What is Retargeting and why does your business need it?

Here is an interesting statistic; 90% of first time visitors to your website will not buy from the site or make an inquiry. This is unbelievable and in most cases it can take up to six visits before a potential client will actually pick up the phone. This is where Google retargeting is such a valuable marketing tool as it targets people who are already familiar with your brand and website. Retargeting puts your website constantly in front of the consumer; keeping your brand ‘front of mind’.

retargetingHere is another statistic that you should be aware of: less than 1 in 18  website visitors will buy a product or service from your website. Whilst you have all the be intentions of getting a great looking website designed and you may be paying an SEO company to rank your website on Google which is highly advisable, unfortunately, this my not be enough to bring in the sales. This is the reality of the digital space. It’s getting very crowded and as a business owner you need to explore other avenues. Google gives a brief over view of it here:


Here at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS, we specialise in reconnecting those potential customers, who have already seen your website, but did not buy from you. This is done through RETARGETING by exposing your website and brand to these consumers again and again. This increases the likelihood of a sale or inquiry by well over 350%.

Retargeting is a wonderful marketing tool and can be used in conjunction with an Adwords or SEO campaign.

OK, tell me more……what is retargeting all about and how can it help my business grow?

Our method of retargeting is to use Google display advertising to re-engage potential customers. It comprises of us designing for you, visually creative display ads of many sizes that are then retargeted on other websites.

What happens is that basically Google remembers your visitors search patterns and that visitor will then be targeted with theoretically relevant adverts when they visit other websites. Essentially your advert will appear on other sites they visit – constantly.

It’s a great way of promoting your brand and it gives your website another platform to market to the consumer. In today’s crowded and very competitive online space, the cost to get noticed and found is skyrocketing.

Most businesses are doing Adwords and SEO, this is why Retargeting is so good! It is another platform, different to traditional online marketing that is highly targeted and very sales focused. In my opinion, you should give it a try and add it into your marketing mix. You can always turn it off it you are unhappy with the results, but I can almost guarantee you that you will love the extra traffic it brings to your website and ultimately; more sales.

Partner with us at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS and let us show you how powerful display advertising can be and how Google retargeting can be another advertising asset for your company or business. It’s immediate, measurable and very dynamic. You can be monitoring the performance of your ad on an  hourly basis if you like.

google-retargetingRetargeting for eCommerce Websites

Retargeting for eCommerce websites is a fantastic idea. Shopping Cart abandonment is a massive problem. How many times have you added products to your cart only to exit right before you hit the buy button? Retargeting solves this eCommerce dilemma buy ‘re-attracting’ previous browsers/customers to your website. Read this great article about ways to improve the shopping cart experience for the consumer.

How does this happen I hear your ask? Well, a great looking banner ad promoting your website will pop up on many other sites that these customers visit. Your website will be there in their face all the time. It is a very compelling and persuasive argument to implement a retargeting campaign ASAP.

If Google Adwords are not really working and you can’t seem to get to page 1 of Google through search engine optimisation – then retargeting is the perfect solution.

Less than 10% of visitors will buy from your website on the first visit – RETARGETING is the BEST TOOL YOU CAN USE TO GET THE OTHER 90%.

What are the Benefits of Retargeting?

The biggest benefit of retargeting is to constantly remind the consumer about your product or service. They might have been on your shopping cart or your website, looked around, thought about making the purchase but at the last minute, for some reason they didn’t buy from you. Retargeting steers consumers back to your site. It freshens up their memory and puts you in the running time and time again for that all important sale. It may reignite their desire to buy again and guess what? They will be retargeted to your website.

SEO or search engine optimisation  and Adwords is starting to get very expensive. I know that in some cases a cost per click for highly competitive keywords can cost upwards of $50. This is a huge cost and can drain your daily marketing budget very quickly. Add to this your SEO monthly spend and it all starts to get quite pricey. Retargeting is just another avenue to showcase your brand, where SEO and Adwords are not delivering a good return on your investment. Don’t get me wrong here. Being at the top of page1 or close to, is a the best place to be, but simply put this is just another great marketing tool, not to be ignored.

It really reinforces your brand to the consumer. Unfortunately, if people have found you via a Google search then like all sites on Google, all you see is the title and description. Basically, everything looks the same and there is nothing really to differentiate you for the next business. Retargeting gives you the opportunity to be extremely creative with your display ad and drive home your sales message. If your actual website is memorable, then your retargeted display ad will really reinforce your message and trigger this ‘buy action’ in the consumers mind.

