Lead Generation, Why you need to build Dedicated Landing Pages

March 24, 2016
Lead Generation, Why you need to build Dedicated Landing Pages

If you’re serious about generating leads for your business then you need to create dedicated landing pages that are designed specifically to capture more leads or sales.

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are extremely relevant to the product or service they are promoting and are rich in detailed content, hot buttons and call to actions designed to capture the attention of the consumer. These pages are there for 1 reason and 1 reason only. To get as many leads as possible. They cut through the noise and clutter of the web and the main purpose is to sell and sell very hard!

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These pages will typically tell the potential customer only the necessary bits of information that are designed to entice them to call you. Our experience is that if designed and implemented properly these landing pages should double or even triple your conversion rates when they are compared to your normal web pages – even if they have similar copy.

What do you do with these landing pages?

The main objective here is to convert browsers into buyers so there are various ways that you can utilise these landing pages. 

Firstly you could use them in your Adwords or PPC campaign. Dedicated pages like this have a terrific rate of conversion and Google will place a higher value of pages like this, reducing your cost per click and putting you higher up the Adwords food chain.

Basically, the more relevant the page, the more Google will want to promote above other paid ads.

This leads me to the second point. If you are promoting a very specific product or service then these landing pages are great for SEO purposes. The rich relevant content will get indexed by Google and with a little help for your SEO agency ( like us here at SEO Sydney Experts) these pages will rank.

For example if your a removalist in Sydney and are trying to promote a service you have like ‘ office relocation’ then a dedicated landing page strictly about this service will do fantastic online.

We can design and build a conversion focused landing page, add some SEO and presto, this page over time will start to rank highly.

A point to note here. Only use an SEO agency that can prove to you their SEO abilities.

This process will not work if you are using a dodgy agency.

A dedicated conversion focused landing page is different to a normal web page as there is not as much information there to distract the visitor. In some cases it may be 1 grab statement with an inquire now button.

Ideally, in these cases the simpler the page the better the conversion rates. Obviously for SEO purposes you will need content but this can be below the fold where it will have little impact on the user experience.

Landing pages are also great if you have a sale or a special on a certain item and want to push it hard online. You can not only promote it through SEO and Adwords but you can also use your social media platforms to get your message out there to your customer base.

All you need to do is have the page designed and built and then you can use the URL as a link on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and Google +. People simply click on the link and presto they land on this wonderful new page that is so enticing and so conversion focused that they will find it hard to leave without buying.

Be critical and monitor performance

These pages are all about increasing your revenue so you need to monitor this carefully. Use analytics provided to you by Google to check the amount of traffic these pages are getting to see if it is worth the investment.

This is especially critical if you are spending up big time on Google Adwords.

If they are converting and bringing in a positive ROI, then it might be a good idea to look at doing another page and following the same formula.

We know it works if its done properly.

Why? Because this is one of our core services and we have been able to help businesses across Sydney generate better quality sales leads very quickly.

For more information on how you can start to grab your share of the market please call us on 02 9360 8514.

This is not rocket science, we know what works and we know the best ways to implement this.

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