SEO for the Travel Industry, a Fantastic Result

SEO for the travel industry is now more important than ever. The reason I am saying this is because tourists and travellers from all over the world are now using the internet to book hotels, cars, villas, trips, insurance, flights, basically anything travel related will be in the first instance, researched online and then booked online.

Gone are the days of phoning up a travel agent and getting them to do all the hard yards, research, checking availabilities for you. They are long gone. Essentially, Google has seen to this. People all over the world now use their laptop and mobile phone to make travel plans and they use Google to facilitate this. There is no other search engine in the world they use other than Google and this is why SEO is so very important when it comes to driving potential tourists to your website. If your travel related website is not present and very high up on Google then you are basically out of business.

The whole premise behind SEO merges wonderfully with the travel industry. I can’t think of any marriage that is better suited to each other. The convenience, the information, the wealth of images and videos is right at your finger tips and you can do as much research as you like before making any travel plans or bookings.

Think about it, how many times do you Google anything to do with your destination before you actually make the booking. Let’s say you are looking for a hotel in Bali, how many times would you go to sites like Trip Advisor to check the reviews before making a booking. Or, how often have you gone from airline to airline online to check for the lowest prices. Perhaps you have even Googled the words: ‘cheap air fares’ and seeing what comes up.

The research now in the travel industry is all online and all booking no matter how large or small are all done with the power of the search engines. People have becomes so used to booking online that it is now considered normal. I cannot imaging going anywhere in the world, or staying in any hotel without firstly doing my research online and booking online.

I would like to highlight the power of Google, SEO and the internet with a real case study that goes to show you how SEO has intrinsically become so important in building online businesses and at the same time helping consumers. This is a real case study and you are most welcome to contact me for further information about this as the results are seriously unbelievable. Essentially, with 1 website and a powerful SEO campaign this business over the last 24 months has grown into probably Australia’s largest villa booking website for Aussies heading over to Bali.

Let me explain further. In March 2014 the business Bali Villa Escapes was started as the owners saw a gap in the market for Australian tourists wanting to rent hand picked quality villas in Seminyak, Bali. Sure, there were existing companies already doing this, but there was only a handful and there was room for another company to get in there and offer better quality villas geared 100% for the Aust market.

Most other villa booking agencies were trying to capture the world market and this meant that the poor Australian tourists had to pay everything in US dollars. With the state of the AUD v’s the $US  this meant that local were paying a premium. The big difference with Bali Villa Escapes is that the Australians could pay in local AUD and this meant huge savings.

bali villa escapes

So how does SEO fit into the picture?

The owners of BVE, contacted us to help them with their digital marketing. From UX design, with a heavy focus on customer conversion rates, copywriting, social media and lastly search engine optimisation or SEO, we did everything we could to get as many people to  visit the website. Admittedly, the process started off slowly and it was only after the 4 month mark that things started to really happen and pick up tempo.

Now I know all you people reading this are thinking that 4 months is a long time before seeing any type of results, but this is how it works in the digital space, especially when you are implementing and SEO campaign. Time lines here are extended and one must think medium to long term. Short term gains are simply an illusion and a dream, especially when it comes to Google ranking your site.

The owners of BVE where made aware of this and were totally happy to let organic, natural rankings take their course and allow us to do our SEO job. Well, the end results are absolutely outstanding, even if we do say so ourselves and I have taken 2 screenshots to show you exactly the type of results that we can achieve with our SEO strategies in a seriously competitive space; travel. Although I said previously that there was an opening in this space for another player, this does not mean that the niche was not seriously competitive. You still had the likes of other travel booking sites like Trip Advisor,, hotels combined, Trivago…the list is endless and it was an uphill battle. But we go there and the following results will prove this.

If you look at the the Analytics which we got from Google you can see the results for the last month, 1st-30th April 2016. Note in particular the number of page views and the number of sessions. This is a huge number. Also, look at the number of users coming to the site over the past month, over 16 000 people. These kinds of results can only be achieved by doing SEO slowly, methodically and with a strategy in place designed to outperform and out rank the competition. It succeeded.

I’d also like to draw you attention to another screen shot and that’s the one showing the rankings as of today on Google on 30/4/16 for the ultimate keyword ‘bali villas’. As you can see it’s at position number 1 and has been sitting there for well over 12 months. This is the core keyword and we know that once we had hit this prime position we knew the website traffic would start increasing the we know they leads and inquiries would start flowing. The site is also ranking extremely well for a number of other keywords that are driving huge amounts of potential holiday makers to the site. These results due to our SEO efforts are absolutely remarkable.

