The dangers of Pay on Performance SEO

I recently had a phone call from a business owner that was so jaded by his past SEO experience and dealings with SEO agencies that he was only willing to do an SEO campaign based on performance. He said that he’d been so disappointed with the results of his past 2 or 3 agencies that they only way he was going to move forward was based on actual results produced.

While this might not be a bad approach to take and attitude to have there are some serious issues involved when it comes to engaging an SEO agency purely based on their performance. If you think that there are agencies out there that will not do this, think again. There are heaps of SEO and internet marketing companies willing to give it a go and take on your SEO and only get paid if they perform well.

This is where the issues arise and following are my concerns about giving the green light to a performance based SEO campaign.

#1: If the agency is only going to get paid if they perform then they are going to use every spammy technique known to get your rankings up to page 1.

Once there they will phone you up and gloat at the wonderful job they have done and then lock you into their contract. This is the way they work. They lull you into a false sense of security thinking that you have got a great deal and that there is no way you can loose – I mean you are on page 1 and this is where you want to be so why no pay them now? WRONG! Getting to page 1 quickly is in organic and Google is on the look out for this type of activity. These type of speedy results are sugar coated highs and once Google detects this you are going to get slammed with a penalty or have your website ‘sandboxed’ and dumped to page 10 or more. This will be too late for you to do anything as you would have already paid your SEO spammers for their work and be continually paying them a monthly fee. It’s a huge scam and all I can say is that if you want to go on a pay on performance scheme then get ready for the consequences. They are dire and you are going to loose out big time.

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# 2: Another issue I have with this type of SEO is who determines what a good result is and how do your measure their performance? Do they pick the keywords they intend to rank or do you. I will make a bet that they will pick them and these words will be super easy to rank. They will choose long tail, phrases that are probably already on page 1 or on the cusp of getting there and once on page 1 they will deem this as a success.

When it comes to Search engine optimisation, there are many variables that go into determining what is performing well; ranking a keyword is just one factor. Are they looking at your website traffic, bounce and conversion rates. No they are not I bet. These guys are all about ranking low quality keywords that will have little benefit for your business and claim this as a victory. The only person winning here is them as they take your money!

When you perform and SEO campaign you must be the one to decide what is performance and then create a campaign targeting these KPI’s. Anything less than this is ‘old school SEO’ and will not work. The online space is far too crowded now and for your business to stand out from the crowd and succeed you need to be proactively targeting all areas of your digital footprint. Again, as stated above ranking a couple of keywords is just not going to cut it anymore. You might think that your doing the right thing by your business and getting your SEO guys to really lift their game, but in reality they are just going to take the same cookie cutter approach that they scam with everyone else and do the same to you. Be very warned about this!

# 3: Many SEO agencies camouflage this performance-based-renumeration by labelling and advertising it as ‘no rank no pay’ or ’90 day ranking guarantees’. These are all the same scams and perpetuated by the same players looking to fleece you out of your money. They are all exactly the same and designed to make you feel as though you are making a risk free decision when in fact you are putting your website under a bus. Even Google has clearly stated that you can’t guarantee any form of rankings – read this article & see below:

guaranteed google rankings

# 4: These agencies generally outsource their link building activities. Their business model is all about making the sale and getting the next sucker on board. This spells dramas for your future ranking chances as the work they will be doing on your site is going to harm your URL. At the end of the day Google will determine this and devalue their link building activity, but in the interim your site might end up getting penalised. Google is very much awake to these fraudulent SEO and so should you be.

So, if your thinking about engaging and SEO agency purely on their results think again. They are going to cut every corner, use aggressive non compliant shortcuts and do everything (including non compliant SEO) to gain your confidence in the short term. What may seem like a quick victory will in fact lead to long term online pain. With SEO you need to have a long term well thought out and planned campaign, PLUS you need to have patience and wait for real sustainable results – call us here on 02 9360 8514 and ask for Steven. I will clearly show you how we can get you some seriously good rankings from qualified visitors and solid valuable leads – this is the proper way SEO should be done.

Don’t worry about SEO just create good content – That’s wrong!

I am starting to see this type of commentary more and more which is seriously worrying.


Because this type of myth needs to be exposed when it comes to ranking a website on Google.

Content is essential but you gotta have links!!

Many SEO agencies that have NO CLUE regarding SEO are starting to use this as a sales pitch and spin it like this: Great content can outrank any form of SEO link building. This has to be one of the biggest lies and I want to explain this in more detail.

If you have the energy and can understand the following article on Google, you can see the rules that you have to comply with if you intend to build links – check it out here on their link schemes page.

I have to admit in some regards that great content will rank. Just have a look at this article to see where it is on Google- I bet it is on page 1. Why? Because, if you type the exact heading into Google’s search it will produce this result. Google wants to display the most relevant content and for this search this article is the most relevant.

But, here ‘s the rub, no one is going to be typing this phrase into Google. Let’s be perfectly honest here. People searching for our service will be typing words like: ‘ SEO Sydney’ or ‘SEO Agencies’ into Google not some obscure phrase. So while pages that have been well written will always rank on Google, no one is actually searching for these pages. The nett benefit to your business will be zero.

This goes to the subject of the value of content marketing and how it can help you drive growth. I’m afraid, the jury is still out for this but in my opinion writing blogs and adding pages to your website is always valuable but what is the overall affect.

Content marketing will help your business by:

# 1: people that come to your website will see it as a source of information and therefore your website becomes more trustworthy. If they like and appreciate the effort you have put into writing this content, they may end up buying from you.

# 2: adding content will encourage Google to keep on indexing your website and this will help with overall SEO rankings – how much does it help? We don’t really know but the theory is it cannot hurt your site.

# 3: you become perceived as an industry expert – an authority in your field.

All of the above 3 points are great and they are awesome for people who are on your website BUT the BIG QUESTION is how do they find your website and the only proven explanation for this is SEO and this is all about effective link building.

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Article, blogs and content marketing are all fine, once the customer has found your website. But, the real important issue here is that they find your website in the first place. Without any type of link building and SEO your site is going to be buried deep within the search pages and all I can say is good luck getting customers. The chances of anyone finding your website will be incredible low, almost zero.

