SEO in 2017, what can you expect?

The SEO landscape is ever changing and probably the most important change to happen in 2017 will be the way SEO agencies go about their back linking. Whilst back linking has been around for years and is considered probably one of the most important components of any SEO campaign, we feel that in the coming 12 months, Google will be placing a lot more emphasis on the quality of these links and the speed at which they are applied.

In terms of link quality this has always been a huge ranking factor and in 2017 you are going to need it. Long gone are the days of buying cheap, low value links. These will have absolutely no benefit for your Google rankings and if you practice and apply this technique long enough, they will in fact start to harm your rankings. Google is now far too sophisticated and can easily detect fraudulent link building activity.

When I say fraudulent I mean activity that is designed to purely manipulate your page rank via link acquisition, Whilst this is what will rank a site, Google will only acknowledge links that are relevant to your business and if they are from a credible source. So if in the next year whilst you are shopping around to find the best SEO agency make sure they don’t base their entire sales pitch to you on:

  • the number of links they tell you they will get for you every month
  • cheap campaigns where quality link acquisition is almost impossible.

As always, for any SEO agency the challenge has always been to find these links and  2017 will not prove any easier. In fact Google is going to make it a hell of a lot tougher to get to page 1 unless these links are seriously good.When I mean good I mean really top notch. Anything less will not suffice and you can forget about getting to the top of the search engines.

So what ever you are planning in 2017 in regards to your digital marketing and SEO make sure you are working with a company that is able to provide you with these links. Having said that, for most businesses this is hard to  pinpoint and finding the best SEO agency is not as easy as it would seem, especially with so many start ups out there all professing to be the ‘bees knees’ when it comes to knowing what makes Google tick.

So you should really be aware of some warning signs that they are unable to get quality links and they are in fact a dodgy SEO business.

Here they are:

  • you found them online and they have paid to be on page 1. If you have searched for say: ‘SEO Sydney’ and you have clicked on any of the first 4 results, this is extremely bad when it comes SEO. Never ever, call or try to contact any company that has paid to be up there. Why? Because they are simply unable to rank their own website organically. If there was ever any clear cut evidence there it is right in front of you. The top 4 positions on Google are reserved for advertising and when it comes to partnering with a proper SEO company, these should be steered well clear of. I now many people might say that they are happy to click on the ads and they do this all the time. That’s fine if your looking for an electrician, lawyer, rubbish removals or dentist, but for the purposes of SEO this is strictly a no no!
  • they have quoted you a ridiculously cheap price in order to get you to sign up with them. I have addressed this already but let me say again, 2017 is all about the best quality links and you have to ask yourself how on earth are they going to buy these links (some costing up to $500 per link) if you are not paying them enough. It stands to reason that they are just going to take your money every month and buy low quality, worthless, useless links and pass this off as actual work. be really careful of this as a high percentage of SEO businesses operate in this manner. I can say this with professional integrity as we often perform link audits on many a website and owners are amazed when I show them how little has actually been done over the past 6 or 12 months. It is unfortunately a scam and many unsuspecting, well intentioned honest hard working businesses fall for this all the time. It’s a real shame because they have put their faith and trust in a company to do the right thing and because with SEO, the barriers of entry are so low, this type of unscrupulous behaviour is rampant. Believe me when I tell you this!
  • I am going to bold this next point because you really have to understand the importance of it. If they offer you an type of ranking guarantee or pay on performance SEO they are simply scamming you. This is a common tactic designed to make you fell as though their SEO strategies  are invincible and even they have out smarted Google. For many people doing the ring around this sweet sounding sales talk is too good to pass on. Butt for gods sake you must realise that no one can guarantee any type of Google ranking. The reason for this is simple: Google is a third party and will never ever let you know what they are doing. They are constantly shifting and changing their ranking algorithm which is a highly held secret so for anyone to tell you that they can guarantee you page 1 position on Google is simply lying to you. Ive been in this business for nearly 20 years and I won’t even promise or guarantee rankings. In 2017, Google will be very much on the lookout for suspicious link activity conducted by SEO companies that promise quick rankings and guaranteed it. For them to even achieve this would require a massive amount of high quality links in a short period of time. Activity like this will be noticed by the algorithm and your site may get penalised. Question is, are you willing to risk believing the sales con just so you can feel good about your decision? Best give these shady and very crooked guarantees a wide berth for the future health of your business.

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I perviously mentioned that in 2017 Google will be on the lookout for the speed at which your site has links pointing towards it. The most important thing to take away froths article regarding this point is that your link activity has to be very slow and gradual, especially if your website is brand new. Let me elaborate on this a bit further as I often get parole calling me up begging me to rank their new website quickly.

The issue with new websites is that they have no trust or value. Google sees them as merely new websites and will rank it accordingly well behind other older sites that have built up some trust. If, you suddenly hook up with an SEO team and they promise you miraculous results within 90 days, Google as stated previously will detect this, especially for sites less than a year old. Yes, you may get a sugar hit and rise a few pages but you will vanish soon after.

When people ask me how long it takes to rank their site, I honestly tell them that we don’t know. But what we do know is that if we follow our strategy of appearing as organic as possible, then what we can guarantee you is fantastic rankings over the long term.

So let me surmise my thoughts here for 2017 in regards to what Google is looking for. Basically, they want to see that you are making an effort to build trust with your site via effective and credible link building. This and only this will be the cornerstone for measuring a websites true value in the eyes of Google.

2017, will be the year when choosing the best SEO agency is going to matter more than ever as Google will come down harder on sites the are non compliant. In years gone by you could rank a website a lot easier than now. In today’s online landscape where page 1 is going to be critical to the success of your business, you had better make the right decision when it comes to engaging an SEO partner.

