Why Does SEO Take So Long?

SEO is a long term process

How Long will it take you to rank my website on the first page of Google? Why does SEO take so long? Why cant you rush the SEO process and get my website ranking quickly? Why do I have to pay you for months and months and yet my website isn’t on page 1 of the search engines?

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me a question about SEO timings and why it takes so long to get some real solid rankings then I would be rich.

seo-processIt is frustrating and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, BUT the harsh and cold reality is, that SEO takes time and it will take anywhere between 3-9 months to get some decent rankings on Google.

I know this sounds terrible and I know that this isn’t what you want to hear but before you exit this blog article and before you dismiss this as complete and utter BS, you should know that I have been doing SEO for well over 10 years and I know the realities that businesses in Sydney face when it comes to website rankings. Yes, it is frustrating and yes you do have to have the patience of a saint, but believe me when I tell you this; if you are prepared to wait and stick it out, and accept the fact that SEO takes time and is not a quick process, then you will reap the benefits and rewards that only a awesome Google ranking can bring to your business. Rushing SEO and expecting quick wins and easy rankings does not happen anymore – it used to but Google has stamped these types of practices completely out. If you think you can pressure your SEO agency to get you to page 1 quickly ( even to position # 1) then you are asking for serious trouble. Yes, they might do this to appease you but as night follows day, Google will know what’s going on, pick up on this ‘spammy’ quick back linking and penalise your website.

The is no 1 specific answer to this problem, but more of a series of suggestions why SEO is a long and often drawn out process. Following are some answers that should put the spot light on your why you need to be realistic with your SEO expectations.

1) Is Your Website New?
If the answer is yes, then settle in, strap on your seat belt and be ready for a long ride. New websites have absolutely zero authority in the eyes of Google and SEO is that process which creates this authority. Unfortunately, if you rush this authority, it will get picked up by the search engines and your website will be penalised. This is the main reason why SEO takes so long. We have to build your authority slowly and organically. Things have to look natural and the moment we begin to do anything other than being completely natural; BOOM, you end up in trouble.
A new website needs love and attention if it has any chance of ranking and this application takes time, many man hours and constant feeding. Think of it like a new born baby. The more love and stability it has in its life ( especially in its early years) the better the person it will grow into. It is only when it begins to mature that we see the fruits of our hard labour and this is exactly the same as SEO – I hope you can see the comparison.
2) Look at Your Competition.
Many people tell me that they cannot understand why their competitor is always on page 1. The get frustrated and troubled because their SEO campaign has been going for 3 months yet they are unable to overtake their rivals. The truth behind this is that their competition has probably been doing SEO for many years; slowly and methodically. The have done the hard hards, slogged it out, been patient and done everything properly with their internet marketing campaign and this is why their number one position is solid.
There is categorically, definitely, precisely no way in the world that you should expect to dislodge these guys in a short time frame. You can forget about it! Some SEO companies will tell you ( just to get your business) that they will be ale to do this, but this is total crap! Overall, if you want to play in the same league as the big boys then you have to play the same game and this all takes plenty of time and lots of: composure, endurance, fortitude, and last of all a decent amount of strong perseverance.
3) Speedy SEO Results are NO GOOD
That’s right, you have been over zealous with your back linking and trusted a dodgy SEO company and now your rankings are sliding down. Guess what, this happens all the time and is the results of over optimisation and a lack of understanding of the time it takes for credible SEO to occur.
What now has to happen is that you have to go back right to the beginning and start all over again. Yes, go to the back of the queue and do it all over again. This time, use a better SEO company and someone who is not afraid to tell you that SEO takes time and is a long drawn out process. telling the truth about SEO timings and having you, the client understanding and digesting this is the best start possible. Being lied to and being promised very unrealistic milestones, maybe what you want to hear and may appease your desire for rankings, BUT IN THE REAL WORLD WHERE I LIVE this is far far from the truth.
Google penalties, rank suppression, poor results are all a by product of fast SEO and being told what you want to hear – ITS TIME TO WAKE UP AND REALLY OPEN YOUR EYES – to the realities that are SEO – if you are serious about wanting to rank your website and are prepared to listen to the realities of what is truly needed to beat your competition then I am prepared to discuss this with you – call me on 02 9360 8514  and ask for Steven.
4) Up One Day, Down the Next
This is called ranking fluctuations and it is all part of the lovely game that Google likes to play. You might be sitting at position number 2 and then overnight you are at # 6. This happens frequently, in some cases weekly and is a natural phenomena on the SEO landscape. The trick here is to minimise these types of fluctuations and when they do happen keen them to only a minor variation.
For this to happen and keep your rankings within a certain band width you need to have created a very solid foundation with your internet marketing and be basically ticking all the right boxes when it comes to your SEO, this includes: being actively engaged on a variety of social media platforms, blogging or content marketing and ‘white hat’ back linking from very high page rank relevant sources. Guess what, this all takes time and cannot be rushed. hence the need for an understanding and truthful perception about the realities of SEO and its relationship with timings.
The best recipe for SEO success it not to fight or try to negotiate timings with your SEO providor, but work in a partnership like manner that will see an open and honest transfer of information between the two parties. When this happens, then and only then will start to see the great benefits that page 1 position can bring. SEO is an investment and this all takes time!
5) Bartering for time and expecting unrealistic results
I get it all the time. Clients set me targets that they have dream’t up in their mind. They say I will give you 3 months to get my website to page 1 or else I am going to look elsewhere. Why? Because the other bloke I rang promised me and even put it in an email ( can you image that), he GUARANTEED me # 1 position in 90 days…..These type of clients who set these impractical, improbable, blue sky, half baked, call is what ever you want, goals are the types of companies that will NEVER EVER be able to achieve a good Google ranking. Why? Cause they flit form one SEO company to the next, expecting overnight miracles and the more companies they switch between, the more damage they are doing to their rankings.
I get these Sydney businesses approaching me daily, and the second question they ask me ( the first one is always about cost), is how long will it take to rank my website. They then follow this with a blurb about how they expect, no demand this happen within 3-4 weeks…..WAKE UP PEOPLE!! – this doesn’t happen in SEO land. Be prepared for the very long haul – this is not a short haul 1 hour flight – this is a Sydney to London long haul journey that can be very bumpy.

These are the realities of Google and I am not afraid to tell you about them. This is why I can be trusted and this is why our websites and all our clients websites do so well….cause they understand and get the value that we place on SEO timings!