Why doesn’t Google tell us about their algorithm changes?

February 12, 2019
Why doesn’t Google tell us about their algorithm changes?

Google has come out today in an article in the Financial Review stating that they cannot be too transparent about their ranking factors and algorithm. The reason being, is that this information will be exploited by SEO companies who will push low value, spammy sites up the rankings.

This is exactly what Google doesn’t want as their goal is to provide it’s users with the best quality websites on page 1. As soon as information about their algorithm is found out you can bet anything that the house of cards that Google has built it’s foundation upon will come crumbling down. If people know exactly what Google is looking for then everyone will be doing the same thing. Te issue is that there is only 10 places n page 1 so not everybody can be there. There would be a mad scramble to get up there and sites that are spammy, that deliver poor quality content, have no relevant information can now be up there.

The end game would be an absolute disaster for Google as users searching for information would look elsewhere. This would kill off their Adwords revenue, stock prices would plummet and the whole company would be at risk of going under. The one thing that protects Google from all of this is their secret ranking algorithm.

Just like Colonel Sanders KFC, with it’s 11 herbs and spices, Google too has their secret that they will never divulge. And to make matters worse they are constantly changing this algorithm to keep people and SEO agencies on their toes. In their world, nothing remains constant as they try to redefine and re-engineer their ranking algorithm to deliver only the best results.

How does this affect my business?

This is actual proof that Google will never break their silence on it’s algorithm. So, as a business owner if your with an SEO agency that promises that they will rank you on page one quickly because they know what Google is looking, you need to refer to this article. No one and I repeat no one can get inside the head space of Google and determine what will rank over other sites.

What SEO companies like ours can do is abide by Googles best practices and strictly follow these without trying to game the system in the hope of achieving better rankings.

The only thing that Google is looking for is quality content married up with powerful relevant back links. This and only this will improve rankings. If have written about this ad nauseam throughout this blog about what Google wants. Stick to this and you will be on your way to page 1 nirvana.

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What can you take away from this article from the Financial Review?

Be very aware of your website and what’s happening with it on a monthly basis. Id fresh content being added and what type of back links are you getting? Be on tip of this or at least make sure that your SEO company is giving you this information so you are not kept in the dark.

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