This was our aim from the very beginning. We know out target market and we know the keywords that we wanted to dominate online for and we went about doing this in a very aggressive yet totally Google compliant manner. We were very cognisant of never over optimising certain keywords but to go about this in a very tactical manner that is extremely organic.

I might add that we were also responsible for the social media and content marketing (blogging) for this site as well as ensuring everything we did was consistent with their over all brand strategy. The publishing of articles and blogs was done on a fortnightly basis and the social media was implemented weekly. We particularly focused on the 2 platforms Instagram and Facebook. We basically had all our bases covered here and felt that the combined strategies of SEO and digital marketing could make Bali Villa Escapes a very serious competitor in the industry.


seo for travel industry example






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To rank on Google, it’s all about the links

I’m absolutely amazed and if I say so myself dumbfounded when people are told lies when it comes to SEO and ranking on Google. To this day there are these so- called fraudulent pranksters that have the guts the gall the chutzpah to sit there and lie to your face about what it takes to rank your website on Google.

I know your probably rolling your eyes and thinking that this is another pitch about SEO coming from another agency BUT I want to tell you good folk out there reading this blog that I can say this and tell you this from a point of authority. Why I hear you ask? Because if you actually Google the keywords: ‘SEO’ or ‘SEO Sydney’ we are in position # 1. Yes that’s right folks, Google has deemed our website # 1 for these ridiculously hard to rank keywords and they reason for this is because of your bloody good strategy. This puts me in a position of some authority and I am able to tell you this without being nervous or without quoting from someone else. SEO Sydney Experts is at position numero uno and we have been there for years so when I tell you something people please believe me.

SEO Scams

I have seen SEO players come and go and I have seen people try to put their theories out there and tell businesses that they know best and they know what works on Google. Well all these people are gone. They have vanished into thin air and are no longer around. I see them all chasing at my heels but they can never catch us. This is due to our fantastic ability to rank our website.

How so how we go about getting to position # 1 for SEO Sydney? The answer is simple. We have extremely powerful back links and we implement this with our proven and solid SEO strategy. We see people try to copy us all the time and mimic what we are doing., but no on one and I will repeat myself here for maximum impact, no one can do or has been able to achieve what we can over the past 5 years when it comes to Google rankings.

Interestingly enough, this morning I had a meeting with a potential client who had been speaking to another SEO agency and they were told that link building is dead and that they only way they could ever hope to rank on Google is via content. While I’m not saying that content is a bad thing, in fact you need to be blogging and writing new content on your website. But to sit there and say to her that back linking is dead is an out right lie. OMG….this so called SEO agency has the audacity to make a statement like this and say it with conviction is quite scary. Why? Because they have planted a seed of doubt in the clients mind in regards to link building and it’s effect on SEO. When they end up seeing me I have to dispel these concocted, dysfunctional myths and theories about rankings and set the record straight; LINK BUILDING WORKS – period, end of story.

So why do these SEO companies propagate such dribble? The answer is simple. They do this because they have do not intend to spend the time or effort in getting credible back links to push your rankings. They will however, outsource copywriting to a third world country where they can get an article written poorly for less than $3 for 500 words. They will then post this article and it will eventually get indexed by Google and sit somewhere on page 8 or 9. In the interim, their monthly outlay in next to nothing and they end up pocketing the rest as a healthy profit. See, it’s in their best interests to tell you that link building doesn’t work as this is the part that costs money and this is the expensive component of an SEO campaign.

The moral of this story is that if any one tells you that link building is dead and all you need to do is publish great copy, simply walk away – even better hang up the phone.

So why does Google value link building? Because it’s the only way they are going to know that your website is trustworthy. If there are other websites referring to your site then this is a good ranking signal. Google uses these links to place a value on your site. Mind you, the quality of the links has to be high. In the link building game it’s all about the quality of the referring link and not the quantity. And here lies another issue. There are SEO agencies out there that still stand by the theory that the more links you have the better off you are. This is a fallacy and is a seriously dangerous tactic. What we do here at our fantastic SEO agency is build the Ferrari or links.

