SEO shortcuts they dont exists.

November 21, 2014

seoshortcutIf you think for 1 minute that you can find any SEO shortcuts that will fast track your rankings on Google, then you are simply dreaming. They don’t exist. This is the reality of the SEO space and nothing you say or do will change this. You can beg your SEO agency to take short cuts and try to work harder on certain keywords, but this will only lead to issues once your website is picked up by Google. SEO takes time and must be implemented organically and these ‘so called’ SEO agencies that promise you fast rankings (within 90 days) are just scamming you – be warned!

I get so many people calling me up wanting to get to page 1 of Google as fast as possible. They say they will even pay me more if I can get their rankings higher and quicker. But, I have to be honest with them and spell it out in plain, hard truthful facts – that is, when it comes to Google nothing is fast. In fact, the winners in this game are generally the people and businesses who take the slow lane and do things in a more settled, organic and NON- RUSH manner. It’s these time realistic businesses that are the over all winners.

Why is this? Cause like gravity,, what goes up must come down and the faster you rise to the top the quicker you are going to fall. I hear it from my client’s constantly. They say that all of a sudden their competition has come out of no where and is ranking up above them. They can’t understand this and have no idea how this could happen. After all, this business is new and has just started up and why in Gods name are they now able to get above us. This is really common and happens each and every day – the explanation is simple. These guys have spammed their way to the top and will enjoy this view for only a short period of time. In a couple of week or months (at the very latest) these guys are going to get hammered by Google. That is, all their gains are going to disappear. This is the reality and this is how it works.

These spammers who are on page 1 all of a sudden are taking a hug risk. They may or may not know this but if they rise suddenly out of the blue right up there to page 1, then this is a massive issue and the SEO risks associated with this are not worth it – I will repeat this so it sinks in to my readers – it’s really not worth it. Sure you may have a very short term gain, but I can promise you one thing, that these will be really short lived. And the worst thing about this is that getting your rankings back after a penalty is going to take a long time. This time could have been better spend implementing a SEO campaign slowly. The only difference would be that once your website was on page 1 – the chances are it would have stayed there.

Why Do SEO Agencies Take Short Cuts?

There are 2 reasons for this:

1) the client is pressuring the agency so much for better rankings that they feel obligated to do anything and everything to help improve the online position. Some SEO agencies may be unable to handle this type of client pressure and they cave in to this and spam their clients website – yes the rankings do rise and yes they might get to page 1 – but this is very short lived.

2) The SEO company has no idea what they are doing and follow out dated SEO techniques which is all about fast ‘black hat’ rankings. They charge next to nothing g for their seo services and all they do is outright dodgy, scam ridden techniques that are so bad that it makes me cringe. SEO short cuts are for loosers and for business owners that clearly do not understand the whole search engine process. It may look like fun and there is the adrenalin rush of watching your rankings rise – but for those SEO junkies watch out – its gonna come crashing down hard on you and I do mean hard.

For those companies and businesses wishing to take the slow, correct and proven SEO path – why not call us here at SEO Sydney Experts on 02 9360 8514 – in the race for SEO rankings we won’t get you there fast BUT we will get you there eventually so that you can have peace of mind!

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