Rank your website FASTER by focusing on your SEO upfront

SEO is a long term strategy. If you are in it for the short term don’t even bother. Because it’s the foundation of your entire digital marketing, SEO needs to be implemented methodically and organically. This is the only way Google will ever end up ranking your website. Promises of speedy fast churn n burn rankings are for suckers who believe this spin and the only outcome is a Google penalty.

Having said all that there are things you can do to speed up the SEO rankings by implementing certain ‘on page’ considerations before you commence your link building. If you start early and get these done properly this will have a significant impact on how Google reads and ranks your web site. Obviously all of this takes time but believe me when I tell you it’s well worth spending more upfront on your SEO to make sure that your site is 100% compliant. Basically you need to allocate a larger slice of your SEO budget at the beginning to kick start your campaign. This is assuming that you have some more money to throw at your SEO – remember a lot of companies we work with have really poor rankings because they have completely ignored a raft of ‘on page’ issues and then we have to come in and clean things up. This is part of our SEO strategy but with it comes a cost to clean the mess up created by past SEO agencies.

So many so called SEO providors will claim to do the right thing by you but will in fact hurt and harm your online digital profile by simply back linking without paying any attention to the actual website itself. This is harmful, dangerous and unfortunately is common practice. They do this because they want to offer you cheap as chips SEO and in turn you end up paying the price because they will neglect the fundamentals that constitute SEO.

This is not how we work. When we start an SEO campaign we make sure we tick all the boxes from day 1 to make sure your site is 100% compliant. Following are some techniques we implement to make sure your SEO campaign has the greatest chance of succeeding from the get go.

You website needs to be Audited

 Has your website ever been audited in the past to test it for it’s Google compliance? If not , then it needs to be. Many websites that were designed and built over 2-3 years ago don’t pass Google’s strict ranking algorithm and are therefore hampering any SEO efforts.

No matter what SEO work is undertaken if an audit has not been done to fix glaring on page issues, then the ranking results will be poor. That is, you are never going to attain the kind of results you expect. If you dream of being up there on page 1 of Google, then you better get your website audited. Sure you may think your website looks great and there’s nothing wrong with it, but all you need to do is scratch beneath the surface and an audit can discover heaps of issues

Here are highlights of serious problems that we will most likely identify through our auditing process:

  • Links within the website that are unbroken or going no where
  • Web pages that are really slow to load – this is a real SEO killer
  • Incorrect titles and descriptions that have no relevance to the page – even worse keyword title stuffing
  • Duplicate content throughout the site or plagiarised pages from other sites.
  • Once we gain access to your WMT we can see all the links that are pointing to your site and prune any toxic or ‘spammy’ links.
  • Web pages that are clunky, old, out dated (flash or animation) that has an overall poor user experience
  • Pages that do not lead consumers down the buying funnel. Poor shopping experiences.

As you can see from the above there are heaps of things that could be wrong with your site and that need to be attended to before any one can expect reasonable rankings.

Find & Address the Web Problems Early

Once we have identified these issues it’s important that we get onto these early and start fixing the problems as soon as possible. This means that a portion of your marketing or SEO budget needs to be set aside for this kind of emergency. Basically investing money into fixing these issues is a good thing once you see the impact it can and will have on your rankings. The cost comes in when a developer is involved and your website needs some serious coding work done.

This is more common that you expect as so many sites were built using dodgy out dated coding techniques – I also want to add the scores of websites that have been built using free templates like WIX and Square Space , even WordPress free themes. The ‘on page’ SEO issues with these free sites are incredible and In a lot of cases we have to completely ditch the free site and start again – PEOPLE who are reading this if I can make 1 point stand out – that is – these FREE WEBSITES ARE SERIOUSLY BAD For SEO – avoid them at all costs – they will kill your Google rankings.

