High Converting Web Landing Pages, what you need to know

What is a landing page?

Commonly known as a squeeze page a landing page is a specific website page design purely for one purpose and one topic. Most businesses use them for Google Adwords but nowadays they are becoming more common as conversion rate optimisation becomes a hot SEO topic for 2018.

Most businesses haven’t put too much thought into their landing page design and until recently as the competitive nature of the digital space grows. Having a strong landing page will help your customers find what they are searching for and to add to that will help Google index your page leading to better rankings. So, following are the essential ingredients that should go into your next landing page.

Why make a landing page?

Because it’s the best way to generate direct qualified sales leads to your website. Google will index these individual landing pages and rank them according to the page title and content. Basically, it allows you to narrow which customers are viewing your page and this is all done through their search.

Important Landing Page Points: Above the Fold

I bet you’re the type of person who hates waiting around while a website loads. I can also bet that you are fairly impatient and want to see what the message is on the page you just clicked on. Statistics show that most people want to have this information at their finger tips within 2-3 seconds. Known as your unique selling point, this has to be above the fold so that people can quickly grasp what your selling or offering. As you can see below, the message is clear, to the point with absolutely no mixed messages.

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Inquiry Box

This is probably one of the most important landing page elements as there are many people who prefer to send and email and wait for you to call them back. This should be above the fold as per the above example. Don’t make people look around your site searching for this. Position this box on the top left or right hand side on the top banner so they can fill it out quickly. Once done, they should be notified that their email was sent and a time frame that you are likely to respond.

Large phone number

This is fairly self explanatory but you should be adding little bits of information to compliment this like: having a 1800 or 1300 number so if people are calling you from interstate it’s free. Even add the words; Free Call to entice them to ring. You should also include precious snippets of information like: free delivery, free shipping or open 7 days, right at the top above the banner so people can clearly see this.

Simple navigation

Your landing page should be as simple and straight to the point as possible with little or no navigation. Landing pages are all about getting people to fill out a form or call you and not to navigate to other areas of the site. Restrict this to perhaps a testimonials or gallery page. If however, you landing page is extensive with loads of information you may like to pop a menu bar halfway down the page make it easier for people to skip to relevant sections.

Strong and powerful headlines

Keep this simple and to the point with no more than 1 primary sentence as the lead in point and a secondary sentence to back this up. What you say here can make or break the whole landing page so you have to know what your customers are looking for and appropriately address this in the copy. Look at how this page is going to benefit the customer such as:

Save money and time using our hot water system

Having trouble finding the right lawyer? We can help

Is finding the right SEO agency difficult?

Why you’re the best choice clearly articulated

Just below the fold you have to clearly explain to people why you’re the best choice for them. Having it near the top of the page will reinforce this point. Using infographics or clear hot boxes is a great idea as most people really want to skim over this and digest the information quickly. Keep it to 3 or 4 points maximum. No point boring people or over selling yourself as they have probably already completed the inquiry form and are now just browsing the page, waiting for you to contact the, A good point to not before we move further is don’t leave it more than 24 hours as most customers want their inquiry handled promptly. Delaying this sets a bad example and puts you in a position where you have to apologise. Not a good look or start to the relationship.

Great Graphics

All the above are fairly cut and dry, but it’s important to have the page looking good. Consumers want to be dazzled with graphics and clear images. This will set the tone and personality for the business they will be dealing with. The image should be relevant to the landing page and the message your trying to convey. Simple enough! For example, if you’re a real estate agent agency, have a lovely image of a happy couple who have just sold their house for a terrific price.

Landing Page Points, below the fold

Once your customer has seen all of the above they are probably committed or at least very curious about your business, if you have designed all the on page elements correctly. If they are still keen to learn more and they are just a little bit uncertain, you need to add a few points and hot buttons to gain further trust.

4 ways to earn customers trusts below the fold of your landing page

1) add testimonials from legitimate customers

2) you might like to add some images of work you have done or clients you have worked with in the past. Big brands that everyone knows with a testimonial will ramp up the trust factor

3) add a large local phone number with the words: Call us now

4) Add one more juicy call to action such as: First 20 callers receive a 50% discount or Free deliver Sydney wide. Make sure you don’t blow it here and turn people away with a poorly worded ‘action box’.

