How to know if your ‘Google Team’ are doing their job

Can you tell if your SEO agency is performing and doing what they said they would be doing in your initial meeting? In an enormous amount of instances there is an enormous gap in what is actually being done on your SEO campaign and what was promised to you in the initial sales pitch. There is a hell of a lot of hype and sales talk in the initial meeting but so often the follow through is seriously weak and under whelming. This can lead to frustration, mistrust and bitterness from business owners who take a dim view on all SEO and digital agencies just because they have been burnt in the past.

I know this as I receive calls every day from business owners that are literally tearing their hair out wondering why their Google rankings are stagnant and going no where. They are paying good money based on the promises of the first meeting, yet the results they are seeing are a joke. It’s up to agencies like ours at SEO Sydney Experts to explain what is going wrong and what’s now needed to fix the issues and restore or get the rankings back on track. So before you embark on your SEO journey and perhaps make the fatal mistake of choosing the wrong team I have decided to compile a list of question your should be asking them prior to proceeding. This way you will quickly know if they are about to waste your precious time and money.

Increase the number of website visitors

The best type of SEO agencies are going to do the right type of research before they deliver you the first ranking report. If what your receive is just a list of keywords that have risen in the rankings, my advise is to ditch then at the end of this pathetic report. This is a scam a joke and a way many businesses get scammed by SEO companies. What happens is they give you positive rankings for keywords that are easy to rank and that are not necessarily going to drive targeted and high conversion focused leads. You end up paying for keywords that rank well yet are of little value.

What you should be looking out for is a combination of great rankings and traffic numbers.

Before the campaign even commences you should be given a comprehensive list of targeted keywords and the amount of traffic they are likely to bring in. You need to be ranking for those set of words that have the largest traffic numbers. These are often the sweet spot for businesses, being the most competitive and sort after words and here in lied the challenge. Anyone can rank easy to attain keywords, but only those SEO agencies that are any good will be able to rank the keywords with the largest traffic volumes.

Please be aware and this is something that your SEO team should have pointed out to you from the get go: SEO takes time and there are no immediate, fast rankings. In the world of Google, it takes time and it takes many man hours of work to rank a website. Those agencies promising you any type of guarantee or rankings within 90 days or your money back should be avoided.

Your SEO company needs to immediately address these issues asap!!

# 1: your websites titles and meta descriptions

#2: all ‘on page’ issues like content, site speed, mobile compatibility and graphics including the user experience

# 3: a complete audit of all in bound links that were made by any past SEO efforts. If they’re dodgy they will need to be immediately pruned

#4: a look at your Google analytics to inspect where the website traffic is coming from, bounce rates address any issues that you can see from a thorough analysis.

Without your SEO team working on all of the above 4 points chances of rankings are going to be seriously hampered. Be alert if they do not report on any of the above and ask why if they don’t. It’s this type of behaviour and neglect to website fundamentals that can throw your SEO rankings into a tail spin

It’s all about the organic traffic!

When it comes to measuring your websites traffic you need to have strict KPI’s in place that will ensure you are getting an increase in the number of organic searches month after month. Sometimes a nifty trick that SEO companies will play is to show the overall traffic to a website for all sources (including social media, paid ads as well as direct branded traffic), which is a misrepresentation of SEO. These results can often inflate the true value and viability of the SEO campaign and is a common trick I must say that is used far too often.

You need to be asking your SEO team where the results are coming from and what percentage (you will need this broken down) are coming directly as a result of the SEO campaign. That is the organic search. All other stats at this stage are pure fluff and irrelevant. You will also need to know once visitors are on your site:

Number of pages per session per visit

Bounce rate – this is a critical figures as you want this as low as possible and if you are working with an SEO agency that can help you reduce these rates through their design skills you are on a winner!

Time spent on site

Number of conversions you’re website is achieving

These above points are the most important ones. Make sure these are being addressed at all stages throughout your campaign. If they start talking about overall traffic numbers they are trying to whitewash the results and this is a really bad sign.

Be certain to question your SEO agency about:

– Are you reporting on all forms of traffic and not organic, and if not, why? This is a tough question and if you find them stumbling here, there is something fishy going on.