As one of the directors of SEO Sydney Experts I am more than happy to go over any of the above points and explain this in more layman terms if any of this was confusing. Just call our Surry Hills, Sydney office on 02 9360 8514 and ask for Steve.

Does Cheap SEO Work? No way, it will kill your business

Let’s be honest here if you go for the cheap option when it comes to your SEO and your Google rankings you can be certain of one thing, really poor rankings and bad results. So many people unfortunately go down this path and they do this for two reasons; firstly price which is obvious and secondly because they are completely naïve and feel that all SEO is the same and if they can get it cheaper from some company then they should go for it.

In regards to the latter option nothing could be further from the truth and in this article I will clearly outline the reasons why cheap SEO is a really bad way to do business and probably one of the worst marketing decisions you will ever make.

# 1: Cheap SEO means dodgy back links

Google has seriously tightened up it’s ranking criteria and this means that any type of bad linking will be noticed immediately and this will have an impact on your websites rankings. Let me elaborate. Far too many business owners are seduced by really cheap SEO packages and feel they are getting a really good deal when in fact they are not. What they are getting is a company that will provide useless back links in order to substantiate the work they are doing. They will be happy to tell you that they have built 100’s of back links and they are doing all this work when in fact they are harming your Google back link profile.

Basically, any punter can go out and purchase thousands of links for next to nothing and point them towards your site. This is what these cheap SEO providors are doing and Google is on the look out for this. If you think that this cannot happen to you (because the sweet sounding sales person you spoke to over the phone has told you that they only you the best and most relevant back links around) thinks again. Your heading down the path of a Google penalty and folks if you are reading this and you feel that this sounds familiar, you better get ready cause you are going to be in deep trouble very shortly. Google will and there is no escaping this, they will index these crappy links and your website will eventually disappear from the face of the earth. This is also known as a Google penalty and you better know this well as you are going to cop this shortly. When it comes to setting up a long term and sustainable Google ranking you need credible and high value back links.

So how do I know this? Because I have to speak to people everyday who have suffered or are in the process of suffering at the hands of a dodgy, cheap, fraudulent SEO agencies. They were initially seduced by the cheap price and they are paying a heavy price for this now through zero rankings, sliding rankings and even worse a site that has completely been de-indexed from Google.


In short cheap SEO is a fools dream and mirage of great things to happen in the future that NEVER eventuate. If your one of these poor businesses that were suckered into thinking that you could skirt around you SEO and believed the bull that was dished out to you over the phone then you better do something about this and do it fast. Remember the more irrelevant, poor quality links that are built pointing towards your site, the worse you are making it for yourself. You are digging a deeper hole and getting out of this void in the digital space is bloody hard.

# 2 Cheap SEO is generally outsourced.

If you speak to an SEO company while you are doing the ring around and getting quotes, if someone quotes you very cheaply and tells you it’s all implemented locally, they are lying to you. If you think this doesn’t happen then let me tell you why it is impossible for an effective SEO campaign to be conducted on the cheap.

Let’s say you’re a lawyer, plumber, cosmetic surgeon and you want to rank your website for these competitive categories. If you are quoted a cheap SEO price with a guarantee of rankings then these guys are simply trying to extort say $500 or so per month out of you without actually doing anything. Sure, they’ll seem as though they are doing their work by providing you with complicated graphs and grandiose reports full of meaningless fluff and waffle with no substance. Their theory is the more complicated they make it look, the more impressed you will be. These guys are really good at the whole smoke and mirrors thing to disguise the fact that they are simply sitting there doing this to other businesses over and over again. Their business model is in fact not SEO but a sales machine dedicated to ripping Aussie businesses off.

The have mastered the art of the lie and of deception so well that they themselves think they are doing work. These guys actually believe their spin so much so that they end up convincing you. I mean, if they sound decent and convincing enough and if they are really cheap – then it must be good – how wrong this is folks.

The take away of this blog post is that if you intend to pay as little as you can for SEO and if you want to go with the cheapest option then expect to fail. Google doesn’t care about your budget constraints or ROI. They care about relevant back links and these cost. Plus with the new Penguin 4.0 being rolled out if you have any bad links Google will notice these in real time. So if you go the cheap option, be prepared to pay the price.

So if you’re a:

1) start up and on a very limited SEO budget – don’t bother doing it

2) been burn’t in the past and are not prepared to invest in SEO again ( with a proper agency like our at SEO Sydney Experts) don’t waste your time – just do Adwords.

3) been quoted by some other SEO agency a cheaper deal and want to see if we can match it – don’t waste yours or my time. We wont match it and all I can say is that we will still be here in 6 months when you finally realise that you’ve been duped.

Call us on 02 9360 8514 if you are only serious about achieving greatness online. We are not cheap but we are bloody good at what we do – just look at our own page 1 organic ranking.

5 Crucial SEO Ranking Factors

Businesses are often confused about what we do and what is needed to rank a website on Google. Following are some important ranking factors that Google will look at to determine the quality of your website and if it’s worthwhile ranking.

Without all of these factors fitting together nicely you can forget about being able to get to page 1 of Google.

They are all weighted evenly and all need to be implemented with the same consistency. Thinking you can do one without the other is simply not on.

Google takes these ranking factors extremely seriously and if your website is lacking in any of these factors, they will have a detrimental affect on your overall web quality score and in turn your rankings. Be mindful of these at all times when talking to your SEO agency as these guys should be on top of all of these factors.

Backlinks are seriously important

Without doubt backlinks (and I have gone on and on about this on this website) are the most important ranking signal. How else is Google going to know about your website if there are no links pointing towards it. Having said that, there is a massive difference between good and bad links and choosing the right SEO agency that can implement top quality ‘white hat’ links is the key to a successful SEO campaign. Make the wrong choice and you are going to be stuffed.