You have to target the Right Audience

 Let’s be very clear here; the main aim of any SEO campaign is to get more sales leads and drive revenue. If your website is on Google you will get the inquiries, simple as that. But, to get there means that your on page message ( that is, what your website is saying), must be clear and have a strong core message. When a potential customer lands on your website they need to find what they are looking for very quickly. Delays in finding a product or service can lead to website abandonment.

Also, the keywords that the SEO company is targeting must be correct – no point ranking for words that are irrelevant to your business. So from the beginning, you need to do a thorough keyword research and determine the words that have the highest amount of targeted traffic.

So a combination of clear on page messaging ( through a website audit) combined with core keyword analysis will ensure your website, once ranked, gets the right type of customer. Let me explain this in a bit more detail as these points are very important to understand.

  1. What is Keyword Research

Keyword research is seriously important and is vital for the success on any SEO campaign. You have to set aside time to know what your customers are searching for on Google and see if there are any other appropriate keywords that have a decent amount of traffic. We have a number of tools at our disposal for this type of research such as keyword planner and Google trends. Once identified we can match these keywords up with the relevant pages on your website and then push the ‘go button’.

At SEO Sydney Experts we make sure we get it right from the beginning and get all our ducks lined up in a row before we start are SEO campaign – this is why all of our clients have fantastic rankings. Please ask me about these and I would be more than happy to share this information with you.

  1. What is your Target Market & what is your Competitor doing?

We need to work out your target market, what they are doing online and also look at your competition in this space and see how they have been able to rank their site. Working out what your competitors are doing is only half the battle, outranking them is the tricky part, but lucky for us we know how to do this effectively and for the long term. We will work out exactly what your competition is doing, how they have managed to rank themselves and then devise a strategy to out perform them. All this is done at the planning stages of your SEO campaign and this is why there needs to be a certain budget allocated for this type of research.

I know many people might say that this should be part of the overall SEO campaign and included in the monthly fee but many agencies will either slug you hard for this service or do nothing at all – either way you loose.

  1. On Target Content Planning

 Content that is targeted and on message will rank well, simple as that. If it is rich with the keywords you are trying to rank for in a well structured format with engaging copy, the pages will do very well online. So we must make sure that before these pages are posted live that we:

Analyse the current content of each page and make sure that it is relevant and on topic to that page – you cannot have too many mixed messages on 1 page. For example if you are an electrician in Sydney and one of your service pages you are trying to rank for is: ‘commercial electrical repairs’, then the content for that page needs to be all about commercial electrical repairs and nothing else. Waffle and mixed messages will confuse Google and hamper the ranking of that page. Our job is to keep you on message.

Identifying the target audience and write copy specifically for that market. Not point writing copy that appeals to Gen X if your market is for the over 60’s.

We look at what your competitor’s content is and make sure that yours is far better and more engaging.

We prioritise pages on your website that have poor or little copy and get it rewritten for you.

We look at your content marketing strategy such as blogging and make sure that you are up to date with this – if you have been slack with your blogging/article writing then we make sure that this part of your digital marketing is put back on track. Being active in this space is a vital component of Google’s latest algorithmic update known as ‘Rank Brain’ – steady copy writing is now a must do activity and we can really help you in this part of you overall SEO campaign.

THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT AT SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS – we will not charge you for this research and upfront analysis and make it part of our SEO service to you. This is a massive win for small businesses wanting to rank on Google but do not necessarily have the deep pockets to pay for the extra services that are needed.

If you’re a small or medium sized business in Sydney or anywhere in Australia and want to work with a ethical and established SEO agency that has been able to rank 1000’s of businesses over the last 15 years then please call us on 1800 916 191.


The point I am really tryng to make here is that you can speed up your rankings only if you are prepared to work with an agency that knows the fundamentals of SEO and one that can implement all these on site changes effectively. If you do it right from the beginning (we love to do it this way) you should see an immediate improvement in your rankings.

Can you rank a website in less than 90 days & guarantee it?

