10 Web Design & Search Engine Optimization Blogging Tips

webdesign-tipsA company or business blog with a great looking website design can  have a powerful impact on your search engine or SEO rankings and in turn impact on your business. A blog will generally cost you very little to implement and it’s return on investment or ROI is often enormous. Plus it only requires you to be active on it a couple of hours a week/month. Blogging is an integral part of SEO and should now be considered as a fundamental component in your marketing mix. Following are some great tips for your blogging strategy.

10 web design tips for an effective blog:

1.    Your blog is really a tool to communicate with your audience – do not try to over sell or promote to hard on this platform. Ideally, this should be used to highlight a point or some recent news. Perhaps something that is important to you that you think your clients might find interesting..
2.    Have fun when writing your blog. The more you think of it as a chore the more laborious the task and the end result will be a poorly worded, stuffy corporate document.
3.    Try to blog on a regular basis. Starting a blog, getting enthusiastic about it and then loosing interest will serve no benefit at all. Try to maintain the energy, and you will be rewarded.
4.    Your web page and blog titles are really very important. Keep these simple and to the point and try to match them against what you think users will be looking or searching for. A title is what the search engines read so knowing this in advance will be beneficial.
5.    Blog about topis related to your business and subjects that are indirectly related to your business but with a slant that will provide the reader with useful and informative information.
6.    Keep then snappy and short. Less than 500 words is ideal. You don’t want to bore your readers. If on the other hand you have a lot to say or a very engaging story then blog away and go for it.
7.    A successful blog will drive traffic to your website. A good idea is to link between blog articles to further boost your SEO rankings. Some articles may have similar information so it’s a great idea to link between these types of articles.
8.    Avoid visitors leaving comments, but if you are keen on them doing so, then be sure to monitor and address any span or nasty malicious blog comments. Stay on top of this and never allow this to get out of control.
9.    Avoid using a third party as a blog as it should always be part of your URL and within the structure.
10.    Once your blog is live, think about adding videos and more content over time. Keep it evolving, changing and always refreshing the copy. The search engines love this.

Search Engine Optimization Rewards
Google absolutely loves fresh copy and blogging can certainly satisfy the demands of these engines. By continually putting new content live, you will over time, become and authority in your field and start to dominate your industry online.