Check out these fantastic ads:

Getting started is really easy you basically have 2 options. You can either contact Googles customer support team who will guide you through the process which for the average business owner will be a bit difficult as there is a tiny bit of coding involved. Alternatively, you can give it to your web or SEO team who can have this up and running really quickly. You will need your credit card as a form of payment to Google. Most businesses prefer to hand this over to an agency that is able to monitor the performance of your campaign and tweak the landing page of your ad for better performance.

For those that are , a little unclear what I mean by a landing page, this is the page that people go to when they click your advert. Hence it has to be straight to the point and very conversion focused. That is, when the consumer sees the page it has to answer their query immediately and sell hard to them. This is called conversion rate optimisation and is an integral part of the whole process. What you need to understand is that it’s not just a matter of designing the ad, pointing it to a page on your website and hoping for the best. For it to be effective there has to be a strategy behind this with a well thought out game plan. Doing it yourself is possible but far from advisable.

Why SEO is Important For Cosmetic Surgeons in Sydney

seo-cosmetic-surgerySEO is vital for Cosmetic Surgeons in Sydney if they are going to rank their website on Google. At SEO Sydney Experts we specialise in ranking websites ethically and organically especially for our cosmetic surgeon friends who rely on this for generating top quality sales leads. We have been doing this since 2005 and if you are a cosmetic surgeon wishing to promote your services online; breast augmentation, liposuction, gastric banding, eyelid surgery and reconstructive surgery.

SEO Mistakes That Many Cosmetic Surgeons Make.

The SEO landscape is dotted with cosmetic surgeons who have made bad decisions regarding their previous and current SEO providers. There are many reasons for this and following are a few mistakes that are made by cosmetic surgeons.

1) The biggest mistake they make is trusting a SEO company that cannot even rank their own website. They find these agencies on Google, who are there because they have paid to be on page 1 via adwords. They basically get tricked into believing that they are working with a credible SEO company when in fact they engage someone that cannot even rank their own website. It’s often hard to tell the difference between paid v’s organic SEO and this is where the problems begin. Make sure you know how to tell these two apart. A combination of Adwords & SEO is a great marketing mix but when it comes to finding the right SEO agency, logic says you should pick an agency that can at least rank their website with the word: “SEO”in the search.

2) If you have been guilty of this then like many other cosmetic surgeons, you are not alone. That is, you have gone with the cheapest SEO provider and have had really poor results. Yes, it is tempting to go with a company that swears blindly that they will perform miracles and yes it is enticing and seductive to go with a slick talking sales person. But, 50% of inquires we get are from businesses who have been duped by these SEO scammers, who like nothing better than to lock you into a contract and keep on charging you for very little or no work. The scam is the price. Sweet deals are very tempting but unfortunately, in the SEO space, you need a healthy SEO budget if you are going to be competitive, especially in the cosmetic surgery niche.

3) They believe the hype and stories surrounding past SEO case studies that are irrelevant and out dated. Google is forever shifting the ranking landscape so what was ranking this week may not necessarily be ranking next week – be careful when you hear about case studies and old testimonials – do your home work – verify the current ranks and make sure that they are still there.

4) We all know that cosmetic surgeons are very busy people, but they tend to ignore the basic fundamentals of digital marketing such as content & social media marketing as well as studying their website analytics to make sure their site is performing at it’s peak. Many surgeons will get a website and trust that their SEO agency will tackle these are marketing channels. This is a huge assumption and in most cases the focus is on ranking keywords and nothing else, ignoring massive online opportunities. Make sure you engage an agency that will take a holistic approach to your marketing.


We take our SEO very seriously and we feel that we offer a far better SEO service than any other providor in Sydney and following a few reasons why you should be calling us:

  • We conduct a full website audit and make recommendation immediately. Not only do we advice on website amends, but we will implement these for you. We have an in house team of web developers, very talented designers & copy writers that can get into your website, make it totally Google compliant and write conversion focused content for you as well.
  • We look at your SEO in a very holistic fashion. SEO consists of many variables. Like bricks in a house, you need to build your SEO campaign brick by brick to establish a solid foundation and future proof your website and rankings against algorithmic updates and changes. We address all these variables like; social media, content marketing, blogging, hosting platforms, site speed, graphics, conversion rate optimisation, and back linking so that your Cosmetic Surgery Website has the very best chance of beating your competition.
  • Far too many agencies are strictly focused on back linking. They end up over optimising your keywords like; cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, wrinkle treatments etc etc. All that happens is that you end up with a website that is penalised for ignoring Google guidelines. At SEO Sydney Experts we look at a massive keyword spread and are never ever guilty of over optimisation of keywords.