Why does Google need back links to know your website is trustworthy?

Because back links are like a friendly tap on the shoulder to Google to say: ‘hey, look at that website it is OK and it’s a trustworthy site’. The more you have of these the more trust Google will place on you and the higher your rankings; so on and so forth. If you can get ther websites to endorse you through linking to your site, Google will place lots of value in this.

I also want to add here that without any links, your other web pages (and these include all your blog and service or product pages) will also find it difficult to rank. This on it like a boat anchored in the harbour. Building authority and trust to your site is like the tide. As soon as it comes in it will raise the whole boat. Not just the stern or the bow – the whole vessel. This is the same for your website. All pages will rise; each and every one of them so long as there is link building activity going on.

So the rule of thumb here or the moral of this story is that you can write all the content you want if that makes you happy and you feel it necessary to do so. But, without proper SEO and this means link activity, you can forget about being competitive online. If any SEO company starts telling you that all you need is good copy to get results, tell them they are dreaming and living in a fantasy world. Even worse they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes by advising you to take this path to succeed online rather than the correct path.

REMEMBER the people that are encouraging this are the ones that cannot get their head around link building and its benefits

The real issue here is that they have probably ranked their own site through links BUT will not do it for yours as this costs money. Links = money and they do not want to part with it to help you. They want to get cheap n nasty articles written for next to nothing and pocket the balance. They will show you this content to prove they are doing something while you end up going no where online. I see it happening all the time and it’s a real pity that people for victim to this type of utter rubbish when they are told this. Your business MUST invest in SEO if you intend on being competitive online. Anything else is time wasting.

All I can say is watch out!

Link building and SEO is very much alive and works really well. CAVEAT HERE *** you need to get an SEO agency like ours at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS that has a thorough understanding of what Google wants and what Google is looking for in order to rank a web site.

Do not make the mistake of choosing a dodgy SEO company, but that’s a whole other story.

Why should you trust us with your SEO campaign?

Trust is the most important factor when it comes to first agreeing to partner with an SEO agency. This trust is however very hard to attain given the nature of the SEO industry and the number of shonky operators out there that blatantly lie to keep clients stringed along while they fleece them of their marketing dollar month after month. The faith and trust put into SEO agencies by many business owners has been thrown right back at them in a negligent and farcicle manner.

This has translated into a down grading of trust to a point where most decent SEO agencies like us find that they have to plead the case for being honest, reliable and above all trustworthy before we even start the campaign. Yes, I know that all businesses have to prove they are trustworthy but in the case of SEO it does seem that we have to go the extra mile and even when we do we are still tainted with the same brush painted for those other SEO charlatans.

If you are reading this article you might be thinking that I just complaining and we are exactly the same as everyone else. If you are on your second or third SEO provider and have found that they all say the same things and the results have been really bad (even though they have promised you fantastic Google rankings), then why the hell should you trust us. After all we are in the same industry and I am probably telling you exactly what the other guy promised.

Well, following is a list of points that separate us for the rest of the rotten bunch of apples that are ruining the cart.

# 1 If you look at our organic ranking as of today 18/7/16 we are sitting at position # 1 for some really competitive search terms related to SEO such as ‘SEO Sydney’ and the very coveted keyword ‘SEO’. You can see that we are sitting right under wikipedia which is a phenomenal result. This result alone separate us from the rest of the agencies as Google values our website and trusts us enough to put us right up there at position 1. This should be proof enough of our trust if Google places it in us.

The issue with many businesses is that they originally made the mistake of signing up with the first SEO agency they saw on Google. This of course being the ads displayed at the top of the page. The issue here is that these ads cost a lot of money and the SEO agencies behind these ads MUST recoup their monies for the privilege of the ad placement and will therefore promise you anything to get your business. This is where the lies start and this is how the trust breaks down and eventually erodes over time.

Promises like; ‘ranking guarantees’ and ‘page 1 of Google within 90 days’ are all scams and ploys to get you to notice them and trust them. Once they have you in their clutches through sweet talking sales people telling you everything you want to hear they then begin the process of screwing you over.


We are different because we never make these outrageous claims and we never have to pay to be on Google. We are there organically and if you can get your head around this then you are well on your way to understanding the basic philosophy regarding Google and factors that influence Google’s trust.

# 2 Many SEO companies will do absolutely no work once they have you. I speak to so many people everyday that cannot understand why their competition is killing it online ( they are also relatively newcomers) whilst they are sitting there languishing on page 3 or 4 and have been there for years. It bewilders them and confuses them that their business has been in operation for many years and these newbie’s are outranking them? It doesn’t make sense to them as they are with an SEO agency who keeps on promising them that the rankings will continue to climb.

The issue here is that these internet companies are doing nothing. They are killing your business slowly. I hate to say it and it will be a bitter pill to swallow but they are taking your money every month and doing nothing with it. What they are doing is using this money to finance their Adwords campaign so they can get more victims to part with their money. It’s a scheme and it works really well – this is why I am writing this article. When I explain this to businesses who’s rankings are pathetic after a year of supposed SEO work and tell them how it really is, they understandably get really upset. Their trust in all SEO agencies is eliminated and it’s up to me to help ressurect their rankings and turn their business around.

At this point most businesses are wondering who to trust and what to believe as they feel really hurt by the amount of money they have lost and they feel betrayed; rightfully so.

Well, all I can say is that we have been helping businesses over the past 10 years in this situation recover. If I can give you 1 example it’s a ‘laser hair removal’ company that was going no where online and was sitting on page 3 for well over a year and simply couldn’t move. Once we took over the rankings began to climb and today they are sitting at position # 3 for their main core (and very competitive keyword) laser hair removal. The good news is they have held this position for well over 18 months now and site traffic is booming.

Trust in business is all about being transparent and performing well. If you say you are going to do something and people are relying on you for this, then you better deliver if you are going to maintain that level of trust and respect. This is where we excel and this is why trust is a number 1 priority for us. If we say we are going to deliver and get results we make dam sure we do!

