Why SEO is Important For Cosmetic Surgeons in Sydney

June 27, 2014

seo-cosmetic-surgerySEO is vital for Cosmetic Surgeons in Sydney if they are going to rank their website on Google. At SEO Sydney Experts we specialise in ranking websites ethically and organically especially for our cosmetic surgeon friends who rely on this for generating top quality sales leads. We have been doing this since 2005 and if you are a cosmetic surgeon wishing to promote your services online; breast augmentation, liposuction, gastric banding, eyelid surgery and reconstructive surgery.

SEO Mistakes That Many Cosmetic Surgeons Make.

The SEO landscape is dotted with cosmetic surgeons who have made bad decisions regarding their previous and current SEO providers. There are many reasons for this and following are a few mistakes that are made by cosmetic surgeons.

1) The biggest mistake they make is trusting a SEO company that cannot even rank their own website. They find these agencies on Google, who are there because they have paid to be on page 1 via adwords. They basically get tricked into believing that they are working with a credible SEO company when in fact they engage someone that cannot even rank their own website. It’s often hard to tell the difference between paid v’s organic SEO and this is where the problems begin. Make sure you know how to tell these two apart. A combination of Adwords & SEO is a great marketing mix but when it comes to finding the right SEO agency, logic says you should pick an agency that can at least rank their website with the word: “SEO”in the search.

2) If you have been guilty of this then like many other cosmetic surgeons, you are not alone. That is, you have gone with the cheapest SEO provider and have had really poor results. Yes, it is tempting to go with a company that swears blindly that they will perform miracles and yes it is enticing and seductive to go with a slick talking sales person. But, 50% of inquires we get are from businesses who have been duped by these SEO scammers, who like nothing better than to lock you into a contract and keep on charging you for very little or no work. The scam is the price. Sweet deals are very tempting but unfortunately, in the SEO space, you need a healthy SEO budget if you are going to be competitive, especially in the cosmetic surgery niche.

3) They believe the hype and stories surrounding past SEO case studies that are irrelevant and out dated. Google is forever shifting the ranking landscape so what was ranking this week may not necessarily be ranking next week – be careful when you hear about case studies and old testimonials – do your home work – verify the current ranks and make sure that they are still there.

4) We all know that cosmetic surgeons are very busy people, but they tend to ignore the basic fundamentals of digital marketing such as content & social media marketing as well as studying their website analytics to make sure their site is performing at it’s peak. Many surgeons will get a website and trust that their SEO agency will tackle these are marketing channels. This is a huge assumption and in most cases the focus is on ranking keywords and nothing else, ignoring massive online opportunities. Make sure you engage an agency that will take a holistic approach to your marketing.

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We take our SEO very seriously and we feel that we offer a far better SEO service than any other providor in Sydney and following a few reasons why you should be calling us:

  • We conduct a full website audit and make recommendation immediately. Not only do we advice on website amends, but we will implement these for you. We have an in house team of web developers, very talented designers & copy writers that can get into your website, make it totally Google compliant and write conversion focused content for you as well.
  • We look at your SEO in a very holistic fashion. SEO consists of many variables. Like bricks in a house, you need to build your SEO campaign brick by brick to establish a solid foundation and future proof your website and rankings against algorithmic updates and changes. We address all these variables like; social media, content marketing, blogging, hosting platforms, site speed, graphics, conversion rate optimisation, and back linking so that your Cosmetic Surgery Website has the very best chance of beating your competition.
  • Far too many agencies are strictly focused on back linking. They end up over optimising your keywords like; cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, wrinkle treatments etc etc. All that happens is that you end up with a website that is penalised for ignoring Google guidelines. At SEO Sydney Experts we look at a massive keyword spread and are never ever guilty of over optimisation of keywords.

An Example of Just How Good We Are

As of today ( 2/09/19), a Laser Hair Removal Company whose SEO rankings had slumped because they were using a disreputable SEO company are now really happy with 3 of their web pages sitting on page 1 of Google for the keywords ‘laser hair removal’.

This is a fantastic result considering when they started with us they were sitting somewhere on page 4 or 5. We hit the brief and even ( we believe) exceeded their expectations.

How Competitive is the SEO space for Cosmetic Surgery?

It’s extremely competitive and the reason for this is that most potential customers will go online, do their research and make their buying decision based on what they find. The number of searches for the keywords: ‘cosmetic surgery Sydney’ is staggering and the rewards to these surgeons who are on page 1 is tremendous. In fact, they probably won’t be able to cope with the amount of new inquiries they will generate. Hence, every surgeon wants to be up there but there is a limited amount of space. This is why it is imperative that you go with an agency that understands all the nuances and tricks Google play in order to help you get a foot hold in this space. Do not under any circumstances under estimate the difficulties you will face in ranking your site, especially if your new start up.

If it’s so competitive why bother?

The answer is simple, we do not have to go after the too difficult keywords but we can definitely go after the low hanging fruit words that still have enough traffic and searches. We will find these words and target them aggressively for you while still keeping our eyes on the main prize: cosmetic surgeons Sydney.

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