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At SEO Sydney Experts we take link building very seriously. It’s one, if not the most important ranking factors that Google takes into account when determining where your website will sit for your main keywords. The difference between the way out team link builds and other SEO agencies build their links is huge. Many agencies will simply devote their time to building one or two links per month on low quality websites with absolutely no relevance to your industry niche. Anyone can do this and the overall negative impact on your rankings is damaging.

So what do SEO Sydney Experts do that others don’t

We conduct extensive research about your business and look for relevant sites that we outreach to. We contact these website owners and see if we can publish content on their site with a link back to your site. Known as blogger outreach this is the best White Hat SEO technique that can be used nowadays for building trust and authority to your website.

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Content outreach

We make sure that the sites we outreach to are all top notch, high quality sites that have what’s termed a high DA (domain authority) value. The higher the domain authority the more link juice and authority will be passed through to your website. A rule of thumb to note here is that is much better for your SEO rankings to get 1 high DA link than 10 average DA links.

Best practice link building

Every internal link to your website sends a ranking signal to Google about your sites trust and authority. The better the link the more Google will trust your website and in turn this will be reflected in your rankings. Google spiders love indexing and crawling all over new links especially, if they are trustworthy. It’s one of the ways that Google can place any value on your site other than content. Our goal is to find these wonderful high DA sites on your behalf and have the sweetest content written on them.

We make sure that the active anchor text ( this is the hyperlink text you click on that will redirect to your site) on these high DA sites is relevant to the page it’s going to. For example if you clicked on a link that was titled: ‘cosmetic surgeons’ and it when to a page about ‘dentists’ then this would be deemed as a spammy link as it’s relevance is poor. Because we write the content and have direct access to the owners of these DA sites we can control the anchor text to get the best value out of the link.

Link diversity

We know that some websites may be pooled together by one owner and these are known as private blog networks. This is when one owner may register multiple domains, optimise each site and pretend that they are not related to each other when in fact they are. Google will know the owners details and devalue all links placed on these sites. Many SEO agencies have their own private blog networks and strictly use these for their main SEO strategy. Google has woken up to these ‘black hat’ techniques and this is one main reason why websites are continually unable to perform. At SEO Sydney Experts we steer well clear of these sinister blog networks and will only build links on sites that have absolutely no relationship to each other. We would have to say that we have the best link diversity practice in Sydney. Not too many agencies will go to the effort of lengths we go to in order to look as natural when building links.

We also look at creating a natural back linking profile for your website. Our goal is to build high DA links over a period of time to show Google a natural pattern of building trust. Sites that have 100 links built in a month may alert Google to some unnatural link building which is very spammy. Sites get penalised this way so we are very careful in our approach to this.

We will look at where the links are placed. Are they above the fold at the beginning of the page or are they buried some where at the bottom. Link placements will go a long way in improving the value of the back link and we know exactly where they should go.

We watch your competitions back link building. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a good look at the link profile of your competition and seeing why their rankings are consistently so high. We then base a portion of our SEO strategy in looking at ways to acquire similar links to incorporate in your profile.

The never ending process of link building

We never stop adding content to your website and link building. As long as you want to rank on Google and sustain these rankings we must keep sending these ranking signals to Google about your website. It’s an on going process that must be done month after month.

Simply put, Google wants to see a continual process of link building and they will favour sites that have high volumes of high quality in bound links over those that don’t. Apart from content marketing the success of nay SEO campaign can be measured in the strength of numbers of these quality links. So if you want the Rolls Royce of link building turn to the team at SEO Sydney Experts. We will fight for the best links online that will propel your rankings higher than they have ever been before.

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