Four Ways Your SEO Agency is Killing Your Business

The issue with many SEO companies is they don’t know what they are doing. At SEO Sydney Experts we get calls daily from people who are still scratching their head wondering what the hell happened with their last SEO company and just what went wrong. They story is always the same; they tell me that they were either recommended this SEO agency by a friend or that they chose this company because they offered to get then to page 1 of Google and it was all backed up by a written guarantee.

The issue here is that many SEO companies will say almost anything to get your business and once they have it they will either do absolutely nothing by pretending to do some sort of SEO or the SEO that they do implement is seriously non compliant and old school – hence, horrific rankings.

The problem with many SEO companies is that by the time the “results” you’ve paid for have vanished, so has your SEO provider’s budget!

In this blog article I will explain to you 4 ways that your current SEO team is demolishing and hindering the growth of your business online, effectively ruining any chance you have of a decent Google ranking and why SEO Sydney Experts is different.

1) Fraudulent Back links combined with old school SEO Tactics

If you go back say 5 years to get any sort of rankings all you needed was to buy a mass of back links online and have them point to your site. It was easy to do and really cheap. There were companies that literally had millions of back links all pointing to the home page and they were doing really well on Google.

How times have changed. Google has now forbidden this type of out dated practice and will only reward and push authority/trust to your website if there are back links from high authority domains. Anything else and any other types of back links are a pointless and useless exercise. Essentially, a waste of time and money.

This massive Google update is common knowledge among all SEO agencies but as account manager of SEO Sydney Experts, Steven Walberg explains: ‘this practice of dodgy, cheap, insane link strategies are still common practice among a serious number of SEO companies in Sydney. They still purchase low authority/ easy to obtain links in order to substantiate the fact that they are doing some type of SEO work and in the process are killing your website is the eyes of Google. Once their algorithm detects all these spammy back links and their attempt to build web authority through blog private networks and spammy directory sites your web presence will suffer heavily through a penalty and if you think your  rankings were bad now, just wait till the penalty hits, your site will disappear completely’.

As Steven explains; ‘the way in which many SEO companies conduct themselves and their business practices is reprehensible. This is due to the low barriers of entry and the unregulated nature of SEO. Plus if unscrupulous SEO companies are prepared to ignore their conscious and blindly rip businesses off, then the profit margins are huge. This temptation is unfortunately too hard to resist for a good chunk of players. My advice is to keep a close eye on your rankings and if there is no improvement in the first couple of months, hold them to account for this. Also audit your link profile and get them to show you the links they have created. If they look or smell fishy then it’s time to bail and go elsewhere’.

My advice and I keep telling potential clients this time and time again, if you start to suspect that an SEO scammer is ripping you off, get immediate help from ‘white hat’ professional SEO team like us – letting things drag out is not a good idea and will only damage your SEO chance even further.

Remember these dodgy brother SEO guys are out there to scam as much money as they can off you so be really vigilant all the time. You will soon realise by their level of customer service and they way in which they try to dodge your calls/emails because they are afraid to talk to you.

2) Lots of Keyword Stuffing

What used to be a good SEO practice by cramming as many words as you can that related to your industry on 1 page is now a huge no no. Sure, you may get a bit of a rise in the rankings but once Google’s content algorithm detects your keyword spamming the results are BAD!

Many SEO companies will do this in order to ring you up and say; ‘hey look at us we are doing work on your website, look how many words we have added….we must be good’. Unfortunately so many people still fall for this tactic and it’s a pity.

“Keyword stuffing  in order to pretend that they are doing some work is another massive way SEO agencies take money for not doing anything, It’s rampant and industry wide which reflects poorly and often tarnishes the reputation of good businesses like ours” says SEO Sydney Experts account manager Steven Walberg.

Let me explain further what KEYWORD STUFFING is?

Say your business is law firm in Sydney and your aim with engaging an SEO agency is to rank for all keywords that relate to your legal services such as divorce lawyers sydney, conveyancing lawyers sydney or will and estate lawyers sydney.

A dodgy SEO company will:

Use those keywords above throughout all of the content on each page of your website. Content would sound ridiculous as you repeat those words over and over again. The first paragraph would go something like this: ‘We are Sydney’s leading divorce lawyers who specialise in divorce law and help people with their divorce’. It sounds bad, reads even worse and Google will eventually see this and penalise these types of pages within your site. Your bad SEO company will not tell you about this till it’s all too late and in the meantime they are taking money from you month after month. When you discover this and it’s all too late, you are out of pocket with a penalised website.

OMG…if I could tell you the number of times I have seen this happen.

Make sure that all of your service keywords are in white text on a white background, invisible to people but still able to be indexed. Basically, white on white where you can cram as many keywords as you like on 1 page. If this is on your website and it’s been done by your SEO company then it’s time to immediately sack them and tell them to fix this by deleting all this text.
> On every image in the site use these keywords over and over again even if these keywords are unrelated to the image.
> In the page titles rather than focus on the message and purpose of the page, they will stuff as many keywords as the can into the title in the hope Google will this page for each keyword in the title. A page title the description of the page and should ONLY be about 1 specific topic not 4 or 5 topics.
>Tell you to create multiple pages about the same topic so that you have a useless 40-50 page website with each page saying the same thing. This can also prove tricky for pages that are created to capture a whole bunch of suburbs that you do not necessarily work in. For example creating multiple individual suburban pages for your website. This is common practice especially with tradies. It may work now but you are walking on thin ice if you do this for 100’s of suburbs and hope to get away with it. All Google has to do is ban this and change it’s algorithm and these pages will disappear – just a warning that if your SEO agency is implementing this type of keyword stuffing with individual suburbs, this may all come crashing down.

The huge issue with out dated SEO tactics like keyword stuffing is that they do have a bit of a sugar hit/spike in the rankings and you can see some results. HOWEVER, Google is onto this and will detect this. Because keyword stuffing results in such a bad user experience and really high bounce rates ( people will land on your site and just exit it), Google’s quality content algorithm in combination with these statistics that they have will penalise your website heavily.