– If there has been an increase in web traffic, why hasn’t my sales increased or my conversions? This is tied in with the user experience and the results you are getting for analytics and must be addressed immediately. Basically, what this boils down to is the way the site is performing. It’s all well and good to get traffic but people need to like and be engaged with what they see online. If they hate it they will leave and this will increase bounce rates. If they like what they see they will be more likely to buy from you which is the perfect solution; great UX + SEO rankings = more sales!

You need to be Generating More Solid Conversions

 Increasing conversions is the best outcome of any SEO campaign so you really need to get a thorough understanding of how conversions can be reported.

Firstly, what is a conversion? It really is a desired outcome for the website. What do you want some one to do? It could be:

– leave their contact details

– sign up to a newsletter

– commenting on a blog

– buying a product or even making a call

All these can be measured and there should be a common ground reached before you start the SEO campaign as to what your desired conversions are. Most businesses we know of simply want the phone to ring ot people to fill out the inquiry form. All of these conversions can be tracked and they need to be reported back to you on a monthly basis. These results can be easily quantified and measured so there is no reason why you should not be getting this valuable information.

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The best SEO agency that has a firm handle on customer user experience, design interface and SEO will be able to clearly articulate why an increase in traffic has not led to an increase in conversion rates. This is the fundamental outcome of an SEO campaign and MUST and I repeat MUST be conveyed to you.

A ton of dodgy SEO agencies ( to hide the fact that they are using ‘black hat’ SEO techniques – which is really bad) will use metrics that measure conversions based on the number of people landing on the contact page only and claiming this is a victory. This is a lazy way of implementing SEO and you must start questioning the validity of their service. It can go a step worse where conversions are not even mentioned and success is measured in rankings only – this is old school SEO and should be avoided at all costs. SEO is all encompassing and part of the digital umbrella – conversions are not your job it’s ours!

Having the conversation about conversion needs to begin now. Delaying this is only going to give your opposition the leg up and you are the one that’s going to loose out.

If you’ve got more questions about SEO or conversion rates and want to speak with a professional digital agency then cal us on 02 9360 8514. We know what it takes to double, even triple sales!

Need Help Choosing a Digital Agency in Sydney?

Are you confused about the role a digital agency should play in your business? Are you finding that the internet is becoming overwhelming and you don’t know what course to take and which path you should follow? Do you find that everywhere you look online, your competition has a presence yet you are no where to be found? Do you want your business to be actively playing in the digital space? Then read on as following are some great tips to help you choose the right digital agency.

Seriously Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency

Looking to hire or partner with a digital marketing agency is a serious decision and one that needs to be thought out. In the past all that businesses needed to consider was their website and a SEO campaign. How things have changed and moved on. The online landscape has become so confusing and cluttered that all businesses wanting to be competitive in this space now need the professional help of a digital agency.


Similar to choosing the right SEO agency, choosing the right digital agency will be a great marketing move for your business. Make an error in judgement at this stage and you might as well kiss any chance of online success goodbye. There are far too many SEO scams online that you need to be aware of. Watch out!


What is their strategy for your business?

You might think that hiring a digital agency is a step in the right direction and that is all you need to do make that call, but the first thing they need to be detailing to you is their digital strategy or online foot print they intend to implement for your company. Many ‘so called’ digital agencies will offer you a cookie cutter template that describes their services but the issue with this is that they do not have or have not undertaken a full study of your business and come back with a detailed plan.

All they do is throw some facts and figures at you with a few colourful charts without any preconceived idea of what they will do for you and expect you to digest this ‘waffle’. This is the issue with a large percentage of digital agencies. In an attempt to get your business they try to baffle you with industry buzz words, impressive graphs and over optimistic promises that have little or no substance at all. This is dangerous and this is where your business will fail and fail miserably

I can honestly say from over 20 years in this industry I have seem businesses absolutely crumble because they have made a really poor decision with their digital, web or SEO partner.

My advice to you is not to be seduced by the garble that comes out of their mouths and really look at the nitty gritty of what they can do for you. What ever you do, do not believe their hype and stats unless you can fully verify this. It’s a major con and you do not want to fall victim to scam artists that disguise themselves as digital agencies.

What’s their SEO like?

Any decent digital agency will be able to demonstrate their SEO abilities. One of the most important parts of any campaign is their ability to rank sites on Google. Check their own rankings and if are no where to be found online give them the flick. Even worse, if you contacted them through Adwords then this is counter intuitive to the fundamentals of SEO so again delete their name and number. Only partner with a digital agency that has a solid online ranking.

