SEO for the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries

People are always searching online and the place most users go to for this information in Australia is without question; Google.

Australian’s are now going to Google daily looking for: treatments, diseases, cures, doctor & medical centre reviews, mental health, cosmetic surgeons, dentists, optometrists, medical specialists, local chemists, people doing their own research, pharmaceutical products, basically anything to do with the health care industry and their body.

If your website has not been optimised for SEO then its not going to get found by these curious and in many cases needy and willing to engage customers.

The consequences for this are very simple, you loose out on the potential business that a website that has search engine optimisation (SEO), could bring in.

seomedicalEvery one needs clients and customers and this includes professionals in the health care industry as well as pharmaceutical companies looking to drive traffic to a newly developed product on their website. No one is immune from this; no matter your niche or area of service, you will need your website to be found and you will want people to either buy from it or at least make an appointment to come and see you.

At SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS we have the SEO know how to not only drive enormous amounts of traffic through to your website but to also keep online visitors coming back by maintaining these great rankings for your medical business.

This is achieved in 2 stages. We firstly look at your current website and offer the necessary recommendations to make the website more Google compliant. This is phrased ‘on page SEO’ & its’ a very important component of your online marketing.

The second stage is the part where we really excel in SEO is our effective and proven ‘off page’ SEO. We are able to implement a back linking and content marketing strategy that will see your website dominate the online environment for your particular specialty, service or product.

You no longer have to sit by and watch your competitors on page 1. You may know a doctor who has been on the top of the search results, has expanded their business and you can’t work out why. The answer is so simple. They have been doing SEO whilst you have been doing nothing.

Sure, you may have posted a few articles or blogs but that is going to have little effect without a SEO company like us getting involved and looking at your entire online presence.


People have a fundamental trust in content that has been published by the doctors, specialists or healthcare professionals.

The first thing people do when they notice something not quite right wit their body is type the symptoms straight into Google and see what professionals are saying. Basically, it’s the first port of call and users are into self diagnosis these days.

As soon as a symptom appears, they are straight onto Google looking it up. Most things that are published and are ranking are deemed honest, reliable and trustworthy; especially if it is backed up by a medical experts name, or website.

Promotion of your content via SEO is going to enhance your profile online and really drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your surgery, practice or product inquiry.

Tip # 1: Ask a copywriter to write the content for your website and not the SEO team. Your SEO provider can assist you about optimizing the content with targeted keywords and advice on pages that need to be written.

Why medical professionals should use the services of an SEO team like ours.

1) We have been leaders in the field of SEO since 2005. In terms of SEO this is really a lifetime. We have seen all the Google algorithmic changes and been able to keep our customers right up there on page 1. This means we have a great knowledge of the SEO landscape, Google and what it takes to build a credible and stable Google presence. Our approach combines content marketing and link acquisition through high domain authority sites. Known as rank brain we are one of the only agencies to implement this type of strategy.

2) We are open, transparent and very upfront in our approach to your internet marketing. Don’t think for 1 minute we will take your business for granted. As a small business ourselves we value each and every client and treat all SEO customers no matter the size with the same good old fashion customer service.

3) You deal with one of the directors of the company and not an account manager – this is how seriously we take your SEO and your business. Never deal with a junior or a techie again – speak with someone who understands business and the pressures you face in getting customers through the door. We will work alongside you in this manner to push your business further online and really give it our best to increase sales.

4) We are Sydney based so we are happy to meet you anytime, anywhere to go over a SEO plan of action – forget about working in cyberspace – work with real people that can offer proven and structured SEO solutions for your marketing.

5) We might not be the cheapest but you will find that you get great value for your money. Because our SEO tactics are so formidable, you will see a quick return on your investment based on what we do – our SEO philosophy  is to rank you as quickly as we possibly can so that you start reaping the benefits that only a PAGE 1 ranking can deliver.

6) Social media is an area often over looked by the healthcare industry. We understand that some topics can be delicate so we make sure that we clearly map out your social media strategy with you so you get more followers and gain a larger social media foot print.

7) Have you suffered from any negative reviews or publicity online? As a doctor this is the death sentence and we all know how easy it is to publish something malicious or nasty. If you have seen this happen to you we can help through our online reputation management strategies. We will kill any nasty reviews by bumping them off the first page of Google. Don’t stress about this, we can help you very quickly.

