How much should I pay for SEO in 2019 in Sydney

SEO is not cheap if it’s done the right way. Put simply, if you pay next to nothing for your SEO, then this is exactly what your going to get nothing. Google has many ranking signals when it comes to SEO, if fact over 200 so you SEO agency has to be across a good percentage of these and this all costs money.

Let me breakdown these costs for you:

Small Business SEO

These are for businesses that are wanting to attract local clients and want to rank locally. You could be the local: dentist, medical practice, pharmacy, landscaper, tradie (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, brick layers) or even the local lawyer. The common thread here is that you really want business from your local area.

This means you want to rank on Google maps and also have a strong online digital presence when people search for your service in your suburb and a few surrounding suburbs.

An SEO cost to rank locally would be around the $1000 per month for a local SEO campaign.

Medium Sized Business SEO

An SEO campaign for medium sized businesses that want to target the whole Sydney area for their service would be $2000 – $10000 depending on the competitive nature of the keywords you are trying to target. The less competitive the niche the lesser the SEO budget. Conversely, as the niche becomes more competitive the harder it is to rank the website, therefore the costs will have to go up towards the $10,000 budget. This may seem like a lot of money for some businesses but budgets like this are very realistic considering how many other companies are all competing to be on page 1 of Google.

Competitive niches that require a large SEO budget for 2019 include: cosmetic surgeons, compensation lawyers, rubbish removal, travel websites, car hire, driving schools, builders, scaffolding, couriers, skip bins, health supplements….. the list goes on, but as you can see these industries are looking for customers outside the local area.

Multi National Companies SEO

These are the big well known businesses that are looking to target the whole of Australia and in 2019 it is not uncommon for these businesses to be paying anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000 for their SEO. This would include a full digital marketing campaign such as social media & content marketing and UX experience. Basically, you would have a team of SEO experts working full time on their campaign.

Pay Peanuts you get monkeys, especially with SEO

There are tons of SEO companies advertising online that they will get you to page 1 within 90 days or they will work for free or they are offering their SEO for crazy prices like $99 per month.

These are the kind of SEO prices & deals that so many people fall for. The issue is that they are essentially throwing their money out the window.

Think about it for a moment. Just say your in the skip bin hire business (which is an insanely competitive niche) and you go with an agency that’s offering you SEO for $500 per month.

Think about the amount of time they will spend on your SEO. Think about the number of back links they will be able to buy and the amount of content they will be able to write. The answer is next to nothing. With this $500 they will probably outsource everything, with worthless content and dodgy, low value back links that will amount to nothing. In fact, this will probably do more harm to your chances of ranking.

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cheap seo agencies

If you think I’m exaggerating I’m not!

I have seen the bad results and helped so many businesses who have decided to pay next to nothing for their SEO. I’ve had to go in there and remove all the previous back links and do a complete SEO and website audit.

When it comes to spending money on your SEO you really have to weigh the importance of decent Google rankings for your business. If you value this, then you are going to have to pay for it, especially in 2019. Google is placing far too much value on:

– quality link building

– great copywriting

– the best user experience for a website

and a host of other factors.

All this add up to the fact that be prepared to pay a decent amount for your SEO.

Pay Peanuts for SEO, your going to pay for it later!

Yes that’s right. If you are going to pay next to nothing for your SEO the only thing you can expect is to get either absolutely nothing or worse, a Google penalty. That’s right folks, in 2017 and into the foreseeable future Google is going to be targeting those businesses that cut corners wit the their SEO and try to do things on a very limited budget. The reason for this is very simple, they want all businesses to run ethical and compliant SEO campaigns which to the surprise of many business owners does in fact cost (in many cases, depending on the competitive nature of the niche you are trying to target) a lot of money!