There are a lot of SEO agencies that are going to say yes to the above simply to get you to sign up with them. They will swear on their mother that they will be able to get a big chunk of your keywords on page 1 of Google within 90 days or they will offer silly things like; ‘do your SEO for free’ or ‘give a percentage of your money back’. All this is ludicrous, will never happen and is sales talk to get you to commit to them.

So why does SEO take longer than 90 days for competitive keywords?

It’s quite logical really. Imagine you are a lawyer or an accountant or even a tradie and you want to rank for your main service in Sydney (it can even be a local search where you may want to rank for say 10 suburban locations).

Just imagine what is happening on Google in this space. There are already existing companies in this niche that heave been there for years and have probably been link building and doing SEO for all this time. These businesses are established and are not going to easily relinquish their page 1 position easily. If they even get a whiff of your business rising up the ranks they are going to do everything they can to keep you buried on page 2, 3 or even 10. So if you think you can easily dislodge them if less than 3 months you are dreaming. It just won’t happen.

At SEO Sydney Experts we have obviously ranked websites in competitive areas but it has taken anywhere from 6 months to a year. Rushing the rankings and building scores of back links, especially to a new website will just raise red flags with Google and your going to get busted. This is not how we work and I really can’t understand why some SEO agencies promise these ‘pie in the sky’ unrealistic achievements. It’s actually quite scary as naïve business owners listening to this will sign , part with a lot of money and end up getting their site penalised when the next algorithm rolls out.


Also, Google wants to see that your link building is done in a slow and natural manner if they are going to reward you. Why would they give page 1 priority to a complete newbie. In the online space you must establish a level of credibility and authority before you can even begin to think about being competitive.
So how do you establish a websites authority?

Ranking a website is way more than link building. To establish real authority you have to be doing about 5 things all at the same time. These include:

# 1: Blogging and content marketing. You have you be constantly publishing relevant, unique content on a weekly basis. And remember, these blogs have to be more than a mere 300-500 words. You have to put some serious effort into these.

# 2: You need to be active on all your social media profiles. Post your blogs to your LinkedIn profile, add some juicy bits of information to your Facebook page. All of the effort you put into your social media sends ranking signals to Google which is great for your SEO.

# 3: This is a tough one as you need to be always monitoring your website for maximum performance and the user experience / engagement. Essentially, the longer the remain on your website and the more pages they drill down to the better it is for your overall bounce rates, which in turn will help your SEO> Google want to push and promote websites that offer customers searching only the very best experience. If your website is slow to load, has poorly written copy, why would Google push this higher. Think about what you customer is wanting, cater to this, utilise the latest technological trends and you will shoot up the rankings.

Google is like any other business and they want to only showcase the very best websites for their search results. If they are promoting sites that have are uninteresting, have really long download times, then users may start searching elsewhere like Yahoo and Bing – this is definitely NOT what Google wants. They want you to love the results they provide.

This really means that you have to always be monitoring your websites results through analytics and making sure it’s delivering. Any issues need to be patched up and fixed ASAP as these will hinder rankings.

# 4: Keep your link building up. You can’t simply start an SEO campaign and then switch it off once you have hit page 1. This is a really bad move and I get people asking me if they can do this all the time. Back links are the back bone, the foundation of your SEO campaign and if you stop this, then you are going to start sliding. It may not be immediate but after 2-3 months once Google sees that there has been no link building activity, they will devalue your authority.

This is why SEO MUST be thought of as a long term and basically an indefinite strategy. Turning it off is going to hit your rankings hard.

Armed with all of the above information you can see that SEO is not a quick, sugar hit strategy. It a long haul marketing campaign that you have to be committed to. If you are here for less than 3 months I wouldn’t even bother starting.

So if you hear anyone tell you that they will rank your main keywords within 3 months, know that they are trying to scam you – BE WARNED!

