New Websites Take Time to Rank

new-website-seoI don’t care what your niche is or the keywords you are trying to rank for, SEO for any new website is going to take time. In fact, in some cases and industry niches up to a year. No joke, this is the reality of the SEO space and if you feel that your website is better looking or flashier than your competitors, therefore it should rank, then you are living under a false illusion. Trying to speed up the process and attempting to somehow speed up this process is a really bad move and will only end up with your site coping a Google penalty. Sure there is the temptation to try to do anything you can to boost your rankings and I can bet any money there are people out there who will have a crack at doing their own SEO. But, at the end of the day, the only way you are ever going to solidify and cement your online position is to do your SEO extremely slowly.

The frustration is huge. You can see that your new website is sitting on page 8 and you think that by buying a few links on a few directories you are going to somehow improve the situation. Well guess what people? This is never going to happen. You may see a slight bump in your position, but nothing like you hope it would be.

So what should you do? The answer in short is nothing. I will repeat that, nothing. The best course of action is to pick up that phone and get in touch with some SEO companies who know what is going on and understand the Google process. Again, here in lies a massive problem; who do you trust and how do you pick out from the masses of dodgy seo agencies, the one that will be able to deliver on what they promise.

Unfortunately, my answer is going to be very biased here…pick us….but putting that aside, in order to find a decent supplier you should look to someone who:

–       you can meet with face to face – never do things via phone or email

–       make sure you can go to their office – if they say they will come to you this could be a sign that they are freelancers or fly by nighters. Make this a RULE and never ever break it. If they press you on the fact that they want to see you, turn it around and insist you visit their office. The local café is NOT good enough!

–       Can they rank their own website organically on Google or are they paying to be up there. Adwords are great for other industries BUT not for the SEO game.

If you can find the right company who is able to look at your website and take the appropriate steps to make it Google compliant, in the first instance then you could be on a winner.
From that point onwards it is a waiting game. The ones who are prepared to stick it out and play the SEO game is the one who will ultimately end up winning. I know this sounds tedious and a very laborious process, but Google has fine tuned their algorithm to such a level of sophistication that any deviation of their rules will be noted. The main aberration or anomaly in their strict ranking criteria is the rate at which new websites gather new in bound links. Fall foul of this mathematical tool and you will as I stated previously, be penalised. God help those people who end up with a penalty cause he’s probably one of the only ones who will be able to get you out of this real nasty situation.

As an SEO company, I get to meet all the people who have thought that their website deserved preferential treatment with Google and should be ranking from day 1. Google has homogenised the whole industry and it cannot detect one site from the other. It will prejudice its rankings based purely on its algorithm. So all you have to do is play by their rules and you will be fine. All new website owners reading this, before you call me and ask the question how long till I get to page 1…the answer is going to be PLUS the 6 month mark. Even if there are companies out there who you might have phoned, promising truly unrealistic and out of the park guarantees, there is a stark difference between truth and fiction. I am the one here to tell you how it is and the real truth regarding ranking your new website.