What’s the average cost for SEO in Australia in 2016?

Not really sure how much you should spend on SEO?

Are you getting quoted different prices from different SEO agencies?

Are you confused about how much you should be paying for an SEO campaign in 2016?

Following will give you a much better idea of SEO pricing and how much you should be paying for a proper SEO campaign that will actually do it’s job and get you ranking on Google.

If you want to engage the services of an SEO agency to help grow sales leads and boost what will hopefully be your revenue and this will be part of your digital marketing campaign, then you will need to pay accordingly. What I mean by this is that a tailored SEO campaign, is like any other professional service. The more you want to achieve out of the campaign, the more it will cost you.

For example, ( and I am going to be brutally honest here) SEO is generally broken down into 2 types of companies; those that cannot perform and those that can.

Let’s look at those that cannot do the job firstly. You will find that these are  the types of companies that have to advertise heavily on Google ( through a PPC campaign) to get your business. They will offer you almost anything to get you to use their services such as: guaranteed SEO rankings, or pay only when you get to page 1 of Google. These companies tend to offer low SEO rates ( perhaps around the $200-$500 per month) and will bundle everything in a nice neat package over the phone. Before you know it the slick sales person has signed you up for the year and essentially you are stuffed.


These bogus SEO companies work on quoting really low SEO rates to as many businesses as they can and work on the theory of; quote low, get them in, sign them up and lock them into a contract. It is unfortunately how it works with a majority of SEO companies. It’s a sham, a scam and a pity that they do prey on the naivety and best intentions of small to medium sized businesses that do not really have a thorough understanding of SEO – I man can you blame them. If someone told me that they could get me on page 1 within 90 days and they were quoting a very cheap price, I would probably end up going with them.

The complexities involved in explaining the issues with cheap SEO packages are far too detailed to mention, but suffice to say that these guys do bugger all once they have your money. It’s a scheme designed to trap you. How do I know this? Because I speak to people daily, who have fallen for these low priced SEO dodgy brother tactics.

On the other side of the coin, you get those credible SEO companies that will want to meet with you face to face and actually get to understand your business, know your market and come up with a customised SEO package that will work for your business. These are the types of people you WANT to be dealing with. However, with this service, comes the price tag. You really have to ask yourself how badly do you need SEO and can you afford a proper SEO service?

You will find that in determining the price or cost of a monthly SEO campaign in 2016, this will depend on the competitive nature of the keywords you are trying to target. The more tightly held the niches online ( think home loans, travel insurance, car loans, doctors, lawyers, plumbers etc), the more it will end up costing.

Unlike the cheap and cheerful SEO packages that will never work, a more expensive SEO campaign combines a number of variables that are now essential and are now MUST HAVES in the digital environment. This includes, copy writing, content and social media marketing as well as examining your websites conversion rates. Gone are the days when you could throw a few back links at any old website and hey presto, the phone would ring because your website would be ranking. Those days are long gone!

To be successful online you have to think of SEO as part of a bigger picture and let experts handle it. Basically you need a digital agency to manage all your online marketing and everything to do with your business in the digital space….and all this takes time and will cost money. This is the REAL REALITY of Google in 2016 and your customers expectations in 2016.

If you cannot afford SEO or are unprepared to pay for a professional service then you should probably look at more traditional forms of marketing, like ads in magazines etc. Having said that if you are a small business and on a tight budget its a good idea to always tell your potential SEO company and see if they can come up with a small SEO campaign. I know here at SEO Sydney Experts we would with a wide variety of businesses of all sizes and all budgets – so all you have to do is call us on 02 9360 8514 and we can work out a great SEO campaign for this coming 2016.

How to invest in your SEO campaign with confidence and certainty

You need to have a clear goal and objectives. What do you want, more leads, more sales, more conversions? I guess all of these. You SEO company MUST go over all of these with you.
They need to be ranking organically on Google – NEVER EVER pick a company that has paid a big fee to be up there with Adwords – this is so very counter intuitive of what SEO stands for. Choose companies that have been able to rank their own website. This is seriously critical.
If they want you to sign a yearly contract then get rid of them.

If they mention SEO guarantees and you are in a competitive area, then these guys are trying to rip you off – stay well clear. Even if you are trying to target local businesses and it’s not too competitive, walk away.

In conclusion, SEO is like any other business. You have to trust someone to work with. All I can say is go with your instinct. Unfortunately, in the SEO space if it’s too cheap and sounds too good to be true, there will be a downside.

