Best 11 Methods to Get Panda to Love Your Website Content

What is Google’s Panda update?

For most people the name Panda simple refers to some type of cuddly animal in the zoo but in reference to Google it’s a far cry from this. Google implemented the Panda algorithm update to weed out websites that had poor content, plagiarised copy as well as keyword stuffing. Basically, it’s an algorithm to penalise sites that did not deliver quality information. If your web pages were lacking in quality copy then you would start to see a decrease in it’s rankings. After all, why should Google display pages that were not useful in presenting relevant information.If you have a look at what wikipedia says about the Panda update you should get a clear explanation.

However, if your wanting to look at ways to improve your websites quality in terms of the way it delivers content following are ways in which you can comply with the Panda algorithm and eventually help improve your websites overall rankings.

  1. Do you look at articles or blogs online and roll your eyes sometimes and think who wrote this? Chances are it was written by a third party so it could rank on Google. This is bad news and the trust factor with these type of articles can have a really bad effect on the brand of a company. Poorly worded copy is a brand killer and don’t for one minute think that Google will not pick up on this. It’s latest Panda algorithmic update is designed to weed out this type of sub standard copy and place it behind websites that have spent the time and effort to write great copy. Do it yourself, think about what you are going to write about and you will be rewarded with better online rankings.
  2. How much effort has been put into the writing of the article or web page. I have had clients ask me why their 200 worded page doesn’t rank. The answer is simple. You need copy that is upwards of 1000 words. Before you start screaming and yelling how impossible this is, remember I do not make the rules. Google’s Panda will rank lengthy articles over thinly disguised pages any time. Most of the pages I write are around the 1000 word mark so please before you even begin to write anything be prepared to make it fairly lengthy. Occasionally, I have seen articles less than 100 words rank fairly quickly, but this is an exception to the rule and their position doesn’t remain for that long. If your struggling for a news or blog topic look around online, do your research and something will eventually come to you.
  3. Who wrote you web page? Was it by a professional copywriter who knows your industry and who has spent the time to meet with you and get a clearer idea of your target audience? If this answer is yes then that’s fine. If the answer is no and you trusted your web copy with a stranger, then you are in trouble. Not only will it be rejected by your client base as laughable copy, but it will also be pinged by Panda as bad copy. Spend a few dollars and have it professionally written.
  1. seo-pandaPanda is a beast that can recognise duplicate content. And guess what this animal does when it sees this happening? It rips it to shreads and places little emphasis on it – hence lower online rankings. If you have been lazy and just copied and pasted words from another site (worst of all a competitors) and tried to pass it off as your own, then watch out. There is nothing to hide behind and no where to go. This will be picked up immediately and your website will be the only thing that suffers. In order to appease Panda and make it love your copy write fresh, unique content. If you think that you can launch a new website with rehashed old second hand copy, think again. It’s just not going to get the type of rankings you’d hoped for.
  1. Would you buy from the website? Would you actually open your wallet and part with money? If the answer is no and you feel that the trust value is low, then Panda will also. Fraudulent looking websites asking for money are just begging to be eaten up by Panda and spewed out as junk. Show credibility, show authority, have SSL certificates and all the must have ecommerce essentials and you will rank. This includes content about your business, product descriptions, your location, return policies as well as testimonials by other customers. You should even look at having third party sites that people can post testimonials on. This type of content really instills trust with the consumer, thereby complying to some extent with Panda.
  1. If you have a bad attitude about your article to begin with and cannot be bothered with spelling, grammatical errors or repetitive copy then you deserve to be ranked less than competitors who have spent the man hours compiling copy that wants to be read. It’s a lot better to have one well worded article than two to three off the cuff blogs that have little relevance.
  1. Is the web page written for Google or is it for your audience? Are you using old SEO tricks such as repeating keywords to manipulate your ranking? Old SEO tactics that are now banned by Panda are to repeat your main keywords as often as possible in the hope it gets ranked. This is so old school and it beggars belief that people still employ this strategy. Known as keyword stuffing this is one of the things Panda looks out for.
  1. Has the page got something new to say? Is it current or relevant or is it old outdated news or information that no one is interested in? Writing clean, new information that is totally 100% fresh will see your page rankings skyrocket – if it has over the 1000 words then even better – write for your customer and not for the search engines and you will be satisfying Panda.
  1. Has the page been written so well that your readers are going to share it around on their social media? If so, then great! The more tweets, likes and sharing your article gets organically the better it is. Google will pick up on this and note how popular your site has become and this will be rewarded.
  2. Has your web page got other ads that link externally? Are these flashy, over bearing adverts that distract the reader? If so you are in deep trouble with Panda. It’s a double whammy; your readers will hate it and Panda will hate it even more – watch out for the incoming penalty – it’s only a mater of time.
  3. Have you crammed the page with words or is it cleanly laid out with correct headings, neat titles and well spaced out paragraphs. This combined with catchy graphics that relate to your topic will go along way to securing a better online position.

