Are You on Your 2nd or 3rd SEO Agency and Still Unhappy?

October 9, 2014

How come so many people churn through their SEO companies? Why do they seem to bounce from 1 to the other and are never quite happy with the results they are getting? Why do businesses only stay with their SEO provider for a month or two and then look elsewhere?

This type of random behaviour & swapping of SEO agencies is common amongst businesses who never seem to be satisfied with the online results they are getting. If this sounds familiar then read on because you are not the only one jumping from one supplier to another.

Many businesses I come across  are onto their 2nd or 3rd SEO agency. They are continually looking for better results but keep on making the same mistake when they choose their SEO agency; this is why they keep on moving.

The reason why people are not totally happy with the SEO service they are getting is due to the fact that many people go with an agency that is purely based on price. They do the whole ring around exercise and then pick the company that offers the lowest price.

They tend to make the same mistakes and never learn from their errors. I know its hard to turn down a cheap price when its pitched to you by a sales professional. And I know it’s tempting to trust your entire internet marketing to a total stranger who you have never met but people do this  Ignorance is no excuse anymore! SEO Is an investment

This is why the results are poor and this is why your website is not ranking and will never have a chance of doing well online. It makes no sense. Why on earth would a company who is being paid a pittance put any effort or have any intentions of ranking you. They might do a couple of hours work a month (if that) but that’s where it ends. These guys may put a few back links here and there BUT nothing to really elevate your listing.

SEO is a long term strategy

So what happens next? Most people will notice that nothing is going on with their SEO and will look elsewhere after a couple of months. They, unfortunately will repeat the same exercise, get a few prices, believe the lies they are told and sign up with a company that is also offering a cheap price. The cycle continues.

It really doesn’t matter how many companies they go to and how many attempts they may have at using different suppliers. But, the real truth regarding SEO is that unless they are prepared to go with a proper, reliable SEO agency and pay a fee accordingly, then this merry go round will never end.

Ways to improve your SEO slump

There are ways to improve your page 2 or 3 slump:

1) Long Tails Keywords: Look at other keywords that are easier to rank that will also bring in customers. Some keywords are a lot easier to rank, are less competitive and have decent traffic numbers. Focus on a range of diverse keywords and don’t focus all your attention on rankings highly competitive words.

2) Content Marketing: Many businesses will have a set and forget approach to their website and ignore the basic fundamentals such as content marketing. Google likes to see fresh new content added regularly to sites. The better quality content you add the more likely someone will link to your blog or article. This is a huge ranking factor so make sure you are adding 1 to 2 blogs per month.

3) Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram offer other ways in which you can look to promote your website. You need to understand your target market and where they search online. Google is not always the definitive answer. Having said that, If you add a post to your Google + account tis may render on the Google search results very quickly.








We recently posted an article on Google + and it rendered on Google search almost instantly which shows you that social media activity can help in exposing your website to more people online.

There is also an article worth reading about the correlation between social media and SEO:

4) Google Analytics: Ask your self this question: when was the last time you audited your website using Google analytics? Google have made it very easy for businesses to take a closer look at consumer behaviour on a website. Use this tool to see where your customer base goes and how long they stay on your site. You can tweak your website and measure the effectiveness of this by having a better understanding of analytics.

5) Internal Linking: Make sure that all pages within the website have a link to at least one other page within the site.


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