In fact, today, I just spoke with a small business owner that was trying to get me to price and SEO campaign for him over the phone. Whilst chatting with him he was telling me that he had been doing his research online and found that he could get someone to do his SEO for a couple of hundred dollars and work on over 100 keywords. Plus they were going to throw his web copy writing in for free. When I told him that this was a waste of money and time he seemed perplexed and wondered why I couldn’t match these incredibly low and might I say ridiculous prices.

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I told him that his niche was super competitive and that if he had any hope or chance of ranking he needed to be paying at least $2000 per month and this was a very modest figure. When he heard this, there was this stunned silence over the phone that tended to linger for about 30 seconds while he was digesting all this information. His next question was expected and that was’ why are you so much more expensive than the Indian company who quoted me only $200 per month?’

Herein lies the issue with so many businesses that use SEO agencies that are quoting next to nothing. Most people don’t really understand search engine optimisation and the hard work and effort that goes into ranking a website. They just look at the dollars and how much they can save. This might be OK if your doing the ring around looking for a plumber or furniture removalist but when it comes to SEO this is a totally different ball game. If you outsource this to a company based in India who is virtually doing it for free, then guess what? Your going to get absolutely nothing in return. If you think that just because you got a good deal now and that the guy you spoke to over the phone sounded reasonable and friendly that all is OK and your going to get to page 1. Forget about it, your dreaming! Watch out for these guys as they will promise almost anything to get you to sign up with them. If you hear words like ranking guarantees, get the hell out of there!!

These cheap SEO companies are nothing but scammers and are out there, cold calling and fleecing suckers out of their money daily. The worst thing about it is they are overseas so there is no legal action you can take to recover your money once you realise that you have been completely ripped off. I say this with authority because I speak to people every day who have gone down this path and believed that it was OK to pay peanuts for their SEO.

I get so frustrated when I have to constantly tell business owners over and over again that we can never match these prices because we implement our SEO campaigns the right way and in order for us to do this, requires an enormous amount of resources and time. If you think otherwise you are sorrily mistaken.

Like most business owners I like you are looking for the best deals possible, but with SEO ( and I know you do not want to hear this) please pay accordingly. If you have just read this article and were about to go down the path of choosing an SEO agency purely based on the lowest price, please call me now on 02 9360 8514 and I will explain to you why this is the wrong decision.

What’s the average cost for SEO in Australia in 2016?

Not really sure how much you should spend on SEO?

Are you getting quoted different prices from different SEO agencies?

Are you confused about how much you should be paying for an SEO campaign in 2016?

Following will give you a much better idea of SEO pricing and how much you should be paying for a proper SEO campaign that will actually do it’s job and get you ranking on Google.

If you want to engage the services of an SEO agency to help grow sales leads and boost what will hopefully be your revenue and this will be part of your digital marketing campaign, then you will need to pay accordingly. What I mean by this is that a tailored SEO campaign, is like any other professional service. The more you want to achieve out of the campaign, the more it will cost you.

For example, ( and I am going to be brutally honest here) SEO is generally broken down into 2 types of companies; those that cannot perform and those that can.

Let’s look at those that cannot do the job firstly. You will find that these are  the types of companies that have to advertise heavily on Google ( through a PPC campaign) to get your business. They will offer you almost anything to get you to use their services such as: guaranteed SEO rankings, or pay only when you get to page 1 of Google. These companies tend to offer low SEO rates ( perhaps around the $200-$500 per month) and will bundle everything in a nice neat package over the phone. Before you know it the slick sales person has signed you up for the year and essentially you are stuffed.


These bogus SEO companies work on quoting really low SEO rates to as many businesses as they can and work on the theory of; quote low, get them in, sign them up and lock them into a contract. It is unfortunately how it works with a majority of SEO companies. It’s a sham, a scam and a pity that they do prey on the naivety and best intentions of small to medium sized businesses that do not really have a thorough understanding of SEO – I man can you blame them. If someone told me that they could get me on page 1 within 90 days and they were quoting a very cheap price, I would probably end up going with them.