So there you have it. I have unraveled the mystery of the Google Panda update and if you follow these rules you will be in the best possible position to survive online.

Saying this, it’s all well and good to follow these rules but if you then go ahead and employ a SEO company that hasn’t a clue what they are doing or are all about cost cutting (due to the limited budgets given to them in the first place), then all this is going to go down the drain. If your going to go to the effort of getting a website designed then make sure you also get them to get it professionally written.

Lets see what Matt Cutts the head of Google spam team says about what to do if your website has been penalised by Google Panda

In conclusion

Great copy combined with the clever use of graphics will always win over other sites. You really can’t have one without the other. Bear this in mind before you start your online journey. It’s all well and good to have beautiful graphics but if it doesn’t convey any relevant messages or your not clearly speaking to your target market, the exercise will be pointless.


How to choose a good SEO company

Choosing a good SEO company is not as easy as it looks. There are literally thousands of SEO companies in Sydney wanting your business and finding the good ones that offer a premium, reliable and credible service is like finding a needle in a haystack. Following are some tips to help you find the best SEO company that your marketing budget permits.

seocompanyIf you Google ‘SEO’ or ‘SEO companies Sydney’ you are going to find loads of options to choose from. This is really where the dilemma begins.

Most people only look at the home page results and herein lies the problem. On this page there are (and I am not being biased here) about only two to three companies that really know what they are doing. The rest are fly by nighters, start ups or even freelancers that outsource all their work.

You might say well they are on page one so they must be doing something right and they must be OK, but this is far from the truth. This is because some of these agencies have implemented a couple of dodgy and non Google compliant strategies to get to this position on page 1. It’s quiet easy to do but you have to bear in mind that this is a short term strategy.

Their logic is to spam their website up to page 1, doing anything they can to get there and once they have obtained this position, they will proceed to fleece as many non suspecting businesses as they can. Most of the public are completely ignorant of these kind of games these fraudsters play and will easily fall prey to sweet sounding promises of page 1 Google postions.

These SEO companies are there for a short time, till Googles Penguin algorithm notices them (then they disappear) and guess what….they will build a brand new website, build as many back links as they can and then have it ranking for a couple of months till it gets penalised again. These companies have got this down to a fine art form. It’s a continuous cyclical and very methodical process and spam your way to the top, rip as many people off as you possibly can, then do it all again.

How to find the best SEO agencies?

Following are a few golden rules you should follow in order to avoid falling for these ‘cowboys’ and help you find the best SEO company.

1) make the phone call and go and visit them. Do not do everything in the virtual space. Make sure they are real, that they exist and that you can have real human interaction with them. Freelancers tend to want to do things all over the phone, take your credit card details and the rest is history. Be really careful if you feel any type of push back when you mention a meeting. If they want to have a Skype meeting that’s fine so long as you get a visual of the person you will be working with.

