SEO shortcuts they dont exists.

seoshortcutIf you think for 1 minute that you can find any SEO shortcuts that will fast track your rankings on Google, then you are simply dreaming. They don’t exist. This is the reality of the SEO space and nothing you say or do will change this. You can beg your SEO agency to take short cuts and try to work harder on certain keywords, but this will only lead to issues once your website is picked up by Google. SEO takes time and must be implemented organically and these ‘so called’ SEO agencies that promise you fast rankings (within 90 days) are just scamming you – be warned!

I get so many people calling me up wanting to get to page 1 of Google as fast as possible. They say they will even pay me more if I can get their rankings higher and quicker. But, I have to be honest with them and spell it out in plain, hard truthful facts – that is, when it comes to Google nothing is fast. In fact, the winners in this game are generally the people and businesses who take the slow lane and do things in a more settled, organic and NON- RUSH manner. It’s these time realistic businesses that are the over all winners.

Why is this? Cause like gravity,, what goes up must come down and the faster you rise to the top the quicker you are going to fall. I hear it from my client’s constantly. They say that all of a sudden their competition has come out of no where and is ranking up above them. They can’t understand this and have no idea how this could happen. After all, this business is new and has just started up and why in Gods name are they now able to get above us. This is really common and happens each and every day – the explanation is simple. These guys have spammed their way to the top and will enjoy this view for only a short period of time. In a couple of week or months (at the very latest) these guys are going to get hammered by Google. That is, all their gains are going to disappear. This is the reality and this is how it works.

These spammers who are on page 1 all of a sudden are taking a hug risk. They may or may not know this but if they rise suddenly out of the blue right up there to page 1, then this is a massive issue and the SEO risks associated with this are not worth it – I will repeat this so it sinks in to my readers – it’s really not worth it. Sure you may have a very short term gain, but I can promise you one thing, that these will be really short lived. And the worst thing about this is that getting your rankings back after a penalty is going to take a long time. This time could have been better spend implementing a SEO campaign slowly. The only difference would be that once your website was on page 1 – the chances are it would have stayed there.

Why Do SEO Agencies Take Short Cuts?

There are 2 reasons for this:

1) the client is pressuring the agency so much for better rankings that they feel obligated to do anything and everything to help improve the online position. Some SEO agencies may be unable to handle this type of client pressure and they cave in to this and spam their clients website – yes the rankings do rise and yes they might get to page 1 – but this is very short lived.

2) The SEO company has no idea what they are doing and follow out dated SEO techniques which is all about fast ‘black hat’ rankings. They charge next to nothing g for their seo services and all they do is outright dodgy, scam ridden techniques that are so bad that it makes me cringe. SEO short cuts are for loosers and for business owners that clearly do not understand the whole search engine process. It may look like fun and there is the adrenalin rush of watching your rankings rise – but for those SEO junkies watch out – its gonna come crashing down hard on you and I do mean hard.

For those companies and businesses wishing to take the slow, correct and proven SEO path – why not call us here at SEO Sydney Experts on 02 9360 8514 – in the race for SEO rankings we won’t get you there fast BUT we will get you there eventually so that you can have peace of mind!

Thin Web Content is a Real SEO Killer

Have a look at your website and search all your main pages and be honest: are they thin on content? Are there only a couple of paragraphs per page that do not clearly articulate your product or service. Poorly worded web pages that are extremely light on content is going to harm your SEO and Google rankings. No doubt about it….if you think you can scrape by with just a few sentences for all your web pages, then you are in for a big surprise. Google is not going to rank or push these pages. Having really good content that’s over 500 words per page is a SEO winner and NOT an SEO killer.

thin-content-seoOK, So My website has Little content , what can I do?
The first thing to do is get really proactive. Don’t be daunted by the size of the task. The best thing to do is break your website down into main landing pages, that is, the pages that most people are looking at and focus on these in the short term.

Look at 1 page at a time and start by looking at the current content and modifying and adding copy to each page. If it is a services page, look at what you are doing and expand on this. But the key thing that I really want you to get out of this is that you must keep adding content regularly not only to your website but to each individual page.

Cause this is going to trigger to Google spiders to come around to your website looking for fresh new content to index. The more you publish, the more it will come around and the higher your rankings for certain pages…so on and so forth.

If you don’t update your website there is really no need for Google to come to your site and this will leave the door wide open for your competitors to get in these are start beating you online. This is why you HAVE TO BE PROACTIVE when it comes to adding, creating, modifying content. The basic rule of thumb here is the more content you add the better off you will be.