The complexities involved in explaining the issues with cheap SEO packages are far too detailed to mention, but suffice to say that these guys do bugger all once they have your money. It’s a scheme designed to trap you. How do I know this? Because I speak to people daily, who have fallen for these low priced SEO dodgy brother tactics.

On the other side of the coin, you get those credible SEO companies that will want to meet with you face to face and actually get to understand your business, know your market and come up with a customised SEO package that will work for your business. These are the types of people you WANT to be dealing with. However, with this service, comes the price tag. You really have to ask yourself how badly do you need SEO and can you afford a proper SEO service?

You will find that in determining the price or cost of a monthly SEO campaign in 2016, this will depend on the competitive nature of the keywords you are trying to target. The more tightly held the niches online ( think home loans, travel insurance, car loans, doctors, lawyers, plumbers etc), the more it will end up costing.

Unlike the cheap and cheerful SEO packages that will never work, a more expensive SEO campaign combines a number of variables that are now essential and are now MUST HAVES in the digital environment. This includes, copy writing, content and social media marketing as well as examining your websites conversion rates. Gone are the days when you could throw a few back links at any old website and hey presto, the phone would ring because your website would be ranking. Those days are long gone!

To be successful online you have to think of SEO as part of a bigger picture and let experts handle it. Basically you need a digital agency to manage all your online marketing and everything to do with your business in the digital space….and all this takes time and will cost money. This is the REAL REALITY of Google in 2016 and your customers expectations in 2016.

If you cannot afford SEO or are unprepared to pay for a professional service then you should probably look at more traditional forms of marketing, like ads in magazines etc. Having said that if you are a small business and on a tight budget its a good idea to always tell your potential SEO company and see if they can come up with a small SEO campaign. I know here at SEO Sydney Experts we would with a wide variety of businesses of all sizes and all budgets – so all you have to do is call us on 02 9360 8514 and we can work out a great SEO campaign for this coming 2016.

How to invest in your SEO campaign with confidence and certainty

You need to have a clear goal and objectives. What do you want, more leads, more sales, more conversions? I guess all of these. You SEO company MUST go over all of these with you.
They need to be ranking organically on Google – NEVER EVER pick a company that has paid a big fee to be up there with Adwords – this is so very counter intuitive of what SEO stands for. Choose companies that have been able to rank their own website. This is seriously critical.
If they want you to sign a yearly contract then get rid of them.

If they mention SEO guarantees and you are in a competitive area, then these guys are trying to rip you off – stay well clear. Even if you are trying to target local businesses and it’s not too competitive, walk away.

In conclusion, SEO is like any other business. You have to trust someone to work with. All I can say is go with your instinct. Unfortunately, in the SEO space if it’s too cheap and sounds too good to be true, there will be a downside.

Can Your Business Really Afford SEO?

seobusinessIf you rely on Google for sales then you need SEO. But, can your business really afford a proper SEO strategy? Many people think that they can try to enforce a strict budget and try to save as much as they can when it comes SEO, but this is the wrong way to go about it and will only end up causing more harm to your business. Essentially, if you do not have a healthy SEO budget them you might as well forget about it.

So why do you need a decent marketing budget when it comes to SEO? Because those agencies that offer you cheap search engine packages for ridiculously low prices are simply out there to scam you. It’s a scheme to fleece you of your money and it’s a very common practice.

Let me elaborate on this a bit more. Say for example you are in the medical industry and you want to rank for keywords that are seriously competitive like: cosmetic surgery Sydney, tattoo removal Sydney or even dentists Sydney CBD, then you are going to need a very healthy SEO budget. If you think that you can rank on page 1 of Google for any of these keywords by simply having a shoestring budget of a couple of hundred dollars per month then you are dreaming. This just won’t happen and following are reasons why your business will never rank on Google with a slim budget.

