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We know what Google is doing before anyone else in the industry does. That’s how proficient, leading edge, talented & experienced we are!

Comprised of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team, SEO Sydney Experts are like a group of friends that care about your business as much as you do. A great bunch of SEO experts, web designers and copywriters, they are all at the forefront of the industry and ready to go above and beyond to get you results.

Our passion is undeniable and it’s through this passion that has our team constantly applying best practices and working towards higher and bigger goals.

SEO Sydney Experts are professional SEO consultants that are as invested in your success as you are. Not only are we highly trained but we’re at the forefront of the industry and constantly learning and anticipating the frequent changes and tweaks.

But here’s the thing… we’re not just terrific at getting our clients to number one on Google. We go above and beyond and help our clients get actual, genuine leads that turn into sales. At the end of the day, everyone can visit your website but until it’s filling your bank account, it means nothing.

Our expert SEO services will help your website see positive results within three to six months but often sooner. However, we genuinely believe in the power of long term success and will always value quality and good strategy over cheap, unethical tricks that will end up damaging your website’s rankings or harm you over time.

Our clients are at the heart of what we do

It’s all about connection. The connection that starts with us. Then we connect you to the broader world via Google. And then comes the most profitable connection— your customers bonding with your brand. Are you ready to plug in and connect?

What is SEO?

It’s the ongoing process of making your web pages visible to the right people on search engines such as Google and Bing.

When SEO is done properly, not only will more of your target audience see your pages but many will visit and turn into high quality leads and loyal customers. It’s all about generating targeted inquiries to your website by being more visible and very conspicuous online.

You need to dominate your niche online and get ahead of your competitors and this is where SEO becomes essential.

Outshine your competition with effective SEO services today.

Our Values

Our core value is all about making your business succeed online through ethical, completely transparent SEO practices. We have nothing to hide and are keen to involve you as much as we can throughout your journey with us. Unlike other SEO agencies that hide their work we are keen to show you exactly what we are doing and this is detailed in our monthly reports.

It’s important to us that every project and interaction upholds our ingrained values. These shine through from our very first email or phone call.

Our values are:

  •  transparency and integrity
  •  hard work and exceeding expectations
  •  getting impressive results
  •  making a genuine connection with all our clients.

All your work is done in our Sydney office

We never outsource because we don’t need to! We have all the SEO expertise required in house. That means your work is done faster and more effectively by one team who values communication and work together on projects.

Renowned industry leaders

You’re not just working with any old business with SEO Sydney Experts, but a long term, serious and highly respected industry player renowned for our SEO research and development.

Ethical Google practices

We follow and keep up to date with Google best practices and algorithm requirements so you will never be subject to poor tactics that can sink your website rank and even get you banned.

Why are we so successful?

The key is flexibility and adaptability. In an ever changing digital landscape, we’ve recognised the need to be quick when adapting to new and progressive methods and techniques, as that is where the real power and success lies.

We never get lazy. It’s in those moments of laziness that others can miss golden opportunities to capture outstanding results.

And we’re not too shy to say that we’ll get you impressive results or at least lose sleep trying.



Sure, we may be experts at SEO but we understand that you may not be. You’re an expert at running your own business and that’s what we want you to focus on.

We’ll provide you with reporting documents at the end/along the way so you know the exact progress your campaign is making and can see the results and data for yourself.

We’ll make the process as pain free and effortless for you as we possibly can, without leaving you in the dark.



The investigation phase will include is the perfect opportunity for us to drill down and get to know you and your business, uncover the challenges and the areas where we can make a real difference. This phase will include:

  • initial meeting
  • website audit
  • research
  • analysis




The strategy phase is an exciting time to pull together our years of experience and our competitive skillsets and create a powerful course of action for you. This phase will include:

  • keyword research and selection
  • defining your audience
  • user experience.



Onsite optimisation

This phase is where things really start moving as we implement a carefully created strategy and potent SEO techniques. This optimisation phase will include:

  • keyword density
  • URL structure
  • light coding
  • and more.




This important phase is where we enact our values of being transparent and ever improving and provide you with clear reporting and make any tweaks required.