In summary

Your landing page is a strong weapon you can use anytime to generate new business leads. It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools when used in conjunction with your SEO or Adwords. If you have all the elements implemented properly then your going to have the best chance of grabbing the attention of anyone who lands on this page. Making the page sticky and hard for people to leave is the name of the game here. Like the venus fly trap once they land on it, make it hard for them to leave.

If you are having trouble designing or coming up with ideas for your landing page, the team here at SEO Sydney Experts are experts in this area. All you have to do is call us on: 02 9360 8514 or contact us here.

How to know if your ‘Google Team’ are doing their job

Can you tell if your SEO agency is performing and doing what they said they would be doing in your initial meeting? In an enormous amount of instances there is an enormous gap in what is actually being done on your SEO campaign and what was promised to you in the initial sales pitch. There is a hell of a lot of hype and sales talk in the initial meeting but so often the follow through is seriously weak and under whelming. This can lead to frustration, mistrust and bitterness from business owners who take a dim view on all SEO and digital agencies just because they have been burnt in the past.

I know this as I receive calls every day from business owners that are literally tearing their hair out wondering why their Google rankings are stagnant and going no where. They are paying good money based on the promises of the first meeting, yet the results they are seeing are a joke. It’s up to agencies like ours at SEO Sydney Experts to explain what is going wrong and what’s now needed to fix the issues and restore or get the rankings back on track. So before you embark on your SEO journey and perhaps make the fatal mistake of choosing the wrong team I have decided to compile a list of question your should be asking them prior to proceeding. This way you will quickly know if they are about to waste your precious time and money.

Increase the number of website visitors

The best type of SEO agencies are going to do the right type of research before they deliver you the first ranking report. If what your receive is just a list of keywords that have risen in the rankings, my advise is to ditch then at the end of this pathetic report. This is a scam a joke and a way many businesses get scammed by SEO companies. What happens is they give you positive rankings for keywords that are easy to rank and that are not necessarily going to drive targeted and high conversion focused leads. You end up paying for keywords that rank well yet are of little value.

What you should be looking out for is a combination of great rankings and traffic numbers.

Before the campaign even commences you should be given a comprehensive list of targeted keywords and the amount of traffic they are likely to bring in. You need to be ranking for those set of words that have the largest traffic numbers. These are often the sweet spot for businesses, being the most competitive and sort after words and here in lied the challenge. Anyone can rank easy to attain keywords, but only those SEO agencies that are any good will be able to rank the keywords with the largest traffic volumes.

Please be aware and this is something that your SEO team should have pointed out to you from the get go: SEO takes time and there are no immediate, fast rankings. In the world of Google, it takes time and it takes many man hours of work to rank a website. Those agencies promising you any type of guarantee or rankings within 90 days or your money back should be avoided.

Your SEO company needs to immediately address these issues asap!!

# 1: your websites titles and meta descriptions

#2: all ‘on page’ issues like content, site speed, mobile compatibility and graphics including the user experience

# 3: a complete audit of all in bound links that were made by any past SEO efforts. If they’re dodgy they will need to be immediately pruned

#4: a look at your Google analytics to inspect where the website traffic is coming from, bounce rates address any issues that you can see from a thorough analysis.

Without your SEO team working on all of the above 4 points chances of rankings are going to be seriously hampered. Be alert if they do not report on any of the above and ask why if they don’t. It’s this type of behaviour and neglect to website fundamentals that can throw your SEO rankings into a tail spin

It’s all about the organic traffic!

When it comes to measuring your websites traffic you need to have strict KPI’s in place that will ensure you are getting an increase in the number of organic searches month after month. Sometimes a nifty trick that SEO companies will play is to show the overall traffic to a website for all sources (including social media, paid ads as well as direct branded traffic), which is a misrepresentation of SEO. These results can often inflate the true value and viability of the SEO campaign and is a common trick I must say that is used far too often.

You need to be asking your SEO team where the results are coming from and what percentage (you will need this broken down) are coming directly as a result of the SEO campaign. That is the organic search. All other stats at this stage are pure fluff and irrelevant. You will also need to know once visitors are on your site:

Number of pages per session per visit

Bounce rate – this is a critical figures as you want this as low as possible and if you are working with an SEO agency that can help you reduce these rates through their design skills you are on a winner!