A proper SEO agency like ours would make sure that all your content on each page is engaging, informative and immediately addresses the nature of the inquiry by being professionally written by a copywriter. Not slapped together by an amateur in the hope of gaming the system and cheating Google. If you can remember this formula you will be on your way to SEO success: great copy + high quality link strategies = better Google rankings.

3. We have 150 Keywords on page 1 but no web traffic

Because of the competitive nature of SEO, many companies will promise that they will get say 30 keywords on page 1 for you and they will do this free of charge till they do. Or even worse, the will tell you they will back this up with a guarantee.

I have written so many article about this so I hope i have hammered the point home but still the majority of businesses searching for an SEO providor will want this worthless, useless written guarantee. They somehow ( and for the life of me I cannot work out why, with all this literature out there as to why you can never guarantee SEO rankings) feel more secure if they have this in their hands.

OK, so here’s the scam. The SEO agency will get your keywords to page 1 but these words are not your core service/product keywords and will have no traffic going to them. It’s a pointless exercise geared strictly towards scamming you. By getting some keywords to page 1 these seo agencies will have full filled their obligation thereby committing you to whatever you signed in order for them to rank you. Essentially they are ranking you for low quality terms with little or no revenue potential.

According to Steven; ‘when it comes to Google it’s seriously easy to rank worthless non competitive keywords. Ranking 4 to 5 word phrases is child’s play and so many people fall victim to this pathetic scam. These phrases are not relevant and will have no impact on what your customers are searching for. In fact this may harm your future SEO rankings as people landing on your site will leave it immediately as this is not what they are searching for. Bounce rates go up, average session times for your site go down and along with it your rankings as well.

You can have thousands of keywords on page 1 and it will not bring in 1 client or 1 extra cent of revenue if no one is searching for those terms. Remember our lawyers sydney example, what’s the point in ranking ‘ lawyers who work the weekend in St Leonards when no one will ever search for this.

4. It’s all about the content and not the links.

So many agencies will tell you that link building is dead and that all you need to do is publish great content. This philosophy is pushed out by SEO companies that have no clue about how to use back links effectively and will use the good money you pay them to get bad content written cheaply in a third world country so they get as much profit as they can.

You will think they are doing a stellar job because they are writing content when in fact the copy they write serves no purpose and will do your site harm? Why? Because bad copy will be detected y Google and will kill your rankings as well as irritation your site visitors.

SEO fraudulent agencies that rely on content only and ignore the importance and power of back links are killing your website online.

So these are the 4 factors that are smashing your chances of having any hope of ranking. If you feel as though your website is not working as well as it should be online then I suggest you take a good long hard look at who is doing your SEO, study the points above and then take immediate steps to stop this causing your more harm. We are here to answer any questions you may have on 02 9360 8514 – just ask for Steven.

To rank on Google, it’s all about the links

I’m absolutely amazed and if I say so myself dumbfounded when people are told lies when it comes to SEO and ranking on Google. To this day there are these so- called fraudulent pranksters that have the guts the gall the chutzpah to sit there and lie to your face about what it takes to rank your website on Google.

I know your probably rolling your eyes and thinking that this is another pitch about SEO coming from another agency BUT I want to tell you good folk out there reading this blog that I can say this and tell you this from a point of authority. Why I hear you ask? Because if you actually Google the keywords: ‘SEO’ or ‘SEO Sydney’ we are in position # 1. Yes that’s right folks, Google has deemed our website # 1 for these ridiculously hard to rank keywords and they reason for this is because of your bloody good strategy. This puts me in a position of some authority and I am able to tell you this without being nervous or without quoting from someone else. SEO Sydney Experts is at position numero uno and we have been there for years so when I tell you something people please believe me.

SEO Scams

I have seen SEO players come and go and I have seen people try to put their theories out there and tell businesses that they know best and they know what works on Google. Well all these people are gone. They have vanished into thin air and are no longer around. I see them all chasing at my heels but they can never catch us. This is due to our fantastic ability to rank our website.

How so how we go about getting to position # 1 for SEO Sydney? The answer is simple. We have extremely powerful back links and we implement this with our proven and solid SEO strategy. We see people try to copy us all the time and mimic what we are doing., but no on one and I will repeat myself here for maximum impact, no one can do or has been able to achieve what we can over the past 5 years when it comes to Google rankings.

Interestingly enough, this morning I had a meeting with a potential client who had been speaking to another SEO agency and they were told that link building is dead and that they only way they could ever hope to rank on Google is via content. While I’m not saying that content is a bad thing, in fact you need to be blogging and writing new content on your website. But to sit there and say to her that back linking is dead is an out right lie. OMG….this so called SEO agency has the audacity to make a statement like this and say it with conviction is quite scary. Why? Because they have planted a seed of doubt in the clients mind in regards to link building and it’s effect on SEO. When they end up seeing me I have to dispel these concocted, dysfunctional myths and theories about rankings and set the record straight; LINK BUILDING WORKS – period, end of story.

So why do these SEO companies propagate such dribble? The answer is simple. They do this because they have do not intend to spend the time or effort in getting credible back links to push your rankings. They will however, outsource copywriting to a third world country where they can get an article written poorly for less than $3 for 500 words. They will then post this article and it will eventually get indexed by Google and sit somewhere on page 8 or 9. In the interim, their monthly outlay in next to nothing and they end up pocketing the rest as a healthy profit. See, it’s in their best interests to tell you that link building doesn’t work as this is the part that costs money and this is the expensive component of an SEO campaign.

The moral of this story is that if any one tells you that link building is dead and all you need to do is publish great copy, simply walk away – even better hang up the phone.

So why does Google value link building? Because it’s the only way they are going to know that your website is trustworthy. If there are other websites referring to your site then this is a good ranking signal. Google uses these links to place a value on your site. Mind you, the quality of the links has to be high. In the link building game it’s all about the quality of the referring link and not the quantity. And here lies another issue. There are SEO agencies out there that still stand by the theory that the more links you have the better off you are. This is a fallacy and is a seriously dangerous tactic. What we do here at our fantastic SEO agency is build the Ferrari or links.