If your a doctor, dentists, chiropractor, physio, pharmaceutical, even a cosmetic surgeon and want to get more foot traffic through your practice now is the time to act. Let us take a look at you website and have a chat with you about your  online goals and how we can help you achieve these.

Reasons why ongoing SEO work is important

SEO is on-going. Get used to it. This is never going to change and business owners need to come to terms with the fact that they will need to keep paying for SEO if they expect to keep their rankings on Google. It is not a permanent feature of your marketing strategy and should be a priority on your marketing list.

seoprocessSEO is not something that you can set and forget. It is an art, a science that needs to be constantly monitored and attended to. You can thank the ever changing digital environment and Google’s stringent ranking criteria for this. If your business is not at the forefront of what’s current and new when it comes to anything web, digital or social media related, I’m afraid your going to be swallowed up by the competition, especially when it comes to rankings.

So if you have a website and want it to stay up there on Page 1 of Google, you need to be in the safe hands of an SEO company that can consistently work on building trust and authority to your website and ensure that your business is up to speed with the latest online trends. Just have a read of what some experts are saying about SEO in 2018 and what to look out for:

Yes, it does seem like this on going work is not necessary so following are some reasons why SEO is an on going concern . Hopefully reading this will enlighten you as to the important work we do as an SEO company and why we should be considered  an integral part of your overall online business marketing strategy.

1. SEO is not a One Off Fee
Many SEO providers will offer a website audit, make recommendations, which you the business owner must then go ahead and implement. Most of what is said in these lengthy, wordy documents are not only hard to understand, but will need to be done by a team of web developers who understand the SEO process.

Therefore, audits are only the very first step in the SEO life cycle of your website. Once these changes have been done, you will need to then start the actual SEO back linking, which is an on going process. Combine that with Google’s algorithmic changes and the battle has only just begun. Get ready for the long haul. Ranking on Google doesn’t just miraculously happen. It takes many man hours and lots of strategic planning to win in this game. If your keen of beating the competition and your in a very competitive niche then you might need to be working n your site daily. This is the reality of how challenging SEO can be and this is the main reason why it’s not a one off service fee like so many people believe. When you think SEO, your better thing long time goals.

2. Link Building Takes Time
Many people we speak to think that all you need to do is add a few links and hey presto; you will rank. This couldn’t be further from the truth. SEO’s foundation and building blocks are link building and nowadays you have to be very careful with the types of links you get and where they come from. Link building like everything else in the world of Google dominance is changing so your SEO agency must be ware of these seismic shifts.

Google has sets the tone and rules for this and has placed severe penalties for those websites that appear to have built back links too quickly or from lets just say dubious sites. Ideally, a link building campaign needs to be drip fed organically over time, from other sites. Only by doing it in this fashion will your online strategy work. These links need to be continuously done to send rankings signals to Google to maintain your rankings. This is the main reason why SEO is an on going process. Stop it and you will start to see your rankings fall. If you stop the link building, over time, your rankings will suffer as your competition starts to over take you. Think the leap frog concept and you will get the idea. Again, think long term for your online marketing if you are going to have any chance of success.

3. SEO is never Idle
Just watch what happens when Google makes a small change in the way it ranks a website. You can easily slide 2 or 3 pages over night. If you have been sitting comfortably on page 1 and are cruising along without doing anything to your site, then chances are there will be some fluctuation. It is only when you think that you can never loose this position, then that’s the time your rankings plummet or begin to slide.

This is the prime reason why SEO companies now play a vital role in a businesses online ranking. You are dreaming if you think you can turn your back on monitoring your rankings. Page 1 positions are never permanent and have to be continuously managed. These need to be watched daily and any slight downward trend needs to be addressed quickly. All pages including old blog posts need to be worked on and tweaked so they become more relevant and offer the reader a better experience. I wrote this blog post over 3 years ago in 2014 and I have just done an edit to make it more relevant 3 years later in 2017. This is how thorough you have to be with your websites content, which forms part of your SEO strategy. Here’s an interesting article that supports this:

4. Leave SEO to the professionals

A lot of people I speak to say that they leave the SEO to a friend, relative or have a do it your self approach. This is a very dangerous path to go down as nowadays its’ highly technical and needs the constant attention of professionals. If you want to take the stance that SEO is a scam or a con and you can easily have a go yourself or leave it to a novice who has done a bit of research – all I can say is good luck.  I’m in contact with people daily who have adopted this approach and guess what? It never works. Their ranks go no where. In fact, in many cases they either begin to drop or they just cop a Google penalty because they have broken many of the standard protocols that only seasoned SEO professionals understand. Again, if you are serious about wanting to give your website the best opportunity of ranking then leave it to the experts and expect to be doing this for the life of your business.