An Example of Just How Good We Are

As of today ( 2/12/17), a Laser Hair Removal Company whose SEO rankings had slumped because they were using a disreputable SEO company are now really happy with 3 of their web pages sitting on page 1 of Google for the keywords ‘laser hair removal’ – Evolution Laser

This is a fantastic result considering when they started with us they were sitting somewhere on page 4 or 5. We hit the brief and even ( we believe) exceeded their expectations.

How Competitive is the SEO space for Cosmetic Surgery?

It’s extremely competitive and the reason for this is that most potential customers will go online, do their research and make their buying decision based on what they find. The number of searches for the keywords: ‘cosmetic surgery Sydney’ is staggering and the rewards to these surgeons who are on page 1 is tremendous. In fact, they probably won’t be able to cope with the amount of new inquiries they will generate. Hence, every surgeon wants to be up there but there is a limited amount of space. This is why it is imperative that you go with an agency that understands all the nuances and tricks Google play in order to help you get a foot hold in this space. Do not under any circumstances under estimate the difficulties you will face in ranking your site, especially if your new start up.

If it’s so competitive why bother?

The answer is simple, we do not have to go after the too difficult keywords but we can definitely go after the low hanging fruit words that still have enough traffic and searches. We will find these words and target them aggressively for you while still keeping our eyes on the main prize: cosmetic surgeons Sydney.

Google Drops Authorship Images From The Search Results

sseauthorshipOh no it had to happen. I predicted it and Google is going to drop the picture or authorship from the search results. If you do not know what I mean, it’s the personal photo that appears next to your website in the search results.

Personally I love it and it has worked really well for us, albeit, it was a photo of myself and not someone more attractive. But alas, like all things in Google land, nothing ever remains static and they are always changing, bending and altering the rules.

Our Google authorship photo has been there for well over 2 years and I personally am upset to see it go. I feel it really drew a lot of attention our way and had a big impact on website traffic and overall inquiries.

It will be interesting to see the kind of impact this has on businesses who rely on Google for their income. My theory, is that it will really level the playing field and hence place a larger importance on SEO.

This is kind of working against what Google is really after, that is for you to be spending your money on Adwords. Now that the left and right hand sides of the page will look similar, there is extra incentive to have a website that ranks.

Being on the first page is great but without your pretty picture there, Im afraid there is going to be a drop off in web traffic. This is the reality of how people search and if you are not in the top 3, then life online is going to become grim. Even if you are on page 1 with a great photo – this is going to disappear – websites above you are going to get a lot more traffic and ultimately do better than you even if they have a similar offering or web content

Google Authorship, SEO and Traffic.

The rationale behind this is that people gravitate towards an image. They see a photo on the white page and their eyeballs are immediately drawn to this picture. It doesn’t matter what you look like, if you are a man or a women, the natural instinct is to click on the image.

This trend started of slowly and I must say in the last 6 months really took off. Everyone was doing it, especially in our niche of SEO and Web Design. To add fuel to the fire, this had a kind of domino effect. If one would see their competition with a photo, then it was a quick call to their SEO company to have the same thing as well.

So What Happened?

Over a period of time the landscape got too cluttered. Every man and his dog was doing it and you couldn’t tell 1 image from the other. It got so cluttered and the page became far too busy with too many images of too many different people and personalities.

This ended up with a bit of a mish mash where the results became too confusing and this had an effect on adwords revenue. Online searchers would naturally click on the first image and ignore the Adwords – this is bad news for Google and their shareholders who rely on this revenue stream.

As of today 26/6/14 our Google authorship picture is still up there but I predict that is will disappear in the next couple of weeks. Rumour has it that this has started to happen in the UK and the roll out is just a matter of time.

I’m not sure what kind of spin to place on this. Is it a good or bad thing? Like all events with Google and all algorithmic changes, all you can do it go along with them and try your best to adapt. Luckily, I would say that we have a strong SEO team on board that are always on top of these kings of seismic changes and we are quick to evolve and adjust our marketing skew.

I for 1 will miss seeing my photo up there but it really levels the playing field and puts just that much more pressure on us to perform when it comes to SEO and internet marketing for our clients. Who knows what will happen next. Now with authorship a dinosaur, perhaps there will be coloured Titles or Descriptions. In any case 1 thing is for sure, Google’s core business is adwords and they will do everything in their power to keep you, the business owner and aspiring entrepreneur spending more online.

Here’s a quick update and this is around 2.5 years later and the authorship is dead and buried and no one really remembers it. Google has basically done nothing as radical in the past couple of years except:

> added another advert in the Adwords area at the top of the page, there are  now 4 ads which has pushed the organic results further down the page, which is a bit of a bummer for us people that rely on SEO traffic.

