into seeing your business succeed. You don’t get this from an account manager on a wage who doesn’t really care.
  3. we have a really good understanding of what Google is looking for and can rank sites within their strict guidelines. No dodgy SEO techniques with us or outdated back linking.
  4. Our reports are absolutely amazing. You’ll see the actual links we have created. I bet your last or current SEO agency is not showing you this.
  5. we are super affordable & offer small to medium sized business SEO packages that are going to put a huge smile on your face. Were not about ripping you off and taking as much money as we can. We are all about offering you a quality service with sustainable and measurable results that you can afford!
  6. no lock in nasty contracts – for get about 12 month contracts. With us it’s monthly. If you like us and like our work then you can continue. If not, you are free to leave at any time. The is what I call a great SEO deal.
  7. we work with all types of businesses; small start ups to large companies.
  8. you can stop your SEO campaign at any time.
  9. we have copywriters, web designers and coders in house. Any changes that need to be done to your website to improve conversion rates and the customer journey can be done that day! We are really quick because we have the resources and staff to do this.
  10. Lastly, our results speak for themselves. You found us because you probably Googled ‘SEO Sydney’.  We are on page 1 for this competitive keyword so just imagine what we could do for you! SEO helps put more eyes on your website content, and that means more traffic, more clients, and more sales.

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1. What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation which is the process of getting traffic from search engine result pages (SERPs). Popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing display each users’ search results based on what they consider would be most relevant to the search term used. SEO is the term given to any activity that attempts to improve your visibility on search engines and attract more organic traffic to your website. SEO services such as ours can help you increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website by optimising your website to rank higher in organic search engine results.


2. Why do I need SEO for my business?

SEO has become the number one source of high quality leads online and a critical factor for driving website traffic for small and medium businesses. Most consumers rely on online search engines to find products and services all across the world. You will have a difficult time getting organic traffic from search engines to your business website if it isn’t properly optimised for certain search terms. With good SEO, you are more likely to rank on page one and even the highly coveted top five spots on SERPs.

Let’s be clear about something else it’s also important to have a combination of SEO as well as content marketing. That is, your website is going to rank really well ( essentially, Google loves this), if you have really good content on your website. Reason being, other people will link to these pages and this is a great natural source of link building. Basically, it doesn’t get better than this. If you are worried that your not a decent copywriter then we offer a SEO copywriting service as part of our SEO service.

3. Can I do SEO myself?

You can do your website’s SEO yourself, however, the question should be, ‘can I do SEO well?’ SEO takes a lot of time and effort to master the basics, apply them well and maintain them in the long run. To begin, you will have to learn about online marketing planning, on page and off page optimisation, content marketing, basic coding and more. Then, you will have to gain enough experience to know what works and what doesn’t in any given situation, all the while trying to run a business. This can become counterproductive. Like any other aspect of marketing, SEO is not once off activity, it takes good planning and constant iteration to pull off.

4. What is white hat SEO?

White hat SEO refers to SEO practices that are used to improve a website’s search page ranking while adhering to the recommended terms and conditions of search engines. These practices focus on maintaining the integrity of your website by staying within the bounds defined by search engines like Google. White hat SEO practices may include:

  • offering a high quality user experience
  • providing great content and services
  • making your website user friendly and responsive
  • using appropriate keywords, tags and meta tags.

5. What is black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO refers to SEO practices that are used to improve a website search page ranking through means that violate the terms and conditions of search engines. These practices focus on increasing the search ranking of a website by using SEO tactics that have been denounced by search engines and can end up seeing your website penalised. If you’re unsure whether you or your SEO agency is using black hat SEO techniques, please give us a call to discuss.

6. What is on page SEO?

On page SEO refers to SEO practices that are used to optimise individual web pages of a website in order to rank higher in search results. It involves the optimisation of all elements of a web page, including its technical set up, quality of its code, textual and visual content and user friendliness. Usually, these are SEO elements that can be controlled and tweaked by addressing any technical issues and ensuring the quality of page content. The goal of on page SEO is to create an awesome website that retains visitors and provides real value and it will definitely start ranking.

