SEO Prices and How to Avoid Getting Completely Ripped Off

Getting utterly ripped off and scammed when it comes to SEO pricing is common in Sydney. We can help you avoid this. Call 02 9360 8514

seonegativeThere are many SEO agencies in Sydney, and you can easily find them on Google, who are going to quote you unrealistic and ‘too good to be true’ prices when it comes to your search engine optimisation. They will gladly take your money and do absolutely nothing when it comes to ranking your website on Google. Basically, they are out to rip you off with no moral conscience or business ethics. These are the types of players that bring the SEO industry into disrepute and give all us good guys a very bad reputation. This is unfair for people like us who play by the rules and offer a genuinely good service that can really help your business become more successful.

There are hundreds of scam artist out there looking for their next victim – these people can be based in Sydney or overseas – you will NEVER EVER know unless you are prepared to meet with them.


1) IF THEY DO NOT HAVE A PHYSICAL OFFICE THAT YOU CAN VISIT THEN THEY ARE SCAMMERS – THEY WILL PROBABLY WANT TO MEET YOU AT A CAFE OR AT YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS – WRONG MOVE – DON’T GO DOWN THIS PATH! There are so many SEO companies that say they have a Sydney presence when in fact they are based in Thailand or India, be aware of this. I actually got cold called from one of these companies the other day who said they were in Sydney and when I asked to meet with them they said they can’t and when pressed further they eventually admitted they were overseas. These guys are real scammers so keep your eyes open.


3) IF THEY WANT TO DO EVERYTHING VIA EMAIL AND ARE NOT PREPARED TO MEET FACE TO FACE THEN THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT LEGITIMATE SEO BUSINESSES. Even if you are based in Sydney and they have an office in Melbourne, go and visit it to make sure it’s legitimate.

These people are killers for small business.

The basic rule here, if you are going to avoid getting ripped off is to not align yourself with any SEO companies that offer:

–       SEO guarantees and page 1 rankings within 60-90 days or pay on performance SEO

–       Monthly SEO fees for around the $500 mark

–       Instant SEO quotes over the phone without doing any kind of keyword research or industry analysis.

–       Yearly or half yearly MUST sign contracts with no exit clause.

–       Ex Google employees working in the company

These are the kind of warning signs that you are about to get ripped off and about to be scammed by a SEO company.

Lets examine each point individually so you have a better understanding of what to look out for:

SEO Guarantees – In the perfect world, businesses can offer warranties and guarantees on their products or services. Unfortunately, Google is the third wheel here and is in charge of the ranking process. An SEO company can realistically provide is the vehicle that helps your website rank. Because Google makes all the rules and can therefore change them at any time, guarantees of page 1 positioning is really a scam and told to you to lull you into a false sense of unrealistic security. Again, unfortunately, if you believe in it hard enough, and are told it time and time again, it still won’t make a difference.

Google has their hand on the controls and no amount of positive thinking or over promising of guarantees will change this fact. Also, if companies say they will work till they get you on page 1 for free if they can’t rank you within 6 months, again stay well away!

These are all scams and designed to fleece you of your money. If you feel that this has happened to you why not call us on 02 9360 8514 to see how we can help you get out of these nasty situations.

Cheap Monthly SEO Fees: These guys are out for the fast buck. Their aim is to quote low, get you in and do little or no work. Its simple math, if they are going to be charging you such a low SEO price, how many hours are they going to spend on your website and optimisation?

SEO, if done correctly takes many man hours. The simple fact of the matter is that $500 is just far too cheap. Might as well throw the money down the toilet. Whilst $500 per month may not be a lot of money, if this is done in large volumes, then it becomes quite profitable.

Instant Ball Park Quotes over the phone are done to surprise you with ‘so called’ great value packages and then they sign you up and lock you into a contract. $500 x 12 months = $6000, which is a lot of money, if you are getting no results. Be very careful if your SEO company tells you that they are offering special packaged deals at these silly prices.

Lock In Contracts  This has been addressed but I will go over it again. If you are in a contract paying your hard earned dollars every month for nothing, this is going to be financially draining with no return on investment. Not only are they difficult to exit, but think about all those lost opportunities and clients you could be bringing into the business – if only you had made the right choice from the beginning!!

Non of these SEO companies have ex Google employees – why on Earth would they leave a high paying, powerful role in Google to work in a SEO company. Yes, there may be a 1 off occurrence but the chances are very slim – these kind of statements are an outright lie – be careful if you read this or they tell you this!

So What Should You Take Out Of This?

Pay peanuts and you get monkeys, simple as that. Paying a fair and respectable price for your SEO service is the best marketing move you can make for your business. Call the experts on  032 9360 8514