> put a huge emphasis on local search results. This means that Google will display websites for your search that are geographically near you. So for example if your a plumber in Bondi and expect to rank in Parramatta, you can forget it. Results are far more targeted. This is great to boost local business revenvue but for many people that want to rank nationally this is proving to be an issue.

> rankings are now based more on relevant content. Google is now looking at what your telling your customers and if your pages are not relevant then don’t expect to rank.

> having keywords in your domain name are no longer that important and it’s more about having a brand name that’s memorable – see what Google says:

Rest assured, the next trend is just around the corner so stay tuned as we will be the first to know about it.

Corporate SEO in Sydney Survival Guide

Our Corporate SEO is a tailor made, customised solution for those corporate businesses and companies in Sydney looking for the very best that SEO can buy.

seosydneyOur SEO philosophy does not focus on link building alone like so many other agencies rely on. This is deemed black and is considered very old school.

Our proven SEO strategy looks at your entire online marketing and focuses on all the complex variables that can have an impact your rankings such as your web design, user interface and experience, social media engagement, website bounce rates as well as your content marketing and entire digital ethos.

We take a very holistic approach to your SEO and like to think that we offer a premium, blue chip SEO service. Thirteen years in this business is a lifetime and what we bring to the table is a mature, proven and seasoned approach to your SEO and digital marketing. Basically we know what it takes to make your website more sticky and conversion focused. After all, it’s very competitive online and we want to make sure that the traffic we get to your site is going to hang around long enough to engage with what your offering and hopefully make a purchase or inquiry. Our real intention is to make your site a selling machine, that is far superior to your competitors.

Why Use SEO Sydney Experts?

There are a reasons why you should consider partnering with us for your Corporate SEO, these include;

1) We look at your on page SEO as an important contributing SEO factor. The latest Google Panda updates requires your content to be informative, unique and fresh. We have in house copywriters that can look at all your web pages and optimise them so that are much more Google complaint. If you site is thin on content or poorly written, we can beef up the wording with valuable content that speaks to your audience.

2) We analyse what your competition is doing, study their SEO strategy and look at ways we can out-smart them online. In the competitive SEO environment this can often be difficult to do, but we have the know-how and prowess to out smart your opposition, using the latest SEO techniques. In fact, by engaging our services, we put your competitors in our cross hairs and will aim to out beat them within 6 months. Just watch us in action and see how quickly we can perform miracles.

3) We can handle your social media marketing and optimise all your social media platforms; Facebook & Instagram so they are all SEO friendly, plus relevant in driving new followers to your website. Our social media campaigns are not random but well thought out, planned with particular goals and outcomes in mind.

Social media activity is a key trigger for the search engines and we make sure that your company has an active and a very high profile in this space. Because we have greater insights and a solid understanding of what makes people engage on these platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, we use this expertise to positively leverage your brand and elevate your social media profile online.

It’s all about engagement and promoting your brand, company or business so that you start to target and communicate with a huge new, untapped audience.

4) There is not a day that goes by when we are not monitoring your rankings. In fact some of our current clients would say that we are fairly obsessive about this. We know what is going on at all times of the day and we have sophisticated software that can tell us if there are any fluctuations with your rankings.

One of our ranking tools in MOZ which & we will share all our insights with you.

5) We study your Google Analytics and make website amends based on the data we receive. With these statistics in hand, we make sure that all your pages are performing at an optimum level. We can study consumer behaviour patterns, time spent on the site and make site changes based on actual data. We know exactly what we are doing and have all the cutting edge tools at our disposal to ensure that your site is tweaked constantly for better conversion rates. You can learn a bit more about Analytics and how it can be used to benefit your business here:

Unfortunately, the SEO landscapes is filled with players looking to make a fast buck and companies that have paid the ultimate price for trusting these people; they have been penalised.

Corporate survival in the SEO space?

Companies that are specifically targeting your business with promises of 90 day ranking guarantees – these are easy to spot and if they go on about this just hang up the phone or delete the email. There are no such things as 90 day rankings as SEO, especially in the corporate, competitive space takes time and effort.

SEO companies that are not based in Australia. These guys often promote their business on Adwords and have fancy looking websites, so you think they are in Sydney. If you can’t walk into their office then avoid them at all costs.

This goes for freelancers as well. These guys are just as bad as their overseas counterparts as they can easily disappear if things go wrong. You need and I will emphasise this need to work with a local company that has a physical address – NOT a PO Box or a ‘lets meet for a coffee’ at your local café, BUT a real physical office that you can visit – this is most important and adds a level of accountability that freelancers just don’t have.

