Why You’re Websites Not # 1 on Google.

Being # 1 on Google is what it’s all about. If your business relies on SEO and being really high on Google, then knowing why you are not #1 is a first step in rectifying any issues you may have. Knowing why you just can’t seem to crack position number 1 is invaluable if you are ever going to achieve this high status. Believe me when I tell you this, being on page 1 is no just not good enough, you really need to be in the top 3 positions and this is the real reality of Google.

Most companies I know are content to site on page 1 or even 2 of Google. I for one, do not accept this and feel that you are either in the top 3 positions or you are no where. This is the way we operate at SEO Sydney Experts. If you are not right up there, then we are not happy. So why is it that your website seems to never be able to get to that coveted # 1 position?

The biggest reason that I know of is that you have decided to use a SEO company that doesn’t know what they are doing. Whilst this may be a bitter pill to swallow, because you were probably told in the initial discussions or meetings with them that they could perform miracles and they probably showed you other sites that they got to page 1 etc etc.

It’s a real let down to be told that your SEO, that you have trusted for months or even years has dropped the ball and does not know what works and what doesn’t work with Google. After all you have been paying them a respectable fee each month and you expect results.

The real reality is that many SEO companies are just sales fronts for collecting your money and all your work is outsourced overseas. This is a real worry and the main reason, why your rankings have not progressed up the queue. Shoddy, shonky, sloppy SEO work is the catalyst for poor rankings and in some severe cases a manual action or site penalty.

I strongly suggest that if you have given your current SEO company enough time to work on your campaign and they just can’t quite seem to get you the results you were looking for, then it’s time to make a switch. There is absolutely no point in hanging around with these guys in the hope that some miracle will happen and your rankings will turn around. If they can’t get you to # 1 or very close by now, the chances are they never will.

If you are in a contract with them and you want to leave then all I can suggest is that you pay out the contract in full, learn from your mistake and move on to bigger and better things. Yes, you will take a loss, but its much better to start resuscitating those ranking slumps now, than waiting another 6 months or even a year. Think of all that lost business and the opportunity cost of not making the decision to move on.

Far too many businesses who search for SEO companies on Google come across unfortunately SEO agencies that offer PAGE 1 GUARANTEES. This is another very real reason why your website is not # 1 on Google. The answer for this is so simple that I cannot believe that people still fall for this scam.

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So how does it work? These shonksters will offer you a page 1 guarantee for your keywords and once they are ranking they get you to sign up with them. Well, they may rank some keywords BUT which ones are they and are these the ones ou want to rank. I can bet anything that these are the easiest ones to rank and in many cases they probably already are (without you knowing it). Once ranking, you get the phone call and BOOM, you are in a contract. From this point onwards they have you and boy oh boy are you stuffed. These tossers will not do anything with your SEO and if you try to wriggle out of the contract you are going to get a letter from their legal team. This is the way it works with a huge number of SEO companies around Australia and it leaves people very distrustful of the few good guys who operate ethically.

Google comes out with some really big algorithmic updates and one of the latest was designed to look at sites that were thin on content. These sites will not rank as high as they could because of the lack of good, quality content. Getting by with a few paragraphs and thinking you will hit # 1 is not an option any more.

A real life example happened just this morning, when a landscape designer in Sydney phoned me up and was concerned that he was always sitting at the bottom of page 1 and could never get into the top 3. A quick look at his website diagnosed 1 of the issues and that was his lack of content. His main service offering page, ‘ landscape architects Sydney’ had only 2 or 3 paragraphs. His current SEO team should have picked this up and this should have been addressed months ago. If he decides to use us, this will be the first thing that I take a look at. Saying this, our strategy is much more involved than a quick content fix. This again, is only 1 of the problems that we would mitigate early on in his campaign to ensure better page 1 rankings.

Page title descriptions are the first thing that needs to be looked at with all websites. Incorrect titles are a contributing factor for poor SEO results. Titles may seem like a quick fix but there is an art to these so it’s best to leave it to people that have experience in this field. Doing it yourself and thinking you’ve got it right, is a common mistake. Leaving just 1 word out or having them in the wrong order could hinder rankings.

The last reason why your not # 1 on Google is your actual website. If it hasn’t been looked at in years or it has been poorly designed with little or no SEO in mind, then you are going to have some serious ‘on page’ issues. I have seen websites that are just so bad that even a page 10 ranking is out of the question.