5. You Have to Pay Each + Every Month For SEO.
Wow. I can just see the eyes rolling and the heads shaking here. Yes, SEO is time consuming and you need to pay for this time. If you want to leave it to someone internally that has a proven track record in SEO that’s fine. But, think about their time and the costs involved with paying them.

In conclusion, if you want to rank and are serious about generating new leads, improving revenue and are keen to explore the world of SEO then why not give us a call on 02 9360 8514

What Is The Future of Link Building? 4 Important Messages

Things are always changing within the search engine landscape. The algorithm is constantly evolving but you you can bet on one thing and that is the importance of link building. It is still a great way to build authority and trust within your URL and a really the only proven way to get higher search engine ranking. Link building has always been the cornerstone of any SEO campaign and if done properly will have a massive impact on your rankings.

If you are looking at getting noticed online and improving your profile then you have to be link building – simple as that!

The future of link building is some what blurred. Whilst it is still the favourite son of most SEO companies, link building can get quite dangerous, especially if left in the hands of someone who has no idea of  how to build links or is limited in their capabilities due to constrained budgets.

linkbuildingLinks are still the main stay of Googles algorithm and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Saying this, there are 4 really important messages that you can take out of this article.

1)  Links are by far the best way to accelerate your ranking. Many SEO agencies have altered their link building strategies and fine tuned tactics to only use high PR sites as opposed to low quality, ‘spammy’ sites, which was common practice among many players. The future is clear in this space. Either clean up your link building or be prepared for the dire consequences. Google wants to see links from high DA or domain authority sites. Anything less won’t work and in fact may actually harm your site.

2) Link building is not the same as content marketing.  Link building is the process of improving ones website ranking, whilst content marketing is simply the process of generating content via blogs and other avenues to dominate a certain area. The two are not one and the same, period. Sure you can write articles, which is great for your overall visibility, but this has absolutely nothing to do with your SEO. There should be cross pollination between your link building and content writing, when referencing articles and this should, moving forward, be done on a regular basis.

3)  Link building will only become more difficult. In the case of finding high quality pages, I would say the loopholes will tighten over the next couple of years. Whilst SEO is not related to content marketing, the future will be more focused on latter. Point to note – if you are in the SEO game, you need to be more concerned about the way people are going to connect with your content.

4)  If you want your content to rank, you have to link build. All pages ( with the exception of a rare few) are very competitive in the online space. Hence, you need to rank your blog and internal pages and this will be dome through an effective link campaign.

I guess you could say linking to your website is still very popular, but lets give this a few years and see what comes out in the wash. The way things work with Google one just never knows. It is a gamble, but to be on the safe side there should be a 50/50 split between the links and the content side of things. Google has a algorithm called Rank Brain that combines link building and content. In a nutshell the more content you write and better quality links you build, the more trust you will bring to your website. A combination of the 2 is a perfect mix and will have a tremendous impact on your overall traffic and the amount of visitors that land on your site.

In conclusion: as Google evolves and becomes more sophisticated so will your link building and the associated strategy. I’d say that iin the next 3-5 years Google will tighten it’s ranking criteria so much that it will only recognise the very best links. If you want to stay ahead of the game it’s best you start planning for this now. Most SEO agencies will not have the kind of where with all to obtain these types of links, so the challenge for the business owners will be to find these agencies and be prepared to part with some big coin in order to satisfy Google’s tough new ranking criteria.

