What Is The Future of Link Building? 4 Important Messages

Things are always changing within the search engine landscape. The algorthim is constantly changing but you you can bet on one thing and that is the importance of link building. It is still a great way to build authority within your URL and an awesome way to get higher on the page.

If you are looking at getting noticed online and improving your profile  then you have to be link building – simple as that!

The future of link building is somewhat blurred. Whilst it is still the favourite son of most SEO companies, link building can get quite dangerous, especially if left in

linkbuildingLinks are still the main stay of Googles algorithm and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Saying this there are4 really important messages that you can take out of this article.

1)     Links are by far the best way to accelerate your ranking. Many SEO agencies have altered their link building strategies and fine tuned tactics to only use high PR sites as opposed to low quality, ‘spammy’ sites, which was common practice amongst many players. The future is clear in this space. Either clean up your link building or be prepared for the dire consequences.

2)     Link Building is Not The same As Content Marketing.  Link building is the process of improving ones website ranking, whilst content marketing is simply the process of generating content via blogs and other avenues to dominate a certain area. The two are not one and the same, period. Sure you can write articles, which is great for your overall visibility, BUT this has absolutely nothing to do with your SEO. There should be cross pollination between your link building and content writing, when referencing articles and this should, moving forward, be done on a regular basis.

3)     Link Building Will ONLY become More Difficult. In the case of finding high quality pages, I would say the loopholes will tighten over the next couple of years. Whilst SEO is not related to content marketing, the future will be more focused on latter. Point to note – if you are in the SEO game, you need to be more concerned about the way people are going to connect with your content.

4)     If you want your content to rank, you have to link build. All pages ( with the exception of a rare few) are very competitive in the online space. Hence, you need to rank your blog and internal pages and this will be dome through an effective link scheme.

I guess you could say linking to your website is still very popular, but lets give this a few years and see what comes out in the wash. The way things work with Google one just never knows. It is a gamble, but to be on the safe side there should be a 50/50 split between the links and the content side of things.

Not to forget that natural links that are referred by organic listings are always the very best solution.