2 Critically Vital Questions to ask your SEO Company

September 3, 2015

Before you engage your future SEO company there are 2 really crucial if not critical questions you need to ask them. If they do not answer these questions as per the following blog, then you should walk away as chances are these guys are out to scam you big time. Finding the best EO agency to work with is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are just so many dodgy operators out there ripping people off blindly that you must choice correctly or else suffer the impending consequences.

The first critical question you need to ask any SEO company is where are they located on Google when you type in the words: ‘SEO’ or ‘SEO Sydney’. If they are ranking on page 1 organically like we happen to be then that’s a great start. If however they are paying to be on page 1 of Google ( and I know that the cost per click to be up there is about $20 per click) then these guys are to be avoided at all costs.

2questionsWhy I hear you ask? Because, the prohibitive costs of being up at the top 3 ads means that these SEO companies have to make the sale. They are spending thousands of dollars a week to be up there on page 1 of Google and they have to somehow pay for this. In this case, they will offer ridiculous scam ridden deals to get you to sigh up with them. They really don’t care about your business or SEO campaign, all they are concerned about is getting you to sign up with them , lock you into a 12 month contract and use the money you pay them monthly to refinance their Adwords campaign. It’s a never ending cycle and so many businesses that I come across are getting completely and utterly ripped off by these ‘so called’ good willed SEO agencies.

So the question you need to focus on with these guys is where are you placed on Google for really SEO focused keywords. If they come back at you with answers like….oh yes we are ranking highly for all our SEO keywords, just Google ‘ Top SEO companies with web skills in Sydney Australia’ then this is a huge warning sign. These are long tail keywords and easy to rank. Make sure you make them tell you about why they are not ranking for the really hard keywords like SEO. Don’t fall for their bravado on issues like this.

If you see below you can see what I mean. SEO Sydney Experts is right up there organically on page 1 of Google right under Wikipedia – it can’t get better than that and this is a critical point to note. Always use an agency that ranks organically and walk away quickly from those agencies offering:

– Pay on performance SEO

– SEO guarantees – they will guarantee their work

– If they tell you that you only have to pay say $5 per month until they rank you… OMG – this is such a scam….if you have seen this ( and yes there are many of these online) call me and I will explain the con to you in detail. Never, what ever you do fall for this type of insane promise. These scams and SEO myths are can kill your business.

– If they tell you they are ranking organically and offer these kind of deals – they are pulling the wool over your eyes. Most legitimate SEO agencies will not offer these deals if they are ranking naturally. Why? Because they don’t have to. See, we do things the right way and this is the reason why we are sitting at # 1. Only dodgy scammers operate in the other fashion – trust me on this as I have been doing this for nearly 15 years and I have seen every trick in the book.

The second crucial question you need to ask is about their pricing model. If they blurt out a package price over the phone without analysing your keywords then they are again not doing things properly. If they straight away say something like, 10 keywords for $500 – then you should start looking for the exit. These package offers are there to make the quick sale over the phone. Generally speaking these packages are designed to lure small business owners by offering unrealistic low prices.

It doesn’t matter what the package is or the price is, the fact of the matter is that people who do not know too much about SEO thing they are getting the best deal around. Unbeknown to them they are actually just signing up to a monthly contract where they have to pay monthly. Nothing will be done. Rankings wont go anywhere are it will end up in a complete mess. So the question you need to be asking them is how come they can quote you a SEO package over the phone without doing a thorough keyword analysis. Also, why are the prices so cheap? Cheap = nasty. Simple as that. If they are going in too cheap, they will again do nothing and this is just going to bleed you dry month after month – be warned! Watch out for cheap SEO deals all packaged up nicely with unrealistic guarantees.

If in doubt please I urge you give me a call and I will tell you exactly how SEO works and the truth behind most of these lies. Remember we are ranking # 1 so we have authority on this subject.

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