New Websites Take Time to Rank

new-website-seoI really does not matter what your niche is or the keywords you are trying to rank for, SEO for any new website is going to take time. In fact, in some cases and industry niches up to a year. This is the reality of the SEO space and if you feel that your website is better looking or flashier than your competitors, therefore it should rank faster, this simply won’t happen. Trying to speed up the ranking process is a really bad idea and will only end up with a Google penalty.

There is the temptation to try and do anything you can to boost your rankings and there are businesses out there who will have will not believe this and try to do their own SEO. But, at the end of the day, the only way you are ever going to solidify and cement your online position is to do your SEO slowly and ethically.

The frustration is huge. You can see that your new website is sitting on page ten or in some cases has not even been indexed by Google and you think that by buying a few links you are going to somehow improve the situation. This is never going to happen. You may see a slight bump in your position, but nothing like you hope it would be.

How long does it take to rank on Google for new websites?

It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to start to see rankings on Google. As stated above this is only for new websites. For aged websites, the case s different and rankings will start to climb almost immediately if you implement ‘on page’ amends. There are a lot of sites that have never looked at their actual site and it may take only a few tweaks of the content of the home page to see positive improvements.

For brand new websites the wait is far longer. Trust and authority need to be established and this can only be done by constantly adding content over time as well as building links. Then and only then will your site start to rank. It is a waiting game and you are at the mercy of Google’s ranking algorithms.
Let me also add that if your in a really competitive industry where the first page of Google is dominated by Government, education and established businesses, the wait could be many years.

This is a curse for so many businesses who have gone to the effort of designing a website but no one is seeing it or visiting the site.

To get abetter idea of how websites get to the front page of Google we first need to take a closer look at how Google indexes website pages.

How Does Google Find my Website?

Google has ‘Googlebots’ or what are commonly known as spiders that are constantly indexing new content throughout the web. There are billions if not more pages being added the whole time and it’s the job of these wipers to collate this information and add it to Google’s index. If your site is able to be read easily by these spiders, chances are it will get indexed very quickly. In some cases maybe a couple of weeks.

To learn more about Google and how the search engines work take a look at the video by Matt Cutts who heads up Google’s spam team.

When it comes to finding your website there are about 200factors that Google takes into account which means your site has got to be compliant. It’s not all about back linking as some SEO companies might try to tell you. There are many small changes you can do to your site to help improve it’s overall quality which will make it easier for the search engines to index

How to Improve your websites overall quality

There is no silver bullet that will instantly push you to page one. But following are some really quick wins you can implement on your site to help the whole indexing process.

Website Speed. Look at your websites loading times. Speed is an important ranking factor. Get rid of large graphics, pop ups, or videos that will slow your load times.

–  Page titles. Correct web page titles and descriptions will help Google index the page based on the topic.

–  Quality content. Having quality content throughout your website is a major ranking factor. Writing creative copy is what attracts those Googlebots to your site and if your consistenty adding fresh, new, informative content these its will be visiting your site regularly. Over time this will add trust and therefore higher rankings.

–  Website structure. Your site has to be easy to navigate and a clean web interface that helps visitors get around your site easily is vital. Complicated menus will not only confuse your customers but will also make it harder for Google to index your site.

–  SEO. Try to find and SEO agency you can work with who will be able to implement all this for you.

–  Include alt tags and title tags. These are placed on all images of your website to help Google learn more about your web pages as the bots cannot index images. Have a read of this article for a better understanding of this important ranking factor.

Local SEO rankings – quick wins

If you have a just started a small business and have a new website then your probably going to want to attract local customers. Competing on a larger geographic scale is no use to you and this is where local SEO becomes the focus. Ranking newer websites for local SEO business will take time and in many cases up to 6 months, but there are ways in which you can help Google find your site.

– Google My Business. Register with Google My Business immediately. If you have a legitimate address and local phone number this should be the first thing on your list. Click here.

– Local Content. With content that is focused on your local area.

– Maps. In the contact us section of your website add a Google maps clearly sowing that your a local business.