Not only do we have the best and most valuable websites around to link back to you, but if we have to purchase any links we make sure you are flying first class. We never go economy and this is what Google wants to see and this why our clients do so well.

What happens if you relied only on good copy? The only thing that would happen is that web page would be hanging around page 10, even worse if it’s a competitive niche. The eventual outcome is that you would get zero web traffic and you would probably end up going out of business. This leads me to the point of morals when it comes to SEO. These charlatans, by preaching these futile tactics show that they have little regard or concern for your business. They are out for the buck and couldn’t give a dam about you, your business or your welfare. If they are prepared to sell you a lemon and take money for it every month, then it’s an outrageous rip off and the only one that ends up loosing is poor you.

Given the competitive nature of the online world you need to get it right from the beginning. If some sweet talking SEO consultant gets the better of you that’s not entirely your fault. They are basically preying on your ignorance and in most cases good nature and honesty. I mean why on earth would they lie to you. DAH….you have been warned, don’t fall for this scam.

So why do people keep on believing the bull that’s out there. It’s due to wanting to believe in something. These guys come up with fake case studies and fake testimonials backed up by sweet sounding promises of page 1 ranking guarantees. What a load of rubbish. No one can guarantee anything with Google because you are dealing with a 3rd party who will never tell you a thing. 90 SEO Guarantees are a way of making you feel good even if they are total lies.These guys like to put a nice neat figure there that’s not 30 days (cause that’s way too soon) but 90 days so you think they are working real hard for 90 days. What a load of baloney. If everyone could be on page 1 in 90 days, that’s only 3 months, then every body would be doing it. Think logically and you can easily unravel their BS.

6 Critical Factors that Influence people’s decision when buying online

You cannot just build a website and expect consumers to buy from you. In many cases people will come to your website and simply abandon their purchase and this could be for a number of critical reasons.

Knowing why they leave your site without making a purchase, sending you an email or making an inquiry is really helpful in improving your websites conversion rates. Following are the main reasons why people are not buying from you. If you have noticed that sales are slacking off then these points are going to make a huge difference. Implementing these could be the difference between making that sale or handing it over to your competition.

#1 Offer free delivery. This is going to seriously boost sales. 75% of customers will be more inclined to buy if there is free home or office deliver.

Online retailers and eCommerce website owners need to look art ways at boosting sales, especially when massive department stores like Westfield offer such an amazing shopping experience. Free delivery in most cases will get your online browser over the line. Basically having the word FREE on your website is very alluring and adding home delivery to this is too good to refuse. Having to pay a hefty delivery fee with a courier adds to the cost of the purchase and makes bricks and mortar shopping more attractive. It’s far too competitive online to be loosing sales to retail outlets.
If the free shipping component dilutes your profit margin, then offer it only if they spend a minimum amount.

# 2  Offer discounts online. 50% of shoppers online will buy from you if they feel they are getting a good deal.

This makes sense. Gone are the days of the Xmas or end of financial year sales. Consumers now want sales 24/7 and expect to be given the best possible price for their products. Highlight these specials on your home page. make them front and centre so they are not over looked. This will radically improve sales if your customers feel as though they are getting a good deal.
Perhaps even offer them a discount on an item if they sign up to your newsletter. It’s these types of freebies that keeps consumers very happy. It’s a win win. You get their details to market to them when they sign up and they get a generous discount off their purchase.

# 3 48% of consumers will buy from your site if there are reviews.

Let’s face it, we all love reading what other people have to say and if your product or service is good then you want people to be raving about this online. Not all people are going to want to leave a review but if you offer them an incentive such as a free gift or discount, they will be more inclined to write something positive about your business. Good reviews will sell products, it’s as simple as that. Even if your not selling a product it’s a good idea to get testimonials from past clients and post them on your website. Reviews add credibility and trust to your brand. harness the power of the internet and get as many good reviews as you possibly can. It will pay dividends.

# 4 Hold all current credit cards and payment systems.

Make sure you hold all the right credit cards: Amex, Visa and Mastercard. 4.5 out of every 5 shoppers will buy from you if you have there card. If you don’t this presents a massive hurdle and they will end up going elsewhere.

# 5 Do not make them have to sign up

20% of users will abandon the shopping cart if they have to go through the hassle of creating an account and the rigmarole of verifying the account. It’s a pain in the ass and people hate doing this. Allow them to check out as a guest. This is so much more straightforward and allows the customer to make the purchase and be on their way. Sign up’s are a huge road block and will hurt your sales.