SEO & CRO the Perfect Marketing Mix. See Why!

We all know what SEO is, but many business owners in Sydney still do not really understand CRO or why it’s one of the most important factors to consider when marketing your business online.

Firstly, what is CRO?

CRO is an anacronym for Conversion Rate Optimisation and it’s basically consumer behaviour once they reach your website. What do they do? How do they behave on the site? Do they exit the site without buying or inquiring for it? Do they land on the home page, search for a couple of minutes and simply leave the page?  Is the user experience unpleasant? Does your potential lead land on a particular page, purchase go through the motions of buying a product and then abandon the shopping cart right before they hit the buy now button?

All of these above consumer traits are part of the CRO process and as a SEO & digital agency it’s our job at SEO Sydney Experts to eliminate any on page negative experiences and maximise conversion rates. Simply put and the really makes perfect sense; if you are going to go to the trouble and effort of ranking a website you MUST make sure that when the customer finds the site, the experience they have is nothing less than perfect. If there are any hurdles in the way of making a purchase or they simply look at the site and can’t figure out what the hell is going on there they will look elsewhere.

If you take a look at all the major brands websites such as Harvey Norman, Qantas, Nike, Hilton Hotels etc, these companies have got the CRO formula perfect. When you land on their sites you know exactly what’s happening and know where to go to make the inquiry. You are left with no doubt in your mind that you are on a trustworthy, professional website and these factors will motivate and encourage you to engage with the company online.

Simply put ,the better the CRO, the better the customer experience and journey and therefore the more likelihood of a sale.If your conversion rates are down then you need to act and act fast. The longer you leave it the better you are making it for your competition so; STOP HELPING YOUR COMPETITORS TODAY!


So what can we do to help you boost your CRO rates and dismal sales leads?

Our conversion rate optimisation service we have a team of web designers that can undertake a complete audit of your current website, take a look into your Google analytics ( to see the nitty gritty facts about your websites performance), and make recommendation on ways to improve performance. Sometimes it’s a quick fix and in other cases, unfortunately it’s a matter of ditching the website and starting again. Sometimes, sites are just beyond repair and anything we do will just wont help CRO rates.

We also look at your business from the customers perspective and see what your unique selling points are and focus our design and SEO efforts on promoting and pushing these. What are you trying to say, what is your business message? We do not want any ambiguity when consumers come to your site. Our aim is to really hit them hard with your message and make sure that they buy from you. Our team of copy writers and designers make sure that there are no mixed messages, missing links, lack of calls to action, deleted phone numbers or hurdles on your site that could in anyway impeded the sale.

In 99.99% of the time our changes will see an immediate improvement in conversion rates. With the  digital age design trends, consumer expectations and Googles ranking algorithm are always evolving.

The outcome for business owners means it’s a matter of constantly upping the standards. Unless you move in line with the evolution of consumer expectations not only will your CRO rates suffer but so too will your online rankings.

CRO will boost sales leads very very quickly!

It’s now a matter of being constantly pro active with your website. Fine tuning it and tweaking it on a regular basis for better performance and CRO rates . It’s not a set and forget scenario any longer. If you think this is the case then you are going to pay dearly for this mind set very quickly in terms of lost business.

Nowadays, Google and the consumer set the rules and it’s up to companies like us here at SEO  Sydney Experts to make sure you are not left behind wondering: ‘what just happened’. I often hear business say, we were busy last year but now it’s gone really quiet. This is the fall out from being negligent with your online presence. The steps you should have taken 3-6 months ago (but didn’t) have now come back to haunt you. Being complacent is a formula for seriously BAD CRO RATES, under performing Google rankings and ultimately lost business opportunities.

Basically, high ranking websites with poor conversion rates must now achieve a higher level of sophistication and creativity, devising more compelling options for consumers to engage and interact with the website content and calls to action.  Staying current is really key to survival in this shifting digital world.

What are the Benefits of our CRO Services

This is a no brainer. The better your CRO rates the more money yo are going to make and this is what you are in business for.

* A great return on investment. Fine tuning websites is not expensive but the rewards are huge.
* You are paying to get better Google ranking so CRO just enhances this
* You can measure the results very quickly. It’s almost immediate. One change here and there and you will start to see the flood of emails.

What are the Benefits of combining SEO and CRO

* When you are ranking  on page 1 customers you won’t be dreading that they will not buy from you. It’s like having a really good looking retail shop in a high traffic busy Westfield shopping centre.
* You are not wasting money on SEO
* You will double, even triple sales leads very quickly. This is not said lightly. You will literally see a dramatic boost. We have seen this happen before many time.