In summation:

When it comes to your Google rankings you really have to think long term; 6 months to a year to start seeing a return on your website investment as well as decent traffic to your site. Some less competitive keywords will rank quicker than others and this is where you will start to see a trickle of traffic flow though. But, patience is the key here. Unfortunately, for most businesses who need to see a cash flow from day 1, this is not ideal. There are however other marketing platforms (social media, Adwords) your can try to generate traffic and these should be explored in conjunction with the Google waiting game.

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

SEO takes time. Simple as that!

How long will it take you to rank my website on the first page of Google? Why does SEO take so long? Why can’t you rush the SEO process and get my website ranking quickly? Why do I have to pay you for months and months and yet my website isn’t on page 1 of the search engines? Other companies are promising fast results, why are you telling me that I have to be patient?

These are very common SEO questions and for the average business owner who is wanting quick results, they really need to understand that the ranking process for your website is an on going campaign and that fast results are simply no longer achievable.

seo-processIt is frustrating and there is absolutely nothing a credible SEO agency can do about it, but the reality is, that SEO takes time and it will take anywhere between 6-9 months to get some decent rankings on Google. I could take even longer and this really depends on the competitive nature of the keywords you are trying to target.

I know this sounds terrible and I know that this isn’t what you want to hear but before you exit this blog article, you should know that I have been doing SEO for well over 13 years and I know the realities that businesses in Sydney face when it comes to website rankings. Yes, it is frustrating and yes you do have to have the patience of a saint, but if you are prepared to wait and stick it out,  accept the fact that SEO takes time and is not a quick process, then you will reap the benefits and rewards that only a page one Google ranking and large traffic numbers can bring to your business.

Rushing SEO and expecting quick wins and easy rankings does not happen anymore. It used to be that way but Google has stamped these types of practices completely out with their Penguin and Panda algorithms.

If you think you can pressure your SEO agency to get you to page one quickly ( even to position # 1) then you are asking for serious trouble. Yes, they might do this to appease you but Google will know what’s going on, pick up on this ‘spammy’ over optimisation of back linking and penalise your website.

The is no specific answer to this problem, but more of a series of suggestions why SEO is a long and often drawn out process. However, following are some answers that should put the spot light on your why you need to be realistic with your SEO expectations and timings.

1) Is Your Website New?
If the answer is yes, then settle in, strap on your seat belt and be ready for a long ride. New websites have absolutely zero authority or trust in the eyes of Google and SEO is that process which creates this authority & trust. Unfortunately, if you rush this authority and build loads of back links really quickly, this activity will get picked up by the algorithm and your website will be penalised. Slow and steady is the name of the game here. We obviously know that you are going to want some quick wins so the best way to achieve this is to look at optimising other pages of your website such as specific products or services. Let’s say for example your  a electrician in Bondi and you have just launched a new website hoping to attract business. Then it will be easier to rank internal service pages like: ‘lighting installation Bondi’ than it will ‘Electricians Bondi’. The aim is to go for these easier keywords that still have website searches so you can start to get business in the short term while we push for those juicier more competitive ‘money keywords’.

This is the main reason why SEO takes so long as we have to build your authority slowly and organically over many months. Things have to look natural and the moment we begin to do anything other than being completely organic; you end up getting your website penalised.

A new website needs so much work and attention if it has any chance of ranking and this process takes time; many man hours and constant back linking as well as building quality content throughout the site. As the months roll on and the trust and authority start to accumulate then your going to start to see more and more of your pages start to get better rankings.

2) Look at Your Competition.
Many people tell me that they cannot understand why their competitor is always on page one when they are a smaller company than theirs. It doesn’t seem fair! They get frustrated because their SEO campaign has been going for 3 months yet they are unable to overtake their competitors. The truth behind this is that their competition has probably been doing SEO for many years; slowly and methodically. The have done the hard hards, slogged it out, been patient and done everything properly with their internet marketing campaign and this is why their number one position is solid and has remained that way for many years.