There are so many ‘on page’ web components that need to tick boxes that again, like everything to do with SEO, its better to leave it to a team of experts like us here at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS.

If you find that you are struggling to see an upward momentum in your rankings, why not contact us here on 02 9360 8514– I can take a quick look over the phone and probably tell you what the ranking issues are and ways to go about fixing them.


Page 2 on Google Ranking Blues

Are you stuck on page 2 of Google and cant seem to get to page 1? Do you watch your competitors stay on page 1 and you just can figure out why you are unable to beat them? Does your SEO company promise you that this is a small hiccup and that you’re going to get to page one in a matter of time? If you have those page 2 ranking blues and can’t seem to crack it big time on page 1 then you need to look at what’s going on with your SEO campaign.

googlepage2If you are forever stuck hovering between the top and bottom of page 2 then you know what I am talking about. One day you might be excited because you see your SEO rankings start to shoot up to the very top of page 2, just at the cusp of venturing into the unchartered waters of page 1. Then all of a sudden you check your keyword ranking and you start to move back down the page. This is when you start to wonder what is happening with your online marketing.

This is unfortunately very common and happens all the time. Rankings fluctuations like this are extremely common and what you find is that the only positions that seem to remain unaffected are those in the top 3 positions. The rest are very volatile. For a lot of businesses it’s hard to remain competitive and plan for the future with these types of fluctuations.

If your in a niche market and you have been in business a long time your rankings should by their very nature of Google be pretty solid. That is, you shouldn’t be overly concerned about too much up and down activity. That is, unless there enters into the market a lot of new players who want your position. Then you may start to see your rankings take a dip.

Alternatively, if you are in a highly competitive niche where everyone is scrambling to get to page 1, you are definitely gong to see some real bounces in your position unless you can come up with a great strategy to stabilise things a bit.

Unfortunately, in this day many businesses are looking for the quick option and this also goes for search engine optimisation. Businesses all over Sydney want the best deal they can find and in the case of SEO, this can have a damaging effect on your internet marketing. Reason being, the cheaper options generally lead to cutting corners and implementing what is termed ‘black hat’ SEO techniques. Those people reading this blog and have used a few companies in the past will know exactly what I’m talking about. They made the grave mistake of taking one of these cheap SEO agencies on board and have paid the price of not being able to get their rankings above a certain level. In most cases, they will see a slight improvement in their position but over time they start to see a pattern on ranking stability BUT NEVER ON PAGE 1.

The problem gets compounded when we are called in to try and remedy the situation and what we find is a whole lot of messy, incredibly bad back links that will over time get de indexed and devalued by Google. Whilst this is a good thing in the short term, what this means is that your website will start to loose big rankings over the next 6 months to a year, as Google keeps viewing these thousands of links and starts to place zero value on them. All we can do is try to counter balance this with a proper back linking campaign.

Ways to improve your rankings

  • make sure that your website is fully optimised for Google search. Keep load times to a minimum and make sure that there are no heavy graphics on you main landing pages


  • keep web content and this is site wide freshly updated with news and relevant information. If you have plagiarised content get rid of it quickly as this could be one of the main factors holding you back.


  • Try to satisfy Googles algorithm called rank brain. This is the combination of quality backlinks and content. If anything, I would put more of an emphasis on quality content throughout your website. The rationale behind this is that the better the copy the more people willing to it naturally and hence your rankings will improve. The best way to achieve this is to go through your website thoroughly, check each page and make sure the content is rich with information. Wikipedia highlights RankBrain as the third main ranking factor with Google. So it’s vital that you fully understand it’s significance and the reasons why a violation of this could be inhibiting your rankings.


  • Make sure all titles on your site are relevant to the page. This also includes meta descriptions.


  • Audit all your back links and prune those that you seen as irrelevant or spammy. Those might have been placed there by your current SEO provider. This may be hard to do but it is an essential part of improving your rankings. You will immediately recognise a bad backlink as it’s one that has come from an unrelated and untrusted source. If you are unable to delete all links naturally then you need to disavow them and the following article is a must read: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2648487?hl=en

There are over 200 rankings factors that could be holding your website back and to compound matters and make them seen insurmountable Google is forever changing these. But, one thing you should do to get out of the page 2 rut is to make sure your being as natural as you can with your site. A natural back linking profile and fabulous copy is really the only two ways to avoid ranking slumps. So my advice is to get cracking and start writing.