2) Ask them if they outsource their SEO or is it all done in house? The last thing you want is your SEO done in a third world country by a complete stranger who has no accountability or no idea about your business. This is the worst thing that could happen to your business because your SEO needs to be done locally. SEO middle man who the work is often out sourced to, do everything on the cheap and you end up paying the price through poor results. Be aware that they might even tell you that they are not outsourcing their SEO when in fact they are. This is why you need to go to their office and physically suss the whole operation out.

3) Asking for testimonials is pointless, they are not going to give you any negative ones – there is not much you can do about this I’m afraid, so again trust your gut instinct when you see them. If you smell a rat or something seems odd or out of place or just not quite right then give them the flick.

4) You choose companies that have paid ads right up the top of the results, thinking that these are organic. This is a huge mistake made by many businesses who think that because they are in the top 4 they are the best. These top 4 are pay per click Adwords and business pay in many cases excessive fees for these ads. Knowing the difference between paid and organic ads will make a huge difference in your decision in choosing a great SEO company. Remember the very top 4 listing are paid. The organic results begin just below these and these are the agencies you should be engaging with.

5) When your asking them SEO questions, see if they are pushing you into a SEO contract or offering some other scam like ‘ page 1 in 90 days or pay nothing’ or ‘ if we cant rank you in 6 months we will do the SEO for free’ – these are all total scams to fool you into dealing with them. This s a good sign that these guys are a bunch of amateurs looking to empty your wallet. In fact, I would have to say that this is really the main thing to be wary of. Any unrealistic promises, guarantees, or do-for-free work is what most people fall for – any whiff of this over the phone should be dealt with immediately – that is hang up!!

6) SEO in 2018 is all about a complete digital campaign. You agency must have a thorough understanding of all facets of the digital space and should be able to handle everything under one roof. This includes: website copywriting, content marketing, conversion rates, Adwords, website design, UX ( user experience), Google analytics as well as managing your social media marketing and in some cases your online reputation. SEO is no longer a case of simply building links and hoping for the best. It’s a lot more complicated than this and Google as the years roll on will tighten it’s ranking criteria and rank only those sites that can show a holistic approach to their digital marketing. Your future SEO agency should be well versed in all these areas if they are going to help you improve your online rankings.

7) Choose those SEO agencies that can prove that they have been able to achieve solid increases in traffic numbers and conversion rates for businesses. The aim is to not only rank the site but also convert site visitors to customers. This is done through making sure that your web pages are designed to engage the customer. Therefore your SEO agency should have a solid background in web design and know how to improve the customer experience. This is a critical factor and any good SEO agency should be monitoring consumer behaviour on your site and monitoring it’s performance through Google Analytics and always looking at ways of improving it.

There are many people now who feel that SEO is obsolete and is a thing of the past. So why should they bother looking for an SEO agency when they can do it themselves. Let’s take a look at what Matt Cutts from Google says about the relevance of ‘white hat’ SEO agencies. In short; SEO is not spam and they should be considered an integral part of your business.

As Matt Says: ‘SEO is not spam and SEO can be beneficial for your business’, you simply have to find the right company.

You Can’t Spam Your Way to the Top of Google

If you think that you can push your SEO campaign to turbo charge mode in the hope of getting your website to the first page of Google, then you are mistaken. SEO is a lengthy process, a time consuming, labour intensive campaign that can take may months ( up to a year in some cases) for it to play out. So, if you are wanting best practice SEO and want to rank on Google in a compliant manner then you simply cannot spam your way to the top of the rankings by building back links quickly.

Why is Spamming your way to the top a bad idea?

seo-spamGoogle expects to see quality, organic search engine optimisation happening on your website. If they detect or see any unnatural linking or a spike in inbound links then they are going to respond to this with what is termed a ‘Google Penalty’ or at least a manual action. Yes, that’s correct. You site will be manually inspected by a Google employee and they will let you know that your site is penalised and will remain so until all those links have been removed. A lengthy and in some cases impossible task. The question is; do you want to risk it?