Time spent on site

Number of conversions you’re website is achieving

These above points are the most important ones. Make sure these are being addressed at all stages throughout your campaign. If they start talking about overall traffic numbers they are trying to whitewash the results and this is a really bad sign.

Be certain to question your SEO agency about:

– Are you reporting on all forms of traffic and not organic, and if not, why? This is a tough question and if you find them stumbling here, there is something fishy going on.

– If there has been an increase in web traffic, why hasn’t my sales increased or my conversions? This is tied in with the user experience and the results you are getting for analytics and must be addressed immediately. Basically, what this boils down to is the way the site is performing. It’s all well and good to get traffic but people need to like and be engaged with what they see online. If they hate it they will leave and this will increase bounce rates. If they like what they see they will be more likely to buy from you which is the perfect solution; great UX + SEO rankings = more sales!

You need to be Generating More Solid Conversions

 Increasing conversions is the best outcome of any SEO campaign so you really need to get a thorough understanding of how conversions can be reported.

Firstly, what is a conversion? It really is a desired outcome for the website. What do you want some one to do? It could be:

– leave their contact details

– sign up to a newsletter

– commenting on a blog

– buying a product or even making a call

All these can be measured and there should be a common ground reached before you start the SEO campaign as to what your desired conversions are. Most businesses we know of simply want the phone to ring ot people to fill out the inquiry form. All of these conversions can be tracked and they need to be reported back to you on a monthly basis. These results can be easily quantified and measured so there is no reason why you should not be getting this valuable information.

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The best SEO agency that has a firm handle on customer user experience, design interface and SEO will be able to clearly articulate why an increase in traffic has not led to an increase in conversion rates. This is the fundamental outcome of an SEO campaign and MUST and I repeat MUST be conveyed to you.

A ton of dodgy SEO agencies ( to hide the fact that they are using ‘black hat’ SEO techniques – which is really bad) will use metrics that measure conversions based on the number of people landing on the contact page only and claiming this is a victory. This is a lazy way of implementing SEO and you must start questioning the validity of their service. It can go a step worse where conversions are not even mentioned and success is measured in rankings only – this is old school SEO and should be avoided at all costs. SEO is all encompassing and part of the digital umbrella – conversions are not your job it’s ours!

Having the conversation about conversion needs to begin now. Delaying this is only going to give your opposition the leg up and you are the one that’s going to loose out.

If you’ve got more questions about SEO or conversion rates and want to speak with a professional digital agency then cal us on 02 9360 8514. We know what it takes to double, even triple sales!

Why Australian Hotels Need SEO to Remain Competitive

It doesn’t matter if your running a small country hotel or your part of a multi national hotel brand, one thing is certain, you need to be doing SEO if you are going to attract new guests. Nothing is more critical nowadays than having your website ranking on Google.

Sure you can get new business from popping your hotel on booking engines like Trip Advisor, Booking.com and Agoda but nothing will generate the amount of new customer inquires than having your website on page 1 of Google. Let me elaborate on this to make this point clearer. I know a lot of hotels rely heavily on the established booking engines but for other facets and parts of your business these really don’t work too well. They are strictly all about rooms and what happens if your buried on page 25? You will get nothing.

Let’s say for example you have a hotel in Sydney and want to attract local and overseas guests. The first thing they are going to type into Google when looking for a hotel to stay in Sydney is the keywords ‘hotels Sydney’. If your website is on page 1 the chances of you getting that inquiry are seriously good. You should even have a maps listing up there with some quality reviews. All these happen and come once SEO is implemented. Without it you can forget about it. It just won’t happen and your website will be sitting there languishing on page 10. Not ideal is a competitive area such as travel. There are too many options and choices placed in front of the consumer so you have to take the initiative and be extremely proactive in this space.

As another example let’s say you are a marketing manager of a big name brand hotel in Sydney like The Hilton, Sheraton or The Marriot and your job is to start pushing and promoting different business components of your hotel like; the restaurants or the large open ballroom for weddings, events and conferences.