# 6 Create a loyalty program

This is a great idea and if you have a lot of repeat customers reward them for coming back. Say 1 in every 10 purchases get a discount of say 20%, or along those lines. It creates a sense of belonging and will keep your customer base, that can be very fickle loyal.

I want to add one more point here. Please make sure that the user interface is easy to navigate. Never over complicate the site with too many graphics. Make the buying funnels simple and easy to follow.

Also make sure that the customer is able to find the your website online and for that you need a top agency like ours at SEO Sydney Experts. SEO is critical for eCommerce Google rankings and without it you might as well close down – Call 02 9360 8514 and we will show you how to radically improve sales and customer conversion rates.

Why Australian Hotels Need SEO to Remain Competitive

It doesn’t matter if your running a small country hotel or your part of a multi national hotel brand, one thing is certain, you need to be doing SEO if you are going to attract new guests. Nothing is more critical nowadays than having your website ranking on Google.

Sure you can get new business from popping your hotel on booking engines like Trip Advisor, and Agoda but nothing will generate the amount of new customer inquires than having your website on page 1 of Google. Let me elaborate on this to make this point clearer. I know a lot of hotels rely heavily on the established booking engines but for other facets and parts of your business these really don’t work too well. They are strictly all about rooms and what happens if your buried on page 25? You will get nothing.

Let’s say for example you have a hotel in Sydney and want to attract local and overseas guests. The first thing they are going to type into Google when looking for a hotel to stay in Sydney is the keywords ‘hotels Sydney’. If your website is on page 1 the chances of you getting that inquiry are seriously good. You should even have a maps listing up there with some quality reviews. All these happen and come once SEO is implemented. Without it you can forget about it. It just won’t happen and your website will be sitting there languishing on page 10. Not ideal is a competitive area such as travel. There are too many options and choices placed in front of the consumer so you have to take the initiative and be extremely proactive in this space.

As another example let’s say you are a marketing manager of a big name brand hotel in Sydney like The Hilton, Sheraton or The Marriot and your job is to start pushing and promoting different business components of your hotel like; the restaurants or the large open ballroom for weddings, events and conferences.

This is where the effectiveness of SEO can really help you hit your marketing goals. At SEO Sydney Experts we can optimise keywords like ‘wedding venues Sydney’ or ‘conference venues Sydney’ and link these back to custom designed conversion focused landing pages. This is a fantastic marketing strategy and it works. Sure you can still rely on other forms of direct marketing like contacting wedding planners and event organisers as well as social media promotions,, but nothing will give you the kind of results that Google can.

I am not just saying this because we are in the SEO space, I am telling you because we have seen the results first hand of what a good online search engine ranking can do for a business. It’s absolutely amazing. One day you are relying on old fashioned out dated techniques that bring in a meagre amount of inquiries and after implementing an SEO campaign, the phone is ringing non stop.

If you think I’m kidding here I can tell you fist hand that we have ranked a business in the travel industry on page 1 of Google and within 8 months they are now the largest for their particular field. It’s all about getting them up there on page 1 and making that landing page a high conversion page (CRO). That is, you eliminate any hurdles they may have in contacting you. Plus you want to make it as appealing and eye catching as possible. CRO in combination with SEO is a killer strategy.

This type of SEO strategy will also work for hotels and motels in regional Australia. For example if you run a hotel in say Wagga Wagga or a motel in Port Macquarie you can apply the same techniques here. All we need to do is optimise keywords like ‘hotels Port Macquarie or hotels Coffs Harbour’, design some fantastic landing pages and once ranked, you will see the huge difference this makes.

A point to note here is that SEO is a long term strategy. There are some quick wins but overall you need to be doing this for the medium to long term for it to be effective. As a business owner or part of a marketing team, you need to think that SEO is now a firm and very central part of your marketing mix. If you find that sales are sluggish give this a go and see how dramatically your hotel or motel bookings turn around. Waiting and doing nothing simply gives your competition a distinct advantage.

How to Convince Your Boss You Really Need SEO

A lot of bosses will tell their PA, their partners or someone from their marketing department to go out and get as many SEO quotes as they can and find out as much information as they can about SEO. They end up doing the ring around, speak with 3 or 4 SEO Sydney agencies and then nothing happens. Why? Because there are too many mixed messages and SEO can be quite hard to understand and convey even to astute and internet savvy marketing people.