# 1: The existing websites who are already on page 1 have been doing SEO way longer than you have and already have a head start. Some websites sitting high up the rankings will have been building authority to their URL for many years so you have to play some serious catch up. Doing this is not as simple as it would seem. I know so many businesses that are sitting on page 4 or 5 and want to get to page 1 really quickly. To get there you need a slow, even-handed approach to your SEO. If we try and rush it, Google will detect this unnatural link building spike in activity and you will be penalised. I know a lot of businesses that have tried to pressure SEO agencies into this type of activity and the end results are disastrous. We end up having to pick up the pieces and get them out of the penalty. It’s a tricky scenario. On the one hand you want to be ranking very quickly and we do have the means to expedite the process but on the other hand, we know the consequences. Slim budgets are often aligned with SEO companies that offer cheap rates and in turn propose SEO shortcuts with sugar coated quick results that last a few weeks or months at best. Ramifications are hideous. You will find that agencies like us that charge an appropriate fee for SEO are the type of companies that will deliver long term, sustainable results.

# 2 SEO takes time and resources. Like any other professional service, we need to spend time working out the best strategy for your website, analysing the competition and looking at ways to out rank them. All this takes energy and resources and this must be paid for. Plus you are paying fort our strategy. At SEO Sydney Experts we have spent years fine tuning our SEO skills. We are literally studying Google algorithmic patterns and ranking trends on an hourly basis and it’s this type of intellectual property that you are paying for. Basically, you are getting the very best of the best working for you and this does come at a price.

If you want to cut corners, save a few dollars then by all means go with a cheap agency but what ever you do, do not expect to see any decent realistic rankings. Bargain basement SEO is usually accompanied by what is deemed ‘out dated’ SEO practices. These guys will use the most primitive and cheap SEO techniques ( cause that’s all you have paid them for), in an attempt to rank your website. They will use as many free ‘black hat’, non Google compliant methods to boost your website, but if there is one thing I can promise you toady as I write this blog; nothing will happen. In fact, if you have any type of ranking, say for example you were on page 2 and were hoping that by investing a few dollars for a few links you would get to page 1, the opposite will most likely happen. You will end up on page 5 or 10.

This is how it works when it comes to Google and businesses really need to understand the fundamentals of SEO and Google before the spend a cent on their marketing.

The formula goes like this: lack of SEO understanding + cheap SEO packages + dodgy SEO companies + inadequate SEO strategies = Google penalty.

# 3 Cheap SEO offerings in nearly all cases are all about a one dimensional approach to your SEO. It’s a case of throwing a few back links your way and praying that something will happen. Many SEO companies will string you along for many months and say that their strategy will work but you need to give it time. Meanwhile all you are doing is throwing money at a useless campaign that won’t work. It’s a waste of good money and all the while you are loosing client’s to your competition that has the appropriate SEO budget and is doing things the right way. Basically, you only have yourself to blame.

SEO and internet marketing is so much more than back linking. It’s about content marketing, social media, analysing your websites performance for maximum conversion rates. It’s a full digital campaign and all of this needs funds.

In summary all I can say is that if you want to sleep easy at night and have confidence that your Google marketing is being looked after in a professional manner, then you have to work with a proper SEO agency. Simply, hooking up with an outfit that has sold you their services purely on price and unrealistic rankings such as 90 day SEO ranking guarantees OR free SEO for 2 months, is a bad way to go about your business and its a mistake we see many SME’s make.

You must be realistic when it comes to SEO and have a mind set that you need to pay for this service. Just because the concept of internet marketing might be alien to you, does not mean that you should not do your research and make an informed decision based on the evidence presented. I have witnessed and seen far too many people get absolutely hammered, smashed, ripped off, totally caned by choosing the cheapest SEO on offer.

Think carefully about it. If you can’t afford SEO and if you are not prepared to invest in this part of your marketing, then don’t even start the process. Forget about it for the time being till you are ready or at least have the funds to start it properly. This might be hard for those new businesses looking to get on Google and don’t have a lot of money to invest. But, again even if you are small your internet marketing budget should be your main priority as you need to generate as much traffic as you can to your website.