This is where the effectiveness of SEO can really help you hit your marketing goals. At SEO Sydney Experts we can optimise keywords like ‘wedding venues Sydney’ or ‘conference venues Sydney’ and link these back to custom designed conversion focused landing pages. This is a fantastic marketing strategy and it works. Sure you can still rely on other forms of direct marketing like contacting wedding planners and event organisers as well as social media promotions,, but nothing will give you the kind of results that Google can.

I am not just saying this because we are in the SEO space, I am telling you because we have seen the results first hand of what a good online search engine ranking can do for a business. It’s absolutely amazing. One day you are relying on old fashioned out dated techniques that bring in a meagre amount of inquiries and after implementing an SEO campaign, the phone is ringing non stop.

If you think I’m kidding here I can tell you fist hand that we have ranked a business in the travel industry on page 1 of Google and within 8 months they are now the largest for their particular field. It’s all about getting them up there on page 1 and making that landing page a high conversion page (CRO). That is, you eliminate any hurdles they may have in contacting you. Plus you want to make it as appealing and eye catching as possible. CRO in combination with SEO is a killer strategy.

This type of SEO strategy will also work for hotels and motels in regional Australia. For example if you run a hotel in say Wagga Wagga or a motel in Port Macquarie you can apply the same techniques here. All we need to do is optimise keywords like ‘hotels Port Macquarie or hotels Coffs Harbour’, design some fantastic landing pages and once ranked, you will see the huge difference this makes.

A point to note here is that SEO is a long term strategy. There are some quick wins but overall you need to be doing this for the medium to long term for it to be effective. As a business owner or part of a marketing team, you need to think that SEO is now a firm and very central part of your marketing mix. If you find that sales are sluggish give this a go and see how dramatically your hotel or motel bookings turn around. Waiting and doing nothing simply gives your competition a distinct advantage.

SEO & CRO the Perfect Marketing Mix. See Why!

We all know what SEO is, but many business owners in Sydney still do not really understand CRO or why it’s one of the most important factors to consider when marketing your business online.

Firstly, what is CRO?

CRO is an anacronym for Conversion Rate Optimisation and it’s basically consumer behaviour once they reach your website. What do they do? How do they behave on the site? Do they exit the site without buying or inquiring for it? Do they land on the home page, search for a couple of minutes and simply leave the page?  Is the user experience unpleasant? Does your potential lead land on a particular page, purchase go through the motions of buying a product and then abandon the shopping cart right before they hit the buy now button?

All of these above consumer traits are part of the CRO process and as a SEO & digital agency it’s our job at SEO Sydney Experts to eliminate any on page negative experiences and maximise conversion rates. Simply put and the really makes perfect sense; if you are going to go to the trouble and effort of ranking a website you MUST make sure that when the customer finds the site, the experience they have is nothing less than perfect. If there are any hurdles in the way of making a purchase or they simply look at the site and can’t figure out what the hell is going on there they will look elsewhere.

If you take a look at all the major brands websites such as Harvey Norman, Qantas, Nike, Hilton Hotels etc, these companies have got the CRO formula perfect. When you land on their sites you know exactly what’s happening and know where to go to make the inquiry. You are left with no doubt in your mind that you are on a trustworthy, professional website and these factors will motivate and encourage you to engage with the company online.

Simply put ,the better the CRO, the better the customer experience and journey and therefore the more likelihood of a sale.If your conversion rates are down then you need to act and act fast. The longer you leave it the better you are making it for your competition so; STOP HELPING YOUR COMPETITORS TODAY!


So what can we do to help you boost your CRO rates and dismal sales leads?

Our conversion rate optimisation service we have a team of web designers that can undertake a complete audit of your current website, take a look into your Google analytics ( to see the nitty gritty facts about your websites performance), and make recommendation on ways to improve performance. Sometimes it’s a quick fix and in other cases, unfortunately it’s a matter of ditching the website and starting again. Sometimes, sites are just beyond repair and anything we do will just wont help CRO rates.

We also look at your business from the customers perspective and see what your unique selling points are and focus our design and SEO efforts on promoting and pushing these. What are you trying to say, what is your business message? We do not want any ambiguity when consumers come to your site. Our aim is to really hit them hard with your message and make sure that they buy from you. Our team of copy writers and designers make sure that there are no mixed messages, missing links, lack of calls to action, deleted phone numbers or hurdles on your site that could in anyway impeded the sale.