When it comes to your backlinking it’s all about the quality and relevancy of the links and NEVER about the quantity of the links. Some people take the attitude of the more you have the better but this is so wrong. Be very wary of agencies that tell you that they are going to build heaps of links as this is just spammy. Don’t be fooled by this sales spiel. One really powerful, high quality back link is way better than 10 irrelevant links put on cheap sites.

This is what differentiates us here at SEO Sydney Experts from so many other SEO companies because when we implement our backlinks you know you are getting the best, most valuable links pointed towards your site.

This is why we have been able to maintain such a great Google position for our own website. It’s simply the quality of our work. and our SEO ability!

Great Content makes a huge difference

Client’s always ask me what to write about on their website. I always tell them to make the content relevant to the keyword they are targeting. Let me be very clear about this. If you are say for example a plumber in Sydney and you offer a 24 hour emergency service, and you want to promote this, then you need to have a page dedicated to this service. This means that all the content and all the information on this page needs to be about ’24 hour emergency plumbing’. You cannot write about anything else.

This content relevancy is vital and it’s what Google is looking for. Why? Because when people are searching for ’24 hour emergency plumbing’ they want to find results on Google immediately that are relevant for their search. If pages for ‘hot water repairs’ came up instead it would annoy people and this in turn would diminish Google as the best place to find information. So what ever you do make sure your writing is on topic.

Thin Content is not going to work

I know this is hard and I know this can be painful but when you are writing content for your blogs or you web pages please make sure that they are well over 500 words. I know you might think that people don’t want to read that much or that their attention spans are limited (so what’s the point in writing so much copy) or the copy makes your website look ugly, but the reality of one of the ranking factors is the amount of copy you publish. Thing web pages without enough information is not good enough to out rank pages that have juicy well worded content. Google does rewards pages that have been written with passion and useful content. If you think you can get by on anything less than 500 words, think again.

Add some images to create interest

Google will penalise websites that have high bounce rates. When people come to your site and simply exit from the page they entered the site its called a bounce rate. Get enough of these and you are a going to pay a heavy price in terms of rankings.

Adding cool images, (even one picture), videos, infographics or animated banners, are a good way to keep people on your site. If they stay there long enough and like what they see they will probably look around your site and this is great for improving your bounce rates. Google wants to keep the user engaged and if your site can do this then it will promote it.

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Fast SEO rankings are killer

One of the first questions people ask me is how long till they will start to see some positive results and how long before their main keywords get to page 1? One thing we always tell them is that SEO is a marathon not a sprint and that if they want quick sugar coated fast ranking then we are the wrong agency. A massive ranking signal is to show Google a slow and steady back linking profile. Any unusual spikes in your link building will raise alarms and you may end up with more than you bargained for; a Google penalty.

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So be careful when an SEO company promises you fast rankings. These are generally achieved in an unethical manner and the results, whilst good at first, will have disastrous consequences.

How to Convince Your Boss You Really Need SEO

A lot of bosses will tell their PA, their partners or someone from their marketing department to go out and get as many SEO quotes as they can and find out as much information as they can about SEO. They end up doing the ring around, speak with 3 or 4 SEO Sydney agencies and then nothing happens. Why? Because there are too many mixed messages and SEO can be quite hard to understand and convey even to astute and internet savvy marketing people.

At SEO Sydney Experts we come across this issue all the time. The boss sends someone out on a SEO fact finding mission, I educate them on the process, they seem keen, but they are unable to convince their boss on the benefits of SEO and why they need (in some cases) to pay a hefty fee to rank their website on Google.

These fact finding missions start out with the very best intentions but they fall flat when the messenger comes back to the office and tries to convey all the information I have told them. Somehow it’s just not quite the same when someone else is trying to tell your story and explain all the wonderful benefits that SEO can bring to a business to a time poor, stressed out boss. Essentially it’s a waste of everybody’s time.

So what I have done here is compiled a list of really useful information that these fact finders (secretaries, PA’s etc) can use to explain to their bosses about the benefits of SEO – these points should be enough to get him over the line. If not he’s probably not into it anyway and prefers to use old school marketing methods. If this is the case I would probably be looking for another job cause one things for sure, his competition is doing SEO and he’s going to loosing out on business big time!

# 1 Benefit of SEO: Tell your boss it’s a lot cheaper than other traditional forms of marketing like magazines and newspaper ads. Old school bosses love these tangible forms of marketing but the downside is they are really expensive and deliver poor rates of return. SEO works out to be so much cheaper and works out to give higher conversion rates. Remember to tell your boss that when people are ready to buy the first thing they do is go onto Google. They do a search and make their decision from what they see on the first page. No one and I repeat no one uses the local newspaper or goes to their fridge to check their fridge magnets when they are ready to buy. That’s simply old school and if your bosses head space is here then he needs to know these facts. We can always show him the monthly searches for a particular keyword.

# 2 Key benefit to tell your boss about SEO. Go online and type in your main service and see if your competition is there. If they are then it’s time to hit the panic button. If they aren’t there then it’s a great opportunity for you to start as the door is wide open. Your boss will love the fact about this great online marketing opportunity.

# 3 Great fact about SEO that you need to convince your boss about. If your boss has been relying on Adwords for years and saying her gets all his business this way then you need to tell him about the 80/20 rule. That is, 80% of potential customers will pick an organically ranking website while only 20% ( and these are generally tyre kickers and bargain hunters) will click on the Adwords. Plus the cost of an SEO campaign, generally is cheaper than Adwords.

# 4 Many businesses have been relying on social media to get their brand and message out there. Unfortunately, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and now so flooded with that much information that your message is now becoming far too diluted. Being on page 1 of Google is clear cut and defined. You cannot put your website in a better position. Social media used to work and used to be effective but it’s now far too cluttered with every man and his dog vying for your attention. It’s essentially becoming a waste of your time and your money. Don’t over rely on these social platforms.

