What is the Difference Between SEO Sydney Experts & Other SEO Companies?

Other SEO companies work on the theory of quantity not quality. They will run circles around you with unbelievable statistics, too good to be true results and pages upon pages of waffle in their quoting documents. At the end of the day, they are doing this because they actually have no intention of doing any SEO work.

They will gladly take your money, and say things like Google’s algorithm changes are the reason why you are not ranking, when in fact, it’s purely based on the fact that they do not know what they are doing OR they have done absolutely nothing.

We don’t even come close to this – we operate by being open, honest and a transparent SEO philosophy. From day 1 you will see your rankings rise and this is because we are actually performing both on page and off page work on your website. We know how to target areas and spot openings that will make a massive difference to your online marketing campaign.

For your SEO we will write copy, provide a sustainable and proven back linking profile, immediately initiate title and description snippet amends and look at ways of increasing conversion rates – THIS IS WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT! We audit your website and look at your Google analytics and measure the sites performance every month. Our aim is to increase rankings, traffic and customer conversion rates and we have the tools and methodology to do this.

What SEO monthly budget should I be looking at?

SEO budgets are really determined by the competitive nature of the keywords you are targeting plus your market niche. But our most popular range is around the $1000 – $1500 mark for small business SEO and for larger corporations or businesses in highly competitive areas the SEO budgets can often be between $5000 and $8000. Again, we need to sit down, go over your entire SEO strategy and from there we can come up with a budget that is going to work, be sustainable for you over the life of your SEO campaign and deliver a great return on your investment. We tell the honest truth about SEO pricing and do not under quote just to buy your business.

What sort of guarantees do you offer?

We can guarantee 2 things. The first is that by using our SEO services the chances of your website ranking over your competition are going to be FAR greater than if you were using another SEO company. And secondly, we make sure that all our work is totally compliant and ‘white hat’.

No one and I mean absolutely no one can guarantee a Google ranking. Its an out right lie! These statements are targeted to businesses who have no idea about SEO and it is a scam designed to take your money – THIS IS WHY WE DO NOT make these kind of guarantees.

SEO agencies that offer guarantees are doing this to disguise the fact that they have no idea about Google, how it works or how to rank your site. Too good to be true offers are simply smoke and mirrors sales tactics aimed at fooling you out of your money!

BE VERY CAREFUL if anyone mentions a guarantee.

How many keyword phrases can I target?

We permit unlimited keyword phrase targeting and are happy to proportionally allocate different amounts of your SEO budget to different phrases.

Because we are flexible in our approach to SEO and are totally against ‘keyword spamming’ we look at varying the keywords; changing them all the time to look as natural and organic as we can. This is a great SEO tactic and this is the best approach to take for with your internet marketing. We also look at targeting keywords that will bring in the highest amount of qualified traffic – there is absolutely no point in targeting keywords that will have little impact on your business.

Who’s looking after my SEO campaign?

At SEO Sydney Experts we operate on the principle that as a client you are always going to be dealing with one of the directors of the business. As one of the directors of this company. You will never ever deal with anyone else other than me and I am available all the time on 02 9360 8514 – you can call or email me as often as you like and I am happy to offer advice and talk you through any SEO issues you may be having. I have been in business for over 18 years so you are going to be dealing with someone with a massive amount of not only SEO and online marketing experience, but someone who has made all the silly mistakes in business, so I can MAKE SURE THAT YOU WILL NOT GO DOWN ANY BAD PATHS or make any bad business decisions when it comes to your SEO or digital marketing.

You can be rest assured that you are not going to be working with a junior account manager, sales person or someone who doesn’t really care about your business. I will be working on your SEO all the time and watching your rankings diligently. This is a HUGE BONUS for you and you will always have my 110% undivided focus on your website rankings.

How long have you been doing SEO for?

SEO Sydney Experts has been business of SEO since 2005. This is longer than most agencies and our longevity can be attributed to the the success we have been able to bring to our clients.

What is your little secret? How do you manage to stay on top of Google?

There are no secrets. It’s hard work, dedication and hours of research. Many people think that SEO is a matter of placing a few links on a few sites. This is totally wrong!

If you could see the amount of hours we spend looking at ways to improve the performance of your website and content marketing PLUS link strategies you will understand that the secret is in the planning and execution of the campaign

The Sydney Expert SEO team employs regularly a set of highly effective and innovative link building tactics that are all ‘ white hat’ Google compliant – we stay ahead of the pack when it comes to understanding Google and do not follow the herd. We actually set the trends, not follow them.