In 99.99% of the time our changes will see an immediate improvement in conversion rates. With the  digital age design trends, consumer expectations and Googles ranking algorithm are always evolving.

The outcome for business owners means it’s a matter of constantly upping the standards. Unless you move in line with the evolution of consumer expectations not only will your CRO rates suffer but so too will your online rankings.

CRO will boost sales leads very very quickly!

It’s now a matter of being constantly pro active with your website. Fine tuning it and tweaking it on a regular basis for better performance and CRO rates . It’s not a set and forget scenario any longer. If you think this is the case then you are going to pay dearly for this mind set very quickly in terms of lost business.

Nowadays, Google and the consumer set the rules and it’s up to companies like us here at SEO  Sydney Experts to make sure you are not left behind wondering: ‘what just happened’. I often hear business say, we were busy last year but now it’s gone really quiet. This is the fall out from being negligent with your online presence. The steps you should have taken 3-6 months ago (but didn’t) have now come back to haunt you. Being complacent is a formula for seriously BAD CRO RATES, under performing Google rankings and ultimately lost business opportunities.

Basically, high ranking websites with poor conversion rates must now achieve a higher level of sophistication and creativity, devising more compelling options for consumers to engage and interact with the website content and calls to action.  Staying current is really key to survival in this shifting digital world.

What are the Benefits of our CRO Services

This is a no brainer. The better your CRO rates the more money yo are going to make and this is what you are in business for.

* A great return on investment. Fine tuning websites is not expensive but the rewards are huge.
* You are paying to get better Google ranking so CRO just enhances this
* You can measure the results very quickly. It’s almost immediate. One change here and there and you will start to see the flood of emails.

What are the Benefits of combining SEO and CRO

* When you are ranking  on page 1 customers you won’t be dreading that they will not buy from you. It’s like having a really good looking retail shop in a high traffic busy Westfield shopping centre.
* You are not wasting money on SEO
* You will double, even triple sales leads very quickly. This is not said lightly. You will literally see a dramatic boost. We have seen this happen before many time.

In conclusion: if your website is not converting as well as it should, and you are finding that your business has somehow lost it’s online competitive edge, contact the CRO team on 02 9360 8514. We make make changes happen to your website immediately.

We are the best digital agency for this in Sydney because you are getting the perfect mix of SEO experts and CRO specialist. Believe me when I tell you that this is a winning combination.

Content and SEO, The Perfect Marriage

Content without SEO, simply will not work and conversely SEO without content just won’t do the trick. Having them both work together in harmony is what is going to rank your website and rank it well on Google. Essentially, it’s like a marriage one cannot exist without the other. Many people often tell me that SEO is dead and that it’s all about content marketing. Well, Im here to tell you that this is totally wrong. Without the power of a SEO campaign your web pages ( and I don’t care how well written they are) are simply not going to get to the top of Google. They will linger on page 4 or 5 and never reach page 1. I know this because I see this happen all the time. People think that simply because they write about a topic it will get to page 1 – this is an illusion and it rarely happens. It’s just far too competitive online.

seo-contentSo why do you need to have content as well as an SEO campaign to rank on Google? Probably the best way to answer this is if I give you an example. Just suppose you were a new business starting out or even an established company and wanted to rank for keywords like ‘cosmetic surgery’ or ‘ bali villas ’. Both are super competitive spaces ( medical and travel) and really sort after by many businesses. Getting to page 1 here is a big ask and a monumental task, especially for new websites. But if you get there, the rewards are going to be worth the effort. Both keywords have well over 1000 searches per month…..just imagine being in the top 5 positions.

Now I know that these are 2 completely different industries but when it comes to internet marketing, especially SEO, then the formula for success and the general outcome is exactly the same.

If I intend to write a content heavy page all about my business and it was very subject specific, (in this case anything to do with cosmetic surgery or holiday villas in Bali) this would be all well and good in terms of getting this content out and informing my existing customer base. But in 99% of the cases it would never get to page 1 of Google. If all I needed to do was to pop this new page on my website with great juicy content, then every one would be doing it and be expecting great rankings….this DOES NOT HAPPEN. You need to back this up with a relevant and diversified back linking campaign. Anything else is just day dreaming and wishful thinking.

