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Google Analytics: Make sure you utilise these powerful SEO tools

One of the best ways to understand who is coming to your website, how long they have spent there, website bounce rates and what pages they have visited is through Google Analytics. Overall, you get a much clearer idea of how the consumer is interacting and engaging with your website and you can fine tune your site off the data & metrics you obtain here …

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Website copy: Always write unique content

Google will immediately know if you have stolen copy from another website. Make sure anything you publish on your website is unique and written by you or a copywriter. The temptation we all know is there is replicate or take content from a competitor but you have to resist the urge. Fight it if necessary but what ever happens taking content directly from the website …

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High Converting Web Landing Pages, what you need to know

What is a landing page? Commonly known as a squeeze page a landing page is a specific website page design purely for one purpose and one topic. Most businesses use them for Google Adwords but nowadays they are becoming more common as conversion rate optimisation becomes a hot SEO topic for 2018. Most businesses haven’t put too much thought into their landing page design and …

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5 Easy Ways to Keep your Website Content Fresh

If your website is not evolving and changing with the times then it’s simply a liability. Basically, it’s doing your business no good. In fact, it could be hurting your business. The second you stop refining, retuning and tweaking your website is the time it stops loosing it’s competitiveness. The only inevitable outcome is a slow and steady decline in the search engine rankings. Ouch, …

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Creating a Combined SEO & Content Strategy

I often in our line of work as a digital marketing agency come across businesses that completely ignore the fundamentals of what’s deemed a current digital strategy, that is the cohesive and intertwined relationship between SEO and content. Like salt and pepper they go nicely together and one does not really work effectively without the other. I often and to the detriment of their business …

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1 Great Way to Combat Negative Google reviews

We’ve all seen these types of reviews especially when the are posted on Google. For some businesses this  can be a huge problem to only for their brand but for potential new business. Not everyone is going to find these reviews but some may and if that’s the case and your concerned about the impact that they will have on your business then there is …

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Can’t find a good blog topic? We can help.

If your really struggling to find a great blog topic to write, join the queue as this is a dilemma faced by most businesses that are looking to write something informative or entertaining each day, week or month. If you’re a consistent blogger then chances are you are going to start to run out of things to write about or say. Worst of all you …

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3 Tell Tale Signs that it’s time to change your SEO company

SEO like any other service has KPI’s and has to have a certain level of accountability. Unfortunately, most SEO agencies tend to have a set and forget approach to SEO. What happens is they are essentially on a mission to sign up as many clients as they can and in the process end up forgetting about their current customer base. So I thought I would …

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SEO basics: Why Being on page 1 of Google is critical

If your just starting out in business or are thinking about opening up an online store or have been around for a long time there is one thing you need to be aware about and that’s the importance of being on page 1 of Google. If you have no idea why it’s so good for your business to be on the first page of this …

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4 SEO Elements that make up your Google rankings

Getting a solid Google ranking is not as easy as it would seem. If you speak to SEO firms or digital agencies they will blind you with geek speak and bamboozle you with terms and phrases that is enough to turn you off the whole subject for ever. But, if you follow these 4 simple and very easy to understand elements you will be well …

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