Lost SEO Ranking? Don’t Panic, We Can Help.

November 17, 2015

If you have lost your SEO rankings and what I mean by this is that your current rankings have absolutely tanked, the trick is not to panic. Why? Because we know how to get those rankings back to where they were.

But, before we go down that path you have to ask yourself how did I get my website and business into this situation. Again, don’t feel to bad about this as around 40-50% people who call us up are in this predicament. It’s not a one off scenario. You might feel like you have been singled out and picked upon by Google, but I promise you haven’t.

rankingsdownSo now you know you are not the only 1 out there suffering, let’s analyse why you are here.

The reason why you have lost your SEO rankings is that the SEO agency you are using has implemented ‘black hat’ or really dodgy SEO. This is so common it’s incredible. I hate to say this but most SEO companies have no clue about what they are doing and are just really sales machines to get your money.

They use all these types of incredible far slung, fraudulent sales techniques, to try to trap you into signing up with them for a minimum period of 12 months.

You will know what I’m talking about if you are the victim of one of these scams. Phrases like: SEO GUARANTEES or NO RANK NO PAY or TRY US FOR 1 MONTH FREE OF CHARGE AND SEE IF YOU LIKE US should sound really familiar.

It is these types and kinds of statements that have lured and suckered many really well intentioned businesses into their pit of depravity and their scams are designed to prey on the naivety of the innocent. Basically this is why your rankings have vanished. The SEO agency who sweet talked you over the phone with the promises of seriously unrealistic rankings are now the ones to blame. Essentially your SEO agency has left you in a complete mess. It’s now time to ditch your SEO company and look at a solution. This is where we can help.

Basically, they take your money and do as little as they can with the funds as they use this to refinance their Google Adwords campaign to trap more suckers like you. If any work is being done it’s simply off shored overseas and put in the hands of some novice. This is why your websites rankings have tanked.

I could go on about all the over reasons such as your websites on page content and graphics being non compliant or that you have ripped content off from someone else and basically plagiarised their website but this list is far too long. I prefer to concentrate on the main contributing factor and that is cheap / nasty / dodgy / scam focused SEO cowboys that have no business ethics. I am amazed at the bravado and front that they put on. You can see it on their websites in plain sight. They are screaming guarantees and promises of ranking 20% of you keywords on Page 1 of Google within 90 days. They even have videos of themselves selling their services and fake offerings. Be warned guys ….

OK, so what can we do to help you get out of this mess and stop the panic.

Well, let me begin by first stating that the process is not quick it can take a couple of months but at least you can be safe in the knowledge that everything done in terms of your SEO campaign moving forward from this day onwards is going to be completely compliant. Unlike your past practices we will abide by the laws set out by Google including removing your penalty.

Essentially, what we have to do is conduct a full back link audit and loo at ways of getting rid of these toxic links. Once we have proved to Google that we have made a serious and realistic attempt at this we can then look at what’s called filing for a request fro reconsideration. From this point onwards we are in the hands of Google.

BUT, I want to reassure you folks reading this blog who do find themselves in this precarious and terrible situation. We have been able to help companies before so please stop worrying. We will clean this mess up for you and restore your business and website rankings.

All you need to do is get in touch with us on 02 9360 8514 and we will take immediate steps at reversing this Google penalty.

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