Many clients I speak to are told that all they have to do is to keep publishing content and the rankings will surely follow. This is true if you want to rank for some very what is termed ‘long tail keywords’. But, if you want to be up there where the web traffic is, you need to combine content marketing with a solid and continuous SEO campaign. And this must be done by an agency with a proven background.

WHY? Because web pages are not going to get to page 1 of Google, in competitive areas just because you think that it has been well written. If this was the case then everyone would be contracting out a copy writer and publishing pages en masse. If only it were this easy? Google has made it very difficult for individual pages to rank without them having some authority.

This is why your web page must have a targeted SEO back linking campaign if you want it to rank. It’s as simple as that and there is no way around this.

There are a few companies out there in the search engine space that will dispute this and tell would be customers that SEO is completely dead. They will tell you that the only ranking signals that now matter ( post Penguin and Panda update) are adding web pages, in the hope that these will get syndicated by other websites which in turn will boost your authority. This is complete and utter nonsense! It’s not how it works and the end result is a huge website, with many pages that have little or no site visits. This is not how to run a business.

If you hear this when speaking to and SEO company simply walk away!

So how does a business go about starting this process of combining content marketing and SEO? This is not as simple as it looks. Unfortunately, there are not too many agencies out there who can offer this service. These 2 disciplines are often fragmented and outsourced and generally speaking you only end up dealing with an agency that does one or the other. This can be expensive and cause issues if they are implemented without a strategy and without a plan. The end result is again, poor web rankings and you are really back in the same position where you started.

Ideally, you need to be partnering with an SEO agency that has an in house copy team as well as the ability to rank your individual specific content pages through their SEO skills.

To make it easier for small businesses and companies reading this article to find the right agency that can handle both SEO and content I thought I would list 5 of the most relevant questions to ask a potential digital providor. They need to be able to answer all of these with confidence –  when you are doing the ring around.

ONE: How long gas the agency been in business for? Essentially, you do not want to work with an internet start up. You want an established, seasoned team on your side. Plus you need to be working with a proper agency NEVER a freelancer or someone who does not have an actual physical office address – people that work from home ( unfortunately for SEO purposes) are probably going to outsource all your work – they are just middlemen. Meet them in their office. This is a critical point to start with. Make sure you can meet with the copywriter and SEO team in 1 sitting.

TWO: Do they outsource their copy writing or is it done in house. You are an Australian business and you want local copywriters that have local market knowledge. Someone in India or the USA will NOT know how to write for the Aust market. Outsourced copy can be picked a mile away. Your customers will smell it and it will turn them off. It’s seriously bad for business.

THREE: Do you they know how to write copy for the search engines as well as your customer base? A lot of content written has been done so purely for Google algorithm, without a concern for the readers. This is really damaging on 2 fronts. Firstly, the copy will generally be keyword stuffed in the hope of achieving better rankings and secondly, it won’t read well which will have a negative effect on customer conversion rates. Think about it for a moment. What will happen when a potential client lands on your web page and its full of spammy content?  They will see through this poor attempt and simply leave the site. It’s called having a high bounce rate and it is essentially a sales and revenue killer. People are far far too web savvy nowadays and expect NOT to see this type of activity. They want web pages to funnel them through the site without unnecessary waffle or content specifically worded for Google. Conversion is now king. Anything that turns people off or hinders their conversion from the browser to the buyer (such as spammy copy) will kill of any chance you have of making that sale.

FOUR: Ideally, you want to work with an SEO agency that can rank their own website. NEVER EVER go for companies that are paying to get on Google. So for example if you look at the rankings we have been able to achieve for our own website, you can immediately see that we know what we are doing – W H Y ? Because if we are able to rank our own site organically, imaging what we can do for your website. It’s simple logic. Why on earth would any business choose and SEO or digital agency that was unable to rank their own website or had to rely on Google Adwords for rankings. It still astounds me the number of businesses that do not pick up on this point. In fact, it’s a very critical that you understand how important this is. The logic is quite basic if you really think about it. Let me spell it out for you. Anyone can pay to be up there on page 1 of Google for the keywords ‘ SEO’  or ‘ SEO Specialists’. People see these ads and think, they must be a legitimate company if they are on Google. WRONG! These guys are paying a fortune to be there for the simple reason that they cannot rank their own website organically. You will be stepping into very dangerous territory if you let them get their hands on your website. BE WARNED! Go with a SEO or Digital Agency with a solid track record.

