SEO for the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries

People are always searching online and the place the go to for this information in Australia is without question; Google.

Users are now going to Google daily looking for: treatments, diseases, cures, doctor + medical centre reviews,  cosmetic surgeons, dentists, optometrists, medical specialists, local chemists, people doing their own research, pharmaceutical products, basically anything to do with the health care industry. And, if your website has not been optimised for SEO then its not going to get found.

The consequences for this are very simple, you loose out on the potential business that a website that has search engine optimisation (SEO), could bring in.

seomedicalEvery one needs clients and customers and this includes professionals in the health care industry as well as pharmaceutical companies looking to drive traffic to a product on their website. No one is immune from this – no matter your niche or area of service, you will NEED your website to be found and YOU WILL WANT people to either buy from it or at least make an appointment to come and see you.

AT SEO SYDNEY EXPERTS we have the SEO know how to not only drive enormous amounts of traffic through to your website but to also keep online visitors coming back by maintaining these great rankings.

This is achieved in 2 stages. We firstly look at your current website and offer the necessary recommendations to make the website more Google compliant. The second stage is the part where we really excel in SEO. We are able to implement a back linking and content marketing strategy that will see your website dominate the online environment for your particular specialty.

You NO LONGER have to sit in the shadows and watch your competitors on page 1 – you may know a doctor who has been on the top of the search results, has expanded their business and you can’t work out why. The answer is so simple. They have been doing SEO whilst you have been doing nothing.

Sure you may have posted a few articles or blogs but that is going to have little effect without a SEO company like us getting involved.


People have a fundamental trust in content that has been published by the doctors, specialists or healthcare professionals.

Everyone is into self diagnosis these days. As soon as a symptom appears, they are straight onto Google looking it up. Most things that are published and are ranking are deemed honest, reliable and trustworthy, especially if it is backed up by a medical experts name, or website.

Promotion of your content via SEO is going to enhance your profile online and really drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your surgery, practice or product inquiry.

A GREAT TIP HERE IS TO: Ask a copywriter to write the content for your website and not the SEO team. Your SEO Provider can assist you about optimizing the content with targeted keywords and advice on pages that need to be written.


1) We have been leaders in the field of SEO since 2005 – in terms of SEO this is really a lifetime. We have seen all the Google algorithmic changes and been able to keep our customers right up there on page 1. This means we have a great knowledge of SEO and its fundamentals.

2) We are open, transparent and very honest in our approach to your internet marketing. Don’t think for 1 minute we will take your business for granted. As a small business ourselves we value each and every client and treat all SEO customers no matter the size with the same good old fashion customer service.

3) You deal with one of the directors of the company and not an account manager – this is how serious we take your SEO and your business. Never deal with a junior or a techie again – speak with someone who understands business and the pressures you face in getting customers through the door. We will work alongside you in this manner to push your business further online and really give it our best to increase sales.

4) We are Sydney based so we are happy to meet you anytime, anywhere to go over a SEP plan of action – forget about working in cyberspace – work with real people that can offer proven and structured SEO solutions for your marketing.

5) We might not be the cheapest but you will find that you get great value for your money. Because our SEO tactics are so formidable, you will see a quick return on your investment based on what we do – our SEO philosophy  is to rank you as quickly as we possibly can so that you start reaping the benefits that only a PAGE 1 ranking can deliver.

So if you are keen to know more and want to get serious about your SEO rankings please get in touch with us here on 02 9360 8514