Google has clearly documented this and it’s well worth reading this before you start pressuring your SEO agency ramp up the inbound linking:

As a business owner in Sydney you want to see your website rankings shoot up to page 1 very quickly. Any delays or fluctuations (especially drops) are cause for concern and are the things that can keep you awake at night. I totally understand that you want to rank really quickly and get your service or product out there and start selling ASAP.

In a perfect world, this would be possible. But, unfortunately we no longer live in an environment where you can rely on traditional media to drive business. Now, all we have is Google and they dictate precisely what is needed to be done to rank a site. They are without doubt, the judge, the jury and the executioner. They have the final say the final word on who will be on page 1 and as a SEO company all we can do is play by their rules.

Many business people who I speak to think that we can move mountains and somehow have an influence on the way Google ranks a website. The answer to this is YES, we do have an influence to a certain degree, but there is only so much we can do. What we can do to help your rankings is to implement a SEO campaign that is Google compliant. If we defy any of their rules they will immediately see this. Their latest algorithm can detect link building immediately and in real time. Known as Penguin 4.0, Google has become very adept and picking up spammy links and immediately penalising those sites. I guess the good news is that because it’s in real time as soon as you remove the links the Google filter will notice this and release you from the penalty. And, its not site wide. It will only affect that specific page that these spammy links are pointing to.

Our core principle when it comes to SEO, is to work in as natural and organic fashion as possible, this is the only way your site will have any chance of getting to that coveted top position. If you feel that this ranking can somehow be manipulated by doing SEO in a speedy, accelerated or hasty manner then Google is one step ahead of you.

If you can take anything away from this article, I would say that if you are prepared to stick it out for the long haul and are not expecting instantaneous results then SEO is the right path forward for your business. Realistic timings are really the key here to achieving your long term goals online. If you are operating a business that needs instant results then we suggest that you run other online campaigns in tandem with your SEO . Look at other platforms that will generate leads such as Facebook’ LinkedIn or Instagram. If you have extra marketing dollars then Adwords is probably the best way to go as it’s instantaneous and does produce fantastic results.

When it comes to your website and the online space you have to understand that although Google does deliver incredible results, you have to earn your place on the search engine. You have to prove that your site is trustworthy and authentic.  This takes time, lots of effort and constant attention to your site. Then and only then will you start to see your rankings rise.

3 ways to improve your websites authority

  • The best thing you can do is add rich content to your site. This is done through your blog or your news articles. Constantly add towhees and always make sure that you are writing for your customer base. You can even add videos if you like to improve these experience. All of these small things matter as Google looks at how long people remain on your website. Keep the content interesting, unique and informative.  This is one of the best things you can do to boost your sites authenticity.
  • As per above need rely on the over use of in bound links. This will have an extremely negative effect your website. If you are going to get links make sure they are from trustworthy sources or brands.
  • Make sure your site has been professionally designed with a strategy in place; not only for SEO but for the user experience. Your site has to offer people a first class experience and if it doesn’t they will leave very quickly. Known as excessive bounce rates, Google will pick this up and it will have an impact on your websites over all quality score. Looks at your page load speeds, graphics and the content on the page.Make it very specific to the topic of that particular page.


Tradies – Three ways to grow your business online

SEO is perfect for tradies

seo-tradiesIn a highly competitive industry, it’s easy to see why trades people often miss golden marketing opportunities. Generally they are far too busy to spend time looking at their internet marketing or SEO and in some cases they don’t really understand it or know what to do. Many tradies in Sydney are still relying on old school methods of marketing which simply do not work or have the same type of grunt or impact as being on the search engines.

This is why they need to turn to a company like SEO Sydney Experts. We have been helping trades people  and businesses in trades industry become really successful by designing them a great looking logo, creating a new website for them ( through our sister company Hopping Mad Designs)  and optimising it so it comes up on all the local searches on Google. This is the very best way a trade can drive traffic to their website.