Not only do we have the best and most valuable websites around to link back to you, but if we have to purchase any links we make sure you are flying first class. We never go economy and this is what Google wants to see and this why our clients do so well.

What happens if you relied only on good copy? The only thing that would happen is that web page would be hanging around page 10, even worse if it’s a competitive niche. The eventual outcome is that you would get zero web traffic and you would probably end up going out of business. This leads me to the point of morals when it comes to SEO. These charlatans, by preaching these futile tactics show that they have little regard or concern for your business. They are out for the buck and couldn’t give a dam about you, your business or your welfare. If they are prepared to sell you a lemon and take money for it every month, then it’s an outrageous rip off and the only one that ends up loosing is poor you.

Given the competitive nature of the online world you need to get it right from the beginning. If some sweet talking SEO consultant gets the better of you that’s not entirely your fault. They are basically preying on your ignorance and in most cases good nature and honesty. I mean why on earth would they lie to you. DAH….you have been warned, don’t fall for this scam.

So why do people keep on believing the bull that’s out there. It’s due to wanting to believe in something. These guys come up with fake case studies and fake testimonials backed up by sweet sounding promises of page 1 ranking guarantees. What a load of rubbish. No one can guarantee anything with Google because you are dealing with a 3rd party who will never tell you a thing. 90 SEO Guarantees are a way of making you feel good even if they are total lies.These guys like to put a nice neat figure there that’s not 30 days (cause that’s way too soon) but 90 days so you think they are working real hard for 90 days. What a load of baloney. If everyone could be on page 1 in 90 days, that’s only 3 months, then every body would be doing it. Think logically and you can easily unravel their BS.

5 Golden Rules when Choosing your SEO Agency

Finding the right SEO agency is not so easy. Some people think it’s a matter of simply making a few phone calls or sending out a few emails and phoning the cheapest agency that offers them the most keywords is the way to go. This really the worst way to go about finding an SEO partner and will only end up putting your business, in serious jeopardy.

The aim of this article is to stop you making silly mistakes when it comes to searching and securing an SEO agency. These are great tips and come from a wealth of experience from someone who has heard all the nasty and tragic stories from businesses Australia wide who have made the grave error of judgement in picking a horrible SEO company,

Theses are 5 rules and if you follow them, you will be on the right path to not only being more successful online but getting a much better Google ranking & customers who are ready to buy from you!

RULE # 1: What ever you do never and I mean never believe it when someone tells you that they can guarantee you page 1 position on Google for your main keyword rankings within 90 days. This is a common trick used by many SEO agencies to get you to sign up with them. It’s nothing but a scam. The reason being is that you are dealing with a 3rd party (Google) who will never disclose what their ranking criteria is. For an agency to tell you that they have figures this out and can 100% claim they can get you to page 1 is a complete and out right lie.

They even advertise this fact and use it as part of their sales pitch. The issue here is that so many people wont read this blog and like lambs to the slaughter they fall victim to these claims and lies. It’s a real problem facing many business owners who want to be on page 1 ( and are not fully aware of how SEO or Google works), like what they hear over the phone and sign up for a 12 month contract.

I do want to  make a point there. They might be able to guarantee ranking for what we term ‘long tail keywords’ or phrases – basically anyone can do this. BUT, theses keywords when they do rank, have little or no value to the business as they bring in no traffic.

For example if you are a electrician in Sydney, you want to rank for the keywords: ‘electricians sydney’ NOT ‘ mobile electricians with low rates’. The scam is that they will rank you for the 2nd phrase not the first, and they never tell you this before hand.

RULE # 2: Try to find a SEO company that is ranking organically. Those that have paid to be there using PPC or Adwords and are on page 1 not because they know anything about SEO, ( which is what you want), but they are spending money to be there. This money MUST deliver a return on their cost per click and these guys will say anything to you to sweeten the deal to make the sale. This is where the guarantees come in and all that sales baloney! Don’t trust these guys or believe them.

RULE # 3: It’s preferable if you find a local SEO agency. One that you can go and visit rather than one in another capital city. I know this may sound petty as things can be done via email or skype, but you need to see that the people you are entrusting your internet marketing with have an actual physical presence. They may just be a sales front for some off shore SEO link building team and this is where you could end up in real problems. Think local when it comes to SEO.

RULE # 4: SEO is not about simply throwing masses of links at your site. There’s more to it and it’s now more of a full on digital marketing discipline and this is why you should be using an SEO agency that can offer services like web and user interface design/experience, improving conversion rates, social media and content marketing. If all they talk about is SEO, then I’m afraid this on’t work any longer. Google wants to see content added to your website and they do like to see social media activity.

Related articleCreating a Combined SEO & Content Strategy

It’s now all about SEO, social media, content marketing and making sure that the websites visitor has the best possible experience. also known as conversion rate optimisation, you now need to know what people do when they land on your site and always be tweaking it for better performance. Your prospective SEO company better know how to do this or else you WILL NOT RANK OR GET BUSINESS!

RULE # 5: If they want to sign you up to a 12 month contract  – DITCH THEM. Most of these long term deals are designed to keep you paying month after month and they won’t really do anything. Best to pay as you go as this will keep your SEO agency on their toes. They need to perform and improve rankings if you are going to engage them for the next month.

These simple 5 rules are really here to help you STOP making fatal errors when it comes to your internet marketing and SEO. All I can suggest is you call us here at SEO Sydney Experts on 02 9360 8514 and we will clearly explain to you the whole SEO process in plain English and give you the raw truth and real deal about your businesses chance of getting to page 1.

I believe in a no nonsense, honest approach to SEO, so if this sounds OK – I am always happy to chat anytime about ways to not only improve you rankings but also your whole internet presence. I take a very holistic approach to this to make sure all bases are covered. This way we can be really competitive online – perhaps even better than your competition who seem to be getting all the business. We will soon sort that situation out.

2 Critically Vital Questions to ask your SEO Company

Before you engage your future SEO company there are 2 really crucial if not critical questions you need to ask them. If they do not answer these questions as per the following blog, then you should walk away as chances are these guys are out to scam you big time. Finding the best EO agency to work with is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are just so many dodgy operators out there ripping people off blindly that you must choice correctly or else suffer the impending consequences.

