Don’t worry about SEO just create good content – That’s wrong!

I am starting to see this type of commentary more and more which is seriously worrying.


Because this type of myth needs to be exposed when it comes to ranking a website on Google.

Content is essential but you gotta have links!!

Many SEO agencies that have NO CLUE regarding SEO are starting to use this as a sales pitch and spin it like this: Great content can outrank any form of SEO link building. This has to be one of the biggest lies and I want to explain this in more detail.

If you have the energy and can understand the following article on Google, you can see the rules that you have to comply with if you intend to build links – check it out here on their link schemes page.

I have to admit in some regards that great content will rank. Just have a look at this article to see where it is on Google- I bet it is on page 1. Why? Because, if you type the exact heading into Google’s search it will produce this result. Google wants to display the most relevant content and for this search this article is the most relevant.

But, here ‘s the rub, no one is going to be typing this phrase into Google. Let’s be perfectly honest here. People searching for our service will be typing words like: ‘ SEO Sydney’ or ‘SEO Agencies’ into Google not some obscure phrase. So while pages that have been well written will always rank on Google, no one is actually searching for these pages. The nett benefit to your business will be zero.

This goes to the subject of the value of content marketing and how it can help you drive growth. I’m afraid, the jury is still out for this but in my opinion writing blogs and adding pages to your website is always valuable but what is the overall affect.

Content marketing will help your business by:

# 1: people that come to your website will see it as a source of information and therefore your website becomes more trustworthy. If they like and appreciate the effort you have put into writing this content, they may end up buying from you.

# 2: adding content will encourage Google to keep on indexing your website and this will help with overall SEO rankings – how much does it help? We don’t really know but the theory is it cannot hurt your site.

# 3: you become perceived as an industry expert – an authority in your field.

All of the above 3 points are great and they are awesome for people who are on your website BUT the BIG QUESTION is how do they find your website and the only proven explanation for this is SEO and this is all about effective link building.

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Article, blogs and content marketing are all fine, once the customer has found your website. But, the real important issue here is that they find your website in the first place. Without any type of link building and SEO your site is going to be buried deep within the search pages and all I can say is good luck getting customers. The chances of anyone finding your website will be incredible low, almost zero.

Why does Google need back links to know your website is trustworthy?

Because back links are like a friendly tap on the shoulder to Google to say: ‘hey, look at that website it is OK and it’s a trustworthy site’. The more you have of these the more trust Google will place on you and the higher your rankings; so on and so forth. If you can get ther websites to endorse you through linking to your site, Google will place lots of value in this.

I also want to add here that without any links, your other web pages (and these include all your blog and service or product pages) will also find it difficult to rank. This on it like a boat anchored in the harbour. Building authority and trust to your site is like the tide. As soon as it comes in it will raise the whole boat. Not just the stern or the bow – the whole vessel. This is the same for your website. All pages will rise; each and every one of them so long as there is link building activity going on.

So the rule of thumb here or the moral of this story is that you can write all the content you want if that makes you happy and you feel it necessary to do so. But, without proper SEO and this means link activity, you can forget about being competitive online. If any SEO company starts telling you that all you need is good copy to get results, tell them they are dreaming and living in a fantasy world. Even worse they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes by advising you to take this path to succeed online rather than the correct path.

REMEMBER the people that are encouraging this are the ones that cannot get their head around link building and its benefits

The real issue here is that they have probably ranked their own site through links BUT will not do it for yours as this costs money. Links = money and they do not want to part with it to help you. They want to get cheap n nasty articles written for next to nothing and pocket the balance. They will show you this content to prove they are doing something while you end up going no where online. I see it happening all the time and it’s a real pity that people for victim to this type of utter rubbish when they are told this. Your business MUST invest in SEO if you intend on being competitive online. Anything else is time wasting.

All I can say is watch out!

Link building and SEO is very much alive and works really well. CAVEAT HERE *** you need to get an SEO agency like ours at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS that has a thorough understanding of what Google wants and what Google is looking for in order to rank a web site.

Do not make the mistake of choosing a dodgy SEO company, but that’s a whole other story.

Does Cheap SEO Work? No way, it will kill your business

Let’s be honest here if you go for the cheap option when it comes to your SEO and your Google rankings you can be certain of one thing, really poor rankings and bad results. So many people unfortunately go down this path and they do this for two reasons; firstly price which is obvious and secondly because they are completely naïve and feel that all SEO is the same and if they can get it cheaper from some company then they should go for it.

