SEO: The Danger Of Using Cheap Agencies.

One out of every two phone calls I receive about SEO has a price factor attached to it.

The either say that they are on a very limited budget or they say that they have been paying next to nothing with their previous SEO company and was hoping that we could match or do better on their price.

These are really the most common 2 ‘strings attached’ questions I get and there is a massive amount of inherent danger in going down these paths.

I will explore these 2 individually.

seoagencyFirstly, if I was to negotiate heavily on price then I would be compromising on our ability to deliver great SEO results. Many companies and I am actually talking about the bulk of SEO companies that can be found on Google, will be happy to negotiate and even better a very low price so they can get you to sign on the dotted line.

These SEO players are running ‘boiler room’ sales divisions and these guys are on heavy targets. They will say and do almost anything to secure your business without any regard for the SEO process. They DO NOT and I repeat myself here – THEY DO NOT care about your business, your goals, or about your online rankings. All they want to do is lock you into a 6 to 12 month contract,  and do as little as possible for this money.

I am not writing this for the fun of it or just to compile a BLOG. I am writing this, because I am privy to this and I receive calls daily from businesses in Sydney and throughout Australia who have been suckered into cheap SEO sales talk.

I never tell business owners:’ you get what you pay for’ nor do I say things like’ if it sounds to good to be true then it probably isn’t’ – BUT I can never understand why they then want to go ahead say things like’ we really want to do a proper SEO campaign and be # 1 on Google BUT we are on a very tight budget’.

It’s these statements and beliefs that is common amongst the business community that SEO can be done on the cheap that has me dumbfounded.

SEO takes time. It really does and if you think for 1 minute that we as a company don’t spend hours upon hours on your SEO then you are mistaken – this is why we are more expensive than the other ‘so called’ SEO companies. The reason is WE DO OUR JOB AND WE DO IT PROPERLY.
We never cut corners and never ever use ‘black hat’ spammy cheap SEO techniques that will end you up in a Google Penalty.

So if you are on a very tight budget and are looking to dominate the online space for your business – then we are NOT the right company for you.

If you are happy to pay next to nothing for your SEO and are prepared to believe that you can get a great ranking in 90 days for VERY competitive keywords then we are the WRONG company for you.

HOWEVER if you are prepared to sit down and  go over a SEO plan  and work out a proper campaign at REALISTIC prices then we are the RIGHT company for you. We are not into bargaining over the phone, but prefer to sit down with you and discuss budget options and work out a suitable price that you are comfortable to pay – and anticipated results within this budget.

The second question I would like to address is when businesses ask me if I can match the price that the other company was charging. When they tell me that:

they paid next to nothing for the SEO
never achieved any results as promised
they were never able to be contacted
customer service was appalling and rude
rankings in fact declined and you feel that your website is under a penalty due to over spamming the back links.
the owner of the business was never around
you dealt with a different person every time.

AND then they expect me to match the price – In this case Im afraid you get what you pay for.

Working with SEO Sydney Experts and partnering with us for your SEO means that you are going to be getting a premium customer experience, combined with the best SEO guys working for you.

If you expect us to be able to match the price you paid for ‘third world’ service and results then WE JUST CANT DO THAT.

We are too focused on delivering results that we can be proud of – we are so sure of our ability to deliver great results that we actually LOVE it when you call us – We never hide from you or run from direct questions – the reason is – because our results speak for themselves.
In conclusion – if you are serious and I mean very serious about achieving extraordinary SEO results – why not give us a call on 02 9360 8514