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SEO Sydney Experts focuses on one important component of the delicate framework known as digital marketing and that’s called the website design. Part of our SEO audit process is to take look at each page of your website, see how the customer engages with the site through a study of your analytics and then make any on page design amends we deem necessary to enhance the user experience and customer journey. Every engagement with your website, once it’s starting to get traffic will be dependent on what your customers are doing on the site and how they interact with it. Our aim as SEO website designers is to ensure that once they find your site, they are more compelled to buy from it.

The beauty about working with an efficient and very knowledgeable design team at SEO Sydney Experts is that your getting the benefit of over 20 years design and WordPress development experience. We are able to completely transform a stale, non performing, sluggish website into one of those sites that deliver customers to your door, ready to buy. Unfortunately, this aspect of the design process is often overlooked as many SEO agencies will simply focus on better Google rankings without any concern or attention to the way the site looks or the user interface (UX).

Website designers with SEO Experience

More often than not the brief to the agency is to get their website higher up in the search results. This is the wrong way to do things and Google through their algorithms are aware of this and will now penalise sites that deliver a poor user experience. They take into account how long people actually spend on your site as well as the pages they go to. Put simply, the longer they’re on your website the more valuable it becomes as a information source. Google loves people spending quality time on your site, going from one page to the next & drilling deeper. To facilitate this requires and in depth knowledge of how consumers behave and what they have come to expect when searching online.

It’s not as simple or cut and dry as has been previously. Nowadays, you do need conversion, web and SEO know- how if all pieces of the digital jigsaw puzzle are to work together nicely.

Our 5 step process to better website design conversion rates

Following are some of the SEO websites that have been designed and built by SEO Sydney Experts.

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