I just want to add 3 points here that you should be aware of when auditing your website for content and making the necessary amends.

1) Never write more than 1 or 2 blog articles per week – I see companies adding over 10 blogs or news articles per week in the hope of dominating their niche and completely obliterating the competition. This is spammy and can look like you are acting in an unnatural manner. This may be good in the short term BUT it CAN get picked up by Google and you may pay the price for this type of over activity. Be as natural as possible in this space and the rewards online will follow.

2) Watch out for blogs that start to get repetitive – over time the more your contribute to your site, articles may start to sound the same. Watch out for this as duplicate content is a strict violation of Google’s guidelines. If you think that your starting to sound stale, perhaps get a staff member to start writing – this can give a whole new perspective and slant to the way your content sounds.

3) Lastly, be original. The temptation may be there to copy and paste content from another source but this is going to be detected and will get your site penalised – try not to take the easy way out with this.

Your web pages need to keep on growing. It is a constant process that cannot be ignored. I am only saying this because I know how quickly content marketing is becoming the favoured approach with some SEO companies – SO if you are not actively adding pages, then the guys who are dominating page 1 will be. End result = You loose.

Remember: This rule of adding content should be rigidly applied to all pages that you deem to be thin. Be honest with yourself and never brush this fact under the carpet cause the only one who is loosing out is you.

Is Having Your Website Hosted in Australia Better for SEO?

seoaustraliaIn short the answer is yes. Having your hosting in Australia is a lot better and will no doubt help with your SEO. Why I hear you ask? Cause of a multitude of factors but let me begin by saying 1 thing. Website speed. Yes that’s correct. Website speeds play a huge role in determining your ranking and will have an effect on your SEO. Sites hosted outside Australia can be notoriously slow and this will hurt your rankings, this is 100% certain.

If you are considering implementing any type of SEO campaign then hosting should be a concern and something that should be brought up with your search engine provider. Following are a few really good reasons why having an Aussie hosting company is going to do wonders for your SEO.

1) If your website goes down for an extended period of time and if this is happening frequently, then this is the fault of your hosting provider. If they are based in the USA or Asia, it can be very difficult for you to get in touch with them to find out the problem and fix any issues. In a lot of cases ( and I can say this from past experience), these guys want you to submit a ticket and then they will look into it. If your site goes down on a Friday or the weekend, you are basically stuffed. These hosting companies are NOT going to do anything over the weekend and your going to have to wait till Monday their time. So, in the interim, you have a website that is not only loosing your business but worst of all, if Google comes around and tries to index the site and sees that it’s down, it cannot crawl it. The end result is that you start to loose your rankings. Try and complain to your hosting company about this and beg them to do something about it – good luck. They don’t really care, cause you are just a number in Australia and you are basically powerless to do anything.

Websites with poor internet connections are going to have a serious impact on your SEO – if you currently have your website hosted overseas and you are forever wondering why it keeps going down, then the time to act is now. Do something about this issue before it has any serious impact on your business.

I’m not kidding here when I say this. You may think that hosting is only a small component of SEO, but every little thing counts when we are dealing with Google.

2) What happens if your competitor and I mean a fierce rival here, is sitting right up there on Google and you just can’t seem to get above him. Well the answer may be as simple as looking at your web hosting. Transferring it over to Aust. might just be the difference between a couple of important spots. Google’s main aim is to provide users not only with the most relevant information, but it also wants to provide users with the best web experience possible. Slow website download speeds are not and I will repeat this ARE NOT what Google wants to reward so if you can get your head around this, then you are well on the way to securing a much better position online. You will know what I mean when you see those sites that take forever to load. These are the types of hosting issues I am talking about.

These really long and boring downloads that take ages to load are that are hosted overseas WILL be have a negative impact on your SEO.
So how long is too long for a website download? The answer to this is more than 2 seconds. That is, if your site pages each take more than a couple of seconds to download then there are issues. There are many on page things you can do to improve speed such as: compress images, reduce animation and file sizes but a huge contributing factor is going to be your hosting.

There are many Australian hosting companies to choose from. In my opinion some are far better than others in terms of response time and customer service BUT if you are stuck and don’t know what to do I really urge you to give us a call here at SEO Sydney Experts. I will gladly explain the benefits of hosting your website locally and be happy to point you I the right direction. If you need further help I am even happy to organise the hosting for you through one of our preferred suppliers.