The first critical question you need to ask any SEO company is where are they located on Google when you type in the words: ‘SEO’ or ‘SEO Sydney’. If they are ranking on page 1 organically like we happen to be then that’s a great start. If however they are paying to be on page 1 of Google ( and I know that the cost per click to be up there is about $20 per click) then these guys are to be avoided at all costs.

2questionsWhy I hear you ask? Because, the prohibitive costs of being up at the top 3 ads means that these SEO companies have to make the sale. They are spending thousands of dollars a week to be up there on page 1 of Google and they have to somehow pay for this. In this case, they will offer ridiculous scam ridden deals to get you to sigh up with them. They really don’t care about your business or SEO campaign, all they are concerned about is getting you to sign up with them , lock you into a 12 month contract and use the money you pay them monthly to refinance their Adwords campaign. It’s a never ending cycle and so many businesses that I come across are getting completely and utterly ripped off by these ‘so called’ good willed SEO agencies.

So the question you need to focus on with these guys is where are you placed on Google for really SEO focused keywords. If they come back at you with answers like….oh yes we are ranking highly for all our SEO keywords, just Google ‘ Top SEO companies with web skills in Sydney Australia’ then this is a huge warning sign. These are long tail keywords and easy to rank. Make sure you make them tell you about why they are not ranking for the really hard keywords like SEO. Don’t fall for their bravado on issues like this.

If you see below you can see what I mean. SEO Sydney Experts is right up there organically on page 1 of Google right under Wikipedia – it can’t get better than that and this is a critical point to note. Always use an agency that ranks organically and walk away quickly from those agencies offering:

– Pay on performance SEO

– SEO guarantees – they will guarantee their work

– If they tell you that you only have to pay say $5 per month until they rank you… OMG – this is such a scam….if you have seen this ( and yes there are many of these online) call me and I will explain the con to you in detail. Never, what ever you do fall for this type of insane promise. These scams and SEO myths are can kill your business.

– If they tell you they are ranking organically and offer these kind of deals – they are pulling the wool over your eyes. Most legitimate SEO agencies will not offer these deals if they are ranking naturally. Why? Because they don’t have to. See, we do things the right way and this is the reason why we are sitting at # 1. Only dodgy scammers operate in the other fashion – trust me on this as I have been doing this for nearly 15 years and I have seen every trick in the book.

The second crucial question you need to ask is about their pricing model. If they blurt out a package price over the phone without analysing your keywords then they are again not doing things properly. If they straight away say something like, 10 keywords for $500 – then you should start looking for the exit. These package offers are there to make the quick sale over the phone. Generally speaking these packages are designed to lure small business owners by offering unrealistic low prices.

It doesn’t matter what the package is or the price is, the fact of the matter is that people who do not know too much about SEO thing they are getting the best deal around. Unbeknown to them they are actually just signing up to a monthly contract where they have to pay monthly. Nothing will be done. Rankings wont go anywhere are it will end up in a complete mess. So the question you need to be asking them is how come they can quote you a SEO package over the phone without doing a thorough keyword analysis. Also, why are the prices so cheap? Cheap = nasty. Simple as that. If they are going in too cheap, they will again do nothing and this is just going to bleed you dry month after month – be warned! Watch out for cheap SEO deals all packaged up nicely with unrealistic guarantees.

If in doubt please I urge you give me a call and I will tell you exactly how SEO works and the truth behind most of these lies. Remember we are ranking # 1 so we have authority on this subject.

Is Your SEO Agency NOT Communicating With You?

seocommunicationAre you finding that your SEO agency is failing to communicate with you? When was the last time you heard from them? Did the SEO relationship start off nicely and then tapered off very quickly? Are you struggling to get accurate data, statistics, traffic numbers, monthly ranking reports and insightful analysis regarding your Google Analytics? Do you find that the overall communication between you and your current SEO agency is essentially non existent? If all this sounds very familiar then it’s probably time to start thinking about swapping SEO agencies because when it comes to marketing your website online, especially SEO, communication is probably the most important ingredient.

Success through SEO is all about communication, transparency and keeping the client informed about what you are doing, how the rankings are going and always looking at ways to further increase the quality and quantity of incoming leads – this is the basis of SEO and if you find that your SEO agency is not on the phone or email with you at least twice a month, then it’s time to ditch them.

3 Reasons Why Your SEO Company is Avoiding You.

ONE: The unfortunate truth in the SEO space is that many ‘so called’ reputable suppliers are simply out there to get your business. They are on large sales targets and their main business model is to get as many companies to sign up with them for a year and thats about it. Once they have your signature on the dotted line, all forms of communication basically end. Once they have you locked into their contract, basically they figure they have done their job and there is no reason to communicate with you. Once they have made the sale, their job as far as they are concerned is over. This is their process and this is how they continue to rip people off on a daily basis – be very warned about this!

Sure they might do a tiny bit of SEO work, that was promised to you by the sweet talking sales person you spoke to originally over the phone, ( or even worst – they cold called you), but that unfortunately is the end relationship. Your online Google rankings will go absolutely no where and if you ring up and try to complain or get and answer, you will NEVER get the same person on the phone. You are part of the sausage factory and your business is the one thing that will end up suffering.

This happens all the time and at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS we make sure that we over communicate with you. We can promise you 1 thing. That you will always get the same person on the phone and that anytime you need help or answers to technical questions, we make sure you get an answer that day!

TWO: The second reason why your SEO company is not communicating with you is because they do not know what they are doing. If they had something positive to say or tell you they would be on the phone or email telling you the good news straight away. The lack of communication is a result of poor SEO rankings and hence they are afraid to call you.

The BIG ISSUE here is that these SEO agencies should be constantly on the phone to you telling you what they are doing. If they rankings are not improving they should be getting you in to their office to look at ways to fix the situation.

Why they are not communicating with you is because your account ( once you sign up) will be handed over to some account manager whose responsibility is to just email you 1 end of month ranking report with a snap shot of your Google Analytics. That’s all you will get and as far as I am concerned this is not on. These reports are simply generated templates that you are meant to decipher and understand. For most business owners this will make absolutely no sense and this goes on month after month, until you finally wake up and try to do something about it.

