Forgive Your Last SEO Companies Mistakes

June 16, 2014

Many businesses get ripped of by SEO companies. This is a fact of life and it’s happening daily. This is the truth and this is where the blame game for the next SEO company should stop.

seocompanyJust because you made the wrong decision, employed the wrong and cheap SEO agency from the beginning, does not mean that credible, completely honest and sincere companies like the majority of us have to take on the negative baggage left by your previous SEO team.

Sure, we are able to fix the mistakes and issues caused by these shady SEO characters, but you can’t tarnish the whole industry just because of a bad experience. You have to move on and learn from your mistakes. Businesses need to move on, accept that they made a bad judgement call and trust us to do our job.

As director of SEO Sydney Experts, we come across many businesses that have been the subject of SEO rip offs. Their business and website have been compromised and the hardship caused is devastating.

Websites that have been penalised due to malpractice and total disregard for any SEO ‘ best practice’ creates messy situations. We are left to pick up the pieces.

Fixing and repairing your SEO position online can take any where from 6 months to a year. That’s right a full year and it is not unreasonable for us, as your next SEO provider to cop the full blame of past errors.

I will give you an example to highlight this issue in a bit more detail. A Sydney based company came to us at the end of 2017. They were using a Melbourne based SEO company for well over 2 years and in that time their rankings had consistently slid. For some keywords they were ranking, but for others, that is their main ‘ bread winning’ keywords they were no where to be found.

Since coming on board with us, their main keywords have sky rocketed to page 1 and are all sitting in the top 4 positions. But, the issue here is that this has taken 6 months. Basically, we have had to start from the beginning and implement a campaign as if there had never been any SEO work carried out in the past.

The problem here is that we have had to take over a very awkward situation where a SEO company has been negligent and we have had to come in and completely restore and stabilise the rankings. The expectations placed on us are very high, but we have managed to negate any blame and turn the business rankings around. All up, a very happy client.

Taking on the blame of another SEO company is not a good way to start an SEO relationship. All fears and apprehension surrounding SEO and its practices need to be left at the door so we can get along with what we do best; ranking your website.

SEO and internet marketing is here to stay. This is also a fact of life and Sydney businesses who have been burn’t and defrauded by past SEO agencies need to accept this as part of the business cycle. Peaks and troughs and moving forward with another agency that can do a far better job.

Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect and this gets magnifies in the SEO world. It’s just so easy to be lulled into a false sense of security. These guys are specialists in scamming your money and are shrewd at getting you to believe them and their utter nonsense when you initially speak with them.

I suggest that if your business is going to succeed online and if your going to have any chance of ranking your website, that you have faith in the abilities of your next SEO provider. This might be hard and you still may have a healthy dose of skepticism, but this is not going to do you any favours as time goes by.

Blame and ranking issues can become intensified especially if your website has been penalised or if there is a manual action implemented by Google. This can take a long time to repair and in the mind-set of the business owner, the perception can be, that it is our responsibility for the penalty.

Being tarnished with the same brush, incurring the wrath of business owners just because we are also in the SEO industry is not fair. We happen to be one of the good guys, one of the ethical mob that treats our clients with respect and their business as if it was our own. I can honestly say that we put in so much effort and time with every client, that we really earn our money. I feel that we offer what no other SEO company can offer in terms of service and accountability.

What do we do differently?

  • We don’t just build back links. We look at your entire online marketing holistically. We look at what’s going to work best for your business and what’s going to attract the most number of customers. From local search, PPC, social  media marketing as well as retargeting, we look at all facets of digital marketing at our disposal.
  • Our focus is all about conversion rates. It’s critical that you not only get high traffic number but we make sure that these people stay on your site and engage with it.
  • Our aim is to not only increase visitors but make sure they stay on the site and enjoy the experience. Lower bounce rates are our mantra and we constantly monitor your site so it’s working at it’s peak performance.
  • We study you Google analytics and make rational suggestions to improve your website user experience based on hard data. We don’t just make random suggestions and changes to impress you. Everything we do has a logical reason behind it.
  • We also look at all your content and make sure firstly, that its not duplicate and that it’s geared towards your market and what they want to read.  See what the guru Matt Cutts at Google has to say about the issues with duplicate content.

So once you forgive them and move on, then we can perform our SEO magic!

If you are a business owner, who has been hit hard in the past by dodgy SEO people and are reading this blog, we are happy to take on your SEO work – but the important thing is that you do forgive them for their past mistakes.


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