Still confused? Please give me a call and I will explain the entire SEO process to you on 02 9360 8514.


How Much Should I Pay For SEO

Wow, what a great question and this can be difficult to answer, but overall you really pay for what you get. If you want to go down the path of a cheap SEO agency then the results you are going to get will be terrible. Conversely, if you are prepared to pay a decent price for your SEO then the rewards will be huge. Now, paying for something like SEO, where you might not see results for 3 to 6 months and in some cases a year may be hard to swallow but businesses need to know that SEO is here to stay and must now be considered as part of your marketing mix.

There are many variables that you need to take into account when it comes to determining how much you should spend on your SEO. One of the key factors is the competitive nature of your industry and how many businesses are already sitting on page 1? The more competitive the industry the more it is going to cost you. It is as simple as that and there is no way around this. If you are going to try to rank in an area that is saturated online with other established businesses then you have to be very aggressive with your SEO and guess what? All this costs money. Yep, that’s right! If you want to be a player and get to page 1 you have to pay the price. Of course, there are SEO agencies out there who will deny this and say they can get you to page 1 for a small price, but this is a scam and will never happen. This I can promise you! Let’s look at an example, if you wanted to rank for the keywords ‘travel insurance’ or ‘car loans’ where they online space on Google is flooded you are going to have to spend far more than say ranking keywords like:’ surfboard hire’ or ‘chimney cleaning’. For really competitive areas you can pay up to $10 000 per month on your SEO and for easier to rank keywords the costs come way down to less than $1000 per month.

If you decide that you need to rank in a competitive highly sort after market that has really established businesses who have been doing SEO for many years then taking any cheap SEO option, will cost you much more money in the long term. Why? Cause these cheap n nasty SEO companies who charge you nothing will get your site penalised.

SEO is a long process and takes time.

As a business owner looking to start an SEO campaign, you really need to have an understanding of what is involved and how long it takes to rank a website. It is not as easy as it looks and can take many man hours and a huge investment in intellectual property to get it right.

Compliant and effective SEO campaigns will take time. This is emphasised even more if you have a new URL. Rankings and building a websites authority is a slow and methodical task and if you try to rush or speed up the process the results will be dire. Any SEO company promising quick fixes with speedy SEO results need to be given a wide berth and avoided at all costs. Its tough out there in the online world and it is very easy to fall victim to these scammers. SEO BE VERY WARNED.

Following are some tips you can use in determining the right SEO company to choose and the appropriate costs:

  • Adwords will allow you to see the highest traffic keywords and from there you can determine the rough cost to rank each on them.
  • SEO is not just plain old back linking – there is so much more involved in the SEO process such as content writing, website design, site architecture, site speeds, bounce rates URL structures, titles, descriptions etc – the list goes on. So be aware that a lot of your SEO budget will go into making sure your website is at all times compliant.
  • Have a realistic budget when it comes to SEO. Thinking you can get away with paying less than market rate is NOT a good move. Saving a few dollars here is a sure way to get your website in deep trouble with Google.

What is a Fair Price for SEO?

The cost is all about the intellectual property and experience and MOST OF ALL STRATEGY that goes into a SEO campaign. Think about it, if you want a top lawyer representing you with a great track record then you are going to have to pay for his time, service and experience. The same goes with SEO.
If you would for example choose a company like SEO Sydney Experts you are not only paying for our time spent on your campaign BUT you are also paying for our strategies that we will implement to get you over your competition. It is our ability to do that you are paying for.

I know you probably are reading this and want a package breakdown for your SEO. Similar to what many companies offer; like we can work on 10 keywords for $1500 per month or we can up the keywords that we will work on to $2000 a month. This is NOT how SEO works and it is these types of SEO companies that you MUST AVOID. I am going to repeat myself here so the message gets drummed into you. Packaged SEO prices are NOT effective and it is these types of bundled packages that are a real issue for many businesses. SEO SIMPLY DOES NOT AND CANNOT BE COSTED LIKE THIS.

