Are You on Your 2nd or 3rd SEO Agency and Still Unhappy?

How come so many people churn through their SEO companies? Why do they seem to bounce from 1 to the other and are never quite happy with the results they are getting? Why do businesses only stay with their SEO provider for a month or two and then look elsewhere? This type of random behaviour is common amongst businesses who never seem to be satisfied with the online results they are getting. If this sounds familiar then read on cause you are not the only one jumping from one supplier to another.

Many businesses I come across or who phone me up are onto their 2nd or 3rd SEO agency. They are continually looking for better results but keep on making the same mseonothappyistake when they choose their SEO agency; this is why they keep on moving.

I have gone on about this fact in my blog pieces on this website and I will say it again. The reason why people are not totally happy with the SEO service they are getting is due to the fact that many people go with an agency that is purely based on price. They do the whole ring around exercise and then pick the company that offers the lowest price. They may even go the next step and off shore their SEO for a measly couple of hundred dollars a year.

They tend to make the same mistakes and never learn from their errors. I know its hard to turn down a cheap price when its pitched to you by a sales professional. And I know it’s ever so tempting to trust your entire internet marketing to a total stranger who you have never met but people do this I’m afraid. In this day and age, can you believe how much faith they put into a person who is going to be responsible for a good portion of their marketing. It still amazes me that they are prepared to sign a contract and hand over credit card details without a face to face meeting…well I guess they get what they deserve. Ignorance is no excuse anymore! SEO Is an investment.

This is why the results are poor and this is why your website is not ranking and will never have a chance of doing well online. It makes no sense. Why on earth would a company who is being paid a pittance put any effort or have any intentions of ranking you. They might do a couple of hours work a month (if that) but that’s where it ends. These guys may put a few back links here and there BUT nothing to really elevate your listing.

So what happens next? Most people will notice that nothing is going on with their SEO and will look elsewhere after a couple of months. They, unfortunately will repeat the same exercise, do the ring around again, get a few prices, believe the lies they are spun and sign up with a company that is also offering a cheap price. See, the reason is that once a business is conditioned to paying a certain monthly SEO fee, they are going to be reluctant to pay anymore. This is a real issue and is why businesses keep on getting ripped off and why there is this constant jumping off the ship.

It really doesn’t matter how many companies they go to and how many attempts they may have at using different suppliers. But, the real truth regarding SEO is that unless they are prepared to go with a proper, reliable SEO agency and pay a fee accordingly, then this merry go round will never end.

I spoke to a bloke yesterday who had gone through 2 SEO agencies over the past 2 years and had to give his last agency 12 months to perform. He wanted to get out of the contract that he had committed to, but due to the legalities he was stuck. He had fallen for the SEO trap regarding quick rankings and they would do his SEO until they ranked his website for free if they couldn’t get him to page 1 within 3 months. What utter garbage. I really felt sorry for this guy who has a legitimate business and wants to do the right thing, but just didn’t understand that there are real rip off merchants out there in SEO land.

Luckily, this story has a good ending as he’s now outta the contract and he’s working with me. He is now paying a proper price for his SEO and he is now getting the type of attention and care his online marketing deserves. Let’s hope that from now on he wont jump ship and move on……there is absolutely no reason for him to do so. This is where the going from 1 agency to another ends.

I have clearly explained the whole SEO process to him and told him that it is a process that needs time and a lot of work from our side of things. No one ever clearly explained this to him. They were to busy looking at signing him up and locking him into their contract and this is why he has been running around looking for answers. Problem solved!