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January 31, 2016
SEO costs sydney

What is the average cost of an SEO campaign for Sydney businesses?

Updated by Steven Walberg on 24th May 2020

Following will give you a much better idea of SEO costings and how much you should be paying for a proper SEO campaign that will actually do it’s job and get you ranking on Google.

If you want to engage the services of an SEO agency to help grow sales leads and boost what will hopefully be your revenue and this will be part of your digital marketing campaign, then you will need to pay accordingly. What I mean by this is that a tailored SEO campaign, is like any other professional service. The more you want to achieve out of the campaign, the more it will cost you.

For example, ( and I am going to be brutally honest here) SEO is generally broken down into two types of companies; those that cannot perform and those that can.

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Let’s firstly look at those that cannot do a proper SEO job

You will find that these are  the types of SEO agencies that have to advertise heavily on Google ( through a PPC campaign) to get your business. They will offer you almost anything to get you to use their services such as: guaranteed SEO rankings, or pay only when you get to page 1 of Google. These companies tend to offer low SEO rates ( perhaps around the $200-$500 per month) and will bundle everything in a nice neat package over the phone. Before you know it the slick sales person has signed you up for the year and essentially you are stuffed.

These bogus SEO companies work on quoting really low SEO rates to as many businesses as they can and work on the theory of; quote low, get them in, sign them up and lock them into a contract. It is unfortunately how it works with a majority of SEO companies. It’s a sham, a scam and a pity that they do prey on the naivety and best intentions of small to medium sized businesses that do not really have a thorough understanding of SEO – can you blame them. If someone told me that they could get me on page 1 within 90 days and they were quoting a very cheap price, I would probably end up going with them.

The complexities involved in explaining the issues with cheap SEO packages are far too detailed to mention, but suffice to say that these guys do bugger all once they have your money. It’s a scheme designed to trap you. How do I know this? Because I speak to people daily, who have fallen for these low priced SEO dodgy brother tactics.

On the other side of the coin, you get those credible SEO companies that will want to meet with you face to face and actually get to understand your business, know your market and come up with a customised SEO package that will work for your business. These are the types of people you WANT to be dealing with. However, with this service, comes the price tag.

You really have to ask yourself how badly do you need SEO and can you afford a proper SEO service?

You will find that in determining the price or cost of a monthly SEO campaign in 2016, this will depend on the competitive nature of the keywords you are trying to target. The more tightly held the niches online ( think home loans, travel insurance, car loans, doctors, lawyers, plumbers etc), the more it will end up costing.

Unlike the cheap and cheerful SEO packages that will never work, a more expensive SEO campaign combines a number of variables that are now essential and are now MUST HAVES in the digital environment. This includes, copy writing, content and social media marketing as well as examining your websites conversion rates. Gone are the days when you could throw a few back links at any old website and hey presto, the phone would ring because your website would be ranking. Those days are long gone!

To be successful online you have to think of SEO as part of a bigger picture and let experts handle it. Basically you need a digital agency to manage all your online marketing and everything to do with your business in the digital space….and all this takes time and will cost money. This is the REAL REALITY of Google in 2016 and your customers expectations in 2016.

If you cannot afford SEO or are unprepared to pay for a professional service then you should probably look at more traditional forms of marketing; like ads in magazines, newspapers etc. Having said that if you are a small business and on a tight budget its a good idea to always tell your potential SEO company and see if they can come up with a small SEO campaign.

Here at SEO Sydney Experts we would with a wide variety of businesses of all sizes and all budgets – so all you have to do is call us on 02 9360 8514 and we can work out a great SEO campaign for this coming 2020 and 2021

How to invest in your SEO campaign with confidence and certainty

You need to have a clear goal and objectives. What do you want, more leads, more sales, more conversions? I guess all of these. You SEO company MUST go over all of these with you.

They need to be ranking organically on Google – NEVER EVER pick a company that has paid a big fee to be up there with Adwords – this is so very counter intuitive of what SEO stands for. Choose companies that have been able to rank their own website. This is seriously critical.
If they want you to sign a yearly contract then get rid of them.

If they mention SEO guarantees and you are in a competitive area, then these guys are trying to rip you off – stay well clear. Even if you are trying to target local businesses and it’s not too competitive, walk away.

In conclusion

SEO is like any other business. You have to trust someone to work with. All I can say is go with your instinct. Unfortunately, in the SEO space if it’s too cheap and sounds too good to be true, there will be a downside.

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