You need to look at each individual keyword, the competitive nature of the industry and in turn work out an appropriate and fair price to pay. This is how proper and ethical SEO should be priced. Anything else is just a scam!

Make Sure you Ask a lot of Questions

Before parting with your marketing dollars have a chat with your SEO company and make sure you ask then a lot of questions relating tho their campaign. Do not take things at face value.

  • What exactly are you going to do with the ‘on page’ of my website – what are you going to change and what are you going to leave. Also are they going to write new copy or is it up to us to write it?
  • Can you provide some samples of rankings you have been able to achieve for clients in really competitive niches – also how long did it take to rank them and how consistent are these rankings. Do they fluctuate or are they fairly stable?
  • Where do you get your back links from, how many of these should I expect and what type of reporting will you be providing us. Also, how contactable are you? Can we call you anytime for advice or any technical issues we may have with our SEO. This is really important as SEO is a complicated area. It is not black and white and in many cases clients need constant communication about their rankings and what’s going on.
  • How long have they been doing SEO for? Are they a recent entry into the market?
  • Do they have a physical office address or is everything going to be done over the phone and via email. If all is via the virtual world be warned as these guys may be middle men and outsourcing all their SEO!

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You Get the SEO That You Pay For

Find the agency that you are comfortable with. If it feels right then go for it. BUT in the fast paced landscape known as SEO make sure you choose wisely. Monkeys work for peanuts and SEO scammers work for little or no money. It’s a good analogy to keep in mind when deciding who you are going to partner with.

How to Avoid Getting Completely Ripped Off by SEO companies

Are you still scratching your head and wondering what’s been going on for the last couple of months with your SEO agency. You paid them you trusted them, they said all the right things, but nothing happened, except you now have a lighter wallet.

seonegativeThere are many SEO agencies in Sydney and you can easily find them on Google, who are going to quote you unrealistic and ‘too good to be true’ prices when it comes to handling your search engine optimisation. They will gladly take your money and do absolutely nothing when it comes to ranking your website on Google. Basically, they are out to rip you off with no moral conscience or business ethics. These are the types of players that bring the SEO industry into disrepute and give all us good guys ( who practice white hat SEO) a very bad reputation. This is unfair for people like us who play by the rules and offer a genuinely good service that can really help your business become more successful.

There are hundreds of scam artist out there looking for their next victim. These people can be based in Sydney or overseas and you will never ever know unless you are prepared to meet with them and know what the danger signs are. Knowing these will help you prevent getting ripped off.

Following are some things to keep front of mind and be very aware of when speaking to your next prospective SEO agency:

1) There are so many SEO companies that say they have a Sydney presence when in fact they are based in Thailand or India, be aware of this. I actually got cold called from one of these companies the other day who said they were in Sydney and when I asked to meet with them they said they can’t and when pressed further they eventually admitted they were overseas. These guys are real scammers so keep your eyes open. It’s preferable to deal with a local company. At least one you can visit in person.

2)  Don’t do everything via email. Get them to come in for a chat which will give you a better idea of their work ethic. Meetings are a great way to judge character and to tell if your going to get ripped off. If they want to do everything via email and are not even prepared to Skype you avoid them. These people are killers for small business.

The basic rule here, if you are going to avoid getting ripped off is to not align yourself with any SEO companies that offer:

  •    SEO guarantees and page 1 rankings within 60-90 days or pay on performance SEO
  •     Monthly SEO fees for around the $500 mark if your in a highly competitive niche.
  •     Instant SEO quotes over the phone without doing any kind of keyword research or industry analysis.
  •     Yearly or half yearly MUST sign contracts with no exit clause.
  •     Ex Google employees working in the company –  this is a huge trick and as I’m sure you can imagine why would a Google employee go an work for a SEO agency. The chances of this are very remote and highly unlikely
  •     If they do not offer any type of content marketing, website audit, social media marketing and are just focused on link building. This is very dangerous and know that this type of strategy is considered very old school.