In conclusion: if your website is not converting as well as it should, and you are finding that your business has somehow lost it’s online competitive edge, contact the CRO team on 02 9360 8514. We make make changes happen to your website immediately.

We are the best digital agency for this in Sydney because you are getting the perfect mix of SEO experts and CRO specialist. Believe me when I tell you that this is a winning combination.

Fast SEO Tips in under 5 MINUTES.

seotipsfastIf you have a small understanding about SEO and even better how to use your WordPress CMS, then following are some very quick tis that are going to help with your rankings. If you don’t know how to use WORDPRESS or have some other CMS platform,  please call us here at SEO Sydney Experts as we can definitely point you in the right direction. Those lucky enough to have WordPress read on as these tips are gold.

A quick note before we do start: While all these tips are fine and great, they will not make a big difference or have that much of an impact on your rankigs if you do not have top quality on page unique content and if there is not a proper back lining campaign in place. These are the foundations of SEO, the bedrock or building authority and this MUST be simmering in the back ground for these SEO tips to work effectively.

If you are just starting out think about having a Keyword In The Domain

This has to be thought about before you even start design or building a website, let alone commence any SEO campaign. A great idea is to have your main core business keywords in the domain. The root domain keyword if it is similar to the search has some bearing on the SEO rankings. Let me give you an example. If you are in the rubbish removals business and you are based in Sydney, then an ideal URL or web name would “rubbishremovalssydney.com.au’. But I can bet anything that this has been taken so you need to be a bit creative when searching for your domain name. There will be a lot of trial and error but overall getting it right from the beginning will pay dividends in the future. Again, have a look at our domain name ‘seo sydney experts’. Yes the rankings are extremely high ( this is because of our great SEO efforts), but the name has marginally contributed to this. I will place an emphasis on the word marginally here. It’s not the be all and end all of SEO rankings.


Make sure the web semantics are correct by having a Keyword In The URL

A URL page structure will not only let users know where they are on the website but it also gives Google a good indication as well. This can be complicated but lets say you are a plumber and you have a service called ‘hot water repairs’. Then the word ‘hot water repairs’ should be in the URL like: ‘acmeplumbing.com.au/hot-water-repairs’.

WordPress is great for SEO

This means that that page will be all about hot water repairs and this will also be in the title. If your business has a lot of services then they need to all be on individual pages with their own separate URL. This is the very best thing you can be doing for cleaning up and making your website more Google compliant. Look at you website do a full audit and WordPress will allow you to change the URL structure very quickly. You could probably do 10 services in less than 5 minutes. It’s super easy once you get the hang of it.

Google will then reindex the site and the page about hot water repairs will be the one that you want to see ranking.

A note here: make sure that your services page ( hot water repairs) has been designed for maximum conversion. After all, it’s a serious waste of time and effort if the page is doing well on Google, but looks terrible. No one will buy or inquire from you and this is ultimately what you want them to be doing. Make sure you get a web design agency with great SEO SKILLS to design up these main landing pages for you. Even better get in touch with us and we will handle everything for you including the design!

Add Relevant Keywords In The Content of the individual web pages.

Your page copy has to be rich with relevant keywords related to your services. If you are repairing ‘hot water systems’ make sure there are at least 2-3 references about this throughout the copy of the page. These include

Header Tags – 1 x H1 tag only please on the page – WordPress will have a drop down for this and make this towards the top of the page

Title Tags – Title tags are seriously important and they reflect how Google indexes the site. These titles should be about 55 characters and be all about the page subject. Do not keyword stuff here. Remember this is what people will see when they land on Google so you want it to be fairly sales focused. For example: “Hot Water Repairs, Sydney Wide. Fast”, is a great example of a title. It’s straight to the point and tells customers exactly what they can expect.

Meta Description – Right under the title area in WordPress is the description area. This is where you can elaborate a bit more about your business as you have about 155 characters. Try to really sell your business here. Make sure that the content is all about your 1 particular service. Do not make it generic.

Do not keyword stuff – Repeating you main keywords will not have any positive effect on your SEO rankings. It will simply annoy people and increase your web bounce rates and reduce the number of potential sales leads you should be getting. Plus Google will detect this and penalise this page, where you will completely loose your rankings. Write naturally, let the words flow organically as you would normally do. This is the best way to approach any type of content publication.