Going for the cheapest price offered. This is a SEO killer and will ultimately lead to your website suffering the curse of a Google penalty. Bargaining for a better price and negotiating for the sweetest deal is good for some part of your business, BUT when it comes to your  internet marketing you have to pay top dollar if you expect to see any results. Some cowboys will gladly take your money, no matter how cheap the quote is, but the reality here is that they will do absolutely nothing for this.

Have you had a bad experience with past SEO companies? Is your current  provider not catering to your demands, wishes or expectations in the past paced corporate environment? Do they tend to go missing for a few weeks, avoid phone calls, ignore emails, poorly communicate and provide little or no transparency as to what they have been doing? If you have said yes to any of these then it’s a good signal that it’s time to take a good hard look at what you are actually getting for your corporate marketing dollar.

At SEO Sydney Experts, we know that we have redefined the SEO experience by not only being able to rank businesses in highly sort after niches but we also offer a customer experience that’s world class. All your emails are answered within the hour, calls are answered immediately, we are available over the weekend (yes that’s true), you get fortnightly ranking reports with clear open advice and honest evaluation of your digital campaign.

If you are serious and dedicated to achieving the best possible online rankings for your company, then make sure you get in touch with one of our team today. We can commence your SEO campaign immediately and within 4 weeks you will start to see some very positive, real and measurable results.

Has Your Website Been Hit By the Latest Google Updates

The latest Google algorithmic changes, Panda and Penguin, according to Matt Cutts. head of Googles search quality team, focuses on 2 areas; web content and spam. Both great topics in themselves, but I thought I would outline why some websites suffer and consistently never rank whilst other seem to be at the top of the search results ( SERP’s) all the time. Sites that rank adhere to the principles outlined by Cutts, whilst those that get penalised, clearly flout and dismiss what Google considers compliant.

In many cases, websites have lost ranking due to these two Google’ must haves’ and have, in some serious instances, lost all their rankings. That is a Google penalty.

Following is a brief explanation of how to avoid being in the cross hairs of the latest Penguin and Panda updates, as well as a video of Matt Cutts explaining what you need and your SEO company must do to be doing to be totally compliant.

The first major update was the Panda update and recently as far as I am aware the Panda 4.0 ( released on June 2014) targeted those websites that were thin on content.

So what does thin on content really mean? It’s those web pages or blog articles that have nothing to say. The overall quality of the content is poor and there maybe only a few sentences or paragraphs. This is not industry specific and will apply to all websites on the net.

I can easily spot a site that’s too lean on the content. Many businesses, feel that this is not an important component of their website, well how wrong they have been! If your websites landing pages or blogs are slight on the copy, then don’t expect Google to reward these pages.

Panda’s intention is to deliver quality content to users and it’s algorithmic filters being as sophisticated as they are designed to weed out the rubbish.

How Can You Tell If Your Website Is Too Thin? This is a great question, but I always look at the nature and length of the content. I like all of my posts to be around the 750 – 1000 word mark and I ensure that everything published is unique. That is, I haven’t scraped the content from other sites or reposted other peoples content. It’s all mine and I spend many man hours actually writing these. On top of this (like I am doing now over 2 years later) is revisiting old blog posts and refreshing them with more relevant and up to date content. In this case the topic is content and it has since originally posting this, become so much more important. If your copy is not engaging it’s readers then your going to suffer online. This means the whole use experience has to be fantastic. Think about adding more videos to keep your readers on your site longer. Also, refresh old copy all the time and perhaps add to it with more up to date news.

So, if you have a look at your website or blog and can see that most of the pages are somewhat, well let’s just say, boring, unexciting, poorly worded and under 500 words; then from what the quality control team at Google are saying, you are violating the Panda updates. Better get cracking and start auditing every page of your website. It may seem like a hassle but in it’s worth it.

How Does One Fix This Problem? It’s easy and it’s also not so easy. You can either get in there yourself and start editing all your circulated content, or you can get a professional on board to do the job for you. Either way, it’s a task that needs to be addressed immediately if you are ever going to have a chance or getting a better online ranking. There are dozens if not hundred of web copywriters that can do the job, but like anything in business be prepared to pay for this.

Whatever, you do, however, don’t go down the path of outsourcing this to India where they can write copy for a couple of dollars an article. This is against what Google is looking for and this will further add fuel to the fire and exacerbate your bad online standings. Keep it real, make sure it is authentic and the most important point that you should take from this post is that it must be original.

The second and perhaps the update that hit most businesses is the Penguin algorithm, which focuses on spammy sites and shifty link building ‘black hat’ techniques.

In a nutshell, spammy sites are those that implement a myriad of both ‘on page’ and ‘off page’ tactics, designed specifically to improve rankings. Such sites use what is termed ‘black hat’ methods, all devised to cheat the system.

