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SEO Sydney Experts is a Surry Hills based Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & digital agency with over 12 years experience, offering a range of SEO strategies designed to drive business growth through exceptional Google rankings & top quality sales leads. If you want to out rank & out sell your competition call the experts today: 0402 222 605


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SEO means far more to your business than a high ranking

If you run a business in Sydney, you already understand competitive markets well. But did you know how crucial search engine visibility has become for success in almost every industry? Here’s why:

It’s essential for business success online

When you think about the huge number of potential clients these percentages can add up to, it’s a shift no business can afford to ignore or take lightly.

This is why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become the key marketing strategy for many Australian businesses, big and small &  why more businesses call on our expertise, skills and 12 years’ experience to:

So, what exactly is SEO? 

It’s the ongoing process of making your web pages visible to the right people (your audience) at the right time (when they’re in need of help you can provide) on search engines, like Google and Bing. But let’s be honest here, the main engine is Google and it wins hands down. This is where everyone wants to be.

When done properly, not only will more of your target audience see your pages, many will visit and become high quality leads and loyal customers. It’s all about generating targeted leads to your website by being more visible and very conspicuous online.

Some of our clients include:

Why you should work with SEO Sydney Experts for your SEO

Lots More Customers

We'll boost your website to the top 
positions for the right keywords 
where 71% of the people you want 
are looking and clicking.

Increased Trust

Searchers believe that top-ranking 
websites are the most trustworthy 
businesses. So they’re more likely 
to click and convert.

Made-to-measure SEO

Every business is unique, as are their 
SEO needs. So we create your SEO 
package to achieve best results for 
your situation, budget and goals.

24/7 sales force

Effective SEO never stops working for you. 
It’s always there ready to grow your leads, 
sales and revenue whenever your audience 
need a business like yours.

Greater ROI

Our SEO strategies mean the right 
people see your most relevant content – 
so you convert more people for less 

Always know everything

You deserve to know exactly where 
you investment is going, and how it’s 
performing. So we track everything and 
provide you measurable reports every month.

Peace of mind

We’re not a fly-by-night or overseas 
business. Our team are here in Surry Hills, Sydney 
always ready to share our years of expertise
 & help when you need us most.

Local, national or global

Depending on your audience and goals, 
we can target your search at hot prospects 
in your area, across Australia or right 
around the world.

How we help lift your search ranking, clicks and sales

SEO has evolved enormously in recent years. Gone are the days when lots of well-placed keywords was enough to earn a high ranking. Now, search engines use hundreds of metrics to determine what people are really after when they type in their search box – or ask Siri a question.

To optimise your site takes a blend of expertise in business, marketing, design, technology and content. The SEO Sydney Experts team can help you here by:

Using strategies that meet latest Google algorithms and standards

We employ ethical practices that:

Focusing on excellent ROI results
Top ranking pages are great, but only if they also attract visits to your site from genuine leads. So our in-depth research and strategies:

Taking a more natural and comprehensive approach to content
While keywords are still the backbone of SEO, Google will often penalise sites that over-optimise around a keyword or phrase. We understand what’s need to achieve results using content strategies that help your audience and delight search engines, such as:

Auditing your site for technical, on-page and design improvements
In addition to our technical and content expertise, we’re a web design. Understanding websites, the customers journey, the online sales process and clean coding means we can:

Optimising for local search (when needed)
70% of people online are shopping for products and services from businesses in and around their own suburb. If it’s important for you to dominate your local search and capture that lucrative market, we will:

Making recommendations and changes based on hard evidence

While you’ll benefit greatly from our years of experience and knowledge, we will always be a data and result driven business. So while we’ll share lots of advice, thoughts and little known tactics, our final recommendations are always based on:

Case Study


Sydney based machinery hire business, UMTH, approached us after continually dropping in rankings with their old SEO company. They understood the growing importance of search and wanted to use search engine optimisation to grow their business.


The strategic ‘on-site’ SEO plan of action needed to be consistent with the overall marketing strategy of driving as much quality traffic to the website as possible through an organic SEO ranking.

The goal of the website itself was to convert these site visitors into loyal, repeat clients. This meant also building a site with a cleaner user interface and clearly highlighting best conversion products.


Within 3 months of the new website being launched, our SEO team had achieved some excellent results. UMTH ranked number one on Google for eight of their most highly searched converting keywords, such as ‘boom truck hire Sydney’ and ‘cherry picker hire’. As a result of the optimisation strategies, traffic jumped more than 250% in 3 months.

Case Study


Bali Villa Escapes is an online accommodation booking business in an extremely competitive niche with lots of well-known, established brands. They approached us to design and build a new conversion-focused website that was SEO-friendly to capture a percentage of the highly lucrative Asia travel market.