Following are some great tips to help trades people grow their brand and become more successful online with their marketing.

All Tradies Need to Invest in a conversion focused website

The days have long gone where tradies can get by on word of mouth alone. They now need a website for prospective customers to do their research on the type of company they will be dealing with. If you don’t have a website that clearly tells the story about your company as well as a gallery or case studies area, guess what? They are going to pass on you and go with your competitor down the road that has a website that clearly details all of this.

It’s all about perception and the way you present yourself and a website is the perfect platform for tradies to sell their services. It helps build so much credibility, trust and authority that you are almost guaranteed of getting the job if they love what they see online. This even extends to professional services within the building game such as architects, engineers and interior designers.

A conversion based website will do more for your business than you ever thought possible. Remember, you never know who will be looking at your site so make sure you get it done professionally who clearly understands the relationship between clever design and conversion rates. If you are working with an SEO agency who has made amends to your site make sure they install Google analytics so you can measure the sites performance and how much these new improvements have helped the site. You will need this data to measure the positive or negative impact of all changes. It’s so easy to install and understand. Just have a quick read of the following article about how to get started with analytics.

Social media reviews can make your business 

Most home owners I know are going to do a Google search for a company and check out the reviews on them before they even contact them. This is why encouraging people you have done a great job for, to write a positive and authentic review for you on as many social media platforms as possible. A nicely worded review from a past client on your true local listing is going to be looked at by many people. This in turn is going to determine whether or not they are going to engage your services. Have a look at websites like Trustpilot which you can add to your site to add another layer of authenticity & trust. This is quickly becoming a strong alternative to Google reviews.

Also have people join or follow your social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ and see if they will post a positive comment – this will get indexed by the search engines and can do miracles for your inquiry rates. Like the website, it is all about the impression you make and what people read online about you will affect their impressions in a big way.

A word of warning here – good reviews can also be followed by bad ones as well. Make sure you keep on top of this and answer any negative reviews or comments quickly. You do not want them hanging around online left unanswered or unaddressed.

Work with a credible SEO Company

Unfortunately, many trades people tend to go with SEO companies that offer the best deal. Whilst on paper this may sound and look ideal, the reality of these bargain basement SEO deals and packages is far optimal. Tradies need constant business and for this to happen they need to be ranking on Google for their main keywords, especially for their geographic / local area. This can only happen if they go with the right SEO agency that is able to perform.

Issues and problems will and do arise when trades people align themselves with fraudulent SEO agencies who offer to good to be true deals. I have blogged exhaustingly about this and tried to warn as many people as I can about the inherent dangers of bad SEO practices. Getting lulled into these traps is common place and if tradies want to build their business online they should stay well away from these overly optimistic guarantees and bargain basement prices.

I will add one more way that tradies can improve their overall performance online and this is to look at other areas of marketing such as Air Tasker. These new platforms for the trades industry are on the rise and are another great way to get new business. We know it’s not actually working on your website but these new website do generate a lot of traffic and are fast becoming an alternative to searching for businesses via Google. In fact platforms like Air Tasker are so huge now that local ladies are relying on it for most of their business. Having said that it’s no where near Google but sites like this are just another example of ways a trade can help their revenue streams flow if the traditional forms of marketing are not delivering what they should be. In the online world you really have to be everywhere and try out as many options as you can.

What’s Hot in The World of Search Marketing?

If you have a new website there are heaps of things you can do to optimize it to attract visitors and new customers. Search marketing is evolving and moving at a very fast pace, so as a business owner you need to be up to speed with the latest trends that can help you leverage and enhance your business profile online. Following are a few hot marketing strategies for 2018 that you should be embracing ASAP as part of your marketing.

Content marketing

search-marketingThe favourite of 2012 and 2013 and still going really strong in 2018 ( in fact it’s actually one of the most important things you can be doing), content marketing, is still a great way to get noticed online and improve your organic rankings. Content marketing is the creation of content that can be read, shared or liked by customers. Generally, this content is added onto your website either via a blog, new web pages, or news articles. It is immediate and is really the best channel open to you to communicate with your audience.