In regards to the latter option nothing could be further from the truth and in this article I will clearly outline the reasons why cheap SEO is a really bad way to do business and probably one of the worst marketing decisions you will ever make.

# 1: Cheap SEO means dodgy back links

Google has seriously tightened up it’s ranking criteria and this means that any type of bad linking will be noticed immediately and this will have an impact on your websites rankings. Let me elaborate. Far too many business owners are seduced by really cheap SEO packages and feel they are getting a really good deal when in fact they are not. What they are getting is a company that will provide useless back links in order to substantiate the work they are doing. They will be happy to tell you that they have built 100’s of back links and they are doing all this work when in fact they are harming your Google back link profile.

Basically, any punter can go out and purchase thousands of links for next to nothing and point them towards your site. This is what these cheap SEO providors are doing and Google is on the look out for this. If you think that this cannot happen to you (because the sweet sounding sales person you spoke to over the phone has told you that they only you the best and most relevant back links around) thinks again. Your heading down the path of a Google penalty and folks if you are reading this and you feel that this sounds familiar, you better get ready cause you are going to be in deep trouble very shortly. Google will and there is no escaping this, they will index these crappy links and your website will eventually disappear from the face of the earth. This is also known as a Google penalty and you better know this well as you are going to cop this shortly. When it comes to setting up a long term and sustainable Google ranking you need credible and high value back links.

So how do I know this? Because I have to speak to people everyday who have suffered or are in the process of suffering at the hands of a dodgy, cheap, fraudulent SEO agencies. They were initially seduced by the cheap price and they are paying a heavy price for this now through zero rankings, sliding rankings and even worse a site that has completely been de-indexed from Google.


In short cheap SEO is a fools dream and mirage of great things to happen in the future that NEVER eventuate. If your one of these poor businesses that were suckered into thinking that you could skirt around you SEO and believed the bull that was dished out to you over the phone then you better do something about this and do it fast. Remember the more irrelevant, poor quality links that are built pointing towards your site, the worse you are making it for yourself. You are digging a deeper hole and getting out of this void in the digital space is bloody hard.

# 2 Cheap SEO is generally outsourced.

If you speak to an SEO company while you are doing the ring around and getting quotes, if someone quotes you very cheaply and tells you it’s all implemented locally, they are lying to you. If you think this doesn’t happen then let me tell you why it is impossible for an effective SEO campaign to be conducted on the cheap.

Let’s say you’re a lawyer, plumber, cosmetic surgeon and you want to rank your website for these competitive categories. If you are quoted a cheap SEO price with a guarantee of rankings then these guys are simply trying to extort say $500 or so per month out of you without actually doing anything. Sure, they’ll seem as though they are doing their work by providing you with complicated graphs and grandiose reports full of meaningless fluff and waffle with no substance. Their theory is the more complicated they make it look, the more impressed you will be. These guys are really good at the whole smoke and mirrors thing to disguise the fact that they are simply sitting there doing this to other businesses over and over again. Their business model is in fact not SEO but a sales machine dedicated to ripping Aussie businesses off.

The have mastered the art of the lie and of deception so well that they themselves think they are doing work. These guys actually believe their spin so much so that they end up convincing you. I mean, if they sound decent and convincing enough and if they are really cheap – then it must be good – how wrong this is folks.

The take away of this blog post is that if you intend to pay as little as you can for SEO and if you want to go with the cheapest option then expect to fail. Google doesn’t care about your budget constraints or ROI. They care about relevant back links and these cost. Plus with the new Penguin 4.0 being rolled out if you have any bad links Google will notice these in real time. So if you go the cheap option, be prepared to pay the price.

So if you’re a:

1) start up and on a very limited SEO budget – don’t bother doing it

2) been burn’t in the past and are not prepared to invest in SEO again ( with a proper agency like our at SEO Sydney Experts) don’t waste your time – just do Adwords.

3) been quoted by some other SEO agency a cheaper deal and want to see if we can match it – don’t waste yours or my time. We wont match it and all I can say is that we will still be here in 6 months when you finally realise that you’ve been duped.

Call us on 02 9360 8514 if you are only serious about achieving greatness online. We are not cheap but we are bloody good at what we do – just look at our own page 1 organic ranking.