# 5 Fact that you have to tell your boss regarding the importance of SEO. If you are already ranking for some keywords and think it’s good enough then think again. Google is always changing it’s algorithm and nothing remains constant. So thinking that your in a good position is delusional as it can change at any given point in time. Be careful about this fact. Your boss shouldn’t rely on past rankings and think that this will continue forever. Plus if you are already ranking for some keywords and they are bringing in business, why on earth would you not want to push harder and get more keywords ranking. This is a no brainer!

You have to be prepared for the tough SEO questions

When dealing with the decision-makers, especially your boss about SEO and why he or she should be doing it, be prepared for the following type of questions that’s probably going to be thrown at you:

  • What kind of website traffic can I expect with SEO? What are the numbers of searches per month and what percentage are likely to come to our site?
  • What kind of dollars are we looking at and how long do I need to keep investing in SEO?
  • How can we compete online in such a saturated and fiercely competitive space?
  • Who is going to be doing the SEO and how can we trust them?
  • What is the expected rate of return for our marketing dollar?

All f the above questions will have been answered in detail in our first initial meeting. If you or your boss needs to go over this or need further clarification on any technical issue, it’s best to speak with me rather than second guess it.

If you are sitting there feeling frustrated, because you have either been put in charge of getting more new business in or you have been set the task of finding a suitable SEO supplier and you think you have nailed it and your boss won’t listen to you. Then it’s a good idea to show him this document. I have written it for people in your situation that can see the benefits of SEO but cannot seem to convince the powers that be.

If all else fails please get him or her to give me a call on 02 9360 8514 and I would be more than happy to explain this in greater detail.

Lead Generation, Why you need to build Dedicated Landing Pages

If you’re serious about generating leads for your business then you need to create dedicated landing pages that are designed specifically to capture more leads. Landing pages like this are extremely relevant to the product or service they are promoting and are rich in detailed content, hot buttons and call to actions designed to capture the attention of the consumer. These pages are there for 1 reason and 1 reason only. To get as many leads as possible.

These pages will typically tell the potential customer only the necessary bits of information that are designed to entice them to call you. Our experience is that if designed and implemented properly these landing pages should double or even triple your conversion rates when they are compared to your normal web pages – even if they have similar copy.
So, what do you do with these landing pages
The main objective here is to convert browsers into buyers so there are various ways that you can utilise these landing pages. 

Firstly you could use them in your Adwords or PPC campaign. Dedicated pages like this have a terrific rate of conversion and Google will place a higher value of pages like this, reducing your cost per click and putting you higher up the Adwords food chain. Basically, the more relevant the page, the more Google will want to promote above other paid ads.
This leads me to the second point. If you are promoting a very specific product or service then these landing pages are great for SEO purposes. The rich relevant content will get indexed by Google and with a little help for your SEO agency ( like us here at SEO Sydney Experts) these pages will rank. For example if your a removalist in Sydney and are trying to promote a service you have like ‘ office relocation’ then a dedicated landing page strictly about this service will do fantastic online. We can design and build a seriously conversion focused landing page, add some SEO and presto, this page over time will start to rank highly. A point to note here. Only use an SEO agency that can prove to you their SEO abilities. This process will not work if you are using a dodgy agency.

landingpagesA dedicated conversion focused landing page is different to a normal web page as there is not as much information there to distract the visitor. In some cases it may be 1 grab statement with an inquire now button. Ideally, in these cases the simpler the page the better the conversion rates. Obviously for SEO purposes you will need content but this can be below the fold where it will have little impact on the user experience.
Landing pages are also great if you have a sale or a special on a certain item and want to push it hard online. You can not only promote it through SEO and Adwords but you can also use your social media platforms to get your message out there to your customer base. All you need to do is have the page designed and built and then you can use the URL as a link on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and Google +. People simply click on the link and presto they land on this wonderful new page that is so enticing and so conversion focused that they will find it hard to leave without buying.
Be critical and monitor performance

These pages are all about increasing your revenue so you need to monitor this carefully. Use analytics provided to you by Google to check the amount of traffic these pages are getting to see if it is worth the investment. This is especially critical if you are spending up big time on adwords. If they are converting and bringing in a positive ROI, then it might be a good idea to look at doing another page and following the same formula. We know it works if its done properly. Why? Because this is one of our core services and we have been able to help businesses across Australia generate better quality sales leads very quickly. For more information on how you can start to grab your share of the market please call us on 02 9360 8514. This is not rocket science, we know what works and we know the best ways to implement this.

Big Google Update for 2016. SEO Tips for Survival

For those businesses that have seen ranking fluctuations over the past week or so, we finally have an accurate answer (and this has been confirmed by Google) that there was a core algorithmic update. This was not some minor tampering with the algorithm, this was a huge change and it’s based on websites that are thin on content. We would say that it’s fine tuning it’s Panda update. So which animal do we call this one…..the Google elephant update?

Whilst many SEO companies are still fumbling around trying to figure out exactly what happened we want to take a more proactive approach and let our readers know what we feel just went on and what they can do to survive these types of seismic Google updates. Taking a reactive approach never works. To stay up to date with Google you need to follow these tips in 2016.


As Sydney’s a leading digital marketing and SEO agency, we already predicted many of these changes well over 6 months ago. We are so well ahead of the curve that all our clients survived these changes. How did your business fare? Did you suddenly drop 2 or 3 pages? If that’s the case then these tips WILL help you overcome this latest round of elephant size updates.

Content creation is soooo important!

The Panda algorithm made certain that if your website has no copy then it will fall on the chopping block. This latest Panda enhancement has solidified businesses need to publish quality content regularly. For those businesses out there (even small ones) there are now no more excuses relating to a sit back and wait approach to their website. Thinking that just designing & building a new website is all that it takes to stay competitive, is misguided. Simply put, it no longer cuts the mustard and you will pay the price with the latest updates. Panda and Elephants will take no prisoners.