Overall, in the latest Google updates, content marketing is now the preferred option that Google uses to rank websites. Thin poorly worded sites will bear the full brunt of this latest algorithmic change and suffer through poor rankings and SEO penalties.

You should also note that Google is now looking at the way your audience engages with your copy. They look at how long people spend on your site, how they engage with it as well as bounce rates. So in 2018you have to make sure that your blogs are what’s called sticky. That is, readers really need to engage not only your blog but your entire site.

The days of thinking that you can design and build a website and then hey presto you are suddenly ranking on Google are well and truly over. If you think that you can slip by and ignore content marketing, you do this at your own peril.

So the rule of thumb here is to start publishing regular, interesting, riveting, fresh new content that your user base is going to read. Do it now because the longer you wait then the more catch up you are going to have to play!

You should also be aware that Google can now decipher the difference between published content that is written for the search engines and content that has been purely written for consumer consumption; the latter being the preferred. This means that if you think that you can get away with articles written in the third world for a couple of dollars, think again. You will be penalized and hit hard by Google. Rest assured that the new hype and buzz is all about sensational copy. I always like to tell my clients that’d they do not have the man power or resources to do it, then outsource it. Just don’t site back and ignore it.

Social media activity

If you have never dabbled in the social media landscape (and I find this highly unlikely), then as a small business owner, you really need to be looking at Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram as a good starting point for your social media activity. Google now looks at ways in which your business is mentioned on these platforms and if there is enough positive activity ( and by this I mean natural, organic activity – not buying thousands of likes on Facebook), then your website will see a significant increase in its rankings. Again, this is 1 factor in determining your online position, but it is definitely something to consider. For 2018, it’s all about establishing your brand and solidifying it in the marketplace. Social media is the perfect medium for this.

Also look at Google +. This is Google’s answer to Facebook and I am told that activity in this space is also a good move when it comes to SEO. Again, be careful in your approach to all these activities. NEVER try to spam or over optimize keywords, if you think this will help in your SEO – in short it won’t. The mantra here is to be natural and do everything as though the search engines didn’t exist.

I know the temptation is there to get as many links as possible on as many varied social media platforms, but be warned, this type of activity could prove fruitless.

Mobile and local search

More use of mobile phones by consumers over the past 2-3 years has seen websites transform from purely desktop to responsive. To capture these consumers, your website should be designed responsively. This way, users will not have to garb and pinch their way on their screen to navigate their way around the site. Even if your business may not be eCommerce and it may be a small B2B,  you still need to be aware of this very mobile market. And, the news only gets better. This market base and mobile usage is only going to grow and get larger.

According to ACMA an Australian Government website, statistics show that mobile phone usage will be growing at a very fast rate:

Conversion focused landing pages

Conversion rate optimisation is another huge & very hot topic in 2018. That is having each page of your website designed for maximum impact. What you need to be focusing on is ensuring consumer engagement and this can only be achieved through very specific conversion focused landing pages on your website. Treat all pages individually and think about how your audience views these. If the public are moving throughout your site, exploring all pages and finally making an inquiry this will be favoured by Google. For this to do really well you have to make sure all your web copy and graphics are perfectly in synch so that when someone lands on your page they are going to be very tempted to stay.

2018 is the year for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

How quickly does your website load on mobile phones.Google will be prioritising this in 2018 and giving better rankings to those sites that can demonstrate faster loading times. Consumers are very reluctant to hand around and wait for sites to load especially if they are on the go and are using their smart phone; hence the need for super fast downloads. Google will even tell you in the search console about your AMP and how to improve it. So for better rankings make sure your site is fully optimised for speed. Make sure you get your web developer take a look at the AMP website.