FIVE: Are they able to show you some examples of targeted web pages they have been able to rank using the combination of copy and SEO. Plus can they also show you how once they have done this, ways in which they have utilised Analytics to improved the websites entire conversion rates. The reason I say this is because the way the digital landscape has evolved over the past 2 years makes it virtually impossible to be successful online unless you have covered off everything to do with customer conversion. All boxes must be ticked off if the fickle consumer id going to buy from you. SEO and web copy and 2 very important ranking signals but you need to add a whole lot more into the mix here ( design, graphic, conversion points, social media, video)  if you think that you are going to make it online.

If you have noticed a drop in sales and a considerable drop in website traffic, I suggest you get onto this early as these problems will not fix themselves. You need to tackle this head on by speaking with a SEO and Content marketing agency that can look at your website and come up with a tangible solutions that will solve a lot of your online marketing problems.

Call us today on 02 9360 8514 – it’s a free call and you will be surprised by what just 5 minutes speaking with me will do for your business.

Tips to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

In the online world purchasing decisions are made within a couple of seconds. Your website has a few moments to make an impact or get a response and this is why conversion rates really matter when it comes to your website design and user experience. If the customer doesn’t like what they see, they will exit the site and most likely go to a competitor. Remember, it’s really easy to hit the exit button. People are not loyal and your website needs to convert these people into paying customers very quickly.

Conversion is king when it comes to website strategy

Not an easy task but following are a few great tips to optimising your website so it is performing at its very best and converting as many people who visit your site as possible.

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

conversionrateseoCRO is the technique used to convert as many website visitors into paying clients. Ideally you want a reaction or signal out of your visitor and these can vary depending on your conversion goals. Some people want you to sign up to a newsletter while others want you to complete the online inquiry form. There can be dozens of these conversion points throughout your website and it’s the job of your design team to work out a strategy that will increase the rates of conversion and in turn your sales.

Conversion rate optimisation also involves reducing web bounce rates. That is, site exits from the home page or they page they land on. Website stickiness and site exploration is what converts users the logic being; the longer they spend on your website and the more they interact and engage with it, the higher the probability of an inquiry. If you want to succeed online and make money from your website then CRO is a vital and extremely important component of your digital marketing campaign.

Why Does your customers need a conversion focused website?

There are many components of the website that need to be optimised for conversion. Websites can be broken down into various components and each of these need to be looked at:

  • The check out process for an eCommerce website – it needs to be simple, easy to use and allow customers to buy the goods with a minimum of fuss and distractions. You want to eliminate all road blocks when it comes to buying a product. Nothing annoys people more than having to register their name and email address at the check out. Let then continue the process as a guest without all the hassle and you will find that your sales will start to improve. It’s a nightmare having to verify emails and go through the whole headache just to buy some clothes for example. CRO makes everything so much easier.
  • If you require users to fill out a form – auto population of forms is a great idea.
  • Newsletter sign ups need to be done so that the client feels they can opt out at any time. Plus with all site wide forms ( inquiry, contact and subscription) they need to be super simple to fill out and email off.
  • A lot of people will land on a website and not know what to do. yes, there are people out there in the world like this and will need to be guided to the end goal. Its the function of conversion rate optimisation that will enable your customers to find what they are looking for within seconds. Think of it like a shop front. You wouldn’t put any barriers to entry at the front door, so why would you do it on your website?
  • People are essentially time poor and they’re probably doing their shopping on the way to work or in their lunch hour. You website must have loads of conversion points that enable site visitors to make the purchase, booking or inquiry easily. Time online is a valuable commodity and your don;t want to waste it. People would prefer to watch their Facebook feeds or check their Instagram accounts rather than messing around with your website figuring out where to go. This is the reality of the digital would in 2018!

All of the above are necessary functions of a website and need to be continuously fine tuned and improved for better conversion. You can always check the effectiveness of your CRO by using your Google analytics. If bounce rates are up, then it’s back to the drawing board. If they are down, then job well done. But, never rest. You should always be studying your competition, looking at web trends and making constant improvements to the user experience.