7. What is off page SEO?

Off page SEO (also called off site SEO) refers to SEO practices done outside of a website in order for it to rank higher in search results. This involves improving the perception of a website’s relevance, authority, popularity and trustworthiness for both users and search engines. A popular way of doing this is called link building which involves reputable websites vouching for the quality of your content by linking to or promoting your website. Even though search engine ranking algorithms are constantly being updated, SEO professionals agree that the relevance, authority, popularity and trustworthiness that off page SEO gives a website plays a major role in its ability to rank.

8. What does it mean to be penalised by Google?

In a bid to give its users access to unique content and accurate information, Google continually refines the quality of its search results by tweaking and improving its algorithms. Google can penalise a website if a member of its webspam team or its ever changing ranking algorithm takes issue with something on its pages. You may have been penalised if your:

  • website does not rank for your brand name anymore
  • page rankings have slipped by one or two pages
  • entire website is missing from Google’s cached search results.

9. What will happen if I don’t do any SEO?

SEO is the process of optimising a website to rank higher in search results and without SEO, your website will not rank. This will deprive you of the best type of traffic: organic convertible traffic. The internet has drastically changed the way people research and shop for the things they need and the best way to remain visible online and get high quality leads is by carrying out good website SEO. For some businesses, good SEO could mean the difference between being profitable and losing money.

10. Is an SEO service expensive?

The cost of SEO services is relative as the term “expensive” means something different to each client. If you think that an SEO service is expensive there may be several reasons for this. The most obvious one is that SEO is tedious work and time consuming. Good SEO isn’t done in a week or even a month and a lot of planning goes into every successful SEO campaign. Not all SEO services are expensive and we are committed to helping you lower the cost of your SEO campaign and can help you do impressive things within your budget.

11. How long does it take for SEO to work?

Depending on the popularity of your keywords and the competitiveness of your industry it may take anywhere between 90 and 180 days before you can start seeing results. Bear in mind that this is only the average time before you start seeing results and SEO results do grow over time. Most of our clients have achieved exceptional results in only a few months.

12. Will doing SEO on my business make me more money?

Yes, it will. SEO is a great way to turn a profit on your investment as you will get really good leads which will ultimately lead to increases in sales. SEO also puts you in front of audiences who actually need your services by improving your search engine ranking. This will allow you to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

13. What does SERPs mean?

SERPs stands for Search Engine Result Pages. When you search for something on an online search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) you will be presented with a page that lists out the results for your query, this is called a SERP. The main goal of SEO is to ensure that your website gets ranked on the first page of the search results.


14. What do Panda and Penguin mean?

To give its users access to unique and accurate information, Google makes about 600 changes to their algorithm a year. Most of these updates do not really signify any major changes and are not even publicly announced. But once in a while, Google makes a huge change, gives it a name, and makes an announcement about it. Two of the biggest updates in recent years are the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. The Panda update was designed to allow high quality websites rank higher in search results while demoting websites of lower quality. The Penguin update was aimed at reducing the SERP ranking of websites that cheat to gain an advantage in search results by creating unnatural backlinks.

15. I’m not technically minded. Can I still hire you?

You don’t have to know a single line of code to use our SEO service. We try to make the entire process as simple and as straightforward as possible allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: making sales. We cover all of your website’s on page and off page SEO needs, from the initial keyword research to creating high domain authority back links that are certain to see your website ranking on the first page of any search engine.

16. Why is your SEO service different?

There are so many SEO agencies out there online that finding the right agency (who can actually do the job) is a difficult task. You will see why we are different in our reporting to begin with. We will show you the exact work we are doing and the links we are building. Most agencies will not do this as they are afraid to show you their links as they are mostly really poor quality. We are totally transparent with our SEO which is a rarity. We are one of the few ethical agencies.

What to do if your stuck in a 12 month SEO contract

This can easily happen and many businesses are stuck in SEO contracts that they want to get out of. This can be tricky but ideally if your not happy with the SEO work, whatever you do, DO NOT let the contract automatically roll over to a new 12 month period as is often the case. Speak to them about this and tell them that you want to terminate their services at the end of this 12 month period without it rolling over. So many businesses get caught out here thinking that it will end at the end of this period… out!!


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