Quality link building

Link building as we all knows of paramount importance when it comes to determining your SERP’s and position on Google. But in the coming year it will be tougher to rank your site if the inbound links are not relevant to your industry. From now on, all links will have to be from high domain authority and trustworthy sites if there is is any hope it will rank. Defying this will simply result in a Google penalty or some severe ranking suppression until all toxic links are removed.

These are just a few trends that we are starting to see emerge in 2018. But, if I would have to pick themes important 2 factors you should be focusing on it would be content and links. As usual, if you want to succeed online, you will have to work with an SEO company to help you achieve this, especially as the technical nuances of Google get more difficult.

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

SEO takes time. Simple as that!

How long will it take you to rank my website on the first page of Google? Why does SEO take so long? Why can’t you rush the SEO process and get my website ranking quickly? Why do I have to pay you for months and months and yet my website isn’t on page 1 of the search engines? Other companies are promising fast results, why are you telling me that I have to be patient?

These are very common SEO questions and for the average business owner who is wanting quick results, they really need to understand that the ranking process for your website is an on going campaign and that fast results are simply no longer achievable.

seo-processIt is frustrating and there is absolutely nothing a credible SEO agency can do about it, but the reality is, that SEO takes time and it will take anywhere between 6-9 months to get some decent rankings on Google. I could take even longer and this really depends on the competitive nature of the keywords you are trying to target.

I know this sounds terrible and I know that this isn’t what you want to hear but before you exit this blog article, you should know that I have been doing SEO for well over 13 years and I know the realities that businesses in Sydney face when it comes to website rankings. Yes, it is frustrating and yes you do have to have the patience of a saint, but if you are prepared to wait and stick it out,  accept the fact that SEO takes time and is not a quick process, then you will reap the benefits and rewards that only a page one Google ranking and large traffic numbers can bring to your business.

Rushing SEO and expecting quick wins and easy rankings does not happen anymore. It used to be that way but Google has stamped these types of practices completely out with their Penguin and Panda algorithms.

If you think you can pressure your SEO agency to get you to page one quickly ( even to position # 1) then you are asking for serious trouble. Yes, they might do this to appease you but Google will know what’s going on, pick up on this ‘spammy’ over optimisation of back linking and penalise your website.

The is no specific answer to this problem, but more of a series of suggestions why SEO is a long and often drawn out process. However, following are some answers that should put the spot light on your why you need to be realistic with your SEO expectations and timings.

1) Is Your Website New?
If the answer is yes, then settle in, strap on your seat belt and be ready for a long ride. New websites have absolutely zero authority or trust in the eyes of Google and SEO is that process which creates this authority & trust. Unfortunately, if you rush this authority and build loads of back links really quickly, this activity will get picked up by the algorithm and your website will be penalised. Slow and steady is the name of the game here. We obviously know that you are going to want some quick wins so the best way to achieve this is to look at optimising other pages of your website such as specific products or services. Let’s say for example your  a electrician in Bondi and you have just launched a new website hoping to attract business. Then it will be easier to rank internal service pages like: ‘lighting installation Bondi’ than it will ‘Electricians Bondi’. The aim is to go for these easier keywords that still have website searches so you can start to get business in the short term while we push for those juicier more competitive ‘money keywords’.

This is the main reason why SEO takes so long as we have to build your authority slowly and organically over many months. Things have to look natural and the moment we begin to do anything other than being completely organic; you end up getting your website penalised.

A new website needs so much work and attention if it has any chance of ranking and this process takes time; many man hours and constant back linking as well as building quality content throughout the site. As the months roll on and the trust and authority start to accumulate then your going to start to see more and more of your pages start to get better rankings.

2) Look at Your Competition.
Many people tell me that they cannot understand why their competitor is always on page one when they are a smaller company than theirs. It doesn’t seem fair! They get frustrated because their SEO campaign has been going for 3 months yet they are unable to overtake their competitors. The truth behind this is that their competition has probably been doing SEO for many years; slowly and methodically. The have done the hard hards, slogged it out, been patient and done everything properly with their internet marketing campaign and this is why their number one position is solid and has remained that way for many years.

