To rank on Google, it’s all about the links

April 21, 2016
To rank on Google, it’s all about the links

I’m absolutely amazed and if I say so myself dumbfounded when people are told lies when it comes to SEO and ranking on Google. To this day there are these so- called fraudulent pranksters that have the guts the gall the chutzpah to sit there and lie to your face about what it takes to rank your website on Google.

I know your probably rolling your eyes and thinking that this is another pitch about SEO coming from another agency BUT I want to tell you good folk out there reading this blog that I can say this and tell you this from a point of authority. Why I hear you ask? Because if you actually Google the keywords: ‘SEO’ or ‘SEO Sydney’ we are in position # 1. Yes that’s right folks, Google has deemed our website # 1 for these ridiculously hard to rank keywords and they reason for this is because of your bloody good strategy. This puts me in a position of some authority and I am able to tell you this without being nervous or without quoting from someone else. SEO Sydney Experts is at position numero uno and we have been there for years so when I tell you something people please believe me.

I have seen SEO players come and go and I have seen people try to put their theories out there and tell businesses that they know best and they know what works on Google.

Well all these people are gone. They have vanished into thin air and are no longer around. I see them all chasing at my heels but they can never catch us. This is due to our fantastic ability to rank our own website.

How so how we go about getting to position # 1 for SEO Sydney? The answer is simple. We have extremely powerful back links and we implement this with our proven and solid SEO strategy. We see people try to copy us all the time and mimic what we are doing., but no on one and I will repeat myself here for maximum impact, no one can do or has been able to achieve what we can over the past 5 years when it comes to Google rankings.

Interestingly enough, this morning I had a meeting with a potential client who had been speaking to another SEO agency and they were told that link building is dead and that they only way they could ever hope to rank on Google is via content. While I’m not saying that content is a bad thing, in fact you need to be blogging and writing new content on your website. But to sit there and say to her that back linking is dead is an out right lie. OMG….this so called SEO agency has the audacity to make a statement like this and say it with conviction is quite scary. Why? Because they have planted a seed of doubt in the clients mind in regards to link building and it’s effect on SEO.

When they end up seeing me I have to dispel these concocted, dysfunctional myths and theories about rankings and set the record straight;


So why do these SEO companies propagate such lies?

The answer is simple. They do this because they have do not intend to spend the time or effort in getting credible back links to push your rankings. They will however, outsource copywriting to a third world country where they can get an article written poorly for less than $3 for 500 words. They will then post this article and it will eventually get indexed by Google and sit somewhere on page 8 or 9. In the interim, their monthly outlay in next to nothing and they end up pocketing the rest as a healthy profit. See, it’s in their best interests to tell you that link building doesn’t work as this is the part that costs money and this is the expensive component of an SEO campaign.

The moral of this story is that if any one tells you that link building is dead and all you need to do is publish great copy, simply walk away – even better hang up the phone.

Why does Google value link building?

Because it’s the only way they are going to know that your website is trustworthy. If there are other websites referring to your site then this is a good ranking signal. Google uses these links to place a value on your site. Mind you, the quality of the links has to be high. In the link building game it’s all about the quality of the referring link and not the quantity. And here lies another issue. There are SEO agencies out there that still stand by the theory that the more links you have the better off you are. This is a fallacy and is a seriously dangerous tactic. What we do here at our fantastic SEO agency is build the Ferrari or links.

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Not only do we have the best and most valuable websites around to link back to you, but if we have to purchase any links we make sure you are flying first class. We never go economy and this is what Google wants to see and this why our clients do so well.

What happens if you relied only on good copy? The only thing that would happen is that web page would be hanging around page 10, even worse if it’s a competitive niche. The eventual outcome is that you would get zero web traffic and you would probably end up going out of business. This leads me to the point of morals when it comes to SEO. These charlatans, by preaching these futile tactics show that they have little regard or concern for your business. They are out for the buck and couldn’t give a dam about you, your business or your welfare. If they are prepared to sell you a lemon and take money for it every month, then it’s an outrageous rip off and the only one that ends up loosing is poor you.

Given the competitive nature of the online world you need to get it right from the beginning. If some sweet talking SEO consultant gets the better of you that’s not entirely your fault. They are basically preying on your ignorance and in most cases good nature and honesty. I mean why on earth would they lie to you.

You have been warned, don’t fall for this scam.

So why do people keep on believing the bull that’s out there. It’s due to wanting to believe in something. These guys come up with fake case studies and fake testimonials backed up by sweet sounding promises of page 1 ranking guarantees. What a load of rubbish. No one can guarantee anything with Google because you are dealing with a 3rd party who will never tell you a thing. 90 day SEO Guarantees are a way of making you feel good even if they are total lies.These guys like to put a nice neat figure there that’s not 30 days (cause that’s way too soon) but 90 days so you think they are working real hard for 90 days. What a load of baloney. If everyone could be on page 1 in 90 days, that’s only 3 months, then every body would be doing it. Think logically and you can easily unravel their BS.

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