SEO for Christmas You Need to Plan Ahead

I just had a potential client call me right now in a bit of a panic. Why? Cause they just realised that it’s the end of October and they want to push their product for this years Christmas shopping which is happening right now. I told him we will do our best BUT he just might have missed the boat. Sure we can have a good crack at ranking his long tail keywords but for his main ones we might have to look at next year to really penetrate the market.

seoxmasSo the moral of this blog is if you have a product of service that you need to market for the Christmas rush, then you really need to think about planning your SEO campaign and strategy well in advance. By this I mean you need to realistically be giving it 12 months. I know this sounds like a long time but when it comes to your search engine optimisation you really have to think long term and plan well ahead. Rushing your SEO and expecting miracles within 30 days is a recipe for disaster. Why I hear you say? Well the reasons are many but following are just a few reasons why you need to plan your SEO in advance if you expect to reap the rewards that Christmas shoppers offer.
1) Speedy Website Rankings will only get your website pinged by Google and you will end up loosing any rankings you’ve had in the past. This is a certainty as Google is on the look out for over optimised websites that are trying to fraudulently manipulate their page rank. Like gravity, what goes up must come down and in the case of your SEO, its going to drop like a rock. Of course, this will only happen if you take this approach or pressure your SEO company to push too hard for your rankings. Obviously, only credible SEO agencies will telly you the truth about speedy rankings and the obvious pitfalls and hazards. Here at SEO Sydney Experts we are extremely realistic about timings and tell all out clients from the very beginning that SEO is a lengthy process and one that needs a hell of a lot of nurturing and love.

2) Many SEO companies absolutely love to offer quick 60 day guarantees when it comes to site rankings. For those Sydney businesses looking to make a killing for the 2014 Christmas period this may seem like an awesome plan of action. The logic is as follows. If they can rank me web pages in 60 days, they can certainly rank them in 30 days if I give them just a bit more money. Most of these SEO gangsters will agree to this and will be more than happy to watch you part with your money. The only one who looses out here is you the business owner who is getting completely ripped off and scammed by these guys. Why? Cause I can promise you 1 thing and this comes from well over 10 years in the SEO game. That is; you cannot expect your website to rank on Google if the work is done ethically and properly. Gullible and over optimistic business owners are easy prey for these sharks and I will repeat this so the message gets through loud and clear – YOUR WEBSITE IS NOT GOING TO RANK – at best you may move a couple of places BUT in the short to medium term you are going to get penalised once this SEO malpractice is detected.
If one was to take anything out of this blog is that businesses and companies need to be looking a year ahead for their internet marketing. Forget about 2014, it’s happening right now and we are seeing massive results and great sales for all our SEO clients who we started working on in Jan / Feb this year. All their results have skyrocketed and because we have done things slowly and carefully, these rankings have stabilised and are very consistent across the board.

3) If you have a product that you want to sell, you should have it professionally photographed and you should be looking at getting some great copy written for this. PLUS you may want to look at blogging about this and starting to promote this on your social media platforms. All this takes time and planning. A ruched approach to this and the 11th hour is simply not going to work. Saying this if you are able to handle the photography yourself then Facebook and Instagram is a good option for getting the word out there about your product pre Christmas. SEO results unfortunately, will have to wait. If you think that you can do the SEO yourself and hit your blog with 100’s of articles, forget about it. This is not going to work and Google is far too smart for this kind of trickery.

So if you have an eCommerce website or have a retail outlet and are planning to sell to the Australian market for Christmas 2015 – Start planning now. This is a great tip and I strongly urge and advice all Aussie businesses to really get their head around this lengthy time frame. Planning ahead is the best way to survive any Google algorithm updates that can happen. PLUS if you intend to go with a company like ours your website will be in the safest hands possible.