What’s their Social Media Strategy like and what are they going to do for your business?

Social media platforms are now the norm. Your future digital agency should be able to present you with the right platforms that your business should be active on and articulate a cohesive strategy designed to get you more traction online. Remember, in the social media space, posting content randomly is now not enough. There needs to be a strategy to cut through the clutter.

 What are their web design skills like?

This is really important now as customer conversion rate optimisation becomes paramount in getting online viewers on your website to make that purchase. Websites have evolved significantly over the past couple of years to a level where each page needs to be treated as a main landing page. This is where the services of a digital agency with strong web skills can help. Having said that, finding the right balance is difficult and must be taken into account when choosing your agency. I have blogged about this endlessly on other posts, but just to reiterate; it’s useless having a website ranking on Google if it is not performing well. This is how far the digital space has come. Go back 5 years and all that mattered was your Google ranking. This is not the case now. Ranking is only 1 part of the puzzle. Your site now needs to perform as a sales machine, converting all that land on it into loyal paying customers. Make sure who ever you choose understands CRO and can point out issues with your current site and what they would do to fix it.

What type of results are they promising?

If you are getting the feel that the person you are speaking with over the phone is becoming pushy and promising really quick results then it’s time to hang up. Any digital strategy takes time. You have to assess and measure results and make changes accordingly. This is a lengthy and time consuming process, especially when it comes to your SEO rankings. It’s a marathon, not a sprint and the winners are those businesses that are prepared to stick it out for the long term.

Are the proposed strategies sustainable?

Are they saying what you want to hear or are they being honest with their approach to your marketing. A Sugar coated approach followed up by a sudden rise in traffic numbers and Google rankings is not what this is about. Nor should you embrace this type of digital philosophy. Remember, what goes up online quickly., will plummet even harder. Sustainable results backed up by web analytics proving the numbers are what your agency should be presenting. So for example, if you have suddenly materialised on page 1 of Google after years in the wilderness, it’s time to panic.

Who will be managing the account?

Like so many agencies you get allocated an account manager. This is not a bad think, but make sure you meet with them and see if they have an understanding of your business goals, KPI’s and targets. You need to get on with them as well. Because digital marketing is such a hands on service, you can expect to be communicating with them frequently. For this reason alone, you have to be on the same page to begin with.

What determines success & how will you report this?

Success is measured in sales. If your numbers are up at all levels, inquiries, sales and revenue then your digital campaign is working. If you have the traffic numbers that are sky rocketing but sales have only improved slightly then something is wrong. If people are coming to your site and not engaging with it then this has to be addressed. Also if you getting heaps of social media traction and this is not translating into sales then again something is amiss.

Success = More revenue.

This is the best formula and one that needs to be reported on a monthly basis. Your agency needs to have access to your analytics and be able to report on a whole raft of data. Obviously they need to break this down into a digestible format that is easy to understand.

What sets them apart from their competition?

It’s a very competitive space so as a business owner you have many choices. All I can say is that you really need to pick an agency that can demonstrate strong skills at all levels of web, SEO, social media and design. This is where the team at SEO Sydney Experts can help – see our difference and see why we are the preferred digital partner for many Sydney based businesses.

Being thorough and asking the right questions will help you make the most informed decision possible when hiring someone to assist your business with your digital marketing efforts.

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Why You NOW Need a Digital Agency?

If you want to increase your sales leads, then you need a Digital Agency. SEO is only part of your marketing equation. Nowadays you need a digital marketing agency working with you to compliment your SEO campaign. WHY? Because SEO is only 1 strand or 1 part of you marketing mix. As a business owner you need to start thinking about expanding your reach and this can only be done with the help of a digital marketing agency like SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS.

Let me elaborate on this as the digital marketing landscape has changed significantly over the last 12 months.

In years gone by (and I am talking well over 10 years now), if a business wanted to attract new customers, all it had to do was put an ad in the local paper of the Yellow Pages. This was a once a month or year activity and it was really set and forget. HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED!

digitalagencyLets move forward say 3 years to the beginning of 2000 and businesses now look to Google for all their marketing. Google essentially put most print ads directories ( like the Yellow Pages) out of business as this became the ‘go to’ search engine. All businesses ever wanted for the last 10-15 years was to be on the first page of Google and this led this led to an absolute explosion of SEO companies. Some where good and most were bad, but the point here is that this is the only place consumers were searching when it came to good or services.

