Quality Links Combined With Great SEO Equals Big Profits

Doing SEO right is going to mean huge profits for your business. Doing it wrong is going to land you in hot water with Google and you can forget about your business being successful online. This is a fact and those people who want to penny pinch with their SEO, are going to fail online. I am not saying this to sway people to use our services, but I am telling you to help those people who have no knowledge of the internet and who are about to get massively ripped off and cheated out of what could be a great business. Read on and you will know what I mean…

highqualitylinksIt still amazes me the number of people and businesses that are prepare to risk their entire business and online marketing outcomes by trying to cut a few corners with their Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the cornerstone of all internet marketing and quality link building is the only way and I mean this seriously, that you will ever hope to rank online. And the only way to ensure that you are getting the best possible, quality, top notch links is if you are prepared to spend the money and work with an SEO agency that is able to offer this.

The only problem with finding these agencies is that everyone of them is promising the same thing and touting their expertise at providing genuine links. Many people go in eyes closed and believe what they hear and end up getting nothing but horrible cheap directory links that have absolutely no bearing on their ranking. In fact, it will over time work against them.

I have gone on in exhausting fashion in most of my blog articles here about the perils of being too trustful, singing up to long term contracts and worst of all believing that these guys guarantees of page 1 ranking are legitimate. The worst thing that these SEO companies do is say they will rank a certain percentage of you keywords OR they will either give you your money back or optimise your site till these goals are achieved. What a JOKE! Try getting your money back and see what they do when you complain. You are going to get nothing but the cold shoulder.

Quality links that are industry related combined with great copy is the best way your website will ever rank on Google. In fact, as the noose tightens and it becomes so much more harder to rank a website, these strict guidelines are going to have to be adhered to more and more. If you think that you are going to get away with paying a few hundred dollars a month for your SEO and expect to command a top position, you are dreaming. Actually the dream is going to turn into an absolute nightmare. Give it 3 to 4 months of this type of dodgy link building activity and your website is going to start slipping and sliding down the SERPS. You might not think that it will happen to your site cause the person your spoke to sounded so convincing and was able to provide real life statistics. But, my friends, the reality of the internet world is harsh and it’s time that the lid was opened up for all to see the grubby and underhanded scams that go on when it comes to getting, securing and tying up your business in a very hard to get out of contract.

So, how should one go about finding these so called great link building and content driven SEO providors? Well, the answer is not as easy as it look but all is not lost. I seriously recommend doing your research and reading blogs like this to see who are the real players in the industry.

One thing I can say for 110% certainty is NEVER under any circumstances go with companies that have paid via adwords to be located on any SEO search page. For those who don’t know what I mean these are the paid ads on the right hand side of the page and the very top 3 ads above the organic results. The reason is crystal clear! These SEO agencies (or supposed agencies I might add) have paid big dollars to be there simply because they either have no idea about how to rank their website OR even worse their site has been subject to a Google penalty. This is why they are not ranking organically and this is the MAIN REASON why you should avoid these people at all costs. I mean, don’t even call them. They will tell you that they are on page 1 BUT they are NOT!!

This is a killer scam and these are the people that are not going to be able to provide you with quality links. I can only go on so much about this before I get repetitive, but the ignorance that still exists in the business community about this is enormous. People just don’t get it and are more concerned with getting the cheapest deal they can find over quality SEO work.

I guess the best rule of thumb here, and this is based on the competitive nature of the industries you are trying to rank for; if it is too cheap, stay away. If the offers are littered with too many good deals and assurances, then it’s a scam.

Still unclear after reading this and want to know how to stay ahead of your competitor’s online. Give us a call 02 9360 8514 and I will tell you the complete truth about SEO. I will not candy coat anything. I will tell you how it is and the real reality of what it takes to make a go of it in the internet space. I am not concerned with the size of your company of the niche you are in. As far as I am concerned every business needs to be given the best chance of success online and I am here to facilitate this. I look at everything to do with your online marketing; including content marketing, social media, website conversion rates, analytics, the whole shebang. There is nothing I leave to chance. See, we are just not about a set and forget policy and emailing you some crumby report every month. We are your internet partners and are here to watch over you to make sure that you are not only bullet proof against any  Google algorithmic changes, but you are ahead of the curve at all times!