At SEO Sydney Experts we come across this issue all the time. The boss sends someone out on a SEO fact finding mission, I educate them on the process, they seem keen, but they are unable to convince their boss on the benefits of SEO and why they need (in some cases) to pay a hefty fee to rank their website on Google.

These fact finding missions start out with the very best intentions but they fall flat when the messenger comes back to the office and tries to convey all the information I have told them. Somehow it’s just not quite the same when someone else is trying to tell your story and explain all the wonderful benefits that SEO can bring to a business to a time poor, stressed out boss. Essentially it’s a waste of everybody’s time.

So what I have done here is compiled a list of really useful information that these fact finders (secretaries, PA’s etc) can use to explain to their bosses about the benefits of SEO – these points should be enough to get him over the line. If not he’s probably not into it anyway and prefers to use old school marketing methods. If this is the case I would probably be looking for another job cause one things for sure, his competition is doing SEO and he’s going to loosing out on business big time!

# 1 Benefit of SEO: Tell your boss it’s a lot cheaper than other traditional forms of marketing like magazines and newspaper ads. Old school bosses love these tangible forms of marketing but the downside is they are really expensive and deliver poor rates of return. SEO works out to be so much cheaper and works out to give higher conversion rates. Remember to tell your boss that when people are ready to buy the first thing they do is go onto Google. They do a search and make their decision from what they see on the first page. No one and I repeat no one uses the local newspaper or goes to their fridge to check their fridge magnets when they are ready to buy. That’s simply old school and if your bosses head space is here then he needs to know these facts. We can always show him the monthly searches for a particular keyword.

# 2 Key benefit to tell your boss about SEO. Go online and type in your main service and see if your competition is there. If they are then it’s time to hit the panic button. If they aren’t there then it’s a great opportunity for you to start as the door is wide open. Your boss will love the fact about this great online marketing opportunity.

# 3 Great fact about SEO that you need to convince your boss about. If your boss has been relying on Adwords for years and saying her gets all his business this way then you need to tell him about the 80/20 rule. That is, 80% of potential customers will pick an organically ranking website while only 20% ( and these are generally tyre kickers and bargain hunters) will click on the Adwords. Plus the cost of an SEO campaign, generally is cheaper than Adwords.

# 4 Many businesses have been relying on social media to get their brand and message out there. Unfortunately, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and now so flooded with that much information that your message is now becoming far too diluted. Being on page 1 of Google is clear cut and defined. You cannot put your website in a better position. Social media used to work and used to be effective but it’s now far too cluttered with every man and his dog vying for your attention. It’s essentially becoming a waste of your time and your money. Don’t over rely on these social platforms.

# 5 Fact that you have to tell your boss regarding the importance of SEO. If you are already ranking for some keywords and think it’s good enough then think again. Google is always changing it’s algorithm and nothing remains constant. So thinking that your in a good position is delusional as it can change at any given point in time. Be careful about this fact. Your boss shouldn’t rely on past rankings and think that this will continue forever. Plus if you are already ranking for some keywords and they are bringing in business, why on earth would you not want to push harder and get more keywords ranking. This is a no brainer!

You have to be prepared for the tough SEO questions

When dealing with the decision-makers, especially your boss about SEO and why he or she should be doing it, be prepared for the following type of questions that’s probably going to be thrown at you:

  • What kind of website traffic can I expect with SEO? What are the numbers of searches per month and what percentage are likely to come to our site?
  • What kind of dollars are we looking at and how long do I need to keep investing in SEO?
  • How can we compete online in such a saturated and fiercely competitive space?
  • Who is going to be doing the SEO and how can we trust them?
  • What is the expected rate of return for our marketing dollar?

All f the above questions will have been answered in detail in our first initial meeting. If you or your boss needs to go over this or need further clarification on any technical issue, it’s best to speak with me rather than second guess it.

If you are sitting there feeling frustrated, because you have either been put in charge of getting more new business in or you have been set the task of finding a suitable SEO supplier and you think you have nailed it and your boss won’t listen to you. Then it’s a good idea to show him this document. I have written it for people in your situation that can see the benefits of SEO but cannot seem to convince the powers that be.