The only issue with Google and being on page 1 was that there is only so many available spaces on page 1 if you want to rank organically. PLUS the price of adwords was and is becoming out of reach for most small business owners. In some cases people can be paying up to $50 per click for their Adwords and this simply does not stack up. It’s just way too pricey.

Like everything in the digital environment, websites were popping up all over the place as businesses looked at alternatives to advertise and get their message out there. Businesses without the budget for SEO or Adwords, were starting to play around in the social media space on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. What they found was that these were working. Businesses had actually found other avenues to promote themselves online.

As these platforms became more and more popular, businesses started to realise that they also needed to be in this space as part of their mainstream marketing if they were going to be competitive. Now if you visit any of these social media sites you are going to see them jammed packed with information, ads and posts. It’s starting to become increasingly harder to stand out and be noticed here. Like Google businesses are now looking for the next digital space to sell their wares.

This leads me in to remarketing. Have you ever noticed ads following you around whist you are browsing the net. Well this is remarketing and is another marketing tool businesses are all starting to use to get noticed. A product introduced by Google to further help businesses get online, this is fast becoming extremely popular. Get on the Sydney Morning Herald website and you will see all these type of ads. The trend is growing and getting bigger.

For most businesses and I am including some mid to large companies all these new technologies are hard to quantify and measure. As a business you need to measure a return on investment and this is where you need the help of a digital marketing agency. WHY? Because they can put together a digital marketing campaign that can cover all these new platforms. If you have a budget they should be able to customise a targeted strategy that will see you generate the maximum return on your investment dollar.

These new and evolving technologies are not easy to understand and if you go it alone, the chances are you are going to end up spending more money and ultimately missing your target audience. Having a digital agency as your online partner means that you are neatly covering off these main areas, which should form, at the very least, the cornerstone of your online marketing.

To recap: a digital agency should be able to provide the following services all in house and all backed up by proven results.

Search Engine Optimisation – they need to know what keywords will have the highest amount of online traffic relevant to your business and be able to rank these for you. Only go with a proven SEO company – mistakes here will KILL your business as SEO is the most important marketing tool for your website.

Adwords – Whilst your SEO is being implemented, to drive some traffic and generate leads you should be targeting your consumers through a managed Adwords campaign. My advice is to not do this alone as it can get very expensive with costly mistakes if you do not have a thorough understanding of how it works. You don’t want to throw good money away here…believe me!
Social Media Marketing – your business needs to be active on the most popular social media platforms. If you aren’t, your competition will be and this is disastrous for any business looking to capture new clients. This space is becoming more popular and your customers now expecat that they can engage with your company on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If you are not visible in this space this can damage your brand. Hence the need for a digital agency that can manage this effectively for you and provide you with measured results. DON’T AVOID THIS SPACE. Let the team here at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS manage every facet of your social media marketing.

Blogs and Content Marketing. As I am doing right now by publishing content, you as a business owner need to be actively doing this on an on going basis. You need to be combining your blogs with your social media to even further widen your reach.

Remarketing – you need a great ad designed and you need this to be very targeted

Web User Experience – what happens when someone lands on your website? Do they buy or make an inquiry or do they exit the site? You need to make sure that the user experience is seamless, extremely easy to use and above all entices them to buy or engage with you. In this highly competitive digital world, if your website isn’t converting browsers into buyers then all of your marketing will amount to nothing. Hence the need to work with a digital agency that has a design team that can look at your Google analytics, make recommendations to improve the conversion rates and in turn revenue.

Finding a digital agency in Sydney is not as easy as it would seem – you MUST find an agency that can not only prove their expertise in SEO but be able to analyse all your web traffic and look at ways of improving this.

Let me make this process easier for you – why look any further when you have found the BEST DIGITAL AGENCY IN SYDNEY – CALL 02 9360 8514 and we will be able to clearly explain what we can do and how we are able to RADICALLY IMPROVE THE QUALITY AND QUANTITY OF WEBSITE LEADS YOU ARE RECEIVING.