I often speak to people that tell me that they like a minimal design with no content but still want to rank on Google OR they tell me that they haven’t touched their website in years and wonder what’s going on with their rankings. They really can’t comprehend: a) why they can’t seem to get to page 1 OR b) why they are now sliding backwards.

It’s all related to their content and their pages with less than 250 words. That’s right! If all pages on your current site are less than 250-300 words expect no mercy from Google. I’m warning you right here, right now! Also, Google is punishing those sites that have tried to over optimise their pages with keyword stuffing for SEO purposes. These old tricks and out dated methods are so passé. Google is doing a fine job of weeding out these perpetrators without impunity.

An effective content marketing strategy for 2016 means that you have to think about not only writing brand new copy with zest but going back over old blogs and web pages and giving them a refresh. A huge task I know but this is reality of the SEO space in 2016; content is now the master of SEO. Having said that, you need to read on because you still need an effective linking strategy. Simply publishing awesome copy will not be enough unfortunately for some.

Social Media Rules

Is there are direct relationship between SEO and social media? In the past this hasn’t been too clear but in 2016 we feel that the way you engage with your customers via tweets, shares and likes on social media platforms will have an impact on the way Google feels your website has authority. This is not 100% confirmed, but as users rely on social media for their purchasing decisions, Google is definitely not going to be left out of this. The jury is still out on this but at SEO Sydney Experts our prediction for 2016 is that social media activity are a good rankings signal for Google. I recommend being seriously committed to being active on Facebook and LinkedIn. It cannot do you any harm and you never know where your next lead is going to come from. So please, do not disregard social media and place it in the too hard basket. I am also going to add YouTube in the mix here. We have a client for example, that sells surf charters in the Mentawai’s Islands, Indonesia and relies heavily on YouTube for their market share. To date in combination with SEO, YouTube drives 40% of their sales inquiries

Make sure your ‘on page SEO is flawless’.

Google is going to smash sites and this is apparent in their latest update that are not compliant. Basic SEO 101’s like URL structures, titles, descriptions and H1 headers are a no brainer. If you do not get in their and do some house work and cleaning up of your site then others that are compliant will rank above you. The user interface, the customers journey, user experience and website architecture are all in the mix here and need TLC. Knowing this is only half the battle. Working out a solution is something that you need to analyse (through Google analytics) and come up with a workable solution. This is where the services of a digital agency are really important. If you business lives and dies by Google then make sure you work with an agency that has both SEO & web experience. That is US!

Also ask yourself an honest question; did you plagiarise any copy from another website? If the answer is yes then you must delete this copy. Duplicate copy in 2016 will harm you more than ever.

Make sure you get reviews from customers.

Proper back linking is a must to get to page 1, but if you are able to get real reviews from actual clients to post them on Google reviews this will have an impact. I know there are many companies out there that have been subjected to fake and malicious reviews by competitors but if you are able to get honest, realistic feedback / evaluation from your customers and have them post this, then for 2016, this is going to help your online profile. Not to mention, blot out any fake reviews. Satisfied customers in our opinion are always happy to leave a review.

When was the last time your checked analytics?

Google gives you the necessary tools to check the performance of your website. Now I know that for most businesses getting in and rummaging through your analytics is probably like taking your car apart and trying to put it back again. Impossibly hard and out of the scope for most people. But, just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean that you can sweep it under the carpet. Speak to us about this important tool. It will help you understand your websites bounce rates, consumer engagement, time spent on the website, which pages were viewed and the over all customer journey. Armed with this knowledge, SEO agencies like ours, can make minor on page tweaks to improve the overall experience which in turn will have a flow on effect to better SEO rankings. Basically, in 2016 the more time spend on your site with more click throughs, the higher your rankings.

In 2016, for Gods sake don’t fall for the same old SEO scams!

I won’t go too much into this as I have made my point very clear in past blogs BUT if you are still going to believe the lies that are told to you by SEO agencies that they: CAN GUARANTEE your ranking then YOU DESERVE WHAT’S COMING NEXT…..a penalty!

Seriously, 50% of the calls I still get want some kind of SEO guarantee because they were told by another agency that they could get this. 2016 is the year businesses grow up and start to realise that an SEO GUARANTEE is impossible ( as you are dealing with a 3rd party, Google). If business still cannot accept this fact after all the literature out there, then they probably will end up going with a company that offers these promises AND THEY WILL PAY A HEAVY PRICE very soon – Google will make sure of this. The latest algorithm has hit many businesses that payed next to nothing for their SEO, got crappy back links and are now beyond page 10. If you want SEO to work for your business then you need to pay a proper monthly fee and stop believing the BS spun to you.

These above tips should at least prevent your rankings from falling if they already haven’t started. In 2016 do something good for yourself and your business; speak to the experts on 02 9360 8514

SEO in 2016. Your Business Cannot Be Without It.

If you thought SEO was important in the past, then SEO in 2016 is going to be the most important marketing decision you can make for your business in 2016. In fact, SEO in 2016 is the only way your business is ever going to rank on Google and if you think your company can get by without implementing some sort of SEO, then you are mistaken. 

seo2016As the digital space becomes more crowded with all businesses wanting to be on Google, the only effective way to be competitive and drive traffic to your website is SEO or search engine optimisation. Having been in this industry for more than 10 years I thought I would highlight some really competitive niches and industries that rely heavily on SEO and will continue to do so in 2016. These industries rely heavily on their Google rankings and need to be on page 1 to drive new sales leads, inquiries and their revenues. Without SEO, they simply would not exist.