By this point in time, your Google rankings are still no where to be seen, no one is speaking to you, you are still locked into that really nasty 12 month contract ( that will roll over automatically unless you tell them you want to stop it…watch out for this, you may ned to give them 3 months notice), and lastly you are paying these guys month after month. It’s a horrible situation to be in and the best thing you can do is try to get out of the contract.

THREE: The last reason why you have not heard from your SEO agency since you signed up with them, is due to the fact that they are freelancers or one man operators that simply do not have the man power or knowledge of what to say or how to communicate with you.
Their business model is exactly the same as the ‘big boy rip off SEO companies’, and their focus is getting the next sale and NOT ON YOUR BUSINESS.

They will say and promise almost anything to get you to sign up with them; ‘free SEO for 1 month’ or ‘try our SEO before you buy’, but once they have you in their clutches expect ZERO communication. These guys are all over the SEO space…all you need to do is type ‘SEO SYDNEY” into Google and you will know what I mean.

Stay well clear of these small time operators, whose online sales pitches are all about ‘freebies’.

How do I know? Because around 50% of the calls and email inquiries we get are from people that have trusted these types of SEO companies in the past and have had their business completely smashed online. It’s extremely common and unfortunately people have to go through 1 or 2 SEO agencies before they learn the good form the bad.

So if you want to save a lot of time, headaches, lost business, wasted money, try partnering with an SEO company that knows what it is doing.

If you partner with us at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS you can have the comfort, security and peace of mind knowing that you are working with a SEO and digital agency that is ranking on the first page of Google organically for most of their ‘extremely hard to get’ keywords.

Go on have a look for yourself…type in the words ‘ SEO SYDNEY’ or ‘SEO’ into Google and you will see we are there right at the top. We are not using Adwords we have not paid to be there, we are there because Google has chosen us as the Best SEO company.

So, you will know that all the SEO strategies we have used to get our website to the first page of Google – we are going to do for your website.

If you are fed up of not having your website ranking on Google and if you are looking for an agency that has an open door policy on communication – then please call us today on 02 9360 8514  – you will notice the difference immediately.

10 Really Bad SEO Mistakes You Need to Know About

Its so easy to be tempted into using the services of cheap and nasty SEO companies, but I can make a bet that these guys are going to not be abiding by all of these 10 rules. Google is quick and I mean super fast in detecting any SEO mistakes being made so following are some tips you need to be on top of if you are going to stay ahead of your competitors when it comes to SEO. If you for 1 minute think that your SEO agency is doing any of the following then you need to ditch them ASAP.

seo-mistakesNever be tempted to over optimise keywords The temptation will be there to think that is you spend a lot of time building links with 1 keyword in mind then this is going to help you rank for that word. This is not how it works and if you think that you can say to your SEO company that you only want to spend a small amount of money and that they should spend all their efforts on 1 keyword, then this is a recipe for trouble. It sends a signal to Google that you are trying to manipulate 1 keyword and this looks very spammy. The right way to do things is through a strategic and balanced back linking profile which is exactly what we do here at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS. We look at a whole range of natural looking keywords (including your main ones) and build back links to al of these. This is the most natural way of implementing SEO and we know exactly how to do this without raising any alarm bells with Google.

Social media activity will help SEO Link building is one thing and will get you ranking but there is a whole other space known as social media and pundits are now speculating that this does have an effect on your SEO. How? Every tweet, like or follow on social media platforms does send a signal to Google which builds authority to your URL. Whilst I am not saying that this is as powerful as quality back linking I do advocate that these social platforms are an advantage and business owners should be active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It is hard to do sometimes but it is another form of marketing and will help in anything, build your brand and expand your client base. If your SEO company is not helping or advising with your social media then there is something very amiss. Google’s focus is somewhat geared now to social media

Spam comments on blog sites Years ago this was a great way to get a link back to your website. SEO companies used to do this all the time. I think in the early 2000’s I was probably guilty of a few rogue post comments. I still cannot believe that people still do this nowadays in the hope of generating some kind of added authority. It’s a humongous waste of energy and will get you busted eventually by Google. So many people still do this that its actually comical. People post comments on totally unrelated blog sites with links pointed towards their website. A joke and Google is watching this activity closely.

Directory links are out of date. There are so many online directories online all wanting your business. There are a few good local ones that are great for local citations (and will help) but the rest should really be binned. Never and I repeat never pay for a link on a directory website. Even worse, have multiple entries across similar looking directories as this is a cause for real concern.

Duplicate content Do you ever read a competitors website and think, how good was that copy or content. Do you just sit back and wish your site could read as good is this website. Well you can. All you have to do is copy and paste the content and put it into your website. Simple as that. Hold on… there is 1 very small problem other than copy write issues. That is, Google will pick this up and your page will not rank. Plagiarism is rife online and people copy websites all the time. Don’t you be the person that does this as Google will figures this out soon enough and you will end up paying a heavy price.

You need a balanced link profile Some people say that link building has been canned by Google and to a certain extent this is right. Google will not count irrelevant or low quality in bound links as a ranking factor. In fact if you have too many they will bust you and you are going to get barred from ranking. This is completely another story so lets just focus on what a balanced quality link profile means. Simply put if you are a cosmetic surgeon, Google will want to see in bound links from medical websites. If you are a lawyer, the same applies. All links must be from sites with legal references. On top of this you must spread out all links so they are balanced throughout your website. Many people just want to optimise the home page. WRONG! All pages of your website are of equal value and therefore must have a even number of inbound links. This is the right approach to handling this and this is the real and only way you are ever going to rank properly. Anything else is just ‘spammy’ and will never ever work in this stringent Google environment.

Building Micro-sites in the hope of boosting your main websites authority This is quite complex for people who do not know too much about SEO so let me go through this. Many SEO agencies will build smaller very product focused websites known as micro sites. These are generally only 1 or 2 pages and they generally reflect a product or service offering of your business. The problem here is that people abuse these sites by placing many inbound links all pointed to your main site. So in effect you could have 10 or even 20 separate micro sites all pointing to 1 main site. A huge issue if you get pinged by Google.

