Why should you trust us with your SEO campaign?

July 18, 2016

Trust is the most important factor when it comes to first agreeing to partner with an SEO agency. This trust is however very hard to attain given the nature of the SEO industry and the number of shonky operators out there that blatantly lie to keep clients stringed along while they fleece them of their marketing dollar month after month. The faith and trust put into SEO agencies by many business owners has been thrown right back at them in a negligent and farcicle manner.

This has translated into a down grading of trust to a point where most decent SEO agencies like us find that they have to plead the case for being honest, reliable and above all trustworthy before we even start the campaign. Yes, I know that all businesses have to prove they are trustworthy but in the case of SEO it does seem that we have to go the extra mile and even when we do we are still tainted with the same brush painted for those other SEO charlatans.

If you are reading this article you might be thinking that I just complaining and we are exactly the same as everyone else. If you are on your second or third SEO provider and have found that they all say the same things and the results have been really bad (even though they have promised you fantastic Google rankings), then why the hell should you trust us. After all we are in the same industry and I am probably telling you exactly what the other guy promised.

Well, following is a list of points that separate us for the rest of the rotten bunch of apples that are ruining the cart.

# 1 If you look at our organic ranking as of today 18/7/16 we are sitting at position # 1 for some really competitive search terms related to SEO such as ‘SEO Sydney’ and the very coveted keyword ‘SEO’. You can see that we are sitting right under wikipedia which is a phenomenal result. This result alone separate us from the rest of the agencies as Google values our website and trusts us enough to put us right up there at position 1. This should be proof enough of our trust if Google places it in us.

The issue with many businesses is that they originally made the mistake of signing up with the first SEO agency they saw on Google. This of course being the ads displayed at the top of the page. The issue here is that these ads cost a lot of money and the SEO agencies behind these ads MUST recoup their monies for the privilege of the ad placement and will therefore promise you anything to get your business. This is where the lies start and this is how the trust breaks down and eventually erodes over time.

Promises like; ‘ranking guarantees’ and ‘page 1 of Google within 90 days’ are all scams and ploys to get you to notice them and trust them. Once they have you in their clutches through sweet talking sales people telling you everything you want to hear they then begin the process of screwing you over.


We are different because we never make these outrageous claims and we never have to pay to be on Google. We are there organically and if you can get your head around this then you are well on your way to understanding the basic philosophy regarding Google and factors that influence Google’s trust.

# 2 Many SEO companies will do absolutely no work once they have you. I speak to so many people everyday that cannot understand why their competition is killing it online ( they are also relatively newcomers) whilst they are sitting there languishing on page 3 or 4 and have been there for years. It bewilders them and confuses them that their business has been in operation for many years and these newbie’s are outranking them? It doesn’t make sense to them as they are with an SEO agency who keeps on promising them that the rankings will continue to climb.

The issue here is that these internet companies are doing nothing. They are killing your business slowly. I hate to say it and it will be a bitter pill to swallow but they are taking your money every month and doing nothing with it. What they are doing is using this money to finance their Adwords campaign so they can get more victims to part with their money. It’s a scheme and it works really well – this is why I am writing this article. When I explain this to businesses who’s rankings are pathetic after a year of supposed SEO work and tell them how it really is, they understandably get really upset. Their trust in all SEO agencies is eliminated and it’s up to me to help ressurect their rankings and turn their business around.

At this point most businesses are wondering who to trust and what to believe as they feel really hurt by the amount of money they have lost and they feel betrayed; rightfully so.

Well, all I can say is that we have been helping businesses over the past 10 years in this situation recover. If I can give you 1 example it’s a ‘laser hair removal’ company that was going no where online and was sitting on page 3 for well over a year and simply couldn’t move. Once we took over the rankings began to climb and today they are sitting at position # 3 for their main core (and very competitive keyword) laser hair removal. The good news is they have held this position for well over 18 months now and site traffic is booming.

Trust in business is all about being transparent and performing well. If you say you are going to do something and people are relying on you for this, then you better deliver if you are going to maintain that level of trust and respect. This is where we excel and this is why trust is a number 1 priority for us. If we say we are going to deliver and get results we make dam sure we do!

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