Can’t find a good blog topic? We can help.

If your really struggling to find a great blog topic to write, join the queue as this is a dilemma faced by most businesses that are looking to write something informative or entertaining each day, week or month. If you’re a consistent blogger then chances are you are going to start to run out of things to write about or say. Worst of all you might end up being repetitive which is not only bad for your SEO rankings but your going to bore the hell out of your readers. Plus if you cant think of anything to say you might start putting your content marketing or blogging on the back burner or in the too hard basket. Not ideal and not what you want if you want to remain current. Being an active blogger ensures you are keeping your website fresh and this is win win especially if you want to keep your readers informed and the search engines happy.

So if you want to release your writers block and get some juicy new topics for your next blog following are some great tools to help get those creative’s juices flowing again.

Idea # 1: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is all about the keyword search where you simply input the topic you want the blog about and it will generate a whole list for you. It’s the pioneer of blog research and has really set the trend for all future sites like this. It was really the first cab off the rank and this is the reason for it’s popularity.
Once you enter the keyword a highlighted list will magically appear with a whole heap of great topics. How good is that!

You can also filter results and narrow them down to country, time they were published, number of words etc. If you want to be really up to date you can also use the handy tool known as ‘current trending’ and join in on the latest conversation by hitting the ‘tending now’ tab. What a fantastic way to stay current and keep your readers informed.


  • Up to date trend on social media
  • Great filtering options
  • You know what content is the best


  • You have to pay for the service – but it’s good so we recommend it
  • Limited categories
  • You are limited by not having Instagram

 Idea # 2: Answer the Public

Answer the Public is one of the best ways to learn what your customers are searching for in your particular niche. It’s a really good tool and we typed in the keyword that related to a client of our as we were keen to know what people were searching for when they typed in the keyword Bali Villas and the results were amazing. I particularly liked the way the results are displayed and there were some very interesting finds especially the results: bali villas with pool fences Seminyak. Have a go yourself and I bet you will be using this tool for more than just blog writing. It’s application for Google adwords is also handy. Another point to note is that this is a free tool so what are you waiting for?


  • Free to use for the public
  • No subscription required
  • Provides a really good insight into what people are searching for
  • Easy to digest and understand


  • You have to have a pretty thorough knowledge of all your keywords
  • Results may not be related to a blog topic and could be more for marketing purposes

Idea # 3: is a great way for all businesses to get curated content on topics that are related to their industry and then they can use it however they wish. They can add or delete copy and be publishing it within minutes. You can always write your own copy and use the topics they have provided if you prefer. In my opinion it’s a bit of a short cut as most of the content has been written but if your time poor and keen to get some fresh copy out there this is a great website to facilitate this.


  • Users can see the most popular blogs or articles
  • You get to see what’s instantly trending
  • You can choose great filters such as industry or topic


  • You have to go through the sign up process which can be a bit painful
  • Product based businesses can be at a bit of a disadvantage as the search is not really good for this

Idea # 4: Blog Post Title Generators

The site we have chosen is really a nifty little gem and it’s called FatJoe. Unlike other sites where they display trending content or what’s current this site is all about click bait and generating the most outrageous title that is going to grab the attention of anyone searching that topic. Great if you are wanting to create one of those killer headlines that are too alarming to ignore. I love these types of headlines as they are great to throw into the mix, especially if your blogs are becoming somewhat mundane.


  • You could be on your way to the best headline of your life within 30 seconds and it’s totally free
  • The best click bait headlines you will ever come across


  • You should only use these headlines a couple of times as over use will dilute it’s impact
  • No attention to trending topics

Idea # 5: Google Trends

Everyone who wants to write a blog should visit the Google Trends website.

Of course this tool is going to be good as it comes from Google and anything they do is top notch. Basically, you can check what’s trending on a topic and which country these are coming from. This will at least give you some ideas for blog topics and you may skew the article to relate to that country. There is also an easy to read graph that tells you the amount of interest in a particular topic over a time period. A great little tool that’s handy to have in your blogging war chest.


  • Completely free
  • You can easily compare the amount of interest between search terms and write a blog based on the highest volume of searches. This way you are writing for a larger audience.
  • Massive segmentation of data – you can really drill down here


  • Can be narrow as its generally focused on newer articles
  • Like with all Google interfaces it can be quite complex

In summation

Have a look at all the above platforms and rather than spending hours scratching your head why don’t you give yourself a leg up, even a bit of an unfair advantage and use these tools.


10 quick and easy blogging tips for small business

webdesign-tipsA company or business blog with a great looking website design can  have a powerful impact on your search engine rankings and in turn impact on your business by getting more eyes on your website.  A blog will generally cost you very little to implement and it’s return on investment is often well worth it. Plus, it only requires you to be active on it a couple of hours a week or month depending on how much time you have available. Blogging is an integral part of SEO and should now be considered a fundamental component of your marketing mix. Following are some great tips for your blogging strategy.

Firstly what is a blog?

I think wikipedia can explain it better than anyone, so just have a quick read and you should get a better understanding.

10 tips for an effective blog:

1.    Your blog is really a tool to communicate with your audience – do not try to over sell or promote to hard on this platform. Ideally, this should be used to highlight a point or some recent news. Perhaps something that is important to you that you think your clients might find interesting. It could be an industry update or an important news item. By this we not asking you to write about Donald Trump or the latest goings on in the middle east, unless this related to your industry and is very specific.
2.    Have fun when writing your blog. The more you think of it as a chore the more laborious the task and the end result will be a poorly worded, stuffy corporate document. Write in a conversational tone that engages your readers. Boring them to death will simply encourage them to leave the blog.
3.    Try to blog on a regular basis. Starting a blog, getting enthusiastic about it and then loosing interest will serve no benefit at all. Try to maintain the energy, enthusiasm and you will be rewarded.
4.    Your web page and blog titles are really very important. Keep these simple and to the point and try to match them against what you think users will be looking or searching for. A title is what the search engines read so knowing this in advance will be beneficial.
5.    Blog about topics related to your business and subjects that are indirectly related to your business but with a slant that will provide the reader with useful and informative information.
6.    Keep then snappy and short but also do not make it too short. I like to keep all the blogs on our site between 750 to 1000 words. You don’t want to bore your readers. If on the other hand you have a lot to say or have a very engaging story then blog away and go for it.
7.    A successful blog will drive traffic to your website. A good idea is to link between blog articles to further boost your SEO rankings. Some articles may have similar information so it’s a great idea to link between these types of articles.
8.    Avoid visitors leaving comments, but if you are keen on them doing so, then be sure to monitor and address any span or nasty malicious blog comments. Stay on top of this and never allow this to get out of control.
9.    Avoid using a third party as a blog as it should always be part of your URL and within the structure.
10.    Once your blog is live, think about adding videos and more content over time. Keep it evolving, changing and always refreshing the copy. The search engines love this. The following article: is a really good read on ways you can achieve this.

Search Engine Optimization Rewards
Google absolutely loves fresh copy and blogging can certainly satisfy the demands of these engines. By continually putting new content live, you will over time, become and authority in your field and start to dominate your industry online. I know a lot of people I speak to shake their heads in disbelief when confronted with the task of blog writing, but take it from someone who is an avid blogger; it does get easier. Like with everything it does take lots of practice but your will notice the level of your blogging skills start to improve over time. You might  in fact start to enjoy it.