Important Questions to Ask Your SEO Company

If you are thinking about engaging the services of a SEO supplier in Sydney then you need to be asking them 1 question before you do anything. Failing to ask this question could land you in serious trouble when it comes to your online rankings and overall search engine strategy.

seo-newsThe question is: Is your own website ranking? That is, has the SEO company been able to rank their own website for their main keywords. The only reason for this is if they cannot rank their own website, how are they ever going to rank your site. Simple as that.

Many SEO providers are going to promise you almost anything to get your business. They will swear blindly that they will be able to get you on page 1 of Google, but the simple truth behind this facade is that if their site is not ranking then you will have little hope of achieving anything positive with your digital online campaign.

Also, don’t be fooled if their site is on page 1 but i there because they have paid to be there. Anyone can get their site on Google through an Adwords campaign. This has absolutely nothing to do with SEO. Make sure you are able to differentiate between the two marketing mediums. Being lulled into a false sense of security that the SEO company has managed to get to page 1 via Adwords can be dangerous as they obviously do not know what they are doing when it comes to an effective, proven search engine optimisation strategy.

Never be shy to ask this question. Obviously you have contacted these people because you have found them online. But, make sure they are able to articulate their exact placement on Google and how many of their main keywords they have ranked. I won’t at this stage get into them proving what they have managed to be able to do for their clients. We can leave this for another time.

I want to be 100% clear on this so there is absolutely no misunderstanding. Ranking a website on Google nowadays is a complicated and very technical process. Because the barriers to entry are so low, there are many players out there claiming to be experts in this field. Filtering the rubbish form the actual good SEO companies is not as easy a sit looks as gullible, believing, naive business owners can and have been duped and ripped of in the past by slick fast talking sales people. So, the only way you are going to get  REAL TRUE MEASURE  of the ability of any SEO service provider is the ability to rank their web page. It’s the most simple litmus test you can do and it never fails. Try it out and see how you go. If they are lying to you or have been truing to pull the ‘wool over your eyes’, this will get them sweating. There in no surer a solution to get to the bottom of this and work out the truth from the fiction or fantasy when is comes to your SEO.

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