Conversion rate optimisation tips

1. Simplify all web processes.

The more complicated your website is, the higher the chances of site abandonment and bounce rates. Simplify everything, make the web journey as easy as possible and the rewards will be there.

Point to consider include:

  • Make sure the web layout is simple, uncluttered and clean – avoid flashy images, over use of colourful graphics, pop ups and animating banners.
  • If you want information, keep it under 4 fields: name, email and web address & phone number. Anything more like your cats name or date of birth, passport number is just overkill and a real pain in ass.
  • Do not give too many choices and options. Guide your customer, never let them guide you or offer opportunities for site exits. Remember, it’s your site and you need to control the flow of your customer.
  • Lengthy scrolling down massive pages with too many images are a site killer – keep it all within the top half of the page.
  • Never make users sign up or join if you want them to buy something – make this optional NEVER compulsory. There is nothing worse than having to verify emails right before your buy the product. It’s a pain and you never know what they are going to do with your information. Just like buying at the retail level – you want to be in and out quickly. Signing up and joining clubs whilst good for some, is very inconvenient for the majority of the population. In fact the ABS reports that 92% of people will not proceed with the check out if they are forced to join up.

2. Lengthy Loading Speed Will Destroy Your Website

This is a no brainer. Minimise download times and website speed to a few seconds. Anything more and you can kiss your customers goodbye. Add to this, Google looks at site speed when it comes to your SEO ranking and site speed/download times become a real issue. If you have been using a  SEO company in the past that has not addressed site speed then you need to look at changing your SEO team. This is a critical issue and these guys should be onto this from the get go. It’s really the first thing that they should be looking at. Have a look at what the Google guru Matt Cutts say about site speed and how it can affect your rankings.

If your website has too many images, flashing banners, large graphics, then you need to measure site speed – there are tools out there for this, but it’s best to leave it to the professionals who will know to optimise your site so it’s super fast and very Google compliant.

Loading delays, watching the wheel spin for 30 seconds before the site loads is going to have a serious impact on your business – be very aware of this and do everything you can to keep your site lightening fast. Remember, slow websites equate to poor performance which equals disastrous conversions. You know exactly what I am talking about here. How many times have you hit the delete button whilst waiting for a site to load?

Some great points to note:

  • Significantly downsize each individual web page – limit graphics and text – keep them manageable.
  • Optimising all of your images so they are very SEO compatible.
  • Ensure your hosting response times are quick – servers should ideally be based in Sydney – if you have hosting outside Sydney consider switching providors as soon as you can.

3. Mobile Web Design Makes Life Simple

Mobile traffic from iphones and handhelds are expected to increase seven fold by the year 2018. Too add to this, statistics show that this mobile market is way more impatient than the traditional desktop user and if your site is not super efficient and a click away from buying then they are exiting. Responsive sites and individual mobile sites (.m) are going to play an increasingly important role in the user experience and ultimately in your web conversions. This mobile reality is here and conversions are only going to get worse, the longer you delay the inevitable. Most websites are now mobile friendly especially if they are built using a WordPress CMS.

4. Update old website content

A lot of people forget to change or tweak old copy and websites can tend to become out dated or irrelevant which will affect the way people engage with the site. If what they’re reading sounds like it was written 10 years ago, this may affect trust and put some doubt in customers minds about the legitimacy of your business. Look at ways to refresh copy whether it’s an old blog post or a key heading on the home page. Keeping your website fresh is an important key to better conversion rates. On top of this it will help with your SEO.

5. Clean up dead or broken links

Over time links die as web pages get deleted or become obsolete. The last thing you want your customers to be doing is clicking on a link that takes them to a non existent page. Clean this up quickly. There are heaps of free tools you can use but try: https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/broken-link-checker/

So ask yourself this question? Are your website conversions suffering because you have been too lazy to do anything about it or you really just have never thought about this issue? Contact us today to speak to one of our online marketing professionals for a FREE consultation on improving your conversion rates. CALL 02 9360 8514.

In many cases the fixes are quite simple and can be done really easily but like everything else in the digital space this requires loads of constant attention and monitoring. I suggest you treat this as a matter of urgency as you could be spending a fortune on SEO and getting lots of visitors to your site without sales improving. This is more common than you would think and the people that actually do something about it are the ones that benefit.