In conclusion

You can try as hard as you like to make all you pages 110% absolutely perfect BUT it won’t stack up if you are working with a sub standard SEO agency. I see far too many websites that have ticked all the boxes and look absolutely stunning but they still do not seem to get anywhere near their competition (whose sites look appalling)  and they can’t figure out what the problem is. Well, it’s their ‘off page’ SEO that is being done perhaps offshore of by some dodgy company back here in Australia. For SEO to be effective the on page and off page must work in harmony. It’s a marriage and if 1 partner is not pulling it’s weight then it will fall apart. There are too many scams out there online and far too many SEO agencies that simply want to take your money by offering guarantees and pay on performance offers. These are stunts and are designed to rip you off. Watch out folks!

Moving forward you need to get your on page perfect and then find an SEO agency that can compliment all your efforts. To make things easier for you…why not call us here at SEO Sydney Experts on 02 9360 8514

Big Google Update for 2016. SEO Tips for Survival

For those businesses that have seen ranking fluctuations over the past week or so, we finally have an accurate answer (and this has been confirmed by Google) that there was a core algorithmic update. This was not some minor tampering with the algorithm, this was a huge change and it’s based on websites that are thin on content. We would say that it’s fine tuning it’s Panda update. So which animal do we call this one…..the Google elephant update?

Whilst many SEO companies are still fumbling around trying to figure out exactly what happened we want to take a more proactive approach and let our readers know what we feel just went on and what they can do to survive these types of seismic Google updates. Taking a reactive approach never works. To stay up to date with Google you need to follow these tips in 2016.


As Sydney’s a leading digital marketing and SEO agency, we already predicted many of these changes well over 6 months ago. We are so well ahead of the curve that all our clients survived these changes. How did your business fare? Did you suddenly drop 2 or 3 pages? If that’s the case then these tips WILL help you overcome this latest round of elephant size updates.

Content creation is soooo important!

The Panda algorithm made certain that if your website has no copy then it will fall on the chopping block. This latest Panda enhancement has solidified businesses need to publish quality content regularly. For those businesses out there (even small ones) there are now no more excuses relating to a sit back and wait approach to their website. Thinking that just designing & building a new website is all that it takes to stay competitive, is misguided. Simply put, it no longer cuts the mustard and you will pay the price with the latest updates. Panda and Elephants will take no prisoners.

I often speak to people that tell me that they like a minimal design with no content but still want to rank on Google OR they tell me that they haven’t touched their website in years and wonder what’s going on with their rankings. They really can’t comprehend: a) why they can’t seem to get to page 1 OR b) why they are now sliding backwards.

It’s all related to their content and their pages with less than 250 words. That’s right! If all pages on your current site are less than 250-300 words expect no mercy from Google. I’m warning you right here, right now! Also, Google is punishing those sites that have tried to over optimise their pages with keyword stuffing for SEO purposes. These old tricks and out dated methods are so passé. Google is doing a fine job of weeding out these perpetrators without impunity.

An effective content marketing strategy for 2016 means that you have to think about not only writing brand new copy with zest but going back over old blogs and web pages and giving them a refresh. A huge task I know but this is reality of the SEO space in 2016; content is now the master of SEO. Having said that, you need to read on because you still need an effective linking strategy. Simply publishing awesome copy will not be enough unfortunately for some.

Social Media Rules

Is there are direct relationship between SEO and social media? In the past this hasn’t been too clear but in 2016 we feel that the way you engage with your customers via tweets, shares and likes on social media platforms will have an impact on the way Google feels your website has authority. This is not 100% confirmed, but as users rely on social media for their purchasing decisions, Google is definitely not going to be left out of this. The jury is still out on this but at SEO Sydney Experts our prediction for 2016 is that social media activity are a good rankings signal for Google. I recommend being seriously committed to being active on Facebook and LinkedIn. It cannot do you any harm and you never know where your next lead is going to come from. So please, do not disregard social media and place it in the too hard basket. I am also going to add YouTube in the mix here. We have a client for example, that sells surf charters in the Mentawai’s Islands, Indonesia and relies heavily on YouTube for their market share. To date in combination with SEO, YouTube drives 40% of their sales inquiries

Make sure your ‘on page SEO is flawless’.