The Travel & Tourism Industry: Websites such as Trip Advisor, Expedia, Webjet,, and all airlines, hotels, motels, travel booking sites (including, Trviago, Flipkey and Qantas) rely on their SEO rankings for their inquiries. Basically if they were not on Google they would not be getting any business. yes, they do advertise on other mediums, like TV and radio but this is strictly for branding purposes and getting their name out there to the public. It’s strictly to reinforce their brand and fuel public awareness. But, the most important thing for all these companies is Google. These companies live and die by  their Google ranking and they pay a lot of money to SEO agencies to ensure that they are always on page 1.

Cosmetic Surgery: The health and beauty industry especially cosmetic surgeons all aim to have their main keywords ( liposuction, breast implants, weight loss surgery, vein treatments, lip / eye fillers, scar & acne treatments) all on page 1. This space is super competitive and in 2016 it’s not likely to get any easier. As this market becomes more and more crowded with more cosmetic surgeons opening up around Sydney and Australia, they are all going to want that coveted page 1 position. I know this because at SEO Sydney Experts I speak to many cosmetic surgeons who all say the same thing:’ we need to be on page 1 to grow our business’. Think about it. If you were looking for any of these types of treatments and did not know which cosmetic surgeon to go to, where would you start looking? The answer is Google. 

We manage the SEO for a few well known Sydney based cosmetic surgeons and all I can tell you is that the number of monthly searches their websites are getting by being high on Google is incredible. For some keywords these surgeons are getting about 1000 unique visitors per month. This is absolutely amazing and this is why the reliance on SEO in 2016 is only going to grow. It’s these kind of statistics that really show how fantastic SEO can be for any business, including niches you probably would not have thought about.

Tradesmen: Local SEO in 2016 is going to be a fundamental must have for all tradies in 2016. If you are a plumber, electrician, carpenter, cleaners, builder, or even a engineer, you are going to want to have some type of presence on Google if you are going to ever have a chance of growing and building your business. I make a point here of highlighting the fact that most tradies only need local SEO. After all your local plumber in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is really only going to want business locally. 

For tradies SEO in 2016 is a MUST — where else are they ever going to advertise. Sure, they may do letterbox drops and adverts in the local paper, but nothing compares to the power and lead generation capabilities of Google. Just look the the Jims franchise to see how well they have dominated the tradies space on Google by using SEO to their advantage. This franchise is a great example of how a professional company has harnessed the power of SEO to build a great business model. Before you say: ‘Jims has a much bigger budget than our small business’, remember that local SEO is affordable and you should at least give it a try.

Serviced based businesses: Whether your an accountant, lawyer, barrister, doctor, optometrist, real estate agent, home loan broker, mortgage and finance brokers, basically any type of service that people may need, your service based website must have a prominent position on Google in 2016 and this is where SEO and the team at SEO Sydney Experts can really help. I cannot put enough emphasis on the virtues and benefits of an ethical SEO campaign especially for business that rely on Google.

SEO for Pharmaceuticals in 2016. As this space tightens up with overseas competition and more products entering the market, Pharmaceuticals are going to need a SEO strategy if their products are going to be prominent in the eye of the consumer. Pfizer, Nova Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Pharmaxis, Bayer and Merck Sharp & Dohme all need some sort of SEO. 

Let me explain this in a bit more details. Suppose your child has a bad flu and you want to do your research online before you go to the chemist. What SEO can do, is bring up Pharmaceutical companies websites that have products that relate to helping or curing the child’s flu. So if the mother types int he words: ‘ children’s flu help”, she is going to read the information on the first page of Google and this is where the major pharmaceuticals want to position their brand and products. Without this exposure, they will not sell their products. Without SEO they will never ever get to page 1 of Google and this is only going to get harder in 2016.

SEO for eCommerce and large retailers websites If you sell anything online and rely on Google, like most eCommerce sites do, then SEO is a must. Look again at all the major eCommerce websites such as Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Kogan, David Jones, Daily Deals sites etc. They all have 1 thing in common and that is they want to sell as many products as they can online and the best way to facilitate this is SEO. In 2016 as more eCommerce sites are launched and the race to sell more products heats up, the need for an aggressive SEO campaign is mandatory. 

If you want to sell fridges, dishwashers, 2nd hand goods, microwaves, fitness products, baby products, clothing, fashion, toys, machinery, even toasters you better start thinking about your SEO and the kind of company you want to partner with.

This leads me to my next point; how to find the right type of SEO agency in 2016? Choosing the right agency is going to be more critical than ever, moving forward into 2016 you better make the right decision or you are going to get absolutely smashed by Google. 
By simply doing an online search and typing in the words SEO you will find heaps of companies. My suggestion is to look for those that are ranking organically and those that have a solid track record. For heavens sake never ever use any type of SEO company that tries to lure you by offering guarantees or pay on performance. These scammers are becoming more prevalent and this trend in 2016 will grow.

As Google tightens its ranking algorithm the need to partner with an SEO agency that will only implement ‘ white hat’ SEO is the only way your business will ever rank in 2016 – you have to take my word on this because over the last 12 months I have seen really great businesses get penalized by Google due to bad and out dated SEO techniques being implemented. These once prosperous companies are literally on their last legs because their websites gone. It’s vanished and so are all the new leads and sales inquiries. 

In conclusion if you intend to commence and SEO campaign in 2016 or have been working with an agency and are simply unhappy with the results, make 2016 the year that you commit to working with an ethical and trusted SEO provider.

SEO Works, Believe me when I tell you this!

For those of you that have never heard about SEO or have never tried it before let me tell you 1 thing very loud and clear. SEO works and is the only way that your business is ever going to get to page 1 of Google. If implemented properly SEO will boost your online rankings more than you thought possible. But like with everything in business there is a catch; you have to sort out the bad SEO agencies from the good ones and this is a hell of a lot harder than it looks.