We realised that exceptional, relevant content and website structure would be crucial to optimising the website for a high position on Google search and then converting traffic once they reached the pages. As part of the design we did extensive keyword research and analysis to find the words and phrases that would generate the highest amount of good lead traffic. Our copywriters created valuable content around these terms.The blend of user-friendly content and web graphics gave the client a best opportunity of boosting their rankings and sales.


Bali Villa Escapes has enjoyed enormous growth since working with our team. Their website now featuring on page 1 of Google search results for 16 of the 20 keywords targeted, including highly lucrative and the most searched keyword in this niche Seminyak Villas. Getting this keyword to page 1 was of paramount importance as this is where all the quality Australian traffic comes from. There are a lot of other money KW’s but this was the most favoured. For almost 40% of these terms, their pages sit in position one, two or three. Today, our SEO campaign is delivering over 6000 unique visitors per month making the site one of Australia’s busiest villa booking websites in just over 15 months.

What our clients are saying

Why choose us as your SEO Agency in Sydney?

  • a Sydney-based team with 12 years SEO experience – Surry Hills based so you can come in and visit us and speak to a real person – not some overseas account manager. With us we like to add the human element in what can be a very confusing area of marketing
  • We are the best of the best – this is why we have been in business for over  decade
  • We have the proficient copy writers, talented programmers and creative designers, all in house!
  • Everything you could possibly want is done by one company, all in house -there is no out sourcing what so ever with us. From web design, copy writing, Adwords, right through to conversion focused landing pages and Google analytics, we do the lot. Plus the good news is, we are probably more affordable than you think.
  • You deal with the owners of the business who will take a vested interest in seeing you succeed. This is our creed and this is what we live by.
  • You can sleep easy knowing that all our work is completely 100% Google compliant.
  • We have strict KPI’s and we make sure we stick to these each and every month
  • Open and transparent reporting. We provide comprehensive ranking reports at the end of every month as well as recommendations on ways to improve conversion rates and sales
  • Seriously good customer service. You can even email us on the weekend and we will get back to you. We definitely do not take a 9 to 5 approach to this job. we are there working hard for you 7 days a week.

What makes us truly unique?

We have a unique and clear-cut approach when it comes to internet marketing. Our success metrics are not just top rankings but also improvements in the website’s organic traffic & conversion. This is achieved through our ability to draft fabulous content and marry this up with a link building campaign that is going to see your rankings sky rocket. From the outset you will start to see improvements. So, why waste time giving your competitors the advantage? get on board with a team that knows it’s stuff.

Just give us the green light and you will start to see an immediate improvement in your conversion rates, leads, and online visibility. Now this is going to make you sleep so much better at night knowing that the fate of your digital marketing is in the hands of people who actually care and who have been doing this for over a decade. This is real peace of mind!

Remember, the owners of the business are working in the business each and every day. This means we take a very hands on approach and become very involved with all our clients.

We offer the human touch with friendly customer service & you speak with the same person each and every time!

We take your business very seriously and are passionate about this from the very beginning. You will notice this in our work ethic, attitude and response times. Try us out once and you will be amazed by what a professional search engine optimisation team can do for your business.

About SEO Sydney Experts  – and why we’re different

Honest, ethical search strategies

Not every SEO company follows the rules and will make big promises. Some may achieve a quick win, others won’t. Either way, Google caches up with sites using illegal tactics and they often suffer huge losses of business and money through rankings drops or blacklisting.  We follow ethical practices and are 100% compliant with Google’s latest standards.

More than a decade of SEO expertise

Our team have spent over 12 years learning, understanding, testing, and putting into practice the latest data-driven SEO strategies proven to lift your rankings, traffic and profits.  Over 575 delighted Sydney clients have benefited from our specialist help and reaped the returns many times over for their trust.  

Great, local service levels you deserve

We’re the SEO company you can actually visit if you live in Sydney. No answering service. No overseas staff. No pushy sales people. Just a team of passionate, friendly search, online and design geeks who truly care about your business and success.

We take your call or email anytime (even outside normal business hours & on the weekend) and will always respond to your email or call within 30 minutes 7 days a week!

That means you don’t ever have to translate time differences or languages.  If you want advice, have questions or are up against a deadline, we’ll deliver (over a coffee, if you like).

One-stop for all your answers
There are many ingredient for great SEO. With most companies, that means dealing with a number of parties that may never have worked together. We offer everything under one roof – web design and architecture, content writing, advice on SEO for mobile phones, conversion rate optimisation, split testing, ROI analysis and analytics – to ensure you get the best result for the right price with zero hassles.

Fair pricing

Many businesses have been burnt by exorbitant SEO fees – and often without seeing results. We believe the key to great customer relationships and improving the industry’s reputation is to provide outstanding service and returns on that investment. We understand budgets need to be watched. We’ll keep your costs down while we get your rank up.


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