Lets examine each point individually so you have a better understanding of what to look out for:

SEO Guarantees

In the perfect world, businesses can offer warranties and guarantees on their products or services. Unfortunately, Google is the third wheel here and is in charge of the ranking process. All an SEO company can realistically provide is the vehicle that helps your website rank. This is because Google makes all the rules and can easily and without any prior warning change them at any time. Guarantees of page 1 positioning is really a scam and sold to you to lull you into a false sense of unrealistic security. Again, unfortunately, if you believe in it hard enough, and are told it time and time again, it still won’t make a difference.

Google has their hand on the controls and no amount of positive thinking or over promising of guarantees will change this fact. Also, if companies say they will work till they get you on page 1 for free if they can’t rank you within 6 months, again stay well away!

These are all scams and designed to fleece you of your money.

Cheap Monthly SEO Fees

These guys are out for the fast buck. Their aim is to quote low, get you in and do little or no work. Its simple math, if they are going to be charging you such a low SEO price, how many hours are they going to spend on your website and optimisation?

SEO, if done correctly takes many man hours. The simple fact of the matter is that $500 is just far too cheap. Might as well throw the money down the toilet. Whilst $500 per month may not be a lot of money, if this is done in large volumes, then it becomes quite profitable for some SEO agencies who prey on the naivety of small businesses.

Instant Ball Park Quotes

Over the phone are done to surprise you with ‘so called’ great value packages and then they sign you up and lock you into a contract. $500 x 12 months = $6000, which is a lot of money, if you are getting no results. Be very careful if your SEO company tells you that they are offering special packaged deals at these silly prices.

Lock In Contracts

This has been addressed but I will go over it again. If you are in a contract paying your hard earned dollars every month for nothing, this is going to be financially draining with no return on investment. Not only are they difficult to exit, but think about all those lost opportunities and clients you could be bringing into the business – if only you had made the right choice from the beginning!!

Non of these SEO companies have ex Google employees – why on Earth would they leave a high paying, powerful role in Google to work in a SEO company. Yes, there may be a 1 off occurrence but the chances are very slim – these kind of statements are an outright lie – be careful if you read this or they tell you this!

Focusing purely on link building

This was a popular method many years ago but Google is looking for a more holistic approach to your internet marketing. Link building is fine if they are from relevant, trustworthy sites but this is now becoming less important. Agencies must be looking at all your digital assets such as copy, user experience, social media and your site structure. This is not so simple and only s select few will be able to have a thorough understanding of all these essential components. If the people your speaking to go on about link building and nothing else this is a really bad sign. Content and link building are the way to go so make sure they offer this service.

So What Should You Take Out Of This?

Pay peanuts and you get monkeys, simple as that. Paying a fair and respectable price for your SEO service is the best marketing move you can make for your business. If you prefer to take the low road and go for the cheaper option where guarantees are dangled in front of you like candy to a child; all we can say is you have been warned.

SEO: The Danger Of Using Cheap Agencies.

Watch out for cheap SEO agencies

One out of every two phone calls we receive about SEO has a price component attached to it. We get it and understand that people are watching closely where they spend their marketing dollar, but when it comes to SEO, you need to have realistic expectations and budgets.

The either say that they are on a very limited budget or they say that they have been paying next to nothing with their previous SEO company and was hoping that we could match or do better on their price.

These are really the most common 2 ‘strings attached’ questions I get and there is a massive amount of inherent danger in going down these paths of using an agency that has basically bought your business.

I will explore these 2 individually.

seoagencyFirstly, if I was to negotiate heavily on price then I would be compromising on our ability to deliver great SEO results. Many companies and I am actually talking about the bulk of SEO companies that can be found on Google, will be happy to negotiate and even better a very low price so they can get you to sign on the dotted line.