There are just so many things that one can do to cheat and defraud Google, but the Penguin filters have again, like the Panda, filtered out these sites and have punished them in the rankings. The Penguin was a killer update and it’s intention was to put an end to some search engine optimisation companies ways of doing business and those DIY SEO fanatics.

googleupdatePre Penguin it was pretty open slather on what could be done in terms of boosting ones chances of higher SERP results. It was the wild west online and anything was allowed. Basically, I could buy links online for a few bucks and rank a new website within a couple of weeks. Such bad practices have been outlawed and luckily for us, Google now treat such processes as illegal ( in their world).

In the video Cutt’s will explain what Google’s quality team are looking out for in the future and ways in which you can put your SEO company on notice if they are doing anything shifty. It’s a bit lengthy but well worth the watch, especially if you feel that your SEO team in the past has been treading on thin ice and skirting the fringes of what Google recognizes as authentic.

So how do you go about finding an SEO agency that will comply with both Penguin and Panda updates?

This is not easy but you have to do your research online to find the right agencies. I suggest go with an all rounder. One that has the ability to design sites, optimsie them and also an agency that has some good copywriters on baord – or at least they are able to find good ones they have worked with inn the past.

Do not make the mistake and work with SEO companies that promise:

  • fast rankings when your in a competitive niche
  • 90 day ranking guarantees
  • money back guarantees
  • if they outsource their SEO because they want to do it as cheaply as possible
  • Is not able to rank their own website on page 1 of Google for the keyword SEO in their capital city – so for us it would be SEO Sydney and as of today 16 Nov 17 we are on page 1, which just goes to show you how good we are and our ability to rank sites in seriously competitive niches.
  • SEO without any copy or website audit


Forgive Your Last SEO Companies Mistakes

Many businesses get ripped of by SEO companies. This is a fact of life and it’s happening daily. This is the truth and this is where the blame game for the next SEO company should stop.

seocompanyJust because you made the wrong decision, employed the wrong and cheap SEO agency from the beginning, does not mean that credible, completely honest and sincere companies like the majority of us have to take on the negative baggage left by your previous SEO team.

Sure, we are able to fix the mistakes and issues caused by these shady SEO characters, but you can’t tarnish the whole industry just because of a bad experience. You have to move on and learn from your mistakes. Businesses need to move on, accept that they made a bad judgement call and trust us to do our job.

As director of SEO Sydney Experts, we come across many businesses that have been the subject of SEO rip offs. Their business and website have been compromised and the hardship caused is devastating.

Websites that have been penalised due to malpractice and total disregard for any SEO ‘ best practice’ creates messy situations. We are left to pick up the pieces.

Fixing and repairing your SEO position online can take any where from 6 months to a year. That’s right a full year and it is not unreasonable for us, as your next SEO provider to cop the full blame of past errors.

I will give you an example to highlight this issue in a bit more detail. A Sydney based company came to us at the end of 2017. They were using a Melbourne based SEO company for well over 2 years and in that time their rankings had consistently slid. For some keywords they were ranking, but for others, that is their main ‘ bread winning’ keywords they were no where to be found.

Since coming on board with us, their main keywords have sky rocketed to page 1 and are all sitting in the top 4 positions. But, the issue here is that this has taken 6 months. Basically, we have had to start from the beginning and implement a campaign as if there had never been any SEO work carried out in the past.

The problem here is that we have had to take over a very awkward situation where a SEO company has been negligent and we have had to come in and completely restore and stabilise the rankings. The expectations placed on us are very high, but we have managed to negate any blame and turn the business rankings around. All up, a very happy client.

Taking on the blame of another SEO company is not a good way to start an SEO relationship. All fears and apprehension surrounding SEO and its practices need to be left at the door so we can get along with what we do best; ranking your website.

SEO and internet marketing is here to stay. This is also a fact of life and Sydney businesses who have been burn’t and defrauded by past SEO agencies need to accept this as part of the business cycle. Peaks and troughs and moving forward with another agency that can do a far better job.

Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect and this gets magnifies in the SEO world. It’s just so easy to be lulled into a false sense of security. These guys are specialists in scamming your money and are shrewd at getting you to believe them and their utter nonsense when you initially speak with them.

I suggest that if your business is going to succeed online and if your going to have any chance of ranking your website, that you have faith in the abilities of your next SEO provider. This might be hard and you still may have a healthy dose of skepticism, but this is not going to do you any favours as time goes by.

Blame and ranking issues can become intensified especially if your website has been penalised or if there is a manual action implemented by Google. This can take a long time to repair and in the mind-set of the business owner, the perception can be, that it is our responsibility for the penalty.