There is no way in the world that you should expect to dislodge these guys in a short time frame. You can forget about it! Some SEO companies will tell you ( just to get your business) that they will be able to do this, but this is wrong. Overall, if you want to play in the same league as the big boys then you have to play the same game and this all takes plenty of time. I have said this over and over again; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. The guys ahead of you are there for a reason and that’s simply because they are one step ahead of you. You will get there but you just have to give it time.

3) Speedy SEO Results are No Good.
That’s right, you have been over zealous with your back linking and trusted a dodgy SEO company and now your rankings are sliding down. Guess what, this happens all the time and is the results of over optimisation and a lack of understanding of the time it takes for credible SEO to occur.

What now has to happen is that you have to go back right to the beginning and start all over again. Yes, go to the back of the queue and do it all over again. This time, use a better SEO company and someone who is not afraid to tell you that SEO takes time and is a long process. Telling the truth about SEO timings and having you, the client understanding and digesting this is the best start possible. Being lied to and being promised very unrealistic milestones, maybe what you want to hear and may appease your desire for rankings, this is far from the truth.

Google penalties, rank suppression, poor results are all a by product of fast SEO and being told what you want to hear is just blinding you to the realities that are SEO.

4) Up One Day, Down the Next
This is called ranking fluctuations and it is all part of the lovely game that Google likes to play. You might be sitting at position number 2 and then overnight you are at # 6. This happens frequently, in some cases weekly and is a natural phenomena on the SEO landscape. The trick here is to minimise these types of fluctuations and when they do happen keen them to only a minor variation.

For this to happen and keep your rankings within a certain area you need to have created a very solid foundation with your internet marketing and be basically ticking all the right boxes when it comes to your SEO, this includes: being actively engaged on a variety of social media platforms, blogging or content marketing and ‘white hat’ back linking from very high domain authority sites. Guess what, this all takes time and cannot be rushed. hence the need for an understanding and truthful perception about the relationship between SEO and with timings.

The best recipe for SEO success it not to fight or try to negotiate timings with your SEO providor, but work in a partnership like manner that will see an open and honest transfer of information between the two parties. When this happens, then and only then will start to see the great benefits that page 1 position can bring. SEO is an investment and this all takes time!

5) Bartering for time and expecting unrealistic results
I get it all the time. Clients set me targets that they have dream’t up in their mind. They say I will give you 3 months to get my website to page 1 or else I am going to look elsewhere. Why? Because the other bloke I rang promised me and even put it in an email, he guaranteed me # 1 position in 90 days.

These type of clients who set these impractical, improbable, blue sky, call it what ever you want, goals are the types of companies that will never be able to achieve a solid Google ranking. Why? Because they flit from one SEO company to the next, expecting overnight miracles and the more companies they switch between, the more damage they are doing to their rankings.

6) Google wants to see activity

That’s right. Google wants to see that your website is being updated constantly and with blogs, news articles and extra pages such as adding new products or services or even looking at older pages and refreshing those with new copy. This is an on going process and the more fresh, relevant copy your adding, the more authority your building to your site. You will have to also be active on your social media as this builds brand awareness which can also contribute to your overall rankings. Basically, the more people that know about your business and visit your site the more trustworthy you become.

7) Outreach for high domain authority

Te best way to build authority is to get a link from another website that pints to your site. This is called a back link and the only way Google will recognise your site is by having links from high authority sites. This is the back bone of all SEO campaigns and to get these links takes time. They do not magically appear from no where. We have to get in touch with other website owners in your relevant industry and outreach to them and see if they are prepared to post an article on their site with a link to your site. Complicated I know, but this takes many man hours and it’s got to be done over many months. Hence the timings.

These are the realities of Google and I am not afraid to tell you about them. This is why I can be trusted and this is why our websites and all our clients websites do so well. Because they understand and get the value that we place on SEO timings!