My advice if you are genuinely serious about attaining a solid Google ranking is to deal with an agency that will comply with what Google is looking for. To add fuel to the fire, you can still comply with everything and not rank. This is where you need to be working with a team like us at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS. The huge difference with us is that we actual know what we are doing. Where some SEO agencies have been working on a site for years and the rankings are going no where. We then step in and presto, immediate results. This is why you can do all the shopping around you like and see as many SEO companies as you want to, but at the end of the day there are only a handful of us that can actually perform. You will know what I mean if you have been stuck with a dud agency and have had no luck in getting better rankings – call us today on 02 9360 8514 to start seeing real SEO results.

How to Avoid Getting Completely Ripped Off by SEO companies

Are you still scratching your head and wondering what’s been going on for the last couple of months with your SEO agency. You paid them you trusted them, they said all the right things, but nothing happened, except you now have a lighter wallet.

seonegativeThere are many SEO agencies in Sydney and you can easily find them on Google, who are going to quote you unrealistic and ‘too good to be true’ prices when it comes to handling your search engine optimisation. They will gladly take your money and do absolutely nothing when it comes to ranking your website on Google. Basically, they are out to rip you off with no moral conscience or business ethics. These are the types of players that bring the SEO industry into disrepute and give all us good guys ( who practice white hat SEO) a very bad reputation. This is unfair for people like us who play by the rules and offer a genuinely good service that can really help your business become more successful.

There are hundreds of scam artist out there looking for their next victim. These people can be based in Sydney or overseas and you will never ever know unless you are prepared to meet with them and know what the danger signs are. Knowing these will help you prevent getting ripped off.

Following are some things to keep front of mind and be very aware of when speaking to your next prospective SEO agency:

1) There are so many SEO companies that say they have a Sydney presence when in fact they are based in Thailand or India, be aware of this. I actually got cold called from one of these companies the other day who said they were in Sydney and when I asked to meet with them they said they can’t and when pressed further they eventually admitted they were overseas. These guys are real scammers so keep your eyes open. It’s preferable to deal with a local company. At least one you can visit in person.

2)  Don’t do everything via email. Get them to come in for a chat which will give you a better idea of their work ethic. Meetings are a great way to judge character and to tell if your going to get ripped off. If they want to do everything via email and are not even prepared to Skype you avoid them. These people are killers for small business.

The basic rule here, if you are going to avoid getting ripped off is to not align yourself with any SEO companies that offer:

  •    SEO guarantees and page 1 rankings within 60-90 days or pay on performance SEO
  •     Monthly SEO fees for around the $500 mark if your in a highly competitive niche.
  •     Instant SEO quotes over the phone without doing any kind of keyword research or industry analysis.
  •     Yearly or half yearly MUST sign contracts with no exit clause.
  •     Ex Google employees working in the company –  this is a huge trick and as I’m sure you can imagine why would a Google employee go an work for a SEO agency. The chances of this are very remote and highly unlikely
  •     If they do not offer any type of content marketing, website audit, social media marketing and are just focused on link building. This is very dangerous and know that this type of strategy is considered very old school.

Lets examine each point individually so you have a better understanding of what to look out for:

SEO Guarantees

In the perfect world, businesses can offer warranties and guarantees on their products or services. Unfortunately, Google is the third wheel here and is in charge of the ranking process. All an SEO company can realistically provide is the vehicle that helps your website rank. This is because Google makes all the rules and can easily and without any prior warning change them at any time. Guarantees of page 1 positioning is really a scam and sold to you to lull you into a false sense of unrealistic security. Again, unfortunately, if you believe in it hard enough, and are told it time and time again, it still won’t make a difference.

Google has their hand on the controls and no amount of positive thinking or over promising of guarantees will change this fact. Also, if companies say they will work till they get you on page 1 for free if they can’t rank you within 6 months, again stay well away!

These are all scams and designed to fleece you of your money.

Cheap Monthly SEO Fees

These guys are out for the fast buck. Their aim is to quote low, get you in and do little or no work. Its simple math, if they are going to be charging you such a low SEO price, how many hours are they going to spend on your website and optimisation?

SEO, if done correctly takes many man hours. The simple fact of the matter is that $500 is just far too cheap. Might as well throw the money down the toilet. Whilst $500 per month may not be a lot of money, if this is done in large volumes, then it becomes quite profitable for some SEO agencies who prey on the naivety of small businesses.

Instant Ball Park Quotes

Over the phone are done to surprise you with ‘so called’ great value packages and then they sign you up and lock you into a contract. $500 x 12 months = $6000, which is a lot of money, if you are getting no results. Be very careful if your SEO company tells you that they are offering special packaged deals at these silly prices.

Lock In Contracts

This has been addressed but I will go over it again. If you are in a contract paying your hard earned dollars every month for nothing, this is going to be financially draining with no return on investment. Not only are they difficult to exit, but think about all those lost opportunities and clients you could be bringing into the business – if only you had made the right choice from the beginning!!

Non of these SEO companies have ex Google employees – why on Earth would they leave a high paying, powerful role in Google to work in a SEO company. Yes, there may be a 1 off occurrence but the chances are very slim – these kind of statements are an outright lie – be careful if you read this or they tell you this!

Focusing purely on link building

This was a popular method many years ago but Google is looking for a more holistic approach to your internet marketing. Link building is fine if they are from relevant, trustworthy sites but this is now becoming less important. Agencies must be looking at all your digital assets such as copy, user experience, social media and your site structure. This is not so simple and only s select few will be able to have a thorough understanding of all these essential components. If the people your speaking to go on about link building and nothing else this is a really bad sign. Content and link building are the way to go so make sure they offer this service.

So What Should You Take Out Of This?

Pay peanuts and you get monkeys, simple as that. Paying a fair and respectable price for your SEO service is the best marketing move you can make for your business. If you prefer to take the low road and go for the cheaper option where guarantees are dangled in front of you like candy to a child; all we can say is you have been warned.