Why your business should invest in SEO? Here are 7 main reasons

If you think that SEO is dead and is something that you can do for yourself then you really need to think again.

businessseoSEO is very much alive and it is the smart business owners, eCommerce start ups who understand this and who are working with an SEO company for their online marketing. Those businesses that are ignoring SEO and are thinking that the old ways of direct marketing, cold calling and relying on loyal customers works best, are the businesses that are slowly seeing a decline in their customer base and revenues.

Also, having a DIY approach to your SEO is a killer! You need to be partnering in this day and age with an expert. Its like trying to manage a house build. It may seem like a good idea to begin with and you may think that you are saving money, but watch out – things can and do go nasty very quickly. Saving pennies upfront is going to lead to issues and problems later on. You have to trust us on this.

Based on this and knowing that SEO should be part of your marking mix I have compiled 7 reasons why your business should invest in an organic (not adwords) SEO strategy.

It works, it really does – don’t believe people that say SEO is dead. Sure there have been massive Google updates, including the latest Hummingbird update, but if you implement your strategy with a clear and well thought out plan, you will rank. Simple as that. I personally have helped rank hundreds of websites and they all follow a proven and tried technique. It’s a formula that we use time and time again that works. We have new clients with brand new domain names and have been able to rank a majority of their core keywords within 6 to 8 months. This just proves that SEO is alive, well and a great marketing tool for your business.

Based on what the search engines are using to rank websites, it does not appear that these SERPS or ranking results are going to change in the future. The formulas and algorithms are tightening up but overall the ranking trends appear to be consistent. The way Google ranks audio and video searches are also extremely consistent. All are text based and rely on keyword density, title tags and an great back linking campaign. As long as you follow certain rules and guidelines and build trust continuously to your site, Google will reward you.

Its really very cheap – think of what you used to pay for a Yellow Pages advert and other traditional forms of marketing like print magazines, TV and radio and SEO now looks very attractive. Also compared to Adwords and remarketing, SEO is much more affordable.

Again, look at traditional marketing such as TV, radio and print and you get an idea of how much (over the top prices) you were paying for these mediums. You may also think that you can rely on free social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, but a solid SEO campaign, should be the foundation of your online presence. Thinking you can get away without search engine optimisation is negligent and overall really bad for your business. Beware and thgis is an good point to note – that bargaining for SEO and scouting around for the cheapest deal is also a major problem and something that needs to be addressed. Paying rock bottom prices will only end up getting your website penalized as you are giving your marketing to companies that practice black hat SEO techniques.

Search engines are now getting more market share – Somewhere between 70-85% of potential clients and customers will be looking online before making a decision. Look at the trend its absolutely amazing. Think about your buying habits 10 years ago and look at them today and you will then clearly see the necessity for SEO – if you aren’t ranking and on page 1, you are no where. This trend will grow and if you are blind to this then your business will ultimately suffer the consequences. Also look at the way people are searching with their mobile phones. It’s scary to think that just 10 years ago this type of consumer behaviour was non existent. How times have changed!

Local search is critical for small business and this is where SEO can really improve a businesses bottom line. Local directories are so out dated and no one is looking at them when conduction a search. So, if you want to rank locally for your company then you must think SEO! Look at the way Google has introduced the Google maps component in the search results. The only way to realistically get your business there is through 2 things; SEO and citations. Having a strong local map listing is going to draw in loads of local business.

Part of the SEO process is looking at your website and ensuring that it is up to date; graphically as well as having new, relevant and fresh content. Strategically this is great for your business as it means that you are forever looking at ways to improve your websites online performance as well the content you are publishing. It keeps you on your toes, which is great from a marketing perspective. Goggle loves new copy and you will find that blogs will rank faster once an SEO campaign has started.

If you think for one minute your competition is not doing SEO then you are mistaken. Join in and sign up with a SEO company or be left behind. Basically, if you are not looking at ways to improve your online position and leap over your competitors then you will loose out. Ignoring this incredibly powerful marketing tool is a serious mistake. I cannot emphasis this enough.

In conclusion: Investing your time and resources into organic SEO has never been more important. Before you launch and business or if you are currently have a business, you really need to think long and hard about this process and all the benefits that can be derived from this.

Finding the right SEO partner is the next challenge your going to face.  Make sure you do your research, ask the right SEO questions before you make any final decisions. I’m always happy to help you if you have any questions regarding SEO or how your business can benefit from it.