How SEO Can Help Your Sydney Business Compete with the Big Boys

SEO can quickly level the playing field and help small businesses in Sydney compete against big name brands. At SEO Sydney Experts we can help you business go head to head against these mammoth brands by implementing a search engine optimisation strategy aimed at raising your brands awareness online and pushing your website up the rankings; especially when it comes to local search and your business listing on Google maps.

seobigIf you have ever dreamed or wanted to compete with these big guys but felt intimidated or overwhelmed by the prospects ahead, SEO is the technique to help you realise your goals. Are you unsure about the processes involved or where to start? Well, don’t worry; following are a few great ideas to help boost the profile of your business online onto a whole new level. That is the level where the big brands hang out and ideally where you want to be.

Customers Prefer Local Businesses.

You will be surprised how many people prefer to shop locally. They like the friendlier, personal touch and the good old fashioned customer service that only a small business can provide. If, for example I am wanting to find a mechanic or trades person, I am more likely to look up a business in my local area. I am happier to help and support local businesses over larger companies or corporations. I can say with certainty, that most consumers like myself, much prefer to shop locally and help support the local businesses.

This is where local SEO can really help small businesses in Sydney. If you are keen to attract a local market then we are able to easily optimise pages within your site specifically targeted for local search. Within a week or two your local pages will be well on their way to ranking and perhaps even showing up on Google maps. Just wait for the phone to start ringing and all those local customers start bringing in more new business. Google actually explains to you how to register your business for maps. Have a read of this and when your done, we will be able to optimise this listing so it appears here:

So it is relatively easy to compete with big brands and names locally if you are willing to start a local SEO strategy.  If your website is shoulder to should next to the big guns, guess who the locals are going to use? You! That’s right your going to get the calls, emails and all those juicy, hot new sales leads.

One thing that needs to be pointed out is that if you a local business then are really only going to rank locally. If for example your a plumber in Bondi, you are only going to rank locally for people searching plumbers when they are in the Bondi area or the Eastern Suburbs. Local search will not display your website if someone is searching for plumbers and they are in Parramatta. In this case it will deliver local plumbers in the Parrramatta area in the maps results.

Business Start Ups Can Compete.

Great, you have an idea and you want to go to market, but the reality is there are many businesses in this space and there are a few really big brands dominating the search results on Google. You know you have a great product and you feel that your level of service is better than any big corporation can offer. But, how can you let people know about you and your wonderful new business.

Relax, turn down the stress levels, and let us help you design a conversion focused website and then implement our proven and very successful SEO methods. Within 3-6 months if you let us do our thing your website will be rubbing shoulders with all those big names.

The magic of a great looking website combined with search engine optimisation means that you can now ‘ punch above your weight’. Look bigger, bolder and larger than ever before and compete online. I’m amazed by how many people tell me that they can’t understand how their competition, who might be a one man operation is ranking so high on Google. The answer is simple; they have a user friendly website, with great copy and a fabulous SEO team working behind the scenes.

Think Content, Write Copy

Website content is going to make a massive difference in the way search engines perceive your website. A thin, poorly worded, graphic heavy website is not going to rank as high as content driven web pages. In order to appear like a bigger company and for you to really stand against big brand names you should seriously think about publishing content on your company blog and make sure all your pages have been professionally written; including your main home page.

Ideally, you need to keep your website growing over time. Adding pages to your site is a good move and will grow your stature online and really help with your SEO.

Have a good look at your competitor’s websites that are ranking really well. One thing they all have in common is an abundance of pages, a blog as well as a healthy mix of social media and other pages throughout the site. You can see these pages by looking at their site map, generally located at the footer. You will actually be quite surprised at the number of pages and layers some of these sites have.

A point worth noting is that quality, on message content is going to work a lot better for your SEO than pointless dribble. Keep it interesting, write for your audience and never ever write copy that you think will benefit your SEO campaign. The search engines are now wise to these types of ‘spammy’ content methods and will in fact penalise your web pages for this type of behaviour. Be natural in your approach to writing copy and Google will reward you.

Bigger is Not Necessarily Better

Bigger companies with huge SEO budgets are just as vulnerable as anyone else online. They are susceptible, like any other company that relies on Google, to ranking fluctuations and penalties.

Quite often these big brands have become quite complacent, feeling that their company size will ensure they rank well. This is not true and if you (as the smaller Sydney business), are able to find a top SEO company, then you can easily slide under the radar and start ranking and taking your market share.

A point to note here: choose wisely when you are looking at SEO companies. Like anything the wrong decision could prove disastrous, but the right one will be one of the best moves you make for your business. I urge you, to look around and watch out for the ‘SEO sharks’; avoid nasty contracts, over optimistic time frames and rose coloured guarantees.

Diligently working on your SEO and understanding that the SEO process is an ongoing concern will ensure that you get noticed by the search engines and over time, begin to beat them online.

It’s not rocket science but it does take time and dedication to the task. If you put your mind to it, you will get there.

SEO and Graphics, The Perfect Marriage.

This is where big budgets come in handy. Corporations with healthy advertising budgets can afford to spend up big time and go with creative ad agencies to get a website that looks fabulous. As a small business on tighter budgets you can’t obviously do this. But, what you can do is have very specific landing pages, well targeted to your audience and have these optimised.

Instead of developing complex websites, you can get away with microsites; which are just as effective at converting customers and optimise these couple of pages. The advantage is you don’t have to spend a fortune but you can still compete. Heaps of businesses are doing this and it’s a great marketing method. There’s loads of literature out there and examples of great micro sites:

Here are a few examples to get you excited and to give you a clearer idea of what you should be doing; clean, crisp graphics that sell one message only is the way to go. Never over clutter pages and keep on message all the time.