These SEO players are running ‘boiler room’ sales divisions and these guys are on heavy sales targets. They will say and do almost anything to secure your business without any regard for the SEO process. They do not care about your business, your goals, your website or about your online rankings. All they want to do is lock you into a 6 to 12 month contract and do as little as possible for this money.

I am not writing this for the fun of it or just to compile a blog. I am writing this, because I am privy to this as I speak to businesses in Sydney and throughout Australia who have believed this cheap SEO sales talk.

I never tell business owners: ‘you get what you pay for’ nor do I say things like ‘if it sounds to good to be true then it probably isn’t’. I still  can’t understand why they then want to go ahead say things like ‘we really want to do a proper SEO campaign and be # 1 on Google but we are on a very tight budget’. Also many people still do not understand the SEO process and that ranking on Google takes loads of time, strategy and effort.

It’s these statements and beliefs that is common amongst the business community that SEO can be done on the cheap that leaves me bewildered.

SEO takes time. It really does and if you think for 1 minute that we as a company don’t spend hours upon hours on your SEO then you are mistaken – this is why we are more expensive than the other ‘so called’ SEO companies. The reason is we do our job and we do it effectively. Plus you are also paying for our intellectual property. That is, what we have fine tuned over the years and what we know works. This IP is gold and if you want it, then it costs. That’s all there is to it. Let’s say for example your a chiropractor in Sydney CBD and you want to rank for: ‘chiropractors Sydney CBD’. If you do the ring around and are quoted less than $800 per month for this , then they are basically buying your business. Watch out for agencies that promote cheap and quick SEO as it’s all done offshore with absolutely zero strategy involved.

So if you are on a very tight budget and are looking to dominate the online space for your business it’s probably best you forget about SEO and try other avenues like social media posts or Adwords.

If you are happy to pay next to nothing for your SEO and are prepared to believe that you can get a great ranking in 90 days for very competitive keywords then we are the wrong company for you.

However, if you are prepared to sit down and  go over a SEO plan  and work out a proper campaign at realistic prices then we are the right company for you. We are not into bargaining over the phone, but prefer to sit down with you and discuss budget options and work out a suitable price that you are comfortable to pay. We will also talk about timings and manage your expectations about what’s achievable.

The second question I would like to address is when businesses ask me if I can match the price that the other company was charging. When they tell me that:

– they paid next to nothing for the SEO and they can’t understand why their rankings haven’t budged
– never achieved any results as promised
– they were never able to be contacted
– customer service was appalling and rude
– rankings in fact declined and you feel that your website is under a penalty due to over spamming the back links.
– the owner of the business was never around
– you dealt with a different person every time and each person had no clue who you were on what was happening with your campaign

and then they expect us to match the price. In this case, Im afraid you get what you pay for.

Working with SEO Sydney Experts and partnering with us for your SEO means that you are going to be getting a premium customer experience, combined with the best SEO guys working for you. There are so many things that can go wrong with your online marketing and we make sure that we dress everything to do with your ‘on and off page’ SEO. Just have a look at what Matt Cutts from Google has to say about things that can go wrong with your website and SEO.

We study what Matt has to say and make sure that we are always on top of our game in this space. We make sure we look at your websites:

  • structure
  • user experience
  • titles and descriptions
  • copy – which is now one of the most important criteria for ranking a website
  • speed
  • images
  • is your site able to be crawled easily

the list goes on and we have tool at our disposal to make sure your website is working at its very best.
In conclusion – if you are serious and I mean very serious about achieving extraordinary SEO results – why not give us a call on 02 9360 8514. Sure you can shop around for the cheapest price  and yes there are agencies out there that will be able to sweet talk you into signing up but remember one thing: SEO is not cheap and if you respect our job and pay us the right price we will be able to perform miracles for you.