Google is going to smash sites and this is apparent in their latest update that are not compliant. Basic SEO 101’s like URL structures, titles, descriptions and H1 headers are a no brainer. If you do not get in their and do some house work and cleaning up of your site then others that are compliant will rank above you. The user interface, the customers journey, user experience and website architecture are all in the mix here and need TLC. Knowing this is only half the battle. Working out a solution is something that you need to analyse (through Google analytics) and come up with a workable solution. This is where the services of a digital agency are really important. If you business lives and dies by Google then make sure you work with an agency that has both SEO & web experience. That is US!

Also ask yourself an honest question; did you plagiarise any copy from another website? If the answer is yes then you must delete this copy. Duplicate copy in 2016 will harm you more than ever.

Make sure you get reviews from customers.

Proper back linking is a must to get to page 1, but if you are able to get real reviews from actual clients to post them on Google reviews this will have an impact. I know there are many companies out there that have been subjected to fake and malicious reviews by competitors but if you are able to get honest, realistic feedback / evaluation from your customers and have them post this, then for 2016, this is going to help your online profile. Not to mention, blot out any fake reviews. Satisfied customers in our opinion are always happy to leave a review.

When was the last time your checked analytics?

Google gives you the necessary tools to check the performance of your website. Now I know that for most businesses getting in and rummaging through your analytics is probably like taking your car apart and trying to put it back again. Impossibly hard and out of the scope for most people. But, just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean that you can sweep it under the carpet. Speak to us about this important tool. It will help you understand your websites bounce rates, consumer engagement, time spent on the website, which pages were viewed and the over all customer journey. Armed with this knowledge, SEO agencies like ours, can make minor on page tweaks to improve the overall experience which in turn will have a flow on effect to better SEO rankings. Basically, in 2016 the more time spend on your site with more click throughs, the higher your rankings.

In 2016, for Gods sake don’t fall for the same old SEO scams!

I won’t go too much into this as I have made my point very clear in past blogs BUT if you are still going to believe the lies that are told to you by SEO agencies that they: CAN GUARANTEE your ranking then YOU DESERVE WHAT’S COMING NEXT…..a penalty!

Seriously, 50% of the calls I still get want some kind of SEO guarantee because they were told by another agency that they could get this. 2016 is the year businesses grow up and start to realise that an SEO GUARANTEE is impossible ( as you are dealing with a 3rd party, Google). If business still cannot accept this fact after all the literature out there, then they probably will end up going with a company that offers these promises AND THEY WILL PAY A HEAVY PRICE very soon – Google will make sure of this. The latest algorithm has hit many businesses that payed next to nothing for their SEO, got crappy back links and are now beyond page 10. If you want SEO to work for your business then you need to pay a proper monthly fee and stop believing the BS spun to you.

These above tips should at least prevent your rankings from falling if they already haven’t started. In 2016 do something good for yourself and your business; speak to the experts on 02 9360 8514

SEO in 2016. Your Business Cannot Be Without It.

If you thought SEO was important in the past, then SEO in 2016 is going to be the most important marketing decision you can make for your business in 2016. In fact, SEO in 2016 is the only way your business is ever going to rank on Google and if you think your company can get by without implementing some sort of SEO, then you are mistaken. 

seo2016As the digital space becomes more crowded with all businesses wanting to be on Google, the only effective way to be competitive and drive traffic to your website is SEO or search engine optimisation. Having been in this industry for more than 10 years I thought I would highlight some really competitive niches and industries that rely heavily on SEO and will continue to do so in 2016. These industries rely heavily on their Google rankings and need to be on page 1 to drive new sales leads, inquiries and their revenues. Without SEO, they simply would not exist.

The Travel & Tourism Industry: Websites such as Trip Advisor, Expedia, Webjet, Hotels.com, and all airlines, hotels, motels, travel booking sites (including booking.com, Trviago, Flipkey and Qantas) rely on their SEO rankings for their inquiries. Basically if they were not on Google they would not be getting any business. yes, they do advertise on other mediums, like TV and radio but this is strictly for branding purposes and getting their name out there to the public. It’s strictly to reinforce their brand and fuel public awareness. But, the most important thing for all these companies is Google. These companies live and die by  their Google ranking and they pay a lot of money to SEO agencies to ensure that they are always on page 1.

Cosmetic Surgery: The health and beauty industry especially cosmetic surgeons all aim to have their main keywords ( liposuction, breast implants, weight loss surgery, vein treatments, lip / eye fillers, scar & acne treatments) all on page 1. This space is super competitive and in 2016 it’s not likely to get any easier. As this market becomes more and more crowded with more cosmetic surgeons opening up around Sydney and Australia, they are all going to want that coveted page 1 position. I know this because at SEO Sydney Experts I speak to many cosmetic surgeons who all say the same thing:’ we need to be on page 1 to grow our business’. Think about it. If you were looking for any of these types of treatments and did not know which cosmetic surgeon to go to, where would you start looking? The answer is Google. 