There is no way in the world that you should expect to dislodge these guys in a short time frame. You can forget about it! Some SEO companies will tell you ( just to get your business) that they will be able to do this, but this is wrong. Overall, if you want to play in the same league as the big boys then you have to play the same game and this all takes plenty of time. I have said this over and over again; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. The guys ahead of you are there for a reason and that’s simply because they are one step ahead of you. You will get there but you just have to give it time.

3) Speedy SEO Results are No Good.
That’s right, you have been over zealous with your back linking and trusted a dodgy SEO company and now your rankings are sliding down. Guess what, this happens all the time and is the results of over optimisation and a lack of understanding of the time it takes for credible SEO to occur.

What now has to happen is that you have to go back right to the beginning and start all over again. Yes, go to the back of the queue and do it all over again. This time, use a better SEO company and someone who is not afraid to tell you that SEO takes time and is a long process. Telling the truth about SEO timings and having you, the client understanding and digesting this is the best start possible. Being lied to and being promised very unrealistic milestones, maybe what you want to hear and may appease your desire for rankings, this is far from the truth.

Google penalties, rank suppression, poor results are all a by product of fast SEO and being told what you want to hear is just blinding you to the realities that are SEO.

4) Up One Day, Down the Next
This is called ranking fluctuations and it is all part of the lovely game that Google likes to play. You might be sitting at position number 2 and then overnight you are at # 6. This happens frequently, in some cases weekly and is a natural phenomena on the SEO landscape. The trick here is to minimise these types of fluctuations and when they do happen keen them to only a minor variation.

For this to happen and keep your rankings within a certain area you need to have created a very solid foundation with your internet marketing and be basically ticking all the right boxes when it comes to your SEO, this includes: being actively engaged on a variety of social media platforms, blogging or content marketing and ‘white hat’ back linking from very high domain authority sites. Guess what, this all takes time and cannot be rushed. hence the need for an understanding and truthful perception about the relationship between SEO and with timings.

The best recipe for SEO success it not to fight or try to negotiate timings with your SEO providor, but work in a partnership like manner that will see an open and honest transfer of information between the two parties. When this happens, then and only then will start to see the great benefits that page 1 position can bring. SEO is an investment and this all takes time!

5) Bartering for time and expecting unrealistic results
I get it all the time. Clients set me targets that they have dream’t up in their mind. They say I will give you 3 months to get my website to page 1 or else I am going to look elsewhere. Why? Because the other bloke I rang promised me and even put it in an email, he guaranteed me # 1 position in 90 days.

These type of clients who set these impractical, improbable, blue sky, call it what ever you want, goals are the types of companies that will never be able to achieve a solid Google ranking. Why? Because they flit from one SEO company to the next, expecting overnight miracles and the more companies they switch between, the more damage they are doing to their rankings.

6) Google wants to see activity

That’s right. Google wants to see that your website is being updated constantly and with blogs, news articles and extra pages such as adding new products or services or even looking at older pages and refreshing those with new copy. This is an on going process and the more fresh, relevant copy your adding, the more authority your building to your site. You will have to also be active on your social media as this builds brand awareness which can also contribute to your overall rankings. Basically, the more people that know about your business and visit your site the more trustworthy you become.

7) Outreach for high domain authority

Te best way to build authority is to get a link from another website that pints to your site. This is called a back link and the only way Google will recognise your site is by having links from high authority sites. This is the back bone of all SEO campaigns and to get these links takes time. They do not magically appear from no where. We have to get in touch with other website owners in your relevant industry and outreach to them and see if they are prepared to post an article on their site with a link to your site. Complicated I know, but this takes many man hours and it’s got to be done over many months. Hence the timings.

These are the realities of Google and I am not afraid to tell you about them. This is why I can be trusted and this is why our websites and all our clients websites do so well. Because they understand and get the value that we place on SEO timings!