Being tarnished with the same brush, incurring the wrath of business owners just because we are also in the SEO industry is not fair. We happen to be one of the good guys, one of the ethical mob that treats our clients with respect and their business as if it was our own. I can honestly say that we put in so much effort and time with every client, that we really earn our money. I feel that we offer what no other SEO company can offer in terms of service and accountability.

What do we do differently?

  • We don’t just build back links. We look at your entire online marketing holistically. We look at what’s going to work best for your business and what’s going to attract the most number of customers. From local search, PPC, social  media marketing as well as retargeting, we look at all facets of digital marketing at our disposal.
  • Our focus is all about conversion rates. It’s critical that you not only get high traffic number but we make sure that these people stay on your site and engage with it.
  • Our aim is to not only increase visitors but make sure they stay on the site and enjoy the experience. Lower bounce rates are our mantra and we constantly monitor your site so it’s working at it’s peak performance.
  • We study you Google analytics and make rational suggestions to improve your website user experience based on hard data. We don’t just make random suggestions and changes to impress you. Everything we do has a logical reason behind it.
  • We also look at all your content and make sure firstly, that its not duplicate and that it’s geared towards your market and what they want to read.  See what the guru Matt Cutts at Google has to say about the issues with duplicate content.

So once you forgive them and move on, then we can perform our SEO magic!

If you are a business owner, who has been hit hard in the past by dodgy SEO people and are reading this blog, we are happy to take on your SEO work – but the important thing is that you do forgive them for their past mistakes.


Small Business – SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a small business owner looking to get more sales leads, inquiries or boost revenue? Have you got a small company or business and are totally confused about SEO and need to have basic questions answered and don’t know where to go? Are you totally frustrated when it comes to SEO and everything to do with internet marketing? Have you tried to use an SEO company in the past and were really upset with their performance, customer service and constant lies about rankings and time frames?

SEO Sydney Experts came about because we wanted to help all small businesses have a chance online and have an opportunity to be competitive, perhaps even competing with the bigger players.There are just too many pitfalls and rip off merchants when it comes to SEO. We want to fight back, be on your side and give you the best chance possible of competing online against the big boys.

Let’s face it. If you are a small business, you are going to need SEO. There is no escaping this & it should now be considered the first step in marketing your business. Google is it and it seems as though it’s going to remain this way for many years to come.

For many business owners, this is a difficult step as very little is known about SEO or why it is needed to drive business and stimulate growth.

If you find yourself at a dead end and are putting your hands up in complete frustration then we are here to help you sort out your SEO dramas with the following  FAQ’s which should be able to answer a few troubling questions.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of improving your websites authority and trust in the eyes of Google. This is done through ensuring your website is completely Google compliant and combining this with a back linking campaign which is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy.

Why does my small business need SEO?

This is  a great question and one that I get asked about all the time. In short, the digital age is here and there is no denying the fact that the last place of small business advertising; the yellow pages is completely and utterly dead. The internet has essentially killed this off in the last 10 years and small business needs an alternative place to find customers.

So where is this new avenue of advertising? The answer is the search engines and in particular Google. Australian consumers flock to Google for any search query and if your small business is not there, then you might as well shut up shop. Simple as that. No matter the type or size of business, if your website is not coming up within the first couple of pages of Google, then your potential customer is not going to be buying from you. and guess where they will be going? To the person who is ranking!

This is what SEO is all about and if you are a small business who is smart enough to understand the full and massive potential SEO can bring to your business, you are heading in the right direction.

This is why your business needs SEO and why you need to be thinking about this now.

How much does small business SEO cost?

Unfortunately, Google does not discriminate between businesses. It doesn’t know you are a new business and the fact remains that if you are to be competitive online you need to have a very realistic SEO budget. especially if you have a new website that has not even been indexed by Google.

Small budgets and small prices for your internet and SEO marketing just don’t exists unless your targeting a very specific keyword or are trying to rank in a local area where there’s little or no competition.  If that’s the case then a smaller budget is all that’s needed.

Rules for budgeting for SEO

  • the newer the website, the less trust, therefore a larger budget is needed to establish this trust
  • competitive niches require loads more work and will require lots more back links which means that you have to have more funds set aside
  • if you have a new website and want to rank in a super competitive market then you had better have a sizeable monthly budget

Skimping on your SEO budget and looking for the cheapest provider will only end up with issues. Think about it for a moment. If you go with a company that is prepared to do your SEO for a couple of hundred dollars, what are they going to do?

They will cut corners, buy spammy ineffective links that will only harm your website. Google will pick up on these spammy practices and you will end up in trouble. That is 100% guaranteed!