For most businesses  looking for a SEO agency they will just do what everyone else does and that’s type the words SEO into Google. From there they will choose the first 3 to 4 companies they see and make their inquiries. This is where the problems start cause Google’s first 3 results are always Adwords and this is not what you should be choosing. 

seoworksSEO companies pay a lot of money to secure these positions ( in some cases $50 per click) and they need to convert every inquiry into a sale to make it worth their while. This means they are going to offer you ridiculous SEO guarantees and promises which are simply not achievable in order to secure your business. Once they have you they will use the money you pay them every month to refinance their adwords campaign to get more suckers ( ooops I mean businesses) on board with them. It’s a complete scam, a scheme designed to make them rich and you poor. They will lock you into contracts, tie you up for a year and basically hold your business hostage causing severe and in many cases damage that can not be repaired. I have seen countless businesses who have made the wrong decision about choosing an SEO agency suffer because their website has been so messed up that they have had to ditch it and start again. It happens each and every day and Google smashes these sites due to non compliant SEO works carried out by these scammers. Be on the LOOK OUT and STAY very ALERT!

So what ever you do look for companies that are ranking organically not in paid ads on Google. This is really the very best way to initially start your search for the right type of SEO company. Once you have 2-3 of these agencies make sure you pay them a visit to go over your campaign. 

Get a feel for what they can do and how they can help you and if they seem a bit dodgy ( even organically ranking SEO companies can be dodgy as they have spammed their way to page 1 – these results will crash BUT you will never know – so use your business instincts here), move on. You only want to be working with agencies that you feel you can trust and are dependable.

So why is SEO the best way to help my Google rankings?

Many SEO companies will tell you and swear blindly that SEO is dead and that Google is on the look out for any type of SEO activity and will penalise sites blah blah blah. These are the type of people who say the only way to help improve your organic rankings is via publishing content and working your social media platforms. Well guess what? These companies are content & social media marketing agencies so of course they are going to push this angle. They know nothing about SEO or Google and they are doing you a disservice by shoving these lies down your through. Again, watch out for these type of companies as they have their own agenda and will trash any form of SEO to get you to sign up with them. 

SEO is implemented correctly is the process of back linking and Google loves this. If your agency is able to work a back linking campaign that is compliant and organic then this is the only real way that Google can tell your website has authority and they are going to reward you for this activity – BIG TIME!

Without going into too much detail about how SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS implements it’s back linking campaign all I can say is that if it is implemented in a balanced, methodical and sustainable manner then your keywords will start to climb. If this is done in a consistent manner month after month ( without stopping) then these back links will send ranking signals to Google and your core keywords will rise even further.

Many people ask me how long they should keep doing the SEO. My answer is indefinitely. Basically, you cannot stop the process once you have started it unless you want to see your keywords start to drop. This is the thing with SEO and this is the reason why many businesses take a start/stop approach with it. They get scared at the monthly fee and if things get a bit slow the first thing they do is cancel the SEO. 


This is the worst thing they can do and it’s a real pity that they have this attitude. Because if they are prepared to stick it out, be patient and understand that the SEO process can take many months and in some cases a year, then they would see the real benefits.

For your keywords to remain solid on page 1, Google needs to see these back links pointing towards your website on a very regular basis ( note – you cannot simply throw a thousand back links at your site and think this will work as it’s a trigger to Google to penalise your site), month after month. There is no stopping as you need to keep ahead of your competition and this is why it’s an ongoing campaign.

Having said all that you really shouldn’t mind paying for your SEO as it’s going to be very rewarding to your business once you are dominating your niche on Google. 

For those businesses that have been on page 1 and have seen their businesses grow you will know what I am talking about. For those newbies that are just starting out you must believe me when I tell you that you can try all forms of adverting you like. But nothing and I truly mean this, nothing can compare to a great Google ranking. To achieve this you must make the right decisions from the start. 

If you are still unconvinced please call me on 02 9360 8514 and I will clearly explain to you how good SEO can be for your business.


Big Brands Need SEO more than ever

Most big name brands do not need to do SEO, they are well known names and everyone has heard of them. They really do not need to invest large sums of money into any type of SEO because they are ranking already. Think; Coke, Toyota, Fuji Xerox or even Nike. All you have to do is Google their name and their brand should appear. SEO for these big names is a bit of a waste of money unless they are looking to attract a local market or a looking to attract customers based on keywords relating to services or products they provide.

seobigbrandsLet me elaborate on this a bit further. Let’s say for example there is a Toyota dealership in Sydney or Melbourne and they have car dealerships in various suburbs, then they are going to want to rank for this when customers type in say Toyota Sydney. This is where local SEO can really help and if you follow some simple rules and steps then your dealership will appear in the maps section as well as organically.

Those big brands with local franchises or subsidiaries need to register their business with Google and have all the correct details as well as submitting their profile to top citation sites. Once all this has been completed their rankings should appear locally.

Big brand names like most pharmaceuticals also need to rank for their brand name specifically like Johnson & Johnson or a Pfizer but they should be targeting very heavily with an SEO campaign all the low hanging fruit that is associated with their individual products. And like all pharmaceuticals they generally have more than a handful.

Let’s say J & J has a new cough medicine coming on to the market and they want to gain traction in the market place, the best thing they can do is build a micro website around this cough mixture and implement a SEO campaign based on all keywords associated with: cold and flu medicine, cough medicine or even children’s cough mixtures. This should all be backed up by a solid social media marketing campaign to reinforce the brand and the product.

SEO for pharmaceuticals and other big name brands is critical if you look at it from this angle. Let’s go back to the Toyota brand. Whilst they may not look to optimise the keyword Toyota, they may look at SEO for keywords that are associated with their products. They may have just launched a new 4 wheel drive and should therefore be looking at ranking for keywords like 4 x 4 wheel drive or off road vehicles / cars. This is what your customer base is searching for and if you are not there then you may loose market share to the likes of Mazda or Ford who might have sites optimised for these words or phrases.