We manage the SEO for a few well known Sydney based cosmetic surgeons and all I can tell you is that the number of monthly searches their websites are getting by being high on Google is incredible. For some keywords these surgeons are getting about 1000 unique visitors per month. This is absolutely amazing and this is why the reliance on SEO in 2016 is only going to grow. It’s these kind of statistics that really show how fantastic SEO can be for any business, including niches you probably would not have thought about.

Tradesmen: Local SEO in 2016 is going to be a fundamental must have for all tradies in 2016. If you are a plumber, electrician, carpenter, cleaners, builder, or even a engineer, you are going to want to have some type of presence on Google if you are going to ever have a chance of growing and building your business. I make a point here of highlighting the fact that most tradies only need local SEO. After all your local plumber in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is really only going to want business locally. 

For tradies SEO in 2016 is a MUST — where else are they ever going to advertise. Sure, they may do letterbox drops and adverts in the local paper, but nothing compares to the power and lead generation capabilities of Google. Just look the the Jims franchise to see how well they have dominated the tradies space on Google by using SEO to their advantage. This franchise is a great example of how a professional company has harnessed the power of SEO to build a great business model. Before you say: ‘Jims has a much bigger budget than our small business’, remember that local SEO is affordable and you should at least give it a try.

Serviced based businesses: Whether your an accountant, lawyer, barrister, doctor, optometrist, real estate agent, home loan broker, mortgage and finance brokers, basically any type of service that people may need, your service based website must have a prominent position on Google in 2016 and this is where SEO and the team at SEO Sydney Experts can really help. I cannot put enough emphasis on the virtues and benefits of an ethical SEO campaign especially for business that rely on Google.

SEO for Pharmaceuticals in 2016. As this space tightens up with overseas competition and more products entering the market, Pharmaceuticals are going to need a SEO strategy if their products are going to be prominent in the eye of the consumer. Pfizer, Nova Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Pharmaxis, Bayer and Merck Sharp & Dohme all need some sort of SEO. 

Let me explain this in a bit more details. Suppose your child has a bad flu and you want to do your research online before you go to the chemist. What SEO can do, is bring up Pharmaceutical companies websites that have products that relate to helping or curing the child’s flu. So if the mother types int he words: ‘ children’s flu help”, she is going to read the information on the first page of Google and this is where the major pharmaceuticals want to position their brand and products. Without this exposure, they will not sell their products. Without SEO they will never ever get to page 1 of Google and this is only going to get harder in 2016.

SEO for eCommerce and large retailers websites If you sell anything online and rely on Google, like most eCommerce sites do, then SEO is a must. Look again at all the major eCommerce websites such as Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Kogan, David Jones, Daily Deals sites etc. They all have 1 thing in common and that is they want to sell as many products as they can online and the best way to facilitate this is SEO. In 2016 as more eCommerce sites are launched and the race to sell more products heats up, the need for an aggressive SEO campaign is mandatory. 

If you want to sell fridges, dishwashers, 2nd hand goods, microwaves, fitness products, baby products, clothing, fashion, toys, machinery, even toasters you better start thinking about your SEO and the kind of company you want to partner with.

This leads me to my next point; how to find the right type of SEO agency in 2016? Choosing the right agency is going to be more critical than ever, moving forward into 2016 you better make the right decision or you are going to get absolutely smashed by Google. 
By simply doing an online search and typing in the words SEO you will find heaps of companies. My suggestion is to look for those that are ranking organically and those that have a solid track record. For heavens sake never ever use any type of SEO company that tries to lure you by offering guarantees or pay on performance. These scammers are becoming more prevalent and this trend in 2016 will grow.

As Google tightens its ranking algorithm the need to partner with an SEO agency that will only implement ‘ white hat’ SEO is the only way your business will ever rank in 2016 – you have to take my word on this because over the last 12 months I have seen really great businesses get penalized by Google due to bad and out dated SEO techniques being implemented. These once prosperous companies are literally on their last legs because their websites gone. It’s vanished and so are all the new leads and sales inquiries. 

In conclusion if you intend to commence and SEO campaign in 2016 or have been working with an agency and are simply unhappy with the results, make 2016 the year that you commit to working with an ethical and trusted SEO provider.