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What is Retargeting and why does your Business Need it?

Here is an interesting statistic; 90% of first time visitors to your website will not buy from the site or make an inquiry. This is unbelievable and in most cases it can take up to six visits before a potential client will actually pick up the phone. This is where Google retargeting is such a valuable marketing tool as it targets people who are already familiar with your brand and website. Retargeting or remarketing puts your website constantly in front of the consumer; keeping your brand ‘front of mind’.

retargetingHERE is another statistic that you should be aware of: less than 1 in 18  website visitors will buy a product or service from your website. Whilst you have all the be intentions of getting a great looking website designed and you may be paying an SEO company to rank your website on Google. Unfortunately, this MAY NOT BE ENOUGH TO bring in the sales.

Here at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS, we specialise in reconnecting those potential customers, who have already seen your website, but did not buy from you. This is done through RETARGETING OR REMARKETING, by exposing your website and brand to these consumers again and again. This increases the likelihood of a sale or inquiry by well over 350%.

Retargeting is a wonderful marketing tool and can be used in conjunction with an Adwords or SEO campaign.



OK, tell me more……what is retargeting all about and how can it help my business grow?

At SEO Sydney Experts, our method of retargeting is to use Google display advertising to re-engage potential customers. It comprises of us designing for you, visually creative display ads of many sizes that are then retargeted on other websites.
What happens is that basically Google remembers your visitors search patterns and that visitor will then be targeted with theoretically relevant adverts when they visit other websites. Essentially your advert will appear on other sites they visit – constantly.
It’s a great way of promoting your brand and it gives your website another platform to market to the consumer. In today’s crowded and very competitive online space, the cost to get noticed and found is skyrocketing.

Most businesses are doing Adwords and SEO, this is why Retargeting is so good! It is another platform, different to traditional online marketing that is highly targeted and very sales focused. In my opinion you should give it a try and add it into your marketing mix. You can always turn it off it you are unhappy with the results, but I can almost guarantee you that you will love the extra traffic it brings to your website and ultimately; more sales.
Partner with us at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS and let us show you how POWERFUL display advertising can be and how Google retargeting can be another advertising asset for your company or business.

google-retargetingRetargeting for eCommerce Websites
Retargeting for eCommerce websites is a fantastic idea. Shopping Cart abandonment is a massive problem. How many times have you added products to your cart only to exit right before you hit the buy button? Retargeting solves this eCommerce dilemma buy ‘re-attracting’ previous browsers/customers to your website.

How does this happen I hear your ask> Well, a great looking banner ad promoting your website will pop up on many other sites that these customers visit. Your website will be there in their face all the time. It is a very compelling and persuasive argument to implement a retargeting campaign ASAP.
If Google Adwords are not really working and you can’t seem to get to rage 1 of Google through search engine optimisation – then RETARGETING IS THE ANSWER!!
Less than 10% of visitors will buy from your website on the first visit – RETARGETING is the BEST TOOL YOU CAN USE TO GET THE OTHER 90%.

What are the Benefits of Retargeting?
> The biggest benefit of retargeting is to constantly remind the consumer about your product or service. They might have been on your shopping cart or your website, looked around, thought about making the purchase but at the last minute, for some reason they didn’t buy from you. Retargeting steers consumers back to your site. It freshens up their memory and puts you in the running time and time again for that all important sale. It may reignite their desire to buy again and guess what? They will be retargeted to your website.

> SEO or search engine optimisation  and Adwords is starting to get very expensive. I know that in some cases a cost per click for highly competitive keywords can cost upwards of $50. This is a huge cost and can drain your daily marketing budget very quickly. Add to this your SEO monthly spend and it all starts to get quite pricey. Retargeting is just another avenue to showcase your brand, where SEO and Adwords are not delivering a good return on your investment. Don’t get me wrong here. Being at the top of page1 or close to, is a the best place to be and only a company like ours at SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS can get you there – BUT RETARGETING is another great marketing tool, not to be ignored.
> It really reinforces your brand to the consumer – Unfortunately, if people have found you via a Google search then like all sites on Google, all you see is the title and description. Basically, everything looks the same and there is nothing really to differentiate you for the next business. Retargeting gives you the opportunity to be extremely creative with your display ad and drive home your sales message. If your actual website is memorable, then your retargeted display ad will really reinforce your message and trigger this ‘buy button’ in the consumers mind.


If you want to learn more about retargeting and how it can add value to your business then get in touch with one of our retargeting specialists at our Sydney office on 02 9360 8514