If all else fails please get him or her to give me a call on 02 9360 8514 and I would be more than happy to explain this in greater detail.

SEO for Forex Traders & Stockbrokers

As more and more people turn to the online and digital environment to trade shares and dabble in the money market, the place to capture new clients especially for Forex dealers and stock brokers is Google. Basically if your website is not sitting on page 1 for your Forex website then how are you going to get new business? Sure you may have your existing networks and old fashioned ways of getting new business but you are dreaming and living in a fools paradise if you think that you can ignore Google for generating new business.

So if your reading this article thinking that maybe I have a point here and just maybe it’s about time you did some thing about this the best thing to do is start an SEO campaign and stop relying on old prehistoric marketing. This is really the only way you are every going to get your foreign exchange or trading CFD’s website to the top of Google. Anything else moving forward is a waste of time.

If you are a trader and have a website here are some tips for choosing the right SEO agency to help you get more clients through TOP Google rankings.

I will relate a conversation I had earlier this week from a Forex dealer that had a website and wanted some SEO work. In fact this conversation sums up basically everything your should NOT be doing when it comes to SEO. From this you will know what you need to be doing to play up there with the big end of town.

Essentially he rang me up and his requirements were to rank on page 1 of Google for keywords like: forex trading, trade CFD’s online and forex dealers. He also wanted (and this is the best part) to pay less than $1000 per month in this seriously competitive space. Plus add to that he had a strict time frame of less than 3 months.

To rank in the Forex space you need a decent SEO budget

The back ground to this is he has never done any type of SEO before and had little or no idea how it worked. His premise was to choose an agency that could give him what he wanted and pay next to nothing for this service. Granted $1000 per month is not chicken feed, but when it comes to this highly competitive niche to out perform the existing guys dominating this space online, you will need to do a hell of a lot of work.

Why? Because the existing businesses have probably been doing SEO for many years and it means that we are starting at a disadvantage. What we have to do is slowly and organically build your websites authority so that Google starts to view it and rank it accordingly. The higher the authority Google places on your site, the better you will rank. Our job is to give you this authority and this takes loads of work, patience and experience and know how. You cannot simply expect this to happen overnight for that matter in less than 3 months – it simply won’t happen.

When I tried to explain this to this Forex bloke he seemed to be somewhat angry that he couldn’t get his way and couldn’t get what he wanted.

I explained to him patiently that Google sets these rules up to make sure that they only display the best results in the search and this is a task that has to be implemented over many months. In most cases, in very saturated niches where you have existing companies plowing big bucks into their SEO this can take more than a year and the cost per month can be many thousands of dollars. I also explained that it’s not like trying to rank a suburban tradie or a business in an area that is not overly competitive.

Anything to do with foreign exchange or CFD’s or for that matter stock brokers that has high search volumes online will be already inhabited by banks and other big firms and if you think that you can somehow miraculously nudge these guys from top Google positions you are bloody dreaming.

The good news is however that if you are prepared to invest the right amount of funds and are prepared to work with us and stay the course for the long haul then you will be able to compete in this space. If you are narrow minded and want things to happen immediately then SEO is probably not the right marketing platform for your business. You should probably go down the path of an Adwords/PPC or remarketing campaign. Just remember this is going to be heaps more expensive than SEO and you will end up getting inquiries from people that are looking to screw you down on price.

This is the big difference between Adwords and SEO. With SEO the quality of the inquiry is much better as you are perceived as an authority in your field.

The conversation ended with him telling me that he would go away and talk with his business partners. No doubt he will be making the ring around and end up going with an agency that will promise him the world for $500 and he will end up getting totally screwed. The SEO world is full of piranhas a full of fraudsters that are just sitting there waiting to snare a mug punter like this bloke. They will tell him that they will guarantee his rankings and he will be right up there competing with the likes of ANZ, Pepperstone and Forextrading within 60 days. This is insanity but I guess if he wants to believe in this hard enough it just might happen….NOT!

In conclusion the tips to follow if you want to succeed when it comes to ranking on Google, is be realistic with your timings in terms of how long it will take to rank, and have a healthy SEO budget. If you want to be as big as the guys on page 1, you need to invest in your online marketing.

If you want more information on this I would be more than happy to explain to you the whole SEO process in more detail and clearly show you how we work here at SEO Sydney Experts and our processes for getting you to be the player you always wanted to be.