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September 22, 2014

seoquestionsBeing in the SEO industry for over a decade we are lucky to speak with businesses from all over Sydney. We get so many questions regarding SEO and digital marketing daily.

Following are a few questions we get that just might help you understand SEO a little bit more. The video on here is particularly helpful.

Can I get to the top of page 1 today if I hire your SEO services?

This is a great question and I do love being asked this. Many people have no understanding of how the search engines work and they often expect immediate results. The truth is that ranking on Google can take a significant amount of time and for those people expecting to be up there within a day or two, expectations must be managed. Especially if you have a new website. Google rankings take time & panning and reaching page one quickly will never happen.

Why do other SEO agencies offer a money back guarantee?

Well, this one would have to take the prize for the most frequently asked question. I would get at least 2 to 3 of these per day. I have full empathy for businesses that want guarantees. After all, there are many SEO companies who will offer this and they are prepared to put it in writing. All I can say is good luck!

If you are prepared to believe this then you are being tricked in to the biggest SEO scam that exists today. These guarantees are not worth the paper they are written on. Companies out there offering this are just slick sales people trying to get your business. They are experts at deception and playing the guarantee card.

They come across as a completely legitimate company who after all are ranking on page 1 of Google for the term SEO. WRONG!! These deceitful, misleading statements like: ‘money back’ and guarantees’ are all part of the scam. I guess there is an element of luck, but my advice to anyone thinking about hiring an SEO team is to avoid these scams and walk away.

Have a close look at what one of Google’s top employees says about SEO Guarantees:

Google will even tell us on their website that there are no such things as a ranking guarantee. See the link below:

SEO companies all say the same thing, I don’t trust any one you.

This unfortunately is a common question. It is not a case of a few rotten apples have ruined the cart. But, a lot of bad fish are stinking up the place. The SEO landscape and players within it have systematically ripped off so many businesses that we all have a bad name. That’s right. The honourable and truthful agencies like our team at SEO Sydney Experts have to get tarnished with the same brush as those who are simply out to squeeze as many dollars as they can out of you.


What has happened is that they have been burnt by the last 2 or 3 SEO companies and are completely distrusting of other agencies.

I try to explain to them why they have been ripped off (paying next to nothing for their SEO, using cheap providors, ignoring the basic fundamentals of SEO), yet they still are quite closed off when I speak with them. People (and I get this) want the best deal that they can get for their business. And in the SEO world there are many agencies that are prepared to take even a few hundred dollars for competitive SEO terms and promise the world.

They don’t care about the size of your company, they will simply take your money and do nothing. Remember they love corporate SEO, becuase you have more money to throw at them. The temptation for most people is too great to refuse and this perpetuates the vicious cycle.

This is not how SEO works and is the reason people continually get smashed online. The logic behind taking a few hundred dollars, is that over a year this adds up to $2400 and this is not bad money for 1 phone call & locking you into a contract.

Can I start & stop my SEO?

Unfortunately not. SEO is a continuous strategy that must be worked on the whole time without a break. Stopping your link building and copywriting will just let the competition get ahead of you. Your website has to send ranking signals to the Google spiders to continuously index your website and this can only be achieved through SEO on a continual basis.

Why does my website have to have so much content when all I want is to have pretty graphics?

Thi sis a very common question we get from industries that rely on images to tell their story. Content simply clutters the site up. Unfortunately for these businesses content is necessary and they have to tell their story through words and not graphics alone. The reason for this is that Google needs information to rank a site.

Yes you can have it looking nice but there must be content alongside the images. People often wonder why their website hasn’t moved up the rankings, or worse has not been indexed when they follow the philosophy of no copy. The golden rule here is a mix of unique content and great imagery. This will give the user the best experience and Google will in turn start trusting and pushing the site higher up the rankings. It’s amazing what an additional couple of paragraphs can do.

These are just a few of the questions I get asked but in truth they are not that bad and they reflect the fact that many business owners are still unclear about SEO and how it works.

If you have any questions no matter how silly you may think they may be, I am more than happy to answer these for you.

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