Creating a Combined SEO & Content Strategy

October 1, 2017
Creating a Combined SEO & Content Strategy

I often, in our line of work as a digital marketing agency come across businesses that completely ignore the fundamentals of what’s deemed a current digital strategy, that is the cohesive and intertwined relationship between SEO and content. Like salt and pepper they go nicely together and one does not really work effectively without the other.

I often and to the detriment of their business often sight people engage agencies who have a foot in one or the other camps but not both. In today’s Google centric landscape this is absolute madness. This is old style SEO and it no longer works.  Google wants to see how creative you can be in terms of web copy and then they want to see just how you go about optimising this copy.

If your in Australia and you Google the words ‘content marketing’ you will find the following results:


forbes and copy blogger

You have to ask yourself what do these sites all have in common and the unifying word is: trust. Yes that’s right they all have an enormous amount of trust with Google and this is why they are sitting up there on page one for this very competitive and much sort after keyword. Now we all know that not everyone wants to rank for these 2 words but if you want to drive more traffic to your website then you really need to look at the types of topics that are trending right this second on social media, how they relate to your business or industry and how are you going to craft copy to attract people to read these articles or blogs?

The following article will clearly she you how to find the perfect set of  keywords that will attract the right type of ‘eye balls’ on your website which in turn will earn your freer in bound quality links. Thesis what will help rank your copy.

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# 1: Where are you ranking on Google? You need to see what keywords are bringing in the highest amount of traffic as well as customer conversions

You really need to know what your status is on Google for your main keywords and where your laying pages are for these coveted keywords. This is where you need tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs. Here you will be able to search for a keyword ( say your a cosmetic surgeon in Sydney and you want to know where your liposuction landing page is on Google for the keyword ‘liposuction sydney’.  There are tools that will show you where you are ranking really quickly.

# 2: You need to find similar keywords that you have found in point # 1 to target. Let me elaborate. Say, for the ‘liposuction sydney’ keyword you were already on page 1 or that it was far too competitive for you to even contemplate to tackle. What you need to do is use a tool that Google provides called’ Google’s Autocomplete or a really fun website called and they will give you the next best thing. answers such as : ‘how much is liposuction sydney’ will appear and hey presto you have your next blog topic that you can focus on which will drive sales leads. There are heaps of other variations like: liposuction specialist sydney, liposuction without surgery sydney, but once you find the results you can see the huge potential for content marketing around a group or core keywords. I absolutely love this website. Give it a try and you’ll immediately see what I mean and Ill bet that you’ll be off and tapping those keys on your laptop with your brand new topic. It’s so easy and really effective.

Another great idea is to use a tool called to assess the amount of web traffic a certain keyword is likely to bring in. If your new blog topic has minimal search then perhaps use this website to assess the highest volume of traffic and target your content around these.

# 3: How are your competition doing in the SERP’s?

Use SEMrush Keyword Difficulty Tool to gauge how difficult it will be to get these new topics based on the important keywords high in the search results. The outcome for this is really useful it will tell you exactly the ranking difficulty for that particular keyword with he number of monthly clicks. With this tool you will see what your up against and just how tough it will be to rank. Note, if there are Government websites on this page or a lot of education sites this might be a bit too tough to try to outrank. I would definitely look for another topic if I saw these.

Basically, it’s up to you how much visibility you want to have online. I always tell my clients the more the better but you have to have quality coy that will attract clicks in a highly searched space. This is not easy but hopefully with he above tools you should be well on you way to mastering the art of content marketing and SEO.

The golden rule is to work with everything you have at your disposal and really learn these well. Look at your keywords that are doing well then start the search to look for more diversified keywords that will bring in even more traffic. Do this slowly, evaluate the outcome and then modify with each step of this process.

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