They may have just released a new family sedan and rather than focusing on keywords like family cars (which is probably not a bad idea) they may look at others such as ‘safe family cars to buy’ or ‘ family wagons’.

There are so many keywords that big name brands can look to optimise to improve their site visitors, web traffic, and overall revenue. If these big name brands ignore the fact that yes they name be a household name and this should be enough to carry them through the next year, they are mistaken. They will loose market share.

The internet, especially Google has opened this space wide enough for small players to establish a niche, optimise keywords through SEO and start to penetrate the market. Social media combined with web design and SEO has essentially put an end to big name dominance online. Small businesses with the time, and willingness to compete in this space by using digital strategies can be a big thorn in the side of multi nationals. And, this can happen all very quickly.

The viral effect of social media can mean that obscure brands and start ups can become big very quickly. The internet has allowed these people to disrupt the status-quo by simply knowing what to do when it comes to digital marketing.

Nothing remains constant. We have seen this with new brands becoming household names in less than a year and completely shifting the market. Think Air B n B, Amazon, and ebay. So if you are reading this and you have a small start up and want to grow incredibly big get in touch with us here at SEO Sydney Experts. Alternatively, if you are part of a big name brand and you can feel some small businesses biting your heels you better start paying attention to the digital environment and be very reactive very quickly.

SEO is the trigger that will protect you real estate position online. If you are yet to embrace the powers, full potential of SEO for business and the huge benefits it can bring to all companies ( no matter the type or size)  I suggest you start speaking with agencies like us.

8 reasons why your business needs SEO

8reasonsIf you want more business then you need SEO or search engine optimization. There is no way out of it and there are simply no other platforms in the digital space that can deliver the kind if results that Google can for generating new business leads. If you are not on page 1 of Google you are going to be seriously jeopardizing the chances of your business succeeding. Sure, you can try other marketing channels but at the end of the day when you have exhausted all your avenues and given everything a good go, you will always end up wanting SEO. How do I know this? Because I deal with businesses daily who have started SEO campaigns, then stopped, tried other options only to then wish they had never stopped in the first place. Basically SEO rules and following are 8 reasons why your business should invest in SEO.

# 1 It really works – There are people out there that say SEO is dead and it’s all about publishing quality content. Well I say that’s total and utter crap! SEO works and we prove this daily with our ability to rank businesses on Google through our proven SEO techniques. I am not just saying this for the benefit of this article and to drum up business. I am saying this because it is a reality. Businesses who have been let down in the past by previous dodgey SEO agencies and feel that SEO doesn’t work, they are wrong. They should have come to us in the first instance.

# 2 It is here for the long term– SEO and the techniques used to rank websites are here for the medium to long term. Google is not about to radically implement any new algorithmic changes soon. As long as you continue to use ethical, white hat SEO techniques your website should be safe.

# 3 It is actually quite cheap – If you look at other forms of marketing such as PPC / Adwords, print, TV or radio, SEO comes in as great value. If you choose the right SEO agency you will have a great ROI. Choose badly and the whole thing will go pear shaped – but that’s for another topic. If you have ever done a PPC campaign you will know how outrageously expensive it can be. This is why it’s so VITAL to find a really good SEO company.

# 4 Google dominates – Let’s be realistic here. Where do you search? I will bet any money it’s Google and if you want your business to be found online, especially Google, then you need to be doing SEO. About 90% of all online searches in Australia are done via Google. Think about this statistic for a moment. Think about where you would like to position your business online and how you are going to go about doing this. It all comes down to 3 simple letters S E O!

# 5 Mobile search means you need SEO – People especially your customers basically live on their phone. I know I do and if I want anything at all the first thing I do is go to Google and start searching. If your business does not come up the the first page, there is no way on earth I am going to scroll to the second page. It’s too much of a hassle and I have sufficient faith that Google has delivered some really good companies for me to choose from on page 1. Why would I bother looking further? This is the same attitude that every consumer has world wide. This is such an important reason why SEO is fundamental to the success of your business.

# 6 Your competitors are doing it – Watch out your competitors are doing SEO and this is why their business sis growing quicker than yours and this is why you are slowly loosing your market share. Don’t think that this is not happening right before your eyes, because it is. Your competitors will get the upper hand and possibly put you out of business unless you start to realize that the only way you are ever going to beat them is through engaging an SEO agency like SEO Sydney Experts. This is the reality of the digital space in 2016 and you better start to embrace this advice or else you will loose BIG TIME.

# 7 SEO creates industry authority. If your website is on page 1 you immediately become more trustworthy. People over the years trust Google and what they rank on page 1. If your business is there it must be the best there is. So look out for the flood of new inquiries. It will happen if you do SEO the right way.

# 8 Make the right choice. I wanted to make the last point all about choice because I have mentioned it here. Choosing the right SEO company is not easy. There are so many cowboys out there fronting as SEO companies that promise you the world if only you sign up to their contract. They will tell you that you do not have to pay them unless they can rank say 10-20 % of your keywords or you can try them free for a month or even worse they will offer you a SEO guarantee & page 1 rankings. All of these statements are false, misleading and are the type of companies you should avoid. Keep an eye out for this. If they start promising you all these great things where you do not have to pay, simply hang up the phone. Don’t be afraid to be rude, just hang up on them. They certainly will not be afraid to take your money and do nothing. I am warning you businesses out there reading this blog because I speak to so many people every day that have fallen victim to these kind of scams.

If you are still unconvinced about the importance of SEO and how it can benefit your business please get in touch with me Steven on 02 9360 8514. Even better, why not come in for a face to face meeting.