Spend that bit extra and go with a company that will do the right thing by you.

What businesses should be doing SEO?

In short, all businesses that are looking to get new customers. Most of  them have tried other types of marketing; such as direct mail, EDM’s, letter box drops, which have not worked out and need to capitalise on the tremendous benefits that only search engine optimisation can bring. Yellow pages, magazines and newspaper ads just don’t have the kind of marketing power they used to have. Google has swallowed the whole market up. Hence the need for SEO.

This includes all types of small businesses such as: accountants, lawyers, restaurants, caterers, trades people, retailers, child care centres, any new start up, home help, eCommerce websites, doctors, engineers, hire companies; basically any business in Sydney, Melbourne or throughout Australia that has a website and needs to drive customers to it.

There are however some businesses that do not need any SEO and these are companies that are not looking to attract new clients or customers. They are established companies that have a few select clients they work for and are not looking for any other business. They are happy with the status quo and are perhaps looking to retire of close the company. But, overall the majority of small business owners will need to be looking at SEO.

How long does SEO take?

SEO is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Google has made sure that businesses that are onlyin this for the long haul, will see any benefits. This can take up to  a year in some instances when a website is brand new and has little or no authority. This is not good news for some people, but realistic small business owners who can appreciate these time lines, will see their rankings rise only if they take this organic approach to link building.

To establish a brand online and secure rankings patience and an understanding of the SEO process is going to be a fundamental element. Quick, overly fast results are common, but they are short lived. What rises fast will surely come down just as fast. Slow and steady is the mantra and wins every time.

The way to rank a website is by constantly adding, refining content on your website and making sure that it’s really relevant for your customers. Once your website has enough trust; the content should rank.

I have a new website and it’s not doing well on Google, whats going wrong?

Google want s a good user experience for the customers and if your website is hard to navigate, slow to load and offers nothing unique for the visitor, Google simply won’t rank it.  Make it compelling, make it interesting, fun and informative, then it will start to rank. Have a quick listen to this and see what the head of Google spam team Matt Cutts says about what Google is looking for.

How much input do I have to give during the SEO process?

You can have as much or as little involvement as you like. Ideally, there should be some participation from you, but any SEO company worthwhile will do the majority of the work.

There are however, some things that a small company should do and that’s content marketing or blogging. If you are able to maintain this publishing of content on a weekly / montly basis, this will help with you overall SEO campaign as your keepin the website fresh which is what the search engines want. Whilst it is only 1 component of the puzzle that makes up SEO, content marketing or blogging adds depth to your website, and lends more credibility to your brand.

Companies like ours are happy to help you with adding content but realistically, you know your business better than anyone – so if any words or pages are to be added, it’s best you do it.

Can I stop my SEO at any time and what will happen to the rankings if I do?

SEO is a continual process. Once you start the process you have to be committed to it. Google is forever refining and making changes to it’s search algorithm and SEO teams must be on top of this. The battle is only half won when you land on the top of Google. The other half to be fought is staying there. Keeping a continuous SEO campaign, by sending ranking signals to Google  will ensure that you remain in a solid position online.

In short, SEO is a continual process that you need to keep paying for, month after month. If you stop, eventually your position will start to slide. This is inevitable.

I know this doesn’t sound ideal but if it brings in the business and the return on your investment is positive, then you should have no problems paying for this service. I can tell you one thing; its a lot cheaper than TV, radio or some print ads.

Also, starting and stopping your SEO linking is not a good idea. In fact it may even help your competition. Stopping the SEO is one thing, but realising that your rankings are dropping and then deciding to speed up the SEO and make up for lost time, may seem inorganic and may just trigger a ‘flag warning’. These are the kinds of tactics you want to avoid. As stated previously, keeping a consistent and methodical approach to your internet marketing is the best approach.

What’s so special about SEO Sydney Experts? You all sound the same.

This is one of the most common question I have to answer over the phone. Many people have either being duped or ripped off by previous SEO companies are are real cautious about trying another company. Or they have done the ring around and they are hearing the same answers. It’s hard to differentiate one company from the other.

What makes us different is our ability to rank websites. If you are reading this blog, then that’s proof enough. Or even better have a look at our rankings for the keywords ‘SEO Sydney’ – as of 14th Nov 2017 we are ranking # 5 and expect this to improve. I have been able to rank our main site in the most competitive niches which just goes to show you that we know what we are doing.

Plus, we are very open and honest about SEO. All I ask is that you spend 10 minutes speaking with me; Steven on 02 9360 8514 and after this little chat you will understand what I mean. I will tell you all there is to know about SEO and what other companies are either afraid to tell you or simply hide from you.