Also, once the SEO kicks in and your site starts to rank it is much better having a page that looks ‘on the money’.

Visually creative web sites that have a well thought out interface are going to bring in the sales over sites that have a DIY approach or that have been put together with no idea about the end results. This is why small businesses should try to find a SEO company that has a strong focus on design and conversion rate optimisation. This can be hard, but if you do your research you will find them.

5 steps to starting your SEO

  1. organise your domain name – this can easily be  done through sites like Crazy Domains or Go Daddy
  2. get a Web designer to design a site for you ( perhaps a micro site to begin with is a good idea) and make sure they have a copywriter as well that can write up the content
  3. register your business with Google My Business
  4. work out the local keywords you wish to target
  5. engage an SEO agency to commence their link building campaign while at the same time they can do a thorough audit of the site ta make sure it’s Google compliant.

Now you too can compete with the big boys online. Don’t sit there dreaming about it. Make it happen today, it’s a lot easier and quicker than you imagine.

SEO: The Danger Of Using Cheap Agencies.

Watch out for cheap SEO agencies

One out of every two phone calls we receive about SEO has a price component attached to it. We get it and understand that people are watching closely where they spend their marketing dollar, but when it comes to SEO, you need to have realistic expectations and budgets.

The either say that they are on a very limited budget or they say that they have been paying next to nothing with their previous SEO company and was hoping that we could match or do better on their price.

These are really the most common 2 ‘strings attached’ questions I get and there is a massive amount of inherent danger in going down these paths of using an agency that has basically bought your business.

I will explore these 2 individually.

seoagencyFirstly, if I was to negotiate heavily on price then I would be compromising on our ability to deliver great SEO results. Many companies and I am actually talking about the bulk of SEO companies that can be found on Google, will be happy to negotiate and even better a very low price so they can get you to sign on the dotted line.

These SEO players are running ‘boiler room’ sales divisions and these guys are on heavy sales targets. They will say and do almost anything to secure your business without any regard for the SEO process. They do not care about your business, your goals, your website or about your online rankings. All they want to do is lock you into a 6 to 12 month contract and do as little as possible for this money.

I am not writing this for the fun of it or just to compile a blog. I am writing this, because I am privy to this as I speak to businesses in Sydney and throughout Australia who have believed this cheap SEO sales talk.

I never tell business owners: ‘you get what you pay for’ nor do I say things like ‘if it sounds to good to be true then it probably isn’t’. I still  can’t understand why they then want to go ahead say things like ‘we really want to do a proper SEO campaign and be # 1 on Google but we are on a very tight budget’. Also many people still do not understand the SEO process and that ranking on Google takes loads of time, strategy and effort.

It’s these statements and beliefs that is common amongst the business community that SEO can be done on the cheap that leaves me bewildered.

SEO takes time. It really does and if you think for 1 minute that we as a company don’t spend hours upon hours on your SEO then you are mistaken – this is why we are more expensive than the other ‘so called’ SEO companies. The reason is we do our job and we do it effectively. Plus you are also paying for our intellectual property. That is, what we have fine tuned over the years and what we know works. This IP is gold and if you want it, then it costs. That’s all there is to it. Let’s say for example your a chiropractor in Sydney CBD and you want to rank for: ‘chiropractors Sydney CBD’. If you do the ring around and are quoted less than $800 per month for this , then they are basically buying your business. Watch out for agencies that promote cheap and quick SEO as it’s all done offshore with absolutely zero strategy involved.

So if you are on a very tight budget and are looking to dominate the online space for your business it’s probably best you forget about SEO and try other avenues like social media posts or Adwords.

If you are happy to pay next to nothing for your SEO and are prepared to believe that you can get a great ranking in 90 days for very competitive keywords then we are the wrong company for you.

However, if you are prepared to sit down and  go over a SEO plan  and work out a proper campaign at realistic prices then we are the right company for you. We are not into bargaining over the phone, but prefer to sit down with you and discuss budget options and work out a suitable price that you are comfortable to pay. We will also talk about timings and manage your expectations about what’s achievable.

The second question I would like to address is when businesses ask me if I can match the price that the other company was charging. When they tell me that:

– they paid next to nothing for the SEO and they can’t understand why their rankings haven’t budged
– never achieved any results as promised
– they were never able to be contacted
– customer service was appalling and rude
– rankings in fact declined and you feel that your website is under a penalty due to over spamming the back links.
– the owner of the business was never around
– you dealt with a different person every time and each person had no clue who you were on what was happening with your campaign

and then they expect us to match the price. In this case, Im afraid you get what you pay for.

Working with SEO Sydney Experts and partnering with us for your SEO means that you are going to be getting a premium customer experience, combined with the best SEO guys working for you. There are so many things that can go wrong with your online marketing and we make sure that we dress everything to do with your ‘on and off page’ SEO. Just have a look at what Matt Cutts from Google has to say about things that can go wrong with your website and SEO.

We study what Matt has to say and make sure that we are always on top of our game in this space. We make sure we look at your websites:

  • structure
  • user experience
  • titles and descriptions
  • copy – which is now one of the most important criteria for ranking a website
  • speed
  • images
  • is your site able to be crawled easily

the list goes on and we have tool at our disposal to make sure your website is working at its very best.
In conclusion – if you are serious and I mean very serious about achieving extraordinary SEO results – why not give us a call on 02 9360 8514. Sure you can shop around for the cheapest price  and yes there are agencies out there that will be able to sweet talk you into signing up but remember one thing: SEO is